The Important Role of Buy In

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 70% of employees are disengaged at work. As disengagement arises productivity falls and your bottom line will begin to slip. As a leader it is your job to create buy in from your team that will keep them engaged not just in their role but in you. Buy in from your team means that they will stand behind you and as their leader and will fight to stay engaged. If your team is bought in they are far more likely to engage with any project you give them which will lead ...
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Bloomberg Philanthropies Gives $1 Million to Project on Food Access

Bloomberg Philanthropies has named Jackson, Mississippi, a winner of its 2018 Public Art Challenge, bringing a $1 million grant for a project around the concepts of food access and nutrition. “The city is overjoyed to have been selected in this process,” mayor Chokwe Lumumba said in a statement. “To be able to aid in the […]
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The YD Guide to Pocket Knife Design

We’ve covered quite a few EDC knives over the years without realizing that there’s no resource that guides you through the types of knives. Knife blades have evolved from culture and from need. Some knives are designed for everyday tasks, some for rough outdoor use, some for hunting, and some for combat/self-defence. Each blade design has a distinct silhouette, and has developed over the years based on need and on use. Knife materials have evolved over time too, ranging from the various alloys o...
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Eye Candy for Today: Franklin Booth pen and ink advertising illustration

Ad for Etsy Organ in House and Garden, Franklin Booth American artist Franklin Booth, who was active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was known for his marvelously intricate pen and ink illustrations, a style that came largely from the young artist confusing images in magazines that were done in wood engraving with pen and ink drawings. Here, he pulls out the stops (oh, how I delight in that pun) in his illustration for organ manufacturer Etsy Organ, printed in House and Garden maga...
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Charlotte Prodger Wins 2018 Turner Prize

Charlotte Prodger, via Independent The 2018 Turner Prize winner is artist Charlotte Prodger, taking home the £25,000 prize for her essayistic video work, drawng from her show at Bergen Kunsthalle in Norway. The artist, who shoots entirely on an iPhone, beat out Luke Willis Thompson and the collective Forensic Architecture to win the prize, capping […]
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Rebecca Ann Siegel Takes Over as Frieze Publisher

Frieze Magazine will tap Rebecca Ann Siegel as its new publisher, promoting her up from her place as publisher and co-founder (alongside NYT’s Jason Farago) of Even, which will end its run. “Jason and I did something that most people thought was impossible—we started a serious, high-quality print art magazine from scratch, and it actually […]
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Galleria Borghese Director Reinstated

Anna Coliva, the director of the Galleria Borghese in Rome, has been reinstated after a public outcry over her suspension for alleged gym visits while clocked in at work. “I am happy with this agreement,” Coliva told our Italian sister newspaper, Il Giornale dell’Arte. “I have worked with the ministry for 30 years. Now I […]
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Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - the Final

I highly recommend that those who have viewed the FINAL of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 watch it again and LISTEN.  The Judgement Process for Landscape Artist of the Year I've... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Akelarre Hotel Marries Architectural Fineness with Culinary Excellence in San Sebastián, Spain

Perched on the hillside of Monte Igueldo near San Sebastián on the northern coast of Spain, Akelarre Hotel enjoys expansive views of the Bay of Biscay as well as the French-Basque coastline and the coastal cliffs of Vizcaya.
Tags: Art, San Sebastian, San Sebastian Spain, Bay of Biscay, Monte Igueldo, Spain Akelarre Hotel

Dia Art Acquires 155 Works by Charlotte Posenenske

The Dia Art Foundation has acquired 155 works by the Minimalist artist Charlotte Posenenske from four series she created toward the end of her artistic career. “It is rare to have an opportunity to bring a single artist’s work into our collection in such volume,” Jessica Morgan, the director of Dia Art Foundation, said in […]
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Tidlington Wooden Dolls House – The Wooden Doll House Your Kids will Love!

Though there are many high-quality doll houses available in the market, finding one that ticks all the right boxes is sure to be a task. Finding the best wooden dolls house will essentially boil down to 3 deciding factors: one, will it be safe for your kid; two, will your kid enjoy it; and lastly, will it be sturdy enough when your kid plays a little rough with it. These 3 essentials are found in Tidlington wooden doll houses! Why Get your Kid a Tidlington Wooden Doll House? Tidlington doll ...
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Study: Spending More Time Outside Makes You Healthier

The study finds that people who live in leafier areas have lower levels of several stress-related biomarkers, including adrenaline. In addition, they have an enhanced ability to grow and repair blood vessels. – Pacific Standard
Tags: Art, People, 12.05.18

Video profile of the creator of the Hoberman Sphere

In 1998 I profiled artist/inventor Chuck Hoberman for Wired (read it here). It was a fun article to write because Chuck is brilliant, and very nice. You have probably seen two of his most famous expanding/transforming/unfolding creations, the Hoberman Sphere and the Hoberman Switch Pitch. Recently, Wired made this video profile of Chuck. A video is a better way than an article to understand what he does.
Tags: Art, Chuck, Video, News, Chuck Hoberman, Hoberman Switch Pitch Recently Wired

How to Simplify Your Business Graphics using Bannersnack

Bannersnack is intuitive and easy to use online tool for streamlining your visual and rich media advertising and marketing. Gone are the days when you could get away with using stock images and unbranded visual media. In order to elbow out the competition, your business must be producing their own rich, unique media and high-quality content. This not only includes the branding of social media, website and third-party platforms but also media buys, advertising and banners. Why Use Bannersnack Ba...
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Museum Crowdfunds For Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room But Falls Short

The Art Gallery of Ontario raised $651,183, or about half the $1.3-million target it had set to buy the property. But we will still get to appreciate the artwork after the Toronto gallery decided to dip into existing funds.
Tags: Art, Toronto, Audience, Ontario, Visual, Yayoi Kusama, 12.05.18

US Supreme Court Tax Ruling Worries Art Dealers

The need to assess sales tax is now dictated by what is known as an “economic nexus”, meaning that if a vendor’s sales reach a certain threshold (which varies by state), then it has enough of an economic presence there to justify the need to pay taxes. What could prove most problematic for dealers is that many states define the nexus differently. – The Art Newspaper  
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Climate Change Report On Heritage Sites: Goodbye Venice

The map reveals the degree of threat to one evocative name after another: the Amalfi coast, the Roman city of Arles, the Greek temples at Paestum south of Naples, the crusader city of Acre, the ancient shrine of Ephesus, even the Modernist architecture of Tel Aviv. – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, Tel Aviv, Venice, Naples, Issues, Arles, Ephesus, Paestum, 12.04.18

Theaster Gates’ “Black Image Corporation” Photos at Prada Mode Miami

Inside and around the Freehand Miami and Broken Shaker, a powerful pop-up photo exhibit Few brands have a rightful, logical place on the schedule during Miami Art Week, but Italian luxury house Prada continues to demonstrate why it deserves to be there. Beyond the fact that their involvement in the arts begins with a Milan-based foundation, Prada’s efforts in Miami are anchored by impeccable curation, …
Tags: Design, Milan, Culture, Miami, Prada, Prada Foundation, Freehand Miami, Theaster Gates, Fondazione Prada, Miami Art Week 2018, Black Image Corporation, Broken Shaker, Prada Mode Miami

New innovations in geoengineering are needed to save the coral reefs

The coral reef crisis continues thanks to threats like climate change and pollution. With that in mind, the National Academy of Sciences released a major report last week detailing the high-tech interventions that may be necessary to stop the damage and save the coral reefs. The report — commissioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — outlined two different ways to save coral. One focuses on engineering the coral, and the other involves wild interventions like freezing cor...
Tags: Design, National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, National Academy of Sciences, Mark Eakin

Biomega unveils an affordable, lightweight electric car inspired by minimalism

Known for its electric bike designs, Danish firm Biomega is now branching out into the electric car sector. The company has just unveiled its first electric car, called the SIN. Designed for urban environments, the SIN is a low-cost, lightweight electric car that runs on a 14kWh battery pack and is estimated to go up to 100 miles on a single charge. The SIN’s minimalist appearance was inspired by Scandinavian design principles of creating more with less. The body of the electric car is compris...
Tags: Design, Boston, Jens Martin Skibsted, Biomega, Skibsted, Shanghai CIEE

The Bad News About Human Nature (As Observed By Decades Of Studies)

We would rather electrocute ourselves than spend time in our own thoughts. This was demonstrated in a controversial 2014 study in which 67 per cent of male participants and 25 per cent of female participants opted to give themselves unpleasant electric shocks rather than spend 15 minutes in peaceful contemplation.
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.05.18

The wearable that gives Alexa the power of mobility

So far Alexa’s been pretty immobile. She’s existed in homes, plugged into an outlet, living in a single space. Amazon’s Echo Auto hopes to bring Alexa into another personal space, the car… but ultimately, all of Amazon’s devices conquer spaces, rather than becoming personal devices.The Alexa Watch imagines a scenario where Alexa is readily available to you. Designed as a wearable, the watch is your personal Alexa-machine, rather than an Echo device for your family. It sits on your wrist, allowin...
Tags: Amazon, Gadgets, Design, Wearable, Watch, Alexa, Product Design, 2-LA Design, Alexa Watch

Space Saving for Urban Living: Ori's Mechanized, Collapsible Walk-In Closet and Disappearing Bed

Remember Ori, the mechanized transforming apartment system designed in a collaboration between Yves Béhar and MIT Media Lab? It caused a stir (okay, a design blog stir) when the concept debuted in 2016, and we gave them a Core77 Design Award in 2017. But selling an entire apartment system is a tall order, and now the company is marketing individual components as standalones; if we had to guess, this is to make market uptake easier.First up is the Ori Pocket Closet, a sort of collapsible walk-in ...
Tags: New York, Design, New York City, Yves Behar, Furniture Design, MIT Media Lab, Ori, Ori Pocket Closet

Tools & Craft #118: I Think Better on Paper - My Return to Fountain Pens

___________________This "Tools & Craft" section is provided courtesy of Joel Moskowitz, founder of Tools for Working Wood, the Brooklyn-based catalog retailer of everything from hand tools to Festool; check out their online shop here. Joel also founded Gramercy Tools, the award-winning boutique manufacturer of hand tools made the old-fashioned way: Built to work and built to last.
Tags: Design, Brooklyn, Joel, Joel Moskowitz, Fountain Pens, Tools for Working Wood, Gramercy Tools, Tools & Craft

Timothy Wilmots, Designer/Builder of That Incredible Transforming Shop Cart, is Quitting Furniture Making

Well, this just stinks. Furniture designer/builder Timothy Wilmots is the guy who invented the incredible transforming shop cart we looked at last year. He maintains a YouTube channel in which he reveals both his creations and his workshop efficiency tips. Shortly after posting the videos on the shop cart, his posts came to an abrupt stop. During the ten months of radio silence, fans like me hoped nothing had happened to the guy, and his in-box had a reported 10,000 unread e-...
Tags: Design, Furniture Design, Wilmots, Timothy Wilmots

Tumblr’s Porn Ban ‘Isn’t Just A Blunt Solution, It’s Counterproductive’

Comparing the platform’s decision to “hammering a nail with a skyscraper, only to have it slip through an open window,” April Glaser argues that “what banning ‘adult content’ will do, however, is eradicate one of the few mainstream, safe, and non-taboo places where people could participate in communities that openly congregate around sex and sexuality.” — Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Tumblr, April Glaser, 12.03.18

Animal X-Rays

Wild animals photographed and scanned with X-Ray machines at Oregon Zoo during routine health checkups. X-Rays of chameleon, turtle, python, beaver, gecko and other animals. Also check out: X-Ray Photography
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Oregon Zoo

Salonen’s Departure From London’s Philharmonia Raises Questions About Orchestra’s Future

The simultaneous departures at the end of 2020-21 of Salonen from the Philharmonia and Vladimir Jurowski from the London Philharmonic pose big questions for the Southbank Centre. Both conductors have kept their orchestras at the top of the league. Yet both the Philharmonia and the LPO will need to ensure that the Southbank possesses a long-term commitment to the work the orchestras want to do – whatever that now is. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, London, Southbank, Salonen, Philharmonia, London Philharmonic, Vladimir Jurowski, 12.04.18, Southbank Centre Both

Art Plagiarism

This is the topic we are all interested in, but somehow can't know enough about it. What awoke our curiosity is how pop artists used Mona Lisa to create all these series of colorful pieces, yet that is not considered plagiarism. Up to which point can we use someone else's work as a reference for our own art piece and not be plagiators? Appropriation means borrowing, recycling, copying a piece of work to use it for a new creation. Appropriation as such has been a part of the tradition in visual a...
Tags: Design, Alabama, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Mona Lisa, Picasso, Diego Velázquez, Las Meninas, Marcel, Les Demoiselles, PRIMARY-CHANNELS, CHANNEL-DIGITAL-ART, OTHER-DIGITAL-ART, Nina Petrov, Marcel Duchamp His Mona Lisa, Paul Giovanopoulos

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