YD JOB ALERT: OPPO is looking for an Industrial Designer

Oppo is at the forefront of the smartphone and consumer electronics movement in the east. A company that has pushed for innovation alongside its sister company Vivo, and is also the parent company of OnePlus, Oppo doesn’t shy away from innovation. With phones that boast of advanced electronics, cameras especially (Oppo is widely considered the selfie expert), and overall builds, Oppo ranks 8th in the world’s top smartphone companies. Their electronics division is also known to make some of the w...
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Currently Crowdfunding: A Photoshop Picture Frame, A Bike that Grows with Your Kid and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundu...
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Striker Concepts LED Lights - fascinating...

Striker Concepts LED Lights - fascinating designs - from LED mines with 11 neodymium rare Earth magnets to stick at any angle, to triple LED panels that screw into a light bulb socket, to flexible/magnet LED panels and more. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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A YouTube Channel To Share And Promote New Opera

On the channel, called MyNewOpera, artists and fans will be able to watch and upload new operas, curate and share their own playlists and view other artists’ playlists. The initiative is the brainchild of UK-based opera production company Tete a Tete, however it is hoped the channel will encourage international collaboration. –
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Audience, Tete, 12.05.18

El Espace: The Early Days of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

This week in El Espace: black beauty bloggers, wellness tips “for the culture” and more.
Tags: Art, News, Women and Girls, Mexican-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, El Espace

Understanding Your Presentation Persona

Understanding who you are as a presenter is arguably the most important step in developing your presentation skills. Self-awareness allows you to create a presentation that is customized to your specific strengths and weaknesses as a presenter. We at Ethos3 have created a proprietary presentation persona assessment called Badge – think of it as the Meyers-Briggs for presenters. Badge is based on a 4-quadrant system that allows you to identify not only your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter...
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The ‘au-naturel’ way of dehydrating and sun-drying your fruits and veggies

Drying is one of the oldest and healthiest ways of preserving food. The drying process allows for long-term, compact storage while retaining vitamins, minerals, and flavor. Modern-day dryers and dehydrators may speed up the process, but are expensive, guzzle electricity, and are frankly unnecessary when you have the largest drying resource available to you for free… the sun.Myriam Meyer’s Aliz uses the sun’s heat to dry out food. The Aliz looks like an alluring outdoor piece of decor, with its m...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Outdoor, Solar, Product Design, Aliz, Dubaidesignweek, GlobalGradShow2018, Food-dryer, Myriam Meyer

Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Dec 06, 2018 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, bra...
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If Bumblebee were a two-wheeler

Commissioned by Boneheart for a custom motorbike lottery, deBolex decided to reinvent the Yamaha MT-10, a bike with a future-forward, aggressive body, giving it a custom makeover with a new style that looks parts retro, parts, American Muscle, with a flavor that is reminiscent of Bumblebee from the Transformers.Stripping the original MT-10 of its aggressive body parts, the deBolex team replaced them with a more subdued, yet equally alluring body-job, comprising custom aluminum panels. The front ...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Motorcycle, Yamaha, Alcantara, Custom, DeBolex, Boneheart, MT 10

Anson Calder’s Handmade Leather Bags and Accessories

How tinkering with paper turned into a luxury brand with purpose Minimalist leather goods (bags especially) are a dime a dozen, but Anson Calder‘s hand-crafted bags and accessories emphasize modularity and functionality, making them worth a second look. Much like sushi, which masks its need for good ingredients, technical skill and balance in what appears to be a simple dish of rice and fish, we’re impressed …
Tags: New York, Design, Style, Los Angeles, Anson Calder, Curtis Calder, FSHD, FSH Society, Allison Calder, French Leather, Leather Accessories, Leather Bags

There’s Really No Such Thing As “Male” Brains Or “Female” Brains

Although there are sex differences in brain and behavior, when you move away from group-level differences in single features and focus at the level of the individual brain or person, you find that the differences, regardless of their origins, usually “mix up” rather than “add up.”
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.03.18

A guide to the Socialist Modernist Architecture of Romania and Moldova

The BACU Association -- the folks behind the incredible brutalist Socialist Modernism Tumblr -- have announced a limited run, 800-copy book collecting photos and details on 242 Socialist Modernist "objects" in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The book is in Romanian and English, and costs €64.30 with worldwide shipping (slightly cheaper in the EU). I've ordered a copy! As a result of B.A.C.U. Association’s efforts to publish the Socialist Modernist research, we are happy to announce...
Tags: Post, Books, Happy Mutants, Gift Guide, Design, News, Eu, Architecture, Romania, Moldova, Modernism, Republic of Moldova, Brutalism, Socialist Modernism, BACU Association, C U Association

Supreme Court Tax Ruling Changes Dealer’s Tax Perspectives

A piece in Art Newspaper this week documents the challenges of a US Supreme Court ruling demanding companies take on responsibility for sales tax, and its effects on the art world. “Our industry is being watched with greater diligence,” Robert Dimin says. “As a young gallery, even a small mistake could send us into a […]
Tags: Art, News, US supreme court, Art News, Minipost, Supreme Court Tax Ruling Changes Dealer, Robert Dimin

Peter Brook On The Meaning Of Theatre

“And that to me is pure theater: the sharing through the imagination of something down to earth and concrete and appealing for the imagination, so that there’s always that sense of “and then what?”—that sense of wonder, which one needs so badly, and one has so little of in everyday life.” – ArtForum
Tags: Art, Theatre, Peter Brook, 12.05.18

A glowing river of books creates a traffic-free haven in Ann Arbor

In their latest installment of Literature vs Traffic, Spanish design collective luzinterruptus transformed a major street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, into a glowing river of 11,000 books. Carried out to bring attention to the importance of pedestrian-friendly spaces, the large-scale installation turned an area typically marred by the sounds and pollution of cars into a quiet haven. At the end of the night, all the books were quickly “recycled” and taken home by visitors as a keepsake of the tempora...
Tags: New York, Design, Michigan, Detroit, Buenos Aires, Ann Arbor, State Street, Ann Arbor Michigan, Luzinterruptus, Liberty Street, Toronto Melbourne Madrid, Amanda Krugliak, Melisa Hernández

Why Cybersecurity Should Affect Your Web Design

Cybersecurity should be at the core of your design before you consider any other elements of your site. Hacking is a serious problem, especially if you collect sensitive data. Your customers need to know they can rely on you to protect their personal information. About 64 percent of companies have experienced some type of web-based attack. From the smallest business to the largest corporation, all are at the mercy of hackers if they don't put some security measures in place. A hacker attack occ...
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Doing Your Part? The Average American Household Has TV On Eight Hours Per Day

When Nielsen started measuring TV viewership, American households were averaging four and a half hours a day. This figure rose steadily over the course of the century, but the biggest jump came in the 2000s, when it peaked at almost nine hours. Now it’s a little under eight. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, Nielsen, Audience, 12.05.18

Could We Unite America Around Orchestras?

“As a secular American living in Manhattan, I’m a stranger to the senator’s world of church and picnics. I worry that religion may be as much divisive as binding in America’s map of red versus blue. My professional world is one of orchestras (with which I work) and cultural history (about which I write). My perspective suggests another opportunity for healing—regaining a lost “sense of place” and shared American identity via our history and culture. And, yes, I mean high culture.” – The Weekly S...
Tags: Art, Music, America, Manhattan, Audience, Sj1, 12.05.18, Unite America Around Orchestras

Liartown, USA leaves Tumblr over NSFW-ban; announces new 544-page Crap Hound book "devoted to images notable for their lack of positivity"

Liartown, USA is Sean Tejaratchi's (previously) incredible, longrunning visual surreal satire site, and it is the latest casualty of parent company Verizon's decision to purge the site of all NSFW content effective Dec 17. Tejaratchi writes, "I expect many posts will no longer be visible, and I’ve already noticed nonsexual material is being flagged. I wouldn’t bet on much being left up." He's going to leave his archive intact, but has few hopes it, and will not be adding to it (he's explori...
Tags: Art, Verizon, Post, Usa, News, Tumblr, Zines, Sean Tejaratchi, Liartown USA, Feral House, Crap Hound, Tejaratchi, Sean Tejaratchi Liartown

Embedding Artists In The Municipal Bureaucracy

This past summer, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission began a program that assigns artists-in-residence to work in county government agencies (to start with, the Registrar-Recorder’s Office and the county library system). Pauline Kanako Kamiyama writes about what she and LACAC learned from the programs’s preparation and launch. (For example, “‘Trust the artist-driven process’ does not easily translate to non-arts staff nor governmental management styles.”) — Americans for the Arts
Tags: Art, Issues, SJ, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, 12.05.18, Registrar Recorder s Office, Pauline Kanako Kamiyama

Corona announces pilot program for 100% plastic-free 6-pack rings in 2019

Corona has announced that it will be launching a pilot program in 2019 for 100 percent plastic-free six-pack rings, making it the first global beer brand to attempt such eco-friendly packaging. The company says it will introduce the new rings in select markets at the beginning of the new year as part of its commitment with Parley for the Oceans to lead the multi-billion dollar beer industry in doing its part to protect the world’s oceans from plastic pollution. Corona beer is mostly packaged wi...
Tags: Design, News, Mexico, Beer, Oceans, Plastic, Innovation, Biodegradable, Carlsberg, Green Products, Plastic Pollution, Corona, Cyrill Gutsch, Parley, Plastic Free, K Corona

How to Refinish & Repair Mid Century and Other Vintage Furniture for Profit and Edification

Whether you're an industrial designer, an ID student or a homeowner with a less-than-perfect house, learning how things are put together is of paramount importance. One way to learn this is by taking things apart. Disassembling something, then successfully reassembling it, will sear construction methods into your brain in a way that classroom learning cannot achieve. If you take apart enough pieces of furniture, it becomes obvious that here lies a plug whose sole purpose is to conceal a screw. ...
Tags: Design, Minneapolis, Youtube, Furniture Design, Dashner Design Restoration

Design Job: Poppin Is Looking for a Production Manager for Their Fast Growing Product Design Team

Poppin is looking to add a Production Manager to our growing Product Design team. This position will be responsible for accomplishing technical design specifications using Solidworks (3D modeling), testing procedures, and best practices for all new furniture products. The Production Manager will oversee and continuously be improving the cost, schedule, View the full design job here
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Pantone picks 16-1546 Living Coral as the color...

Pantone picks 16-1546 Living Coral as the color of 2019! (Somehow this reminds me of mid-90's jcrew) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted

Get Thee to Cleveland For a Great Show

Lucky Cleveland! Since Nov. 18, residents and visitors to the Cleveland Museum of Art have been able to see six tapestries, woven in the mid 1570s, that have been under wraps, locked away, almost ever since then. For some 100 years, at least, they’ve been in the store rooms of the Uffizi Galery and before that in the Palazzo Vecchio Medici store rooms.
Tags: Art, Cleveland, Ajblogs, Cleveland Museum of Art, Palazzo Vecchio Medici

The horror and mystery behind 'the Black Paintings'

The Black Paintings stand out in art history for their dark composition and themes.The biggest mystery, though, is that Goya painted them directly onto the walls of his home and never told anybody about them.With such little information, all we can do is speculate about the 14 horrifying Black Paintings. None By 1819, the painter Francisco Goya had been through quite a bit. He had witnessed the chaos of war when Napoleon invaded Spain and the chaos in Spain as its government bounced back and for...
Tags: Art, Death, Painting, Spain, War, Innovation, Violence, Saturn, Jupiter, Madrid, Humanity, Mariano, Napoleon, Goya, Javier, Francisco Goya

Anish Kapoor Wins Removal of Work from NRA Video

Anish Kapoor has won his case against the NRA, preventing the organization from using an image of his work Cloud Gate in a recent propaganda video. “Their bullying and intimidation has not succeeded. This is a victory not just in defense of the copyright of my work, but it is also a declaration that we […]
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Making Jewellery Magazine Features Quilled Jewelry

In September I was contacted by an editorial assistant at Britain's Making Jewellery magazine who had come across my paper jewelry. They were planning to do a feature about quilled jewelry in an... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Tokyo Streets Bookends

Wooden bookends designed to look like narrow back alleys in Tokyo, Japan. Miniature Tokyo streets bookends crafted by Japanese artist Monde. Also check out: Superhero Bookshelf
Tags: Design, Tech, Tokyo, Tokyo Japan

The End Of Privacy? It Traces Back To The 1960s

The privacy warriors of the 1960s would have been astounded by what the tech industry has become. They would be more amazed to realize that the policy choices they made back then — to demand data transparency rather than limit data collection, and to legislate the behavior of government but not private industry — enabled today’stech giants to become as large and powerful as they are. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.05.18

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