Graphic Design Trends 2019

In 2019, you can expect to see plenty of digital and graphic design elements that create a sense of order, beauty, and self-awareness. Jarring colors become harmonious in tiled patterns and modern collages, exaggerated proportions make for delightful and inclusive illustrations, and glitches become an aesthetic all their own. Like many trends across all branches, digital design in 2019 will feature a healthy dose of both nostalgia and futurism. With retro influences from brutalism, cubism, an...
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Protests at Whitney Museum This Weekend Call for Weapons Supplier’s Ouster

A protest at The Whitney this past Sunday called for the departure of Warren B. Kanders, the vice chair of the museum’s board, from his post. “We are not fools,” the group Decolonize This Place said in a statement. “We know law is not justice. Your statement makes it clear which side you are on: the side of […]
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Kimberly Drew Profiled in NYT

Kimberly Drew is profiled in the New York Times this week, as she moves on from her position at The Met and embraces writing full-time. “I want to give my whole heart to this skill that I have been cultivating,” she says.Read more at NYT
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Walmat Acquires Art.Com

Walmart is acquiring the art and framing company, which claims to be the “world’s largest online specialty retailer of high-quality wall art.” “This will enhance the customer experience with millions of additional choices for art, wall décor and personalized print-on-demand capabilities while creating a richer, deeper shopping experience across the home category,” the company […]
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Kaywin Feldman to Head National Gallery of Art

Kaywin Feldman, the director of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, will be the new director of the National Gallery of Art. “For more than two decades, she has had a distinguished career as an art museum director with major successes,” says NGA president, Frederick W. Beinecke. Read more at Art News
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Sally  Oil on panel, 8" x 8,"  $330. She's not fat, she's fluffy. :) This kitty was also featured in one of my Beast of Burden paintings, see that one here. ...a photogenic sweetie from the Cleveland shelter.  [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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BLANDING! (Bland Branding) "The hottest...

BLANDING! (Bland Branding) "The hottest branding trend of the year is also the worst" at Fast Company by Thierry Brunfaut is a fun read on this unfortunate, inescapable branding trend. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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"The Rise of the Designer Bakery" on The Cool...

"The Rise of the Designer Bakery" on The Cool Hunter is a great roundup of stunning bakery spaces around the globe. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Citizens of the Jungle Illustration Series

Citizens of the Jungle Illustration Series AoiroStudioDec 12, 2018 Let's take a look at the work from Ladislas Chachignot who is an illustrator, digital painter, and creator of the Citizens of the Jungle Illustration Series. What is it? Well, it's a series of portraits illustrating our lost connection towards nowadays strong resistance of technology and our initial primitive "wilderness". First of all, I truly love the variety of colors used throughout this s...
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AI Will Make Humans Better But Cost Us Control

The experts predicted networked artificial intelligence will amplify human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities. They spoke of the wide-ranging possibilities; that computers might match or even exceed human intelligence and capabilities on tasks such as complex decision-making, reasoning and learning, sophisticated analytics and pattern recognition, visual acuity, speech recognition and language translation. They said “smart” systems in communities, in vehicle...
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New York – Ken Price: “Sculpture” at Matthew Marks Through December 22nd, 2018

Ken Price, NeGrum (1994), via Matthew Marks Currently on at Matthew Marks Gallery’s New York exhibition space, a body of small-scale works by American sculptor Ken Price dot the room, each drawing the visitor’s eye with a meticulously arranged series of loping curves, compellingly evocative forms and lumpy, surrealist modes of expression.  This range of […]
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33-Year-Old Small Batch Single Malt Scotch

One of the heart notes in Dewars Blended Scotch Whisky, Craigellachie provides that well-known tipple with some Speyside single malt sweetness. On its own, the whisky shines beyond expectation—and its 33-year-old iteration is one that should make collectors swoon. It’s limited to 1,700 bottles around the world though, so very few will get to try this superb spirit with notes of apple, vanilla and nutmeg.
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The YD 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The fact that it’s mid-December already, means two things. The holidays, and the new year. It’s a time to get together with family, friends, and even co-workers to share the warm feeling of joy that beats the cold temperatures of wintertime. The YD Holiday Gift Guide is our way of spreading the joy too! We’ve got a selection of products we love (and that we know you’ll love too), to own or to gift to a loved one. They’re sure to enrich lives, bring about smiles, and make the season of giving tru...
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How Words Change Their Meaning

Language is a system. Sounds, words and grammar do not exist in isolation: each of these three levels of language constitutes a system in itself. And, extraordinarily, these systems change as systems. If one change threatens disruption, another change compensates, so that the new system, though different from the old, is still an efficient, expressive and useful whole. – Aeon
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Canadas largest net-zero energy college building opens in Ontario

The Canadian port city of Hamilton in Ontario has recently welcomed its first net-zero energy institutional building — the new Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation at Mohawk College’s Fennel Campus. Architecture and engineering firm mcCallumSather collaborated with B+H Architects to design the striking solar-powered building, which has also been billed as the largest net-zero energy institutional building in Canada. Conceived as a living lab on sustainability, the Joyce Centre for Partne...
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We Measure Attention – But Is Attention A Commodity?

Conceiving of attention as a resource misses the fact that attention is not just useful. It’s more fundamental than that: attention is what joins us with the outside world. ‘Instrumentally’ attending is important, sure. But we also have the capacity to attend in a more ‘exploratory’ way: to be truly open to whatever we find before us, without any particular agenda. – Aeon
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The 70s Hit That’s Now The Most-Streamed Song Of The 21st Century

Boosted by the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the 1975 single and music video surpassed 1.6 billion streams globally, record company Universal Music Group said in a statement.
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The Role of Feedback and How to Manage It

“You can leave a comment in the box by the bathroom if you’d like.” That was the response I received after a particularly poor experience with a potential vendor. As I slid the feedback into the ambiguous box, it felt a bit like it was disappearing into the abyss. Will they ever read it? Do they really care? Why did I waste my time? I still don’t know if my input, which I considered valuable, was ever heard or addressed. Feedback is a vital part of any new roll-out process and should be present ...
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Marketing Manager, Colburn School in downtown Los Angeles

BThe Marketing Manager develops and implements marketing strategies to help promote ticket, recruitment, and fundraising goals. Is responsible for setting and meeting annual attendance and revenue goals for ticketed events. He/she develops an annual marketing plan to promote performances and manages the marketing budget.  Works with advancement department to develop marketing strategies to help meet annual fundraising goals, and will similarly work with academic leadership to develop a strate...
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The Tension Between Voice And Form

By way of continued labor, poets attempt to craft language that can carry their ideas beyond the passing moment, reframing their experiments as steps toward the ultimate realization of their aesthetic visions. The poet’s will toward synthesis of voice and form is about having something vital to say and knowing time is always running out. – The Atlantic
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Listen vs. Tell

Here’s an updated version — call it 2.0 — of last year’s chart outlining the two main ways (the wrong one and the right one) of approaching the means by which arts organizations connect with the public. — Doug Borwick
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Zero-waste restaurant serves up recycled materials & line-caught fish

Indonesia's first zero-waste restaurant has been built with recycled and sustainably sourced materials, and strives to eliminate food waste.
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The Pininfarina Battista: Italy’s most powerful car ever

When you create a car that literally is made to stand at the pinnacle of your legacy, you give it a special christening. Pininfarina has unveiled their most powerful automobile yet. Named after the person who began it all, the car (which was referred to as Project PF0 until now) is being called Pininfarina Battista, after the company’s founder, Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina.The Battista seals Pininfarina’s reputation as one of the leading automotive design studios in the world. It’s touted to be Italy...
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Modern Statues

Clever statues of humans looking at their phones on a bench in Amsterdam. “Absorbed by Light” art installation created by British artist Gali May Lucas and Design Bridge for Amsterdam Light Festival. Also check out: Selfie Statue
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Boat People Of The Mediterranean Form A Theater Company In Sicily

Founded in 2013, Liquid Company, a troupe made up entirely of refugees and migrants from Africa and the Mideast who survived the dangerous sea crossing, has developed, scripted, and performed four plays about their journeys, the asylum system, and human trafficking. — Public Radio International
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What Arthur Mitchell Meant To Dance

“Because of him, ballet could not exclude us,” said Virginia Johnson, one of Mitchell’s first dancers and the current artistic director of Dance Theatre of Harlem. “We were his army, united in the love of an art form.” Dance Theatre of Harlem’s entrepreneurship and success became “the impetus for what we know as culturally specific dance companies” today. – The Guardian
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Bamboo community center empowers the local Brazilian community

The beautiful beach town of Camburi, Brazil, has gained a new community center that not only serves as a communal gathering space, but is also an inspiring social development project that was built for and by the local low-income community. Belgium and Brazil-based design practice CRU! architects provided the design as well as technical assistance and financial support, however, it was the community that decided all of the programming. The project started in 2004 and its first completed buildin...
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Cling to the Italian Alps in This Prefabricated Shelter

Architects Roberto Dini and Stefano Girodo have designed a spectacular bivouac shelter that now clings at an altitude of 3,290 meters in the Italian Alps. Produced in collaboration with LEAPfactory, the structure comes complete with storage for mountaineering equipment, a table for eight and an area for food preparation. Further, there’s a separate sleeping area that can also accommodate eight. It was dropped into place by helicopter and …
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Grow Your Business in 2019 With This BOGO Voucher Special

Buy A Gift Voucher, Get A FREE Making Coupon—But Only Until 11:59 pm Monday December 24, 2018 Everyone knows that Ponoko Gift Vouchers make excellent holiday gifts for makers big and small. But with our Buy-One-Get-One deal, you can reduce your making costs by up to 50% —meaning more profit for you in 2019! Check this out: Buy a Gift Voucher by 11:59 pm PST Monday December 24 –> The post Grow Your Business in 2019 With This BOGO Voucher Special appeared first on Ponoko.
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Grow Your Business With This BOGO Voucher Special

Buy A Gift Voucher, Get A FREE Making Coupon—But Only Until 11:59 pm Monday December 24, 2018 Everyone knows that Ponoko Gift Vouchers make excellent holiday gifts for makers big and small. But with our Buy-One-Get-One deal, you can reduce your making costs by up to 50% —meaning more profit for you in 2019! Check this out: Buy a Gift Voucher by 11:59 pm PST Monday December 24 –> The post Grow Your Business With This BOGO Voucher Special appeared first on Ponoko.
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