The tiniest HDMI adapter turns your iPad into a home theater

2018 marks the year that Type-C became the big standard it promised it would be. With the iPad Pro adopting it, alongside the MacBook (and rumors that the iPhone would too), Type-C finally made its way across all dominant operating systems, from Windows, to Chrome OS, to Mac, to Android, and iOS. So if there’s a good time to start adopting Type-C (or USB-C), it’s right now.The beauty of the Type-C standard is that its compact and universal. It’s present everywhere, and works everywhere, and pret...
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Prominent UK Musicians Write Letter Urging Canceling Brexit

The letter, published by the Music4EU initiative, describes Brexit as a “significant threat” to the country’s music industry, adding: “Leaving the EU’s customs union, single market, VAT area and regulatory framework (in whole or part) could devastate our global market leadership, and damage our freedom to trade, tour and to promote our artists and our works.” Concerns are also voiced over access to foreign markets and regulation over copyright, before a request to “examine alternative options t...
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The Fatal Flaw to a Successful Roll Out: Rushing

I remember the first time I rolled out a new deck to a team of young professionals. I arrived at the boardroom armed with a clean and classy new presentation that I believed would help take our team’s sales to the next level. I was confident that my team would love the new deck as much as I did. As I began to unveil the new deck, I could see in their faces that they were unenthusiastic about what I was sharing. The look in their eyes said they had no desire to learn a new pitch; after all, for s...
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Festival Mozaic – Executive Director

Reporting to the board of directors and working in partnership with the Music Director, the Executive Director (ED) supervises and directs all aspects of the Festival’s operations. OrganizationEach summer and throughout the year in the heart of California’s Central Coast, Festival Mozaic (the Festival) brings together music lovers to enjoy premier concerts and related events in a festive and stimulating atmosphere. The Festival was founded in 1971 as the San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival to hon...
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California approves rule to require solar panels on new houses

The California Building Standards Commission has given its final approval to a new housing rule that is the first of its kind in the United States. Starting in 2020, the commission is requiring that all new homes built in the state include solar panels. “These provisions really are historic and will be a beacon of light for the rest of the country,” said commissioner Kent Sasaki. “[It’s] the beginning of substantial improvement in how we produce energy and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels...
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What We Learned About Making Good Plays: “We Don’t Care If They’re Any Good” (At Least For Awhile)

“What we learned working on Sinan’s play, and several others at that time, completely changed our DNA. We learned that the pressure of rushing to production forced us to take safer approaches and to marginalise the most important visionary of all, the writer.” After Pera Palas, the Lark changed its approach. “We became what I like to call a ‘rehearsal company’. We would be a play lab, a think tank for theatre.” – The Stage
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The pocket knife that slides into your wallet

If you’re the kind of person who’s enthusiastic about EDC, but not the kind of person to carry much around with you, the Lynx fits in that exact niche. The size and shape of a credit card, the Lynx by JHO Knives slips right into your minimalist wallet or card holder. Sitting among your regular cards, the Lynx can be pulled out whenever you’re in a fix, letting you cut or slice through any material that may require cutting or slicing through. Its VG10 steel construction is cryogenically hardened,...
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Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre A Cautionary Tale For Regional Theatre?

 Liverpool’s plight is a reminder of just how close to the edge many regional theatres are operating and how perilously near many are to breaching their NPO agreements. As one leading industry insider put it to me: “There are many canaries in cages coughing, if not yet falling off their perches.” As with Liverpool, it wouldn’t take all that much to knock them off, and when one tumbles – particularly one as big as Liverpool – the fear is that more may follow. – The Stage
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The MFA Degree-As-Fraud

We are a long way from late-19th-century Paris, where “academic painting” signified technically dazzling neoclassical figures, lush but sterile, and where the brutal disruptions of Manet and the Impressionists were consigned to the “Salon des Refusés.” Beauty within the academies, scandal without. Today these positions are reversed, and the academic institutions that serve as gatekeepers for the art world praise the conceptual, the alienating, and the abstract while disparaging craftsmanship as...
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Firing up Weird Science at the Whitney

Kevin Beasley confronts King Cotton’s legacy in his solo museum show.
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Feature: He Helped Build an Artists’ Utopia. Now He Faces Trial for 36 Deaths There.

Max Harris did chores and collected rent at the artists’ warehouse where he lived. Now he faces trial for the deaths at a concert there — including some of his close friends.
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Truth: It Probably Doesn’t Matter Where You Go To College

The seemingly obvious answer is, Of course it matters! How could it not? Ivy League and equivalent institutions provide more than world-class instruction. They confer a lifetime of assistance from prodigiously connected alumni and a message to all future employers that you’re a rarified talent. College isn’t just an education; it’s a network, a signal, and an identity. But what appears obvious may not be true. – The Atlantic
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The Acoustic Guitar gets its first significant design mod in 180 years!

Picture an acoustic guitar and what do you see? The classical guitar with its wooden body and circular sound-hole, right? Yep. That guitar was designed sometime in the 1850s by Antonio de Torres, and has pretty much been the same for nearly two centuries, with the exception of the invention of the electric guitar. Maxwell Custom’s custom-made Infinitum guitar takes that age-old form and applies design-thinking to it… the design brief? How do you make the Acoustic Guitar with a harmonically rich ...
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Editor's 2018 Gift Guide

Editor's 2018 Gift Guide AoiroStudioDec 12, 2018 Less than two weeks before Xmas, I mean we are totally in the spirit as we speak. The tree is up and you can hear nothing but Xmas songs all over the radio. For ABDZ, it's our time of the year where we would share our gift guide, this will be the Editor's edition. Hello, it's me! François from ABDZ, I decided to take a different direction this year and I divided my hand-picked selections into imaginative type o...
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A 747 With an Elevator That Deploys From the Belly

A company called Greenpoint Technologies designs luxury aircraft interiors for VIPs. Their portfolio is pretty jaw-dropping and I'm still going through it, but first I wanted to bring you news of this Aerolift they designed. In short, the Aerolift is an elevator that deploys from the belly of a 747. It allows you to transport four thin, rich people from the tarmac to the interior of the airplane. The benefits of the Aerolift are numerous. On the way up to the cabin, you pass through t...
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Give the Gift of Perspective: 3D Cityscapes by Chisel & Mouse

I'm writing this from window seat 37A of Delta flight DL2288—nonstop service from New York City to San Diego, California. Up here, with Manhattan pinched between an index finger and thumb, one remembers forgotten perspectives.Down there, Chisel & Mouse do something important; they digitize and 3D print our favorite architecture. They handcraft with moulding and plaster-casting the cities that we hold close to our hearts. Scaled to the nearest meter at 1:5000, Chisel & Mouse develops elegant shri...
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American Heritage Dictionary’s Word “Usage Panel” Is No More

What always seemed most remarkable about the American Heritage Dictionary was its promise to be more discriminating than other dictionaries, and the evidence for this was always its panel of expert language users whose opinions were solicited on many contentious points of usage. This usage panel was presented as a major feature of the dictionary and became a point for endorsement and criticism. – The Weekly Standard
Tags: Art, Words, American Heritage Dictionary, 12.02.18

Root Bench

Nature inspired wooden bench designed by Yong Ju Lee looks like tree roots. Tree Root Bench located at the Hangang Art Park in Seoul, South Korea. Also check out: Tree Branch Bookshelf
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Seoul South Korea, Hangang Art Park, Yong Ju Lee

Minimalist TRIPTYCH house pulls the Quebec outdoors in

Nestled in the Laurentian Mountains about a hundred kilometers from Montreal is TRIPTYCH, a crisp and contemporary home that blurs the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living. Designed by Montreal-based architecture firm yh2, the residence was built in the image of three interconnected pavilions fitted out in a natural material palette as well as full-height glazing to pull the forested landscape indoors. Envisioned as a “theatrical stage for the surrounding nature,” the sculptural abode was ca...
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Nat Geo's Incredible 2018 Photo Contest Finalists (Which Can Be Downloaded as Free Wallpapers, BTW)

National Geographic's photo contests always draw incredible submissions from around the world, and this year is no different. Perhaps the best part is that entrants willingly yield the rights to their photos, allowing NG to make each one freely downloadable as wallpapers for your desktop, tablet or phone.You can check out the 2018 Finalists here. We've just gone through the list, and here are our ten favorites. (The captions are written by the photographers themselves, with our enlightening comm...
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Tools & Craft #119: The Future of Furniture, Part 1

Here are four links to articles in the New York Times that set me pondering.The first says the antique furniture market is collapsing because nobody wants the old stuff, but the article gives hope for modern makers. How Low Will Market for Antiques Actually Go?.The second says nobody wants the old stuff because people aren't using their living rooms or dining rooms since everyone congregates in the kitchen. Why Are Antiques So Cheap? Because Everyone Lives in the Kitchen.The third article points...
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Grab Headphones, Listen to Something You've Never Heard Before: The Sound of Wind on Mars

Thanks to NASA, we've all seen photos of Mars. It's red, dusty and featureless, so some of you jerks might now be bored by the miraculous spectacle brought to us by those eggheads in Houston. Well, now they've upped their game, equipping their InSight Lander, which is currently hanging out on the red planet, with an air pressure sensor that can record air vibrations. They've also given it a seismometer that can record "lander vibrations caused by the wind moving over the spacecraft's solar pa...
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Design Job: Design Sleek Modern Office Accessories with U Brands In CA

We are a fast growing fast paced company looking for an agile individual that will help contribute to our growing success. You’ll have an opportunity to work alongside industry leaders and learn from their experience and expertise. You’ll have the opportunity to master new skills, sharpen your current skills and View the full design job here
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Earth’s “Deep Biosphere” Thrives Beneath Our Feet

The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO), composed of 1,000 scientists from 52 countries, studies the underground ecosystems between Earth’s surface and its core. In a recent statement, this has been referred to as “Deep Biosphere” as a “subterranean Galapagos” potentially filled with millions of undiscovered species. Despite darkness and harsh conditions, life has been found as far as three miles below the continental subsurface and six-and-a-half miles below the ocean’s surface. The …
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Brian Faucette Leaves Derek Eller for Night Gallery

Brian Faucette, a director at Derek Eller Gallery, will head to Night Gallery in Los Angeles, Art News reports. “It’s been an honor working at Derek Eller Gallery these past years,” he says, “and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Derek and Abby for giving me the opportunity to organize some amazing exhibitions.”Read more […]
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New Tech Could Revolutionize How We Reproduce Art

RePaint, a resin-based 3D printer that renders reproductions in color four times closer to the original than the next-best tool, utilizes a palette of 11 different inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, green, blue, orange, red, violet, transparent white and opaque white. Comparatively, traditional 2D printers typically operate in CMYK, or cyan, magenta, yellow and black, which is the keyline color. – Smithsonian
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Learning Points from Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - a summary

This is a wrap-up summary of everything learned from the Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 - interspersed with images from the Exhibition of the work by the semi-finalists in London (see the end for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Solar-powered modular retreat design in Melbourne inspired by the local landscape

A family’s wish to spend time in a self-sufficient weekend home has resulted in a beautiful modular design. Located just southeast of Melbourne, the solar-powered Fish Creek Home is a prefab design, comprised of two Archiblox modules that boast various sustainable features that make the home completely energy efficient. The large home, which is 1,371 square feet, is clad in corrugated Colorbond in a slate grey color. A wooden pergola and wrap-around deck are made out of natural timber panels...
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Test Drive: 2019 BMW 3 Series

We take the revamped next-generation 330i through Portugal’s dramatic Algarve region Skirting along the craggily cliffs in the next generation of BMW’s most important car right now—the 3 Series—the wild Atlantic surf pounds the rocks and picturesque coves below. In a few months, this region of Portugal will be flooded with sun-seekers splayed along its beaches, but at the moment, we have its roads to ourselves. …
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