Branded Fruit by Danielle Baskin in San...

Branded Fruit by Danielle Baskin in San Francisco is the hottest new edible swag? Thin vinyl stickers logos on avocados, coconuts, pineapples, mangos and more... (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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San Bernardino County Museum Association – Executive Director

Reporting to and partnering with the Association Board of Directors (BOD), the Executive Director (ED) is the Association’s primary ambassador and chief fundraiser. OrganizationThe San Bernardino County Museum Association (the Association) solicits, manages, and distributes funds, engages in programs, and advocates to benefit the mission of the San Bernardino County Museum (the Museum). Founded in 1954, the Museum is an educational and cultural mainstay in the region. With a collection of mor...
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New York – Sarah Lucas: “Au Naturel” at New Museum Through January 20th, 2019

Sarah Lucas, Au Naturel (Installation View), via Art Observed One of the most eagerly-anticipated shows of 2018, artist Sarah Lucas has touched down at the New Museum, bringing with her an expansive body of works that runs the full expanse of her craft.  Curated by the New Museum’s artistic director, Massimiliano Gioni associate, Margot Norton, […]
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British Tea Hall Meets Chinese Canteen in 'John Anthony' Restaurant in Hong Kong

Since it became a trading post two centuries ago, Hong Kong has been a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures. ‘John Anthony’, a new Cantonese grill & dim sum restaurant on Hong Kong Island, sumptuously reflects the city’s west-meets-east sensibility through its innovative culinary offerings as well as its immersive interior design.
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Did Dvorak’s New World Symphony Waken Americans To American Music? Nope

Surprisingly, the premiere led to perplexed disappointment. Listeners agreed that the music was magnificent, but many did not hear anything “American” in it, after all. “Some of those who applauded most loudly,” wrote one Brooklyn critic, “thought the Indian and Negro themes would have been as effective if picked up in Siberia.” – The New York Times
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The bi-fold wallet that has tricks up its sleeve!

I’d have loved to make a joke about card tricks (because the wallet holds cards), but I guess you just have to work with the cards you’re dealt (booyah). The Flip Flop Wallet by Bodega is probably the most interesting bifold wallet I’ve seen in quite a long time (comparable to Garzini Cavare’s Magic Wallet). It comes with two folding lines… one running vertically down the middle, giving it the characteristic of a bifold and allowing it to open and close like a book, and one running diagonally,...
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‘It's what makes the city your city’: Sydney’s battle for public art

Would a huge archway over George Street be Australia’s ‘most significant artwork’ in decades or a ‘ridiculous vanity project’?The sun is setting over evening commuters on Broadway in central Sydney. Several businessmen turn off the main thoroughfare and find themselves suddenly taking showers in coloured light. One man is so enamoured that he drops his briefcase and begins stretching, collecting the wild swirl of reds, blues and purples along his arms. It’s like watching an impromptu gym session...
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Egon Schiele Catalog Goes Online

The full Egon Schiele Catalog Raisonné has been digitized, and is now available online for search adn exploration. “Several hundred works have been authenticated since the publication of the last print edition of Egon Schiele: The Complete Works in 1998,” says resarcher Jane Kallir. “So an update was long overdue.”Read more at Art Newspaper  
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Economist Explores Price Guarantees in Auction Market

The Economist has a piece on auction guarantees, and how their use in major auctions has an impact on prices and market perceptions. “If enough leave what they see as a tilted playing field, the auction ends up being a “private sale in public’,” the piece reads. Read more at The Economist  
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3 Keys to Overcoming Presentation Anxiety

Thousands of presentations later and I still get that pit in my stomach every time I step on stage to present. Though I wish I could say after a while it just goes away the reality is that presentation anxiety is an emotion most great presenters experience. I would argue it is completely normal for someone to experience anxiety before stepping in front of a group of people. We are after all humans and the opinion of our peers matters deeply to us. The difference though between an average present...
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Hex Cushion

Velvet Hippo’s hex cushion line offers excellent resting spaces for pups up to 70 pounds. The range comes in small (24″), medium (32″) and large (38″), with three colorway options. The outer fold is sturdy and inside there’s a hypo-allergenic recycled poly-fill. For ease when cleaning, the interior pillows and fill can be removed so the cover can be washed separately.
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Does Sartre’s Philosophy Tell Us Something Useful About Today’s Political Crises?

“As we seek political and philosophical bearings in this time of renewed calls for a socialist alternative to capitalism, postwar efforts to bring Marxism and existentialism together have much to teach us—not only because of the continuing importance of each mode of thought to political thinking and organizing, but also because their interaction in Sartre’s work deepens our understanding of how we exercise agency under conditions we do not control.” – Boston Review
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Christie’s to Sell Another Hockney this March in London

Christie’s is planning to sell another high-profile David Hockney work this month, “Henry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott,” a 1969 piece from the collection of Barney A. Ebsworth next March in London. The work is expected to carry an estimate of £30 million. “David Hockney’s double portraits are undoubtedly some of the finest paintings the artist […]
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The prefab Plugin House turns ruins into livable dwellings in just one day

Beijing-based design studio People’s Architecture Office has proved yet again its knack for innovation and socially conscious design with its recent project, the Shangwei Village Plugin House. Made with a modular building system of prefabricated panels, these customizable homes can slot into existing structures to make formerly uninhabitable spaces both livable and attractive for far less than the cost of a typical renovation. The experimental dwellings were installed in the Chinese village of ...
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Report: UK National Arts Institutions: Income Up, Government Funding Down

The proportion of income generated by the institutions themselves – through fundraising, tickets, commercial activities and other means – rose from 57% to 73%. – ArtsProfessional
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Do you ever wonder what paper clips looked like 150 years ago?

If you do wonder what paper clips looked like in eras long gone by, Clip Art (clever wordplay alert?) is a wonderful history lesson in paper clip design. The series features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records. While we’re pretty happy now in 2018 with the stapler, or the default paper clip (Clippy from Microsoft Office, if one remembers it), the Clip Art is a series worth collecting and admiring, especially for the way it captures how subtly diffe...
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WSJ Looks at New Museum in Swiss Town

The WSJ profiles Muzeum Susch, an ambitious modern and contemporary art institution in the remote Swiss town. “There were these rural, industrial buildings, unlike anything in the region,” says founder Grażyna Kulczyk. “I very much liked them, and I looked into buying them because in my mind, of course, I still had an ambition to […]
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Should AI Learn How To Think More Like Human Brains?

Deep learning is good at learning using many fewer connections between neurons, when it has many episodes or examples to learn from. I think the brain isn’t concerned with squeezing a lot of knowledge into a few connections, it’s concerned with extracting knowledge quickly using lots of connections.” – Wired
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Piracy Ring Stole 25,000 Movies, TV Shows And Music

All told, the five men allegedly stole more than 25,000 digital files, including feature films, trailers, TV episodes and audio tracks, which they stored on a server in France, according to U.S. officials. The crime ring also allegedly operated a website called “BollyTNT” used to distribute pirated Bollywood films. – Variety
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Igor Says: Orchestras! Take Risks!

We think we’ve learned not to overlook outsiders. Yet the orchestral scene today remains in thrall to safety. It favours those who’ve studied with the right people, at the right schools and universities and have the right profile and publishers. Composing in the approved idioms is always preferred over something more raw, exploratory, problematic or new. Look at the recent major orchestral commissions, or the annual Proms new music programme. – The Guardian
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Pantone announces color of the year 2019

The end of the year is close and we are all wondering which color will be our lucky charm in 2019. Pantone definitely made our day announcing that the color of 2019 is a gentle, mellow, contemporary-style Living Coral (16-1546). This color is perceived as life-bringing and vivid, animating and energizing, which will give a certain sense of intimacy and tenderness to your life.   Photo source brandchannel   Living Coral is a soft and trustworthy color, good in small, detai...
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Pringles Sculptures

Japanese artist Haruki transforms Pringles cans into miniature sculptures. Recycled potato chips Pringles cans turned into cardboard mascot figures. Also check out: Soda Can Robots
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Climate change is killing reindeer in the Arctic

A new Arctic Report Card from the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed that the wild reindeer and caribou populations have plummeted by more than half over the last two decades. According to the report, the impact of climate change in the Arctic has resulted in the reindeer population falling from 5 million to 2.1 million. The report found that the weather patterns and vegetation changes in the Arctic tundra have had a major negative impact on the reind...
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The High Museum Asked Rapper Killer Mike To Join Its Board. He Has Some Ideas

While society is constantly redefining what constitutes as fine art, Killer Mike has a plethora of ideas to broaden the High’s scope, including more involvement by members of Atlanta’s infamous hip-hop and R&B community to deeper reflect the city’s culture. – ArtsATL
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Infiniti Teases Electric SUV Destined for Detroit Debut

Infiniti will unveil a new concept previewing its first electric car at the North American International Auto Show next month. On Friday, Nissan’s luxury division released a digitally shrouded image of the model to help build anticipation. While Infiniti spent much of the past year showcasing interesting concept vehicles, precious few have a snowball’s chance in […] The post Infiniti Teases Electric SUV Destined for Detroit Debut appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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“Cuisine Vagabonde” from NYC’s Papilles Restaurant

A new L’Assiette Michelin honoree approaches cocktails and cookery with the utmost creativity To understand Papilles before walking into the impeccably designed East Village restaurant, one must grasp the concept of “cuisine vagabonde,” or food inspired by traveling the globe. Chef Andréa Calstier, his wife and co-owner Elena Oliver and their masterful friend behind the bar, co-owner Nicolas Thoni have experienced so much across the world. These French expats aim …
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NYT Explores Works Banned from Guangzhou Triennial

A group of artworks exploring artificial intelligence and the human genome have been banned in China, and barred from exhibition in the Guangzhou Triennial. “The news is really filled with concern about the gene editing of babies,” says Heather Dewey-Hagborg, an American artist whose work “T3511” was among those pulled from the show. “It definitely […]
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Hammer Museum Appoints New Board Members

The Hammer Museum has added Jay Brown and Cindy Miscikowski to its board, and two new appointees to its board of overseers, Bill Block and Darren Star. “Cindy Miscikowski, Bill Block, Jay Brown, and Darren Star are all extraordinarily talented individuals who are passionate about art and the creative culture of Los Angeles. I am […]
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Charlotte Gainsbourg: Bombs Away

From Take 2, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s sundry five-track EP, “Bombs Away” rides on dance floor-ready synth waves. Gainsbourg’s vocals—and the narrative lyrics—set a tone of curious immediacy. The track, which was produced by SebastiAn, joins a cover of Kanye West’s “Runaway,” a live version of Gainsbourg’s hit “Deadly Valentine,” and two other new songs on the EP—one that demonstrate the depth of the singer’s vision and (bilingual) capabilities.
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NY Judge Orders Macklowe Family to Sell Collection in Divorce Proceedings

A New York judge has ordered collectors Harry and Linda Macklowe to sell their collection and split the proceeds. The collection spans a vast selection of contemporary and post-war works, and is valued at over $700 million.Read more at Bloomberg  
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