Time for a Change - Abduzeedo 12 Years

Time for a Change - Abduzeedo 12 Years abduzeedoDec 17, 2018 Abduzeedo started at the end of 2006. Exactly on December 16th. The reason I started was due to necessity. My design studio had just been robbed. I had lost my computers and had to start over. In the context of losing everything, the blog was forged and as Bob Dylan once said: “if you ain't got nothing you ain't got nothing to lose”. With that mindset, I launched the blog without any business aspira...
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Yael Stone alleges Geoffrey Rush acted inappropriately towards her in dressing room, a claim he denies

New York Times interview with Orange is the New Black star Stone details a string of alleged incidents during production of The Diary of a Madman The Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush has denied acting inappropriately towards Orange is the New Black star Yael Stone during a 2010 theatre production.On Monday the New York Times published an interview in which Stone alleged Rush engaged in inappropriate behaviour when the two actors were co-stars in a 2010 theatre production of The Diary of a Madma...
Tags: Orange Is The New Black, Film, Theatre, World news, Australia news, Culture, New York Times, Orange, Defamation law, Geoffrey Rush, Yael Stone, Australian theatre

The Trio and my top nine on Instagram

The Trio  Oil on panel, 8" x 10,"  $410. That's a bit of fun.  Apparently, these are my top nine posts to Instagram in 2018.  (@dianehoeptner) I'm glad to see some bunny paintings in the mix!  :) "The Trio" was painted from a photo courtesy of LoveandHisses.  [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
Tags: Art, Instagram, Diane Hoeptner

Super Fresh and Colorful Patterns by Atelier Irradié

Super Fresh and Colorful Patterns by Atelier Irradié abduzeedoDec 17, 2018 Atelier Irradié shared a beautiful project where they showcase an incredible series of patterns made in 2018 for Uniquely J sparkling water packaging, the 2018 campaign of French Beauty brand Une Heure pour Soi, and the new design of Glamour Magazine UK. The work was created alongside the agencies Elmwood NY, Publicis ETO, and Ufo studio. There's a lot to love about this project, from ...
Tags: Design, Alain, Irradié, Une Heure, Elmwood NY Publicis ETO, Laurent Vonck

The Rustic Magnificence of Kinsterna Hotel in Monemvasia, Greece

Taking advantage of the late November sunshine, we recently headed to the Kinsterna Hotel in the southeastern Peloponnese in Greece, a rural retreat centered on an exquisitely restored 17th century manor. Upon arrival we were escorted to the manor’s central courtyard where we were treated to a traditional “ypovrixio”, a spoonful of thick, white paste made from mastic resin dropped into a glass of...
Tags: Art, Greece, Monemvasia Greece, Kinsterna Hotel

The Fine Arts Of Working-Class Immigrant Women’s Fashion

While the men were at synagogue, the women were finding community elsewhere. “The dresses my grandmother sold were often showy, long, filmy, shiny concoctions, with sequined necklines and lace sleeves. They were priced for working-class people with fairy-tale aspirations, and they came in nylon and sateen and other cheaper fabrics; the skirts often swirled, and the waists had big stiff bows.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, 12.15.18

Is A Caravaggio Nativity Painting Stolen In 1969 About To Reappear?

Or is it an elaborate hoax by the Mafia? “New testimony from some inside the Sicilian mafia has led investigators to believe the Nativity can be recovered, and soon. They have followed leads to Switzerland and – it emerged in the autumn – to eastern Europe.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Switzerland, Visual, Nativity, Caravaggio Nativity, 12.16.18

Mark-Anthony Turnage’s ‘Greek’ is back after 30 years — and its tattoos still aren’t smeared

Mark-Anthony Turnage redefined British opera with Greek. But that was in a different world: 1988. When the piece arrived at the Brooklyn Academy of Music this month, I imagined it like some seriously aging hipster whose many once-edgy tattoos are turning to mud. I was throughly, and ecstatically, wrong. — David Patrick Stearns
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Mark Anthony Turnage, 12.17.18

Windows 95 Sweater

Microsoft is giving out Windows 95 Christmas sweaters to a few lucky fans. Windows Ugly Sweater? Microsoft Windows 95 limited edition “softwear”. Also check out: Super Mario Sweater Vest
Tags: Design, Microsoft, Inspiration

Does Princeton Have ‘Stolen’ Eastern Orthodox Manuscripts?

The church seems to think so, since it sued the university for access. On Thursday, the church “said the manuscripts were stolen and demanded their return, asserting that they had been taken during World War I from a monastery in Kormista, a village in northern Greece.”  – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Princeton, Visual, 12.14.18, Kormista, Greece The New York

The Elena Ferrante Books Are Explicitly Political – Something People Are Finally Catching On To With The TV Shows

Maybe some reviewers were, shall we say, confused by the idea of books that were about the friendship of two women also being about politics. Ferrante was never unclear, though. The author’s point: “Elena and Lila were alienated from history in all its political, social, economic, cultural aspects — and yet they were part of history in everything they said or did.”  – Los Angeles Review of Books
Tags: Art, Words, Elena Ferrante, Elena, Lila, Ferrante, 12.15.18

Do artists have to pay tax on art prizes?

Do artists have to pay tax on the value of art prizes? An art prize might feel like a windfall but, in fact - and tax law, artists generally have to pay tax on their value. This post explains... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark

Minnette De Silva Was One Of The Most Famous Architects In The World, And It’s Time To Re-Remember Her Work

A pioneer of Sri Lankan modernism, de Silva was the first Asian woman to become an associate of The Royal Institute of British Architects. With Sri Lankan independence, she launched her own architecture firm in Columbo, and “her trademark was to develop modernist architecture in harmony with the landscape and traditional craftsmanship.” But her studio, home, and many of her projects have fallen into disrepair and even ruin. Will there be a revival?  – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Visual, De Silva, Columbo, 12.14.18, Minnette De Silva

Vijay Gupta To Leave LA Phil And Concentrate On Street Symphony

The violinist, who won a MacArthur “genius” grant this year, has decided to leave his seat as one of the orchestra’s first violins. He said, “The L.A. Phil saved my life when I was a 19-year-old kid. It was the way that I was able to continue being a musician and to continue growing as an artist. … And I’m really excited to take that artistry beyond Los Angeles and beyond the work of being in an orchestra.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Music, Los Angeles, Phil, LA Phil, MacArthur, Vijay Gupta, 12.16.18

Book Titles Can’t Be Copyrighted, And Whew, That Can Lead To Challenges

When bestselling YA author Tomi Adeyemi, author of The Children of Blood and Bone, tweeted a challenge to Nora Roberts (NORA. ROBERTS.) over that author’s new Of Blood and Bone (which debuted at #2 on the bestseller list), things got tense on social media. But – let us repeat – book titles cannot be copyrighted. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, Tomi Adeyemi, 12.14.18, Nora Roberts NORA ROBERTS

How Shaw Pong Liu Uses Music To Reach Beyond Music

Code Listen is part of a multi-dimensional sequence begun in 2016, including workshops, discussions, music making and performances. Liu uses music to catalyze dialogue and healing around urgent issues of our times.  She seeks to reach beyond the traditional classical audience to a wider cross-section of the public. With Code Listen, Liu hopes to “create dialogue with homicide survivors and the wider community of people who have not (or think they have not) been directly impacted by homicide.” H...
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Liu, Shaw Pong Liu, Sj1, 11.29.18

Another Actress Sues Harvey Weinstein For Repeated Harassment And Assault

The allegations cover three years and a lot of familiar territory for the producer, who has been accused by many women of both harassment and assault. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Harvey Weinstein, Issues, 12.14.18

The Highly Un-Meditative Battle Of Meditation Apps

While Headspace adds hundreds of corporate deals and an NBA sponsorship, Calm won the 2017 iPhone App of the Year and has caught up in downloads and monthly subscribers with its older, larger competitor. The Calm CEO: ““I would say we’re in mindful competition with each other.” Headspace’s chief business officer: ““We have the strongest brand.” – 
Tags: Art, Ideas, Nba, 12.15.18

Is The Push To Watch ‘Roma’ In Movie Theatres Just A Snotty Anti-TV Move?

Critics have taken the idea on as a crusade, but there are real differences between big and smaller screens. “The film’s crystalline images (captured with the ultra-high-definition Alexa 65 camera) and elaborate sound design [are] key to the film’s success—and … with those elements diminished by the transition to the smaller screen, Cuarón’s deep-focus shots and leisurely pans might prove more soporific than engrossing.”  – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Roma, Alexa, Audience, Cuaron, 12.14.18

Extraordinary Things Happen In Schools That Integrate Arts Into Their Classrooms

Ken Robinson: “Schools operate as they do not because they have to but because they choose to. They don’t need to be that way; they can change and many do. Innovative schools everywhere are breaking the mold of convention to meet the best interests of their students, families, and communities. As well as great teachers, what they have in common is visionary leadership.” – KQED
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Ken Robinson

LA Philharmonic Violinist Vijay Gupta Leaving Orchestra To Focus On Music Activism

Gupta told The Times that he will give up his seat as one of the L.A. Phil’s first violins to focus on his activism, to teach and to develop his nonprofit Street Symphony, which since 2011 has been performing free concerts for Los Angeles’ homeless and in county jails. His last concert as a full-time member of the L.A. Phil will be Sunday. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Los Angeles, The Times, Phil, Gupta, SJM, LA Philharmonic, Vijay Gupta

Music As A Spark For Social Justice

IKAR’s services incorporate Sephardic and Mizrachi-style drumming, chanting and droning (using a low-pitched, sustained tone as a harmony) with what Tigay called a “catchy melody on top” as a way of “giving people a sense that they are entering into uncharted psychological territory and transcending the everyday.” Worshippers are induced “not to tolerate things as they are, but to climb the ramp higher and higher,” in order to be more godly — and more involved in the world. “The music,” he expl...
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, IKAR, SJM, Mizrachi, 11.20.18, Tigay

With Facebook Possibly On The Ropes, What Will Happen To Social Media Next Year?

Twenty-two predictions for 2019, including paid accounts at Facebook, a massive data breach at Instagram, and a tough year for Snap(Chat). – The Verge
Tags: Art, Facebook, Instagram, Ideas, 12.15.18

Irwin Hollander, Who Revived Lithography As A Fine Art, Has Died At 90

Hollander was a commercial lithographer who was also “an artist and a master printer who persuaded Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell and other Abstract Expressionist painters to try their hands at lithography in his East Village workshop.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, East Village, Hollander, 12.14.18, Irwin Hollander, Willem de Kooning Robert Motherwell

Ballet Is Taking Off In Saudi Arabia

And some of that is thanks to Angelina Ballerina, apparently – though more of it may be due to women knowing ballet can provide a space of physical practice and self-expression.  – Arab News
Tags: Art, Saudi Arabia, Dance, Angelina Ballerina, 12.15.18

CBS Tried To Get A Sexual Harassment Suit Dismissed By Saying The Harassed Woman Swore On Set

CBS, of course, is the (former) network of Les Moonves and Charlie Rose. Perhaps not surprisingly, the network’s “Eliza Dushku swore, so she couldn’t have been harassed!” stunt backfired – but it backfired in spectacular fashion when the footage the network proposed as exculpatory showed the actual harassment. Five by five, CBS. (For more details, here’s a timeline of the network’s last 13 months with #MeToo.) – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Cbs, Issues, Charlie Rose, Les Moonves, Eliza Dushku, 12.14.18

In The UK, Moviegoing Increased by A Large Percentage In 2018

Despite the lack of a “turbocharged” Christmas offering from the studios, it looks as though cinemas in the UK are about to reach numbers they haven’t seen for 47 years. (And Moviepass might have something to do with that.) – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, UK, Media, 12.14.18

Listen Up

Dream-pop hypnotism, a soulful holiday tune and more new music this week Bill Baird: Mosquito With “Mosquito,” Bill Baird lays his latest rhythmic track atop mesmerizing, repetitious visuals in a music video of his own production and direction. The song is pulled from Owl, Baird’s most recent release with the Los Angeles art collective Arthur King Presents. The reflective nature of the song—underscored by the symbolism …
Tags: Design, Los Angeles, Mosquito, Listenup, Dream Pop, Baird, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Masego, Holiday Music, Bill Baird, Woman's Hour, Listen Up, Arthur King Presents

Why (And How) Do Our Brains Trick Us Into Massive Procrastination?

Most chores could be accomplished in minutes, but hordes of people wait days, weeks, even years. What the heck, brains? Is it “decision fatigue,” or is it “chronic procrastination,” or is it just that doing dishes is mind-numbingly boring? – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.14.18

The Power Couple At The Top Of British Indie Films

One Brit and one American reinvented the British indie, and have found massive cross-Atlantic success with everything from The Crying Game to Carol to Collette. And they don’t care for sequels. Elizabeth Karlsen: “Chasing the newest thing can actually be a producer’s downfall. And there is an economic imperative that can set in and make you try to turn movie-making into a science: something it constantly resists.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Atlantic, Carol, Collette, Elizabeth Karlsen, 12.15.18, The Top Of British Indie Films

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