Brand Identity for Future Future, a moody & contemporary restaurant

Brand Identity for Future Future, a moody & contemporary restaurant AoiroStudioDec 18, 2018 Fun story that is making the news lately, the original Blade Runner movie was released back in 1982 but here is the fun fact. The movie was set in the imaginary world of 2019, therefore in a few weeks we will ACTUALLY be in 2019. It's pretty cool to relive how they envisioned the future back in the early 80s. In relation to this story, we are sharing the brand identity...
Tags: Design, Richmond, Melbourne Australia

Reader Submitted: A 48-Hour Project to Merge a Hasselblad 500C/M and a FujiFilm Instax 9

Instant photos are magical. They develop before your eyes. You can share them, gift them, spill water on them, draw on them. The only problem is that most instant cameras are pretty cheap—that's why I've always wanted to hack my medium format camera to take instant photos with shallow depth of field and sharpness. This project was created in collaboration with Eddie Cohen over the course of one weekend. Hasselblad made a large polaroid back for the 500 series to help photograph...
Tags: Design, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, FujiFilm Instax, Reader Projects, Eddie Cohen

Emily McDowell Fantasy Stone Pins - Parentite,...

Emily McDowell Fantasy Stone Pins - Parentite, Functional Adultinite, Birthday Quartz, Comparison Stone, Romancerine, and Persistethyst - complete with descriptions of powers. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Emily McDowell

In the future, smartphone displays will be embedded in our eyewear

Probably for the first time, spectacle wearers may be at a strategic advantage as North acquired all of Intel’s Vault AR patents. The company aims to build and launch, in the near future, smart AR glasses that are incredibly light and indistinguishable from regular glasses. They’re stylish (and look nothing like the abomination that was Google Glass), and come with a module built into the side of the glasses (the stem) that projects an image on your spectacle lens and uses the glass of your ey...
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Glasses, Design, Wearable, Intel, Smartphone, Eyewear, Hud, Ar, North, Display, Smart Glasses, Patent, Alexa, Product Design

93-Year-Old Dick Van Dyke Talks About His Dancing In The “Mary Poppins” Sequel

“The minute I heard I was going to do a little number, that sold me,” Van Dyke tells PEOPLE in the latest issue out Friday. “And I thought I could contribute by just being a little bit of a reminder of the original. And I think it turned out well. I got to jump up on a desk and do a dance number. It surprised everybody, but nobody was as surprised as I was.” – People
Tags: Art, Dance, Dick Van Dyke, Van Dyke, 12.15.18

Increase Information Retention Through Recap

Information retention is key to any successful presentation, but with our fast-paced culture, your audience has probably moved on to their next thought within minutes of your presentation. One way to ensure your information is both heard and retained is through the use of recapping. Recapping your information will continually reinforce the key ideas you’re sharing and lock in that information for your audience to recall later. At Ethos3, we believe in the power of the recap and have found 3 ways...
Tags: Design, Information, Deliver, Recap, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Retention, Presentation Design, Information Retention, Increase Information Retention Through Recap

Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudioDec 18, 2018 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, branding, ...
Tags: Design

A Debate About “After” Poems: Homage Or Theft?

There’s nothing straightforward about the debate, and nothing particularly new about the “after” convention. Poetry is a medium in which sampling, allusion, and conversation have always been part of the game. – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Words, 12.17.18

The “New Silk Road”: Where The Global Future Is Being Shaped

As the West becomes increasingly fractious and polarised, the New Silk Road countries are working more closely together. At the centre of this is China with its giant economy and its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), often referred to as a New Silk Road, which exemplifies the changes in global influence. –
Tags: Art, China, West, Ideas, New Silk Road, 12.15.18

The Geo Thermo flask is a pot worth watching!

They say a watched kettle or pot never boils, but what’s one to do when the pot is so beautiful that it’s difficult to tear your eyes away? The Geo Thermo insulating thermos by Normann comes with a geometric design and a splash of colors, making it pop out against the backdrop that is the rest of your kitchen.Designed to look like a neat, minimalist kettle, the Geo Thermo insulating thermos comes made with a plastic exterior (it’s not meant to be used over the stove), allowing it to have such a ...
Tags: Deals, Kitchen, Design, Popular, Product Design, Thermos, Flask, Drinkware, Geo Thermo Pot, Nicholai Wiig Hansen, Normann

Invasive longhorned tick could spread disease across the U.S.

The Asian longhorned tick used to be a species only found in China, Japan, Korea and southeastern Russia, plus parts of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. But last year, an established population was found in New Jersey, and since then, the ticks have been found in eight other states. Because the tick is parthenogenetic — which means the females can reproduce without needing male DNA — it is possible that it will soon occupy large parts of the Pacific Northwest and the eastern U.S....
Tags: Japan, Science, Design, News, Cdc, Russia, Lyme Disease, Public Health, New Jersey, Disease, North America, Pacific Northwest, New England, Pacific Islands, Australia New Zealand, China South Korea

Early TV-Age Media Theorists Understood A Lot About Our Current Age

These observers captured the moment when civilization turned from typographic culture—itself a massive break from the largely oral culture that preceded it—to electronic media. They’re the metaphorical physicians who noted the first symptoms of a worsening malaise we’re seeing now. In other words, our internet-and-smartphone-driven age does not represent, as we might think, its own huge shift from the Enlightenment tradition, but rather the most recent stages of a shift that started with disemb...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.17.18

Brightest App Makes Volunteering Easier

"I really just wanted to put something into the world that stands for the right thing and shows tech still has heart"
Tags: Ios, Apps, Design, Charity, Tech, Volunteering, Social Awareness

Canadian Radio Banned “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” Then Reversed The Decision; Is This Progress?

Outrage — the hallmark of 21st-century discourse — still exists, but the radio flip-flop on banning indicates the paradigm may be shifting toward a reasonable middle ground, with space for the sorts of varied responses one hopes for in a debate that is in theory black and white but, in practicality, is filled with shades of grey. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Music, 12.17.18

Hawthorne Introduces Skincare Products

The fragrance label’s online quiz will now pair customers with body wash, soap, and deodorant Most American men aren’t buying fragrances, but women are driving the $327 million market through gift-giving. “There’s a lack of knowledge and even a sense of fear with men when it comes to cologne and self-care products,” Hawthorne co-founder Brian Jeong says from his Tribeca office. Jeong “wanted to get …
Tags: Wellness, Design, Style, Beauty, Fragrance, Grooming, Skincare, Tribeca, Hawthorne, Jeong, Soaps, Body Wash, Brian Jeong, Hawthorne Introduces Skincare Products

This tiny home with a rooftop deck is made from two shipping containers

Shipping container architecture (or cargotecture) is not a new concept, but there are those who are taking cargo home design to new and glorious levels. Waco-based Cargo Home has created the Helm, an amazing tiny home using just two shipping containers and a lot of design savvy. The home, which is available for rent on Airbnb, is a cedar-clad structure that sleeps up to six people comfortably, all of whom can enjoy the spacious rooftop deck. Using just two shipping containers, one 20′ and the...
Tags: Design, Waco, Cargo Home

According To Uber Data: The World’s Top (Car-Accessible) Destinations

Two New York destinations are at the top of the list — the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center (listed on Uber by its former name, the Freedom Tower). – CNN
Tags: Art, New York, World, Issues, Empire State Building, 12.17.18

ANICORN's Joe Kwan on Why Storytelling and Graphic Design are Key Skills for Watch Designers

When imagining the typical watch on the market today, the first image that conjures up (at least in my mind) is one with sub-dial overkill and too much clutter to highlight the single task watches are designed to do: tell us the time. In a digital age where smartphones have become an extension of our brains, stopwatches, timers, moon cycles and perpetual calendars are easier to access than ever—just ask Siri, Alexa or your favorite digital assistant what the date or time is, and she'll tell you ...
Tags: Hong Kong, Accessories, Design, China, Nasa, Paris, Nintendo, Kepler, Chris, Designer Profiles, Massimo Vignelli, Visual Communication, Kwan, EMU, Tadao Ando, NASA Kennedy

Large scale 3D Printer capable of printing a motorcycle

Just a few years ago, 3D printing capability was relatively new technology. A home 3D printer could perhaps create a single printed letter or figure if left to work overnight. Advancements in the industry have been fast and furious with new technology offering recognizably sci-fi-like options. While companies have made news with efforts to print homes for a solution to housing shortages or printed skin in the name of medical advancement, one company has created a prototype that proves transport...
Tags: Design, Germany, Harley Davidson, Additive Manufacturing, Yamaha, NERA, Stephan Beyer

Rural Design Solutions: Figuring Out How to Fell a Leaning Tree Without a Chainsaw or Wedges

Two types of loud, percussive noises I often hear on the farm: Local gunfire, and trees cracking during a storm. After I moved in, a neighbor told me that "this is the shootingest neighborhood you'll ever live in," and he was right; everyone around here owns a rifle and apparently uses it daily. As for the trees, a fair amount tend to collapse during the thunderstorms that roll through. I need to process these fallen trees into firewood. If I get started now, they'll be dry enough for use dur...
Tags: Design, Tools & Craft, Katanaboy

A Smarter Design for a Wheelbarrow: The Multifunctional Worx Aerocart

The design of wheelbarrows absolutely sucks. We have several lying around the farm, both metal and poly, and I consider them worthless. They easily get stuck in ruts; the tires frequently go flat; they're unwieldy when loaded; they're terrible on uneven ground; they tend to fall over, both when in use and when standing still. We have chicken feed delivered in fifty pound bags, and I've found it's way faster and less frustrating to carry the bags on your shoulder than it is to try moving them in ...
Tags: Design, Object Culture, Aerocart

Design Job: Ammunition is Seeking a Structural Packaging Designer in New York, NY

Ammunition is an international design group providing services in product design, brand strategy and identity, UX design, graphic design, and packaging. While Ammunition’s strengths are diverse across design disciplines, our real expertise is to redefine markets by using design to create new business territory, and to communicate and connect with View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, New York Ny

Modern Quilled Snowflake Ornaments - Tutorial and Tips for Success

Just like Britney Spears, oops, I did it again... took on an addictive paper craft project right before Christmas. I seem to do this every year for some reason, feeding into the frenzy of the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
Tags: Design, Britney Spears, Ann Martin

An Inexpensive, DIY Automated Dolly for Smartphone Video Capture

We've seen a fair amount of dolly hacks for smartphones, but this has to be the lowest-cost one yet. COOPH, a/k/a the Cooperative of Photography, uses a toy car, a piece of plexi for the "track" and a simple egg timer to provide the motive force: We imagine you could get fancy with it by using pulleys to adjust the speed.
Tags: Photography, Design, Diy, Cooperative of Photography

Core77's Ultimate Gift Guide for Designers: Week 3 Winners

The final week to submit Core77 Ultimate Gift Guides has come to a close! This week, three submissions chosen by our editors have earned their curators a $25 gift certificate to MOO and a spot in the running for the grand prize come tomorrow, December 18th. One Editor's pick will take home a Spin Bag from IAMRUNBOX, and one Community Choice winner with the most votes will win a Core77 ~Mystery Box~! Here are our 3 Editor's Picks: Oh man, the realness! Devin Sidell's "Hardware Startup Surviv...
Tags: Design, Ultimate Gift Guide, Kyle F, IAMRUNBOX, Core77 Ultimate Gift Guides, Devin Sidell, Hardware Startup Survival Kit, Jim Kershaw

Rethinking The Role Of Musicians In Culture

“There is a school of thought in contemporary classical music that music should be above everything else, that it should have a purity about it. To me, that doesn’t make sense. Everything we do in art comes from what’s around us and who we are as humans.” – NewMusicBox
Tags: Art, Music, SJM, 12.12.18

New Music from Madagascar: Toko Telo

There was a definite frisson at this year’s WOMEX for Toko Telo, a Malagasy trio with two acknowledged stars. — Michal Shapiro
Tags: Art, Madagascar, Ajblogs, Toko Telo

3D Printed Electric Motorcycle

Futuristic motorcycle with airless tires powered by eco-friendly electric motor. NERA – world’s first 3D printed functional motorcycle created by NOWLAB, Marco Mattia Cristofori and Maximilian Sedlak. Also check out: Fully Enclosed Electric Motorcycle
Tags: Design, Tech, NERA, Marco Mattia Cristofori, Printed Electric Motorcycle, Maximilian Sedlak

A First: In LA This Year More Women Artists Than Men Had Solo Shows

The tally comes from adding up exhibitions, both major and minor, that opened since January at the J. Paul Getty Museum; Museum of Contemporary Art; UCLA Hammer and Fowler museums; Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Craft and Folk Art Museum; California African American Museum; and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (With zero, LACMA was the unfortunate outlier.) That’s impressive. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Visual, Fowler, LACMA, Museum of Contemporary Art, J Paul Getty Museum, Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, California African American Museum, 12.17.18, UCLA Hammer

Kickstarting mosaics made from precious stones and marble that replicate 16th-century anatomical drawings

John Unger writes, "Using marble, stone and precious gems, I am creating a series of 14 mosaics that replicate 16th century anatomical engravings. Each mosaic is 7’ x 4’ and presents the figures at life size— viewers can stand before them and see anatomy as though looking in a mirror." I’ve invested over 41 thousand dollars and more than 4000 hours of labor to bring this project to the halfway point. The vast bulk of that expense was buying several tons of stone all at once to insure consi...
Tags: Art, Post, News, Anatomy, Kickstarter, Hudson NY, John Unger, Mosaics, Bartolomeo Eustachi, U S Library of Medicine, Carrie Haddad Gallery, John T Unger Kickstarter

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