#UnsplashAwards the Shortlisted

#UnsplashAwards the Shortlisted AoiroStudioDec 21, 2018 This week, our friends from Unsplash announced the finalists of their month-long celebration . We have published the finalists on ABDZ. For this week's Unsplash Picks, we decided to hand-picked the Shortlisted. Let me tell you that I wouldn't imagine how hard it was to pick the finalists. There was so many great submissions, here are our selections from this incredible set. Hope you will like it! More ...
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Social Media: The New Presentation Space

With the rise of social media and constant access to HD cameras in everyone’s pockets, sharing your thoughts and ideas has never been easier. With a simple email and password, you quickly gain access to the minds of people you would otherwise never cross paths with. Whether you are selling your brand or looking to get your ideas and thoughts out into the world, social media is a great platform to bring your presentations to the masses. Don’t get us wrong – becoming a rockstar at social media tak...
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This New Space is Using Design to Humanize the Anxiety-Provoking Therapy Experience

Many people gravitate towards therapy during times of crisis, so why are most therapy offices loud, awkward and uncomfortable? This is something I've experienced personally when I tried out therapy in college. My therapist's office was filled with stark white walls, office furniture, obnoxious sound machines and plenty of awkward encounters with other patients throughout the journey. Granted this was a college medical center, but that doesn't mean it was an acceptable experience. After my second...
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Currently Crowdfunding: The Tiniest Sewing Kit We've Ever Seen, an Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundu...
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Twelve Dot Studio La Dolce Vita Frog! Complete...

Twelve Dot Studio La Dolce Vita Frog! Complete with Sherpa-lined aviator hat. Limited edition of 350. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Honda Sound Sitter - Since low frequency sounds...

Honda Sound Sitter - Since low frequency sounds can be soothing to newborns, Honda sampled 37 of their cars revving and put them into a stuffed toy car! (There's everything from a '99 S2000, '95 Integra Type R, '02 NSX-R and more) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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The PIQO projector fits a home theater in your pocket

I’ll let you in on a little secret. People who watch Netflix or stream full-length movies on their tiny mobile phone screens are more likely to be psychopaths. This isn’t a scientific study, this is just one of those things like putting milk first and cereal after. There’s a universal standard to preparing cereal, Sharon, and it’s clearly by putting the flakes first and adding the milk later. Similarly, the only acceptable way to watch movies and TV series is on a large screen, and not a 6-inc...
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A Dance Is A Dance Of Course, Of Course (Unless…)

Can you copyright the moves? There’s more to the Fortnite video game complaints than copyright infringement. The plaintiffs are also bringing in their “right of publicity,” a different matter that looks at the dance moves as part of someone’s identity, whether the dance is copyrighted or not.  – Washington Post
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Brazil’s National Museum Embraces New Research Partnerships

A partnership with the Smithsonian Institution and Fulbright Commission will allow researchers from Brazil’s destroyed National Museum to continue their research. “We have lost part of our collection but not our ability to produce knowledge,” the museum’s director, Alexander Kellner, said in a statement. Read more at Art Newspape
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Revolving Door? Toronto MoCA Director Moves On After Less Than A Year

Heidi Reitmaier is moving on in January to become deputy director of the Art Gallery of Ontario, where she’ll also serve as chief of public programming and learning. – Toronto Star
Tags: Art, Toronto, Visual, Art Gallery of Ontario, 12.20.18, Heidi Reitmaier

One-room tiny cabin is a minimalist refuge deep in the Brazilian forest

São Paulo-based architect Silvia Acar Arquitetura has unveiled a tiny minimalist cabin tucked into a lush Brazilian forest. Camouflaged in the tree canopy and set off the ground on stilts, the one-room Chalet L is a simple, 67-square-feet one-room cabin, entirely designed to offer the basics while disconnecting from the usual hustle and bustles of life. Located in the most southeastern part of São Paulo, the tiny cabin is located in an idyllic valley, surrounded by a dense forest filled with...
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Essential Gear for an Après Ski Session

Whether celebrating or cozying up, items for comfort and warmth off the slopes It doesn’t get much better than warming up by a fireplace with friends, while sipping on something satisfying, after a long day on the slopes. The French word “après” (meaning after) has become synonymous with the various activities people partake in after a day of skiing or riding. Whether you’re getting cozy …
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Art Review: At the Met Museum, an Abstract Show That Falls Short of Epic

An exhibition meant to show off the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection of art from the 1940s to the present day only points to gaps and a lack of imagination.
Tags: Art, News, Jackson, Mitchell, Murray, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Carmen, Helen, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mark, Jean, Rothko, Herrera, Cy, Isamu

The Book Revolution That Already Happened

We were looking for the Future Book in the wrong place. It’s not the form, necessarily, that needed to evolve—I think we can agree that, in an age of infinite distraction, one of the strongest assets of a “book” as a book is its singular, sustained, distraction-free, blissfully immutable voice. Instead, technology changed everything that enables a book, fomenting a quiet revolution. – Wired
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Screen Addiction? Yeah We’re Worried. But Should We Be?

If there’s one thing that gets lost most consistently in the conversation over alluring technology, it’s that our devices contain multitudes. Time spent playing Fortnite ≠ time spent socializing on Snapchat ≠ time spent responding to your colleague’s Slack messages.  – Wired
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UK Government’s Brexit Proposal For Creative Sector Is “Huge Disappointment”

“Proposals to maintain the salary threshold, as well as the failure to include any measures to address the challenges faced by freelances, are hugely disappointing. It demonstrates government’s blindness to the major strains that Brexit and the current immigration system will have on organisations’ ability to recruit the talent they need.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, UK, Brexit, Issues, 12.20.18

Dubai Global Grad Show 2018 Trend: Human-Centered Designs for the Elderly

In the Dubai Design District, groups of students in school uniform roll around in Thomas Heatherwick's chairs. Buggies transport visitors from one exhibition to another. In the plaza, pop up installations draw visitors in with their cooling mist spray and shade. The coffee shops are crowded with young designers, chatting about their projects while standing in line for a cool drink in the afternoon desert heat. This is the Global Grad Show, the largest student gathering in the world. It is part o...
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How Christmas Lights are Made

We didn't have much money growing up, and I remember at least one Christmas where a single bulb had burnt out on the tree, interrupting the circuit and ruining the entire strip. We left cookies out for Santa but apparently he couldn't be bothered to rewire our lights. It was then I learned that Santa Claus is basically a lousy contractor who does the bare minimum of work required.Nowadays even cheap Christmas lights are constructed in such a way that one bad bulb won't prevent the rest from gett...
Tags: Design, Santa Claus, Santa, Lighting

How Colin Furze Fit a Three-Story Christmas Tree Inside a Two-Story House

The holiday season: A time when competitive Americans try to outdo their neighbors with ostentatious displays of blinking decorations. But we are still technically a democracy, so perhaps the real crown in this arena ought to go to a Briton, seeing as they still have a constitutional monarchy.Well, the British madman and inventor extraordinaire Colin Furze clearly wins this year's prize. Furze acquired a gargantuan tree--a 26-footer apparently pilfered, as it was removed under cover of darkness-...
Tags: Design, Interior/exhibition Design, Colin Furze, Two Story House

Studio Hagel Collabs With Ecco, Creating 18 Different "Technical" Shoe Designs 

Mathieu Hagelaars, founder of Studio Hagel, is known for his sought after one-off footwear designs, ranging from custom Takashi Murakami sneakers to a Balenciaga Speed Trainers made from an IKEA bag. "I said I was the worst sneaker collector possible. So with those big releases everyone was after, I would just make my own – DIY, MacGyver-style," says Hagelaars. "But it's actually through these spoofs that I was able to explore new directions in sneaker design. These prototypes are about innovati...
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John Williams (Jazz Pianist) Has Died

The jazz pianist, not the Star Wars/Boston Pops guy.— Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, John Williams, Ajblogs, 12.20.18, Star Wars Boston Pops

Design Job: Endeavor Is Seeking an Associate Creative Director to Conceptualize Ideas and Oversee Execution

Endeavor is one of the biggest names in culture and entertainment in the world. Endeavor Global Marketing is “the agency within the agency”, offering everything from brand strategy and activation, advertising, public relations, digital, sponsorship, influencer View the full design job here
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The Evil (?) Genius Behind Alvin And The Chipmunks

“In 1957, Ross Bagdasarian had an idea. … The story goes that [he] was down to his last $200 when he took a chance on purchasing a fancy tape recorder — one that could change the speed of the recording — for his songs. Playing around with the settings, he stumbled upon a technique that would change his life.” And, in a way, America’s. — Tedium
Tags: Art, America, People, 12.13.18, Ross Bagdasarian

John Williams Has Died

The jazz pianist, not the Star Wars/Boston Pops guy.— Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, John Williams, Ajblogs, 12.20.18, Star Wars Boston Pops

Animal Paper Lamps

Whimsical animal shaped lamps inspired by origami art of carefully folding paper figures. Animal paper lamps made by Hugo Formiga and Teresa Almeida ( OWL ). Whale Paper Lamp Night Owl Paper Lamp White Rabbit Paper Lamp Roaring Hippo Paper Lamp Turtle Paper Lamp Penguin Paper Lamp Elephant Paper Lamp Also check out: Origami Doo
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New Jersey first state to ban wild animals in circuses

Last week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill banning the use of elephants, tigers and other wild and exotic animals in circus acts that travel through the state, making New Jersey the first state in the country to pass such a law. Known as “Nosey’s Law,” the bill is designed to protect animals in traveling circus acts from being exploited and abused. Nosey, the law’s namesake, is a 36-year-old African elephant that was forced to travel around the country with a circus even though th...
Tags: New York, Chris Christie, Design, New Jersey, Illinois, Christie, Murphy, Ringling Bros, Barnum Bailey, Phil Murphy, Sen Ray Lesniak, Sen Nilsa Cruz Perez

Please: Transgender Theatre That Isn’t Strange

“To many playwrights, the very existence of trans people is enough to make up an entire plot, because it’s just that strange. It often doesn’t end up mattering where we come from, who we love, what we think—to be trans is so new and bizarre that everything in the play must be dedicated to parsing that, with almost no attention given to the other important factors that make up our lives.” – Howlround
Tags: Art, Theatre, 12.18.18

2018 Welcomed a New Fleet of Internet Pop Stars

Forget the pop stars of years past, because 2018’s class of chart-toppers is more diverse, based in subculture and digitally inclined than ever before. Partly because of the new rules on streams counting in chart calculations, many newer musical artists are being born from internet followings and Soundcloud pages. Not only that, but the sound of pop is changing—using more and more elements from various …
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Which Movies Are the Best? The Library of Congress Has a List

For three decades, the National Film Registry has designated films important to American culture. A lot of them haven’t won Academy Awards.
Tags: Art, Movies, News, Congress, Discrimination, Library Of Congress, National Film Registry, Blacks, Academy Awards (Oscars

A Sneaker Marker Rendering Walk-Through

Why render a sneaker that you yourself would never wear? Because, as industrial designer Eric Strebel explains of his self-described Ugly Shoe Rendering, "These are the marker colors I had with me at the time of the sketch demo." Those of you trained in traditional studios or at design schools prior to CG will know this feeling well; you don't have the tools you want on hand, but still have to make it work.Ugly colors aside, sound rendering practices are still on display. Strebel covers shading ...
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