Marc-Aurele Fortin’s Small-Town Quebec

~ Sticking (mostly) with the winter theme that I’ve been thinking about lately, Marc-Aurele Fortin is another artist in whose works winter figured prominently.  Fortin was a contemporary of the Group of Seven painters and he focused on scenes of small-town Quebec, his native province, and the landscape of the surrounding St. Lawrence River Valley.  […]
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‘A Huge Loss for the Art World.’ Historian and Critic Sister Wendy Beckett Has Died at 88

She became prominent in the 1990s presenting BBC shows about art history
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Petal and Thanks

Petal  Oil on panel, 8" x 8," NFS Petal is the beloved pet of friends. She was a pleasure to paint!  I hope the holiday season has found you and yours healthy and happy. I wanted to extend sincere and deeply felt thanks to all who read this blog, comment upon and buy my work. It's appreciated more than you can know.  I will be taking a week or two off and will return with new paintings in 2019! [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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A New Single-Day Streaming Record On Spotify

Chart Data reported that “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” released in 1994, was played 10.8 million times on Spotify on Monday. The song bested the record set by rapper-singer XXXTentacion, who logged 10.4 million streams with “SAD!” a day after his death in June. – Washington Post
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The State Of The Art Of Data Visualization

The ability to interpret data and analyze and communicate ideas about that data through design–has never been more important. 2018 brought a wealth of remarkable visualization work to the fore, and much of it changed our perception of the world around us. – Fast Company
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The Intriguing Science That Explains Wit, Humor

Wit, whether visual or verbal, can make the commonplace uncommon again by breaking the habits that render perception routine. We tend to define the quality of wit as merely being deft with a clever comeback. But true wit is richer, cannier, more riddling. And the best of it is often based on a biological phenomenon called supernormal stimuli. – The Atlantic
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Artists, Thinkers, Activists, Leaving Russia

Since 2014, the year Russia took Crimea from Ukraine and annexed it, Russia’s prominent cultural figures, writers, artists, gallery owners, musicians, film-makers, and journalists have been moving out. According to the latest study by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, nearly every third young Russian wants to emigrate. – The Daily Beast
Tags: Art, Russia, Ukraine, People, Crimea, 12.25.18, Public Opinion Research Center

Elevator bed & folding porch grace this tiny house builder's home

This tiny house builder and architect just built himself and his wife a bigger (but still tiny) home, equipped with a space-saving elevator bed.
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Stacked shipping containers transform into a thriving arts space in Venezuela

Venezuela-based architecture practice Pico Colectivo has stacked recycled shipping containers together to transform a vandalized property into the new Cultural Production Zone in the city of Guacara in Carabobo State, Venezuela. Built atop an existing structure, the colorful cargotecture addition offers a creative gathering space for the community with mixed programming that ranges from a skate plaza to a recording studio and music room. The Cultural Production Zone is located on a site where ...
Tags: Design, Venezuela, Southern California, Pico Colectivo, Guacara, Carabobo State Venezuela Built, José Alberto Bastidas

Sister Wendy, 88

After obtaining permission to study art in the 1980s – largely through books and postcard reproductions of the great works obtained from galleries – Sister Wendy decided to write a book to earn money for her convent. Contemporary Women Artists, published in 1988, was followed by more books and articles. In 1991 the BBC commissioned her to present a television documentary on the National Gallery in London. Dressed in black nun’s habit, Sister Wendy stood in front of paintings, and without script...
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Setting Goals: Why It’s Important to Do It Now

I still remember the day I decided I wanted to make a living out of public speaking. It was a dream that, at the time, I thought could never be achieved. As a young, 18-year-old college freshman, I had no idea where I needed to go – let alone where to begin. So I did what every good millennial does and conferred with the all-knowing Google where I found tons of resources to help me navigate the industry. The most useful of all those resources was an article I read about the importance of setting...
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How a Businesswoman Became a Voice for Art’s Black Models

Denise Murrell’s interest in art, and its treatment of black people, led her to change careers and organize the exhibition “Posing Modernity.”
Tags: Art, News, Discrimination, Art Gallery, Blacks, Thomas, Matisse, Manet, Denise, Henri, Wallach, Edouard, Murrell, Race and Ethnicity, Miriam and Ira D, Mickalene

Henning Larsen completes award-winning Wave apartments in Denmark

Copenhagen-based Henning Larsen Architects has completed The Wave, a striking wave-shaped apartment complex that has made splashes internationally long before the project was finished. Located in Vejle, Denmark, the award-winning building was designed as an extension of its surroundings, from the waterfront location to the rolling, forested hills that rise from Vejle Fjord. The Wave’s sculptural silhouette comprises five rounded towers that create a new visual landmark for the town and are visi...
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2018 Most Interesting Car Design Features and Add-Ons, Part 2: Corporate-Backed

Most sensible corporations understand that if designers aren't allowed to have a little fun once in a while, they'll become unhappy and unproductive. Here are the most interesting automotive innovations we saw this year from in-house design teams.GMC's design team came up with this six-function MultiPro Tailgate for pickup trucks. Toyota came up with a full-size pizza delivery pickup truck that makes the pies in transit. Volkswagen's designers got to splash out with their California Camper...
Tags: Europe, Design, California, Cars, Vw, Gm, Jaguar, Toyota, Lincoln, Volkswagen, Continental, Gmc, Camper Van, Bollinger Motors

Royal Opera House Asks: Does Opera Hate Women?

The opera house, which has been strongly criticised over the treatment of women in at least one recent production, has pledged to lead the way in making the art form fit for the future, with a series of debates about misogyny on stage. – The Telegraph
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Drawing With Steel

Frank Plant is an American sculptor who works in his studio in the Hostafrancs neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain. After studying sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Plant moved to Amsterdam as he began to develop the form and methods for which he has become known for, his drawings in steel. He has worked on his steel drawings from Barcelona since moving there in 1999. Speaking about his work, Frank Plant says they concern, “sense of humor and some sort of soc...
Tags: Art, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Max, Barcelona Spain, University of the Arts, Frank Plant, Hostafrancs, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Plant

Triangular windows bring light and drama to a stunning Bogota bakery

The site of a former house in Bogota has been reborn into a gorgeous bakery and cafe that respects the surrounding residential context. Designed by New York City-based Studio Cadena, the sculptural building draws the eye with oversized triangular windows, a monolithic concrete envelope and contemporary interiors featuring playful terrazzo floors, timber furnishings and pops of greenery. With an area of 7,500 square feet, the restaurant marks Studio Cadena’s second and largest commission for Ma...
Tags: Garden, Design, New York City, Colombia, Architecture, Gallery, Retail, Bakery, Cafe, Brick, Bogota, Jaipur, Carousel Showcase, Natural Light, Patio, Green Lighting

Tools & Craft #121: The Future of Furniture, Part 3 - Information

Thirty years ago it was fairly common for students to have classes in some sort of craft in high school. Arts 'n' crafts for younger kids, and as kids got older, probably home ec for the girls and shop for the boys (and all three for the lucky minority). This probably included woodworking instruction. This experience meant, among other things, that the idea of making something wasn't alien or a big reach. Nowadays Steiner/Waldorf schools continue to teach craft, but by and large most public and ...
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2018 Most Interesting Car Design Features and Add-Ons, Part 1: Aftermarket

Even the most innovative in-house car design studio is still part of a corporation, so there's only so crazy they can get before the accountants start reigning them up. Aftermarket manufacturers, however, have considerably more leeway to innovate. Here are some of the most interesting aftermarket car design features and add-ons we saw this year.German company Volkner's sports-car-deploying mobile home feature lets you continue to flee your troubles, ad infinitum. If you want to sleep on the r...
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In The Broadway Production Of ‘Network’, The Stage Manager Is Part Of The Show

In Ivo van Hove’s multimedia theatrical adaptation, the broadcast control room is a glass booth built into the set, and stage manager Timothy Semon calls the entire show from inside of it, in view of the audience. — The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Ivo van Hove, 12.24.18, Timothy Semon

Reader Submitted: What Design Characteristics Will Define the Ideal Domestic Robot of the Future?

Overcoming the technical challenges of developing a domestic robot requires nothing short of symphonic integration. These challenges have kept home robots out of reach...until now. We are finally at a nexus where technology, design and cost have aligned to present an opportunity. View the full project here
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Excavator Aquarium

Hydraulic excavator transformed into a mobile aquarium filled with real fish. Excavator aquarium created by French artist Benedetto Bufalino for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, France. Also check out: Kitchen Aquarium
Tags: Design, Tech, Lyon France, Benedetto Bufalino

Wonder Seems Hard. We Need Wonder

We live less in an “age of wonder” than we do in an age of anger, anxiety and fear; the age of the weaponized tweet and horrific push notification. I don’t believe that one can die from lack of wonder, but I’m certain that a deficit of it will ensure that one has never really lived.  – The New York Times
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Mapping The ‘Cartography’ Of Conscious Feelings Onto The Body

When a team of research psychologists asked subjects to describe where in their bodies they experience various emotional states, they were surprised by just how consistent the correspondence of emotion to bodily area was. — Aeon
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Ah, That Simpler Time When Children Made Their Own Toys …

Rebecca Onion: “In mid-December, as I struggled to keep my own toy purchases under control, the idea of 19th-century children constructing their own playthings — probably by the fire, while calmly listening to their mother playing the piano — is eminently appealing. But as with many things in the history of childhood, children’s toy-making was less idyllic than it seems.” — Slate
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Signs Streaming Isn’t Killing Movie Theatre Business

Movie-ticket revenue in the United States has risen 8 percent in 2018. That puts the industry on track for the largest year-to-year increase of the domestic box office in nearly a decade — and suggests that, surprisingly, theaters can more than hold their own in the age of widespread at-home entertainment. – Washington Post
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Sasaki to transform Shanghais Hongkou Stadium with a High Line-esque park

International disciplinary planning and design firm Sasaki has unveiled designs to transform China’s first professional soccer stadium into a sustainably minded mixed-use hub focused on health and wellness. Designed to stitch the Shanghai Hongkou Stadium back into the urban fabric, the proposal will reactivate the stadium as a destination even on non-game days while improving the expanded building’s energy efficiency. Key to the design intervention will be the addition of the Midline, an elevat...
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Record Year For Movies At The Box Office

It got more expensive to go to the movies, and ticket prices hit a new high, averaging $9.38 over the summer. But it’s not just the rising cost of admission accounting for the surge. Attendance is also up over 4% from last year. – Variety
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A Pioneering Photographer, Bare in the Back Country

Walking on the wild side in California, Anne Brigman became one with nature through her body and spunk. A century later, she is being recognized.
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