When to Present Without a Slide Deck

We live in a world that is inundated with technology. Everything from our phones to our watches are competing for our attention. That is why more often than not presenters come, armed with a slide deck full of bullet points and moving text in a last-ditch effort to maintain our attention. But today we would like to propose a new paradigm. Not one that should be used for every presentation, rather one that can be implemented on occasion to unplug from the technological world. What if every so oft...
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Solar-powered smart home puts a modern spin on rural Italian architecture

Montebelluna-based architecture firm Reisarchitettura, has put a contemporary twist on the traditional countryside vernacular of Southern Italy with the BS House— a modern energy-efficient dwelling in the rural outskirts of Ostuni. Defined by large stone walls and muted natural material palette, the seemingly rustic home boasts a modern interior and energy-efficient systems including home automation technology that allows the homeowners to remotely control the home with their smartphones. To ma...
Tags: Design, House, Mediterranean, Southern Italy, Chihuahua, Ostuni, Montebelluna, Reisarchitettura, BS House

Survey: Who’s Swayed By Social Media Influencers?

The survey of more than 1,000 shoppers was carried out for Radio 4’s You and Yours by consumer analysts Savvy Marketing. It found that 54% of 18-to-34-year-old beauty buyers were influenced by their suggestions. – BBC
Tags: Art, Media, Social Media Influencers, 12.28.18

How San Antonio Got a Free Scholar’s Rock

One day in December, Katherine Luber, director of the San Antonio Museum of Art, two curators and a museum trustee wandered around a rock yard in China that looked more like a moonscape than a landscape – Judith H. Dobrzynski
Tags: Art, China, San Antonio, Ajblogs, San Antonio Museum of Art, Katherine Luber

Fake Images Created By AI Are Getting So Good They’re Hard To Spot

The end result is similar to a trick often used in Hollywood. Superheroes, aliens, and the simians in Planet of the Apesmovies are animated by placing markers on actors’ faces and bodies so they can be tracked in 3-D by special cameras.  – Wired
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Visual, 12.28.18

Live-streaming Games Is The New Media Frontier

From a critical remove, streaming is a strangely liminal space, one not yet secure in its place in the media landscape. It’s a land of opportunity and nonsense, a media format beyond its Wild West stage yet not quite formed into something that can be subjected to mainstream media analysis. Streaming is a place for big-time, multi-million-dollar celebrities. It’s also a place where marginalized people form communities around games and people they love, where niche gaming communities like speedr...
Tags: Art, Media, 12.27.18

Our Fears As Expressed By The Lessons Of Other Cities

Our deepest anxieties about the future of where we live are embodied in other cities — in Portlandification, Brooklynification, Manhattanization. The comparison is seldom a compliment. You don’t want to become Manhattan (too dense), Portland (too twee), Boston (too expensive), Seattle (too tech-y), Houston (too sprawling), Los Angeles (too congested), Las Vegas (too speculative), Chicago (too indebted). – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Manhattan, Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle, Issues, 12.26.18

A New Chapter On Restitution Of Plundered Art

All eyes are now on France. Despite the legal hurdles, restitutions are possible but only through a drawn-out process. President Macron’s decision earlier this month to return 26 plundered items to Benin “without delay” will have to be approved by parliament. Similarly, when the Muséum de Rouen discovered a “toi moko”—a tattooed head of an ancient Maori warrior—in its collection in 2011, restitution to New Zealand had to be approved by a special act of parliament, which took four years. – The A...
Tags: Art, France, New Zealand, Benin, Visual, Macron, 12.27.18, Muséum de Rouen

The Best Process Porn Videos of 2018

Another year, another accompanying swarm of soothing process videos provided by the Internet to help us swallow the insanity that was 2018—and at Core77, one of our greatest pastimes is stockpiling the most satisfying of these videos we can find. This year, despite a very unfortunate Instagram hacking on our @core77 account that deleted all of our past videos (sad, we know), we set out to once again deliver on our promise to find the best of #processporn to share with our friends on Instagram. I...
Tags: Design, Instagram, Reddit, Year In Review, Amaury Gichon

2018's Best of Cool Tools, Part 2: Unpowered

There should be a word for this in German: That particular joy you experience when, after suffering for a long time with the wrong tool for the job, you finally acquire the right tool for the job. It's even more satisfying when you didn't even know this wondrous right tool existed.Here are some tools you may not have heard of, that are all vast improvements over the conventional way of doing things.In the video linked here, master carpenter Matt Jackson demonstrates an old-school goodie, the sli...
Tags: Japan, UK, Design, Greenlee, Matt Jackson, Tools & Craft, Michael David Young, PVC Pipe Cutter, Jungle Jack Sheetrock

2018 Best of Visual Phenomena

Eye candy means different things to different people. To us, it means photos and videos of unusual objects, interiors and phenomena. We'll take a vintage Soviet control room over a carefully-curated Dwell magazine interior any day. Here's the best of what we saw in 2018:An Unusual Design Aesthetic: Photos of Vintage Soviet Control Rooms Vintage UI Design Gold Mine: A Photo Database of Old Control Panels What do International Government Emergency Hotlines Actually, Physically Look Like? ...
Tags: Design, Object Culture, BBC Sketches Give Voice, Dwell magazine interior

Bread Creatures

Cute animals and creatures handcrafted out of bread add fun to any breakfast. Bread dogs, cats, and adorable edible characters made by Sabine Timm. Also check out: Creative Bread Packaging
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Sabine Timm Also

The Very Slow Movie Player shows a film over an entire year

It seems someone took Every Frame a Painting literally: The Very Slow Movie Player is a device that turns cinema into wallpaper, advancing the image by a single second every hour. The result is an interesting household object that makes something new of even the most familiar film. The idea occurred to designer and engineer Bryan Boyer during one of those times we all have where we are sitting at home thinking of ways to celebrate slowness. “Can a film be consumed at the speed of reading a book?...
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Design, Hardware, Film, Tech, Cinema, Boyer, Bill Viola, E Paper, Bryan Boyer

New York Times Spotlights Italian Nationalist Party’s Aggressive Stance Towards Italian Culture

The New York Times profiles Italy’s new, nationalist Government and its aggressive stance on promoting and defending its culture. “Being from the League, it’s our way of seeing the country, the society and the world,” Lucia Borgonzoni, Italy’s under secretary for culture, says. Read more at NYT
Tags: Art, News, New York Times, Italy, Art News, Minipost, Lucia Borgonzoni

Art Newspaper Spotlights Cultural Diplomacy at Russia’s Hermitage Museum

The Art Newspaper profiles Hermitage Museum head Mikhail Piotrovsky and his efforts to spearhead cultural diplomacy through his museum.  “The last bridge to be blown up should be a cultural one,” he says. Read more at Art Newspaper  
Tags: Art, News, Russia, Art News, Minipost, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Hermitage Museum

Contrarian View: Has Social Justice Focus Gone Too Far?

When I was young, we knew what offensive music was like. It was like the Fugs – a filthy-mouthed band once described as “the most vulgar thing the human mind could possibly conceive” in FBI files. Times change. So do our our ideas of filth – and not necessarily in ways one might expect. – The Globe & Mail (Canada)
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, Fbi, SJ, Fugs, 12.28.18

Here’s How You Remake A Classic Opera To Make It Politically Relevant Today

“The original “Fidelio” took place in 18th-century Spain and explored the vindictive nature of a tyrannical prison governor. Heartbeat Opera’s rendition takes place in modern-day America where an African-American woman named Leah disguises herself as a correctional officer named Lee. She goes to work at a prison where her husband, Stan, is being held in abysmal conditions by a vengeful warden for being a Black Lives Matter activist. – Columbia Spectator
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, America, Spain, Black Lives Matter, Leah, Stan, Heartbeat Opera, Sj1, 12.03.18, Lee She

This algae-powered exterior cladding turns polluted air into fresh oxygen

This modular curtain could help existing buildings photosynthesize oxygen and get rid of pollution in cities.
Tags: Design, News

Our Favorite Interviews with Designers and Creatives in 2018

This year we got to sit down (and Skype down) with some incredible creatives. We were interested in not only what these people do, but what their thinking process is and how they gained their current positions. Here's a rundown of our favorite interviews from this year on these topics and more. An Interview with Michael DiTullo, Part 1 The story of how the successful industrial designer climbed multiple ladders to wind up principal of his own design firm. "Sometimes young students talk to me abo...
Tags: Design, Skype, Belkin, Ward, Schwarz, Design Business, Christopher Schwarz, Jonathan Ward, Michael DiTullo, David Kleeman Belkin, Oliver Seil Belkin

University of Waterloo has created a CO2 powder which could help fight climate change

Scientists at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have created a new powder that can capture carbon dioxide, and it could be a new tool in the fight against climate change. The powder can filter and remove CO2 at power plants and factories powered by fossil fuels before it is released into the atmosphere, and it is more efficient than conventional methods. Chemical engineering professor Zhongwei Chen created the powder in his lab as a new way to manipulate the size and concentration ...
Tags: Design, News, Climate Change, China, Environment, Global Warming, Canada, Fossil Fuels, Innovation, Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, University of Waterloo, Chen, Ontario Canada, Zhongwei Chen, Co2 Powder

Design Job: Manna Is Seeking a Graphic Designer to Expand Their Growing Team In NYC

As we continue to grow we are looking to expand our design team! Manna is looking for a passionate, talented graphic/packaging designer with experience working on consumer product packaging to join our team in the heart of NYC's fashion district. We are known for our trend forward View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs

Jonathan Lethem Takes Inventory Of Literature’s Enormous Fake Pharmacy

“The current generation of fictional drugs, rather than bubbling up from nature’s underworld, parachute into stories and novels from the corporate-technological top down. The recent nightmare drugs — for they are, exclusively, nightmares — are pharmaceuticals. … The self’s integrity is under assault not by illicit indulgences but by capitalism’s imperative to market us shiny neurological upgrades — and by our complicit desire to be thus reworked.” — The New York Times Book Review
Tags: Art, New York Times, Words, Jonathan Lethem, 12.24.18

John Waters Says All His Work Is Political (‘But I’d Never Say That!’)

Among the other things he says: “The National Brainiac, that’s what I really wish I could edit. Imagine me being the editor of a tabloid for intellectuals. Imagining hiding outside their apartments for bathing-suit pictures of Philip Roth.” (Also: “Sample sales are vicious.”) — ARTnews
Tags: Art, People, Philip Roth, 12.27.18

IRS: Aretha Franklin Owed $6+ Million In Back Taxes

The IRS “proof of claim” filings entered Dec. 12 and 19 say the amount owed is cumulative, beginning with an unpaid assessed balance of $1,305,403 in December 2012 and including $552,718 due by the end of this year.  – The Daily Beast
Tags: Art, People, Irs, 12.28.18, Aretha Franklin Owed

The BBC’s Film Critics Show On TV Goes Bust

The BBC has promised to replace Film with another show, but the challenge is how do you cover movies for a BBC One audience? The problem the BBC has is that movie broadcasting has been subject to a populist online revolution.
Tags: Art, Media, Bbc, 12.27.18

How environmental policies changed in 2018 under Trump

There is no doubt that President Trump has significantly changed environmental policy since taking office that have caused a great deal of public outcry. The current administration’s decisions have affected everything from rolling back on policies enacted by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton to cutting funding for different environmental and scientific programs. With so much to keep up with, here is a rundown of the Trump Administration’s environmental action in 2018 and how it ha...
Tags: Japan, Design, Obama, Obama Administration, California, China, America, Barack Obama, Cms, Nasa, Ocean, Bill Clinton, Epa, New Mexico, Clinton, Trump

YD Handpicks: The Top Audio Product Designs from 2018

I’ll admit, I have an affinity for all things audio, so this list was bound to happen at some point! Audio isn’t, however, just a passion of mine… it’s also a massive industry that grows as the smartphone industry grows, because music and entertainment play a major role in the smartphone experience. We’ve seen a lot of growth in the truly-wireless audio wearable department (I even got my hands on the TicPods featured below… review pending) as well as the smart-speaker making its way into the hom...
Tags: Design, Audio, Lenovo, Popular, Product Design, Random, Barky, Eric Guack

Actor-Director Hunter Foster, New Artistic Director Of Redhouse In Syracuse

The 49-year-old is a Broadway veteran, with leads in Urinetown and Little Shop of Horrors under his belt, but he didn’t start directing in earnest until five years ago, at Bucks County Playhouse, where he stayed on as artistic associate until this job came up. — The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Broadway, Syracuse, Little Shop, Bucks County Playhouse, Urinetown, 12.27.18

How Our Brains Know Where We Are (Our GPS)

The recent marriage of neuroscience with the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence that have really strengthened this perspective. Work at this interface has shown that a brain that uses an absolute, invariant model of the world to model and negotiate changing environments requires more computational resources than one that uses relative information.  – Nautilus
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.27.18

This small apartment building in Seattle could be a model for solving our housing and energy crises

Passive House multifamily buildings use almost no energy and don't cost much more than conventional buildings. They should be everywhere.
Tags: Design, News, Seattle

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