Pet commission - "Lula"

Lula, oil on cotton canvas, 6"x6" ( Not for sale ) This pet commission of Lula, a beautiful Boston Terrier, was ready for the holidays! :D This was a fun one to paint because Lula's pose perfectly illustrates her personality, which is the basis of any good portrait. This one is a small portrait so I used my #3 Rosemary and Co. red sable bright brush (I typically will use only one brush for the entire painting, especially these small ones). As with all of my oil paintings, I used mostly Wins...
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Berthe Morisot

Berthe Morisot (pronunciation here) is one of the least well known of the original Impressionist painters. She is often grouped with American painter Mary Cassatt as one of the two “female Impressionists”. It is a comparison that makes sense, though, in that both painters brought intimate domestic scenes into the Impressionist canon, as well as painting still life, landscapes and scenes of public life as was more common among their colleagues. Morisot studied with several painters, notably Cam...
Tags: Art, Philadelphia, Gallery And Museum Art, Manet, Corot, Berthe Morisot, Barnes Foundation, Mary Cassatt, Camille Corot, Morisot, Eug, Manet Morisot

Top 25 Furniture Designs from 2018

Furniture hasn’t radically changed much in the last decade, leave alone the year. It’s one of those essentials that’s more or less untouched by technology… so furniture design doesn’t “advance”, per se. However, there’s always a new idea, material, aesthetic, or scenario waiting around the corner. From seating designed to make you healthier, to facades that also integrate plants into them, to furniture from repurposed car parts, to probably the very definition of innovation and creativity, Nick ...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Porsche, Baker, Popular, Product Design, Random, Edc, Don, Nick Baker, Ben Young, Arctic Silver, Helen Kontouris, Aalo, Kekkilä, Custom Made American Walnut

Can We Still See Frida Kahlo’s Art Without The Scrim Of Kitsch In Between?

Honestly, everything from Frida Kahlo air fresheners to Frida Kahlo teacups are available. But “would an anticapitalist, whose 1932 painting Self-portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States contrasts indigenous Mexican flowers and artefacts with the smoke-belching chimneys of a Ford factory, be pleased by the commodification of her image?” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Mexico, United States, Ford, Visual, Frida Kahlo, 12.29.18

Norman Gimbel, Oscar-Winning Lyricist Of ‘Girl From Ipanema’ And ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song,’ Has Died At 91

Gimbel was “a Bronx-born songwriter who studied under Frank Loesser, the celebrated composer of Guys and Dolls” and who wrote the themes for Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley.  – The Washington Post
Tags: Art, People, Bronx, Ipanema, Frank Loesser, Laverne, Gimbel, 12.29.18, Norman Gimbel Oscar

Disco Ball Pillows

Kaleidoscopic pillows made out of glass and illuminated by lights look like beautiful disco balls. Disco Ball Pillows – cool plexiglass sculptures created by Colin Roberts. Also check out: Disco Ball Helmet
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Colin Roberts

British Theatre Industry Leaders Make Some 2019 Predictions

Lighting designer Paule Constable sums it all up: “Theatre isn’t entertainment alone – it needs to challenge, to bring together, to reflect. There are so many complex issues to grapple with at the moment: diversity, sustainability, Brexit, pressure on resources, gender, representation. We need art to help us to think – to work out a way forward.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Paule Constable, 12.30.18

Mrinal Sen, Legendary Indian Filmmaker, Has Died At 95

“Along with his contemporaries Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak, Sen was part of a troika of directors from the Eastern Indian state of Bengal that put Indian cinema on the global stage. During a tumultuous time in Bengal politics in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Sen and Ray both made Calcutta trilogies, with Sen choosing to be overtly political.” – Variety
Tags: Art, People, Ray, Sen, Bengal, Calcutta, Satyajit Ray, 12.30.18, Ritwik Ghatak Sen

BlueHost is ultimately one of the best website hos...

BlueHost is ultimately one of the best website hosting provider for any hosting plans you might need. [Author: Blogger]
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Netflix’s New Movie Is Interactive, And That Took A Major Leap In Software

Everyone’s talking about the new Black Mirror movie, Bandersnatch, partly because it’s a choose your own adventure movie – but how does that work, with Netflix? Whew: The network created an entirely new software called Branch Manager. “The final product — which looks like islands of flowcharts that branch out to include series of if-then options — creates an infinite number of variations to the story because of the ‘state tracking’ technology that tracks viewer choices as the experience progres...
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Black Mirror, 12.30.18

Eight Months With A Flip Phone

Why would someone not 90 years old use a flip phone? “Motivating me in those early days, during the brain-shock of the new-old, was a thought experiment of my simple invention: Suppose the Dalai Lama had a smartphone.” – Wired
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.29.18

For People Who Are Type A, Being Mediocre At Piano Is Perfect

Adults who take piano lessons, and who simply can’t be perfect at it, can find something new. “Playing the piano has accomplished what all that yoga and meditation never could. I can quiet my mind and focus entirely on something: not my breath, but the music.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, 12.29.18

The Centuries Old, Heartbreaking, Beautiful Love Story Of Rembrandt And His Wife, Saskia

“Rembrandt was 28 when he married Saskia in 1634; 36 when she died, leaving him with a baby son and a sorrow so destructive he gave up painting in oils for several years. The measure of his loss is apparent, too, in the nature of these images of Saskia and their happiness, made before (and in one case after) her death. Here is the artist’s heart.” – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Rembrandt, Visual, Saskia, 12.30.18

The Re-Rise Of The Antenna

That’s right: Rabbit ears are back, baby. Or, well, people are turning to “over-the-air digital antennas — a one-time investment of as little as $20 — as a way to slash their monthly video subscription costs.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Audience

Is ‘Scientology Did It First’ A Good Defense For Running A Bullying Sex Slave Ring In Hollywood?

Yes, this sounds salacious, but it’s sadly, depressingly real: Smallville actress Allison Mack offered that defense in court. “Mack’s lawyers argued that Mack’s threat to release naked photos and disparaging statements made by cult members against their relatives doesn’t rise to the threat of ‘serious harm’ required to prove someone engaged in forced labor.” – Deadline
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Issues, Mack, Allison Mack, 12.29.18

Why Many Americans Don’t Know Their Grandparents’ First Names

This revelation comes courtesy of the Big Data of, one of the most popular genealogy (and DNA testing) sites. Ancestry and demographers provide a variety of explanations, from immigration and language changes to smaller family sizes meaning there’s no one left to ask. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Ideas, 12.28.18, Big Data of Ancestry

What Happens If You Log Off Social Media And Just Read?

This is going to surprise everyone: When people get off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and more, they get a lot of books read. However! “My only real distractions were hunger and cold. My heat came from a small wood-burning stove, and keeping the tiny house at the right temperature, it turned out, required the same kind of constant low-level attention as my Twitter feed.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Twitter, Words, 12.29.18, Instagram Twitter Facebook Slack

Dame June Whitfield, Star Of BBC Comedies Including ‘Absolutely Fabulous,’ Has Died At 93

Whitfield spent decades being sought out for famous British male comics to play off her superb timing – but then she found her own stardom on TV in Terry and June and then as Edina’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous, which was, and still is thanks to streaming, international comedic gold. – BBC
Tags: Art, Bbc, People, Terry, Edina, Whitfield, Dame June Whitfield, 12.29.18

The Young Mezzo Taking The Opera World By Storm

Anita Rachvelishvili, 34, has impressed conductors, directors, and the opera world in general. Riccardo Muti: “Rachvelishvili was for me a revelation. … She is without doubt the best Verdi mezzo-soprano today on the planet. Without. Doubt.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Verdi, Riccardo Muti, Anita Rachvelishvili, 12.28.18, Rachvelishvili

Hogwarts Fanfiction Is How To Turn College Students Into Screenwriters

One perhaps charmed USC student says, “The things that we’ve learned in this class are so universal, not just in regards to Harry Potter, but to becoming a good writer and understanding storytelling as a whole.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Los Angeles, Harry Potter, Usc

"In the flickering light of the campfire, you can’t do much that requires keen eyesight like sewing or making tools, but you can chat away across the flickering flames."

"This is nicely illustrated by what South African San Bushmen talk about around their campfires. When anthropologist Polly Wiesner listened in on their conversations, she found that daytime conversations typically consisted of boring factual topics and discussions of trading agreements with neighbours, but evening conversations were invariably about social topics or involved storytelling and jokes.... So, if you want to know the secret of a long and happy life... the important thing is to take ...
Tags: Art, Facebook, Law, Relationships, Wikipedia, Poetry, Rome, Conversation, Drinking, John, Financial Times, Roman, Ibsen, Paul Johnson, Jaltcoh, Ann Althouse

How Did Viral Dance Moves Become The New Music Videos? [VIDEO]

Those aren’t really viral dances – they’re witty and very smart social media moves for established performers. To quote a CEO, “Dance sells.” – BBC
Tags: Art, Dance, 12.29.18

Guillotine Watch: weighing the pros and cons of keeping your art collection on your super-yacht

Writing in The Art Newspaper, Andrea Marechal Watson enumerates the up- and down-sides of keeping your millions in art treasures aboard your super-yacht: on the one hand, the full-time crew of up to 50 will certainly ensure that the art is well looked-after and kept in climate controlled stasis; but then there's the problem that international looters like Jho Low have had their collections seized after their complicity in multi-billion-dollar frauds were discovered. Super-yachts with many milli...
Tags: Art, Post, Happy Mutants, News, Basel, Jho Low, Late Stage Capitalism, Guillotine Watch, Arrrrgh, Andrea Marechal Watson

The Books (And Movies, And Music) That 44th President Barack Obama Enjoyed In 2019

No surprise, his favorite book was Becoming, by Michelle Obama. But of course, many of us who enjoy streaming platforms live for his playlists, and this year’s no different. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Barack Obama, Ideas, Michelle Obama, 12.28.18


[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Best of CH 2018: Listen Up

From synthpop to indie, disco-inflected bops and more, our favorite songs of the year Each day, our editorial team listens to new music and shares favorites in the Listen Up section. Be it synth-pop, indie, experimental or beyond, the discoveries are always powerful. This year provided plenty of ammo—from the ferocious to the poetic, political and personal, delicate tunes, bops and more. While some artists represented …
Tags: Music, Design, Experimental, Pop, Indie, St Vincent, Andre 3000, Janelle Monae, Listenup, Frank Ocean, Robyn, Empress Of, Dreampop, Synthpop, Serpentwithfeet, Lonnie Holley

These Two Male Conductors, Fired For Treating Women Badly, Are Back On The Podium, But Why?

Yikes, and yuck. “The rapid return of Mr. Gatti and Mr. Dutoit has led some to ask whether the cult of personality that surrounds maestros in a tradition-bound field has won out, particularly in countries like Italy and Russia where the reaction to #MeToo has been relatively muted.” The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Russia, Italy, Dutoit, Gatti, 12.28.18

Watch Out, Pinterest: Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ Is About To Enter Public Domain

The Prophet, and a lot of other work, is public domain on January 1. Sure, the estates are going to lose money. (But honestly, who cares? This is great for readers.) – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, Prophet, Khalil Gibran, 12.29.18

Netflix Churns Through Its Data To Create And Deliver Movies Like ‘Bird Box’

Truly, the movie isn’t that great. But it’s a great example of how Netflix uses all of that data we give it when we start, stop, walk away, return, and finish (or don’t) movies and TV shows. – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Audience, 12.26.18

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