Art Direction for the North Face Winter Catalog (2018)

Art Direction for the North Face Winter Catalog (2018) AoiroStudioJan 03, 2019 Since it's winter on this part of the world, I thought it would be great to share the 2018 North Face Winter Catalog, art direction by Hybrid Studio. A creative studio based in San Francisco, CA, USA, they have been lucky enough to work with a brand like North Face but also with The North Face Athletes: Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Savannah Cummins, Alex Honnold, Anna Pfaff and Cedar ...
Tags: Design, North Face, Antarctic, Cedar Wright, San Francisco CA USA, Brett Newman

10 Best Earphones for Music Lovers in 2019

The right earphones can make all of your music sound its absolute best and with the advancements in technology, they can do so much more. But choosing the best headphones for your needs can be a bit challenging with all the options out there, in all different price ranges. So we’ve taken a closer look at what you should look for when searching out the best earphones in 2019 and also provide you with what our top choices are, so you can have a better idea when you go shopping. We look at the best...
Tags: Apple, Music, Design, Miscellaneous, Earphones, Sennheiser, Jabra, Focal Sphear, Focal, Optoma, Apple Wireless AirPods Apple, Triple Driver Headphones, Sport4, Elite 65t True Wireless

A Simple Exercise can Make 2019 the Best Year Yet

As the holidays wind down, leaders across the world are heading back to the office with wide eyes and excitement for what 2019 will hold. Armed with resolutions and goals, these leaders walk into their offices ready to tackle the world head on. However, something happens when they walk in the building – the stress of old deadlines, unfinished projects, and missed quotas is waiting. Before they know it, those new goals begin to fade and the wheels of the old start turning again. If you’ve ever fe...
Tags: Design, Leadership, Goals, Uncategorized, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Photographer's secret weapon: how to make your pics standout

When you see the work of great photographers, you possibly wonder how do they manage to do it. What magic is enabling them to create these masterpieces? You might think that success lies in having the right gear, professional models, enough money to travel around the world, and of course talent. But the truth is that behind every great photographer is a huge amount of passion, hundreds of hours of practice, and some simple secrets. So obviously, it's not about expensive gear (some photographer...
Tags: Art, Photography, Design, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson, Henri Cartier Bresson, LUMINAR, CHANNEL-DIGITAL-ART, OTHER-DIGITAL-ART

Artist Ai Wei Wei On The Need To Strengthen Human Rights

“If we truly believe in values that we can all identify with and aspire to – a recognition of truth, an understanding of science, an appreciation of the self, a respect for life and a faith in society – then we need to eliminate obstacles to understanding, uphold the fundamental definition of humanity, affirm the shared value of human lives and other lives, and acknowledge the symbiotic interdependency of human beings and the environment.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues, Ai Wei Wei, SJ, 01.02.19

A wallet that’s perfectly shaped for your pocket

The Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries comes in a shape that’s all too familiar. Designed to fit perfectly into your front pocket, the wallet models itself on the shape of the front pocket, to make storage easier. Crafted in a bifold style, the Front Pocket Wallet works like any traditional wallet would. It stores full banknotes, has space for 6 payment/membership cards and one identity card, has a stash pocket for bills and receipts, and even features all-round RFID-blocking.Crafted from f...
Tags: Deals, Design, Wallet, Wallets, Popular, Product Design, Edc, EveryDayCarry, Front Pocket, Rogue Industries

Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudioJan 03, 2019 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, branding, ...
Tags: Design

Peek inside the tallest cross-laminated timber building in the US

Portland, one of the leading cities for sustainability initiatives in the U.S., is now home to the nation’s tallest mass timber and cross-laminated timber (CLT) building. Designed by local design studio PATH Architecture, Carbon12 soars to a height of 85 feet and comprises eight stories of mixed-use programming along with 14 residential units. Resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters, the building is also said to surpass the carbon sequestration attributes of LEED Platinum-certified...
Tags: Design, US, Architecture, Gallery, Portland, Portland Oregon, Carousel Showcase, Mixed-use, Cross Laminated Timber, Softwood, North Portland, CLT, Carbon Sequestration, Renewable Materials, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, CLT architecture

What Emojis Are Teaching Really Young Kids About Language

Kids still get picture books read to them. But now that we all communicate in writing so much more often, kids also read text messages. For a kid to get a text message written directly for them, and read directly to them, which they can reply to in some fashion, it teaches them something powerful about the written word—that it can be used to connect with people you care about. – Wired
Tags: Art, Uncategorized, 01.01.19

Does “Catcher In The Rye” Still Resonate All These Years Later?

“The Catcher in the Rye” was not originally marketed as a book for teens, but they responded to it as their anthem: More than 65 million copies have been sold. I suspect, though, that the novel wouldn’t be such a phenomenon if it debuted today. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Words, 12.30.18

19-Year-Old Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason On His Life-Changing Year

He rocketed to fame after performing at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding. “If his star was already in the ascendant before 2018, becoming the first black instrumentalist to win the BBC’s Young Musician of the Year in 2016, it has entered another stratosphere. “- The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Bbc, Sussex, SJM, Sheku Kanneh Mason, 01.02.18

Where to find street art in Kiev

Kiev’s fame as an Eastern European cultural hotspot has increased dramatically since 2014 when a number of large murals began appearing on the facades of old Soviet buildings. Today, Ukraine‘s capital city hosts over 150 pieces of public art produced by local and international artists, often hidden in lesser-known parts of the city. The bold, massive paintings in the neighborhoods east and west of the Dnieper are reshaping the city’s identity. Kiev, a millennia-old metropolis with a long his...
Tags: Travel, Art, London, Ukraine, Street Art, Kiev, Golden Gate, Corbin, Seth Globepainter, Podil, St Andrews Church, Nunca, Vhils, Fintan Magee, Alexandre Farto, Saint Sophia Cathedral

Is Netflix’s Streaming Dominance Coming To An End?

“Netflix is facing increased competition from some of its previous content suppliers,” said Richard Broughton, an analyst at Ampere Analysis. “Despite its major focus on original content the company is still hugely reliant on licensed content for subscribers and that carries risks.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Ampere Analysis, Richard Broughton, 01.01.19

How do we get people to care about climate and energy?

We can't. We have to paint a bigger picture. And we can learn from what the Well people are doing.
Tags: Design, News

How Americans’ Attitudes About Life Have Changed (As Chronicled By 80 Years Of Polling)

“We looked in those archives to find a range of questions, dating as far back as 1938, that explored how earlier generations felt about everything from fashion to faith in Congress to fear of technological change. Then, in conjunction with YouGov, we asked 1,000 Americans today to respond to those same queries. – Huffington Post
Tags: Art, Congress, Yougov, Issues, 12.31.18

Paper Octopus

Beautiful 3D cutout of a giant octopus made from a single piece of paper. Paper Octopus created in two month by Japanese artist Masayo Fukuda. Also check out: Octopus Chai
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Masayo Fukuda

A simple attachment turns your razor into a stubble-trimmer

People who want a clean shave need use a razor. People who want a stubble need to use an electric trimmer. Between those 1.5 millimeters of hair, you transition from a relatively inexpensive, handy product that does one job and does it well, to a clunky, battery-powered, electric trimming device that needs charging, and doesn’t come cheap. An electric trimmer doesn’t give you a clean shave, and a hand razor doesn’t let you maintain a stubble. Sounds incredibly counter-productive, right?The ide...
Tags: Design, Shaving, Razor, Beard, Bathroom, Product Design, Trimmer, Gifts For Men, Blake Squires, Stubble, Stubl

Critic’s Notebook: Pittsburgh Report: Five Places for Healing Through Art

A vibrant visual arts community offers museums and alternative spaces in which to commune and ponder how to move forward.
Tags: Art, News, PA, Museum, Museums, Warhol, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Andy, El, Carnegie Museum of Art, Blas, Anatsui, Pittsburgh (Pa, Shooting (2018, Zach (1981-

Reader Submitted: This Partially 3D Printed Leg Sleeve Ensures Safe (And Less Painful) Landings for Athletes

A customizable and comfortable garment athletes can wear to ensure a safe landing. By using 3D printing technology, the Safe Landing Garment SLG garment will ensure that users with different needs perform with good landing mechanisms. View the full project here
Tags: Design, Reader Projects

2018 Best of "Hell in a Handbasket" and "Yea or Nay" Design Debates

As longtime Core77 readers know, our "Hell in a Handbasket" and "Yea or Nay" installments are really sibling sections. An HIAH post is triggered when some design "innovation" blatantly reveals something terrible about our society, whereas the YON posts are where I can't decide whether it's dumb design or something people will actually find useful. And getting to read thoughtful Core77 reader feedback on the YON posts in particular is one of the pleasures of writing for this site. More often than...
Tags: Design, Object Culture, National Library of Medicine, Yea

Design Job: Johnson & Johnson is Seeking a User-Centered Assistant Industrial Designer in Cincinnati

The Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices (JJMDC) Industrial Design and Human Factors (IDHF) organization is seeking an exceptionally talented, multi-faceted, user-centered Assistant Industrial Designer who is passionate about improving the quality of people's lives through compelling design experiences. This position is based in Cincinnati, OH. JJMDC is View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, Johnson, Cincinnati

Notable Furniture Design Innovations (Both Good and Bad!) from 2018

The established furniture forms have been around for centuries, but that never stops designers from messing about with them. Some innovations are useful, others are gimmicks intended to boost soft sales, others are experiments from artistic types, still others aren't innovations at all, but feature elements brought back from the past. Here's a list of what jumped out at us from the past twelve months, and we'll leave it to you to tell us what was good and what was…un-good. These Super-Beds from ...
Tags: Design, Ikea, Furniture Design, Tom Dixon, Craig Thibodeau

The weight of being erased

Identity is the hottest topic in American theater these days, just as immigration is the hottest topic in American politics. But Heather Raffo’s Noura, a drama about a family of Iraqi Catholics who have fled to America, is nothing like the issue-driven, stridently politicized plays about these subjects with which our stages are currently clogged. — Terry Teachout
Tags: Art, America, Ajblogs, Heather Raffo, Noura, 01.02.19

Exploring the Four Stories

For over a year now, I’ve been stewing on and adapting the independent work of E.F. Schumacher and Ken Wilber (citations below), both of whom explore and explain what a “whole” view of ourselves and our world might look like. As I’ve unfolded it (literally) for a few groups and close colleagues, it now seems useful to unfold it for all of you for your reactions. — Andrew Taylor
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Schumacher, Ken Wilber, 01.02.19

There’s No Free Will? You Can’t Possibly Believe That

Philosopher Tim Sommers makes the case that, “in general, it’s very hard to not involve yourself in some kind of ‘performative contradiction’ – where what you do contradicts what you say – when you try to disavow free will.” — 3 Quarks Daily
Tags: Art, Ideas, Tim Sommers, 12.31.18

Helado Negro: Pais Nublado

Off his forthcoming album, This Is How You Smile, Helado Negro, aka Roberto Carlos Lange, releases “Pais Nublado,” a folky, surreal tune that’s sung in Spanish and English. The song’s title translates to “Cloudy Country” and evokes a similar vibe. It’s in the same vein as Lange’s previous single, “Please Won’t Please,” and hints at what’s likely to come on his second album on label RVNG Intl.
Tags: Design, Culture, English, Folk, Spanish, Lange, Listenup, RVNG Intl, Roberto Carlos Lange, Helado Negro, Pais Nublado

RA Summer Exhibition 2019: Call for 12,000 entries

Digital entries for the 2019 Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts can start being submitted online from tomorrow - 3rd January 2018. This post is about how to enter the world's largest... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Royal Academy of Arts, Making A Mark

Stedelijk Musuem Appoints New Board Members

The Municipality of Amsterdam has appointed four new supervisors to the board of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, including Carla Aalse, Henriëtte Prast, Maarten Doorman, and Homme ten Have. “In the best interests of the museum, it is time to bring the recent turmoil to an end and start afresh,” interim board chair Madeleine de Cock Buning […]
Tags: Art, News, Amsterdam, Art News, Minipost, Stedelijk Museum, Carla Aalse Henriëtte Prast Maarten Doorman

Eco-friendly guesthouse in Brazil sports a green roof and rammed earth walls

In continuation of its work on the eco-conscious Camburi community center, Sao Paulo-based architecture firm CRU! architects recently completed the Guesthouse Paraty, a sustainable social building project that provided construction jobs and training to the local community. To minimize the environmental impact of the building, the architects used natural materials sourced locally, from red earth excavated on site to the tree trunks and bamboo cut from the surrounding forest. The guesthouse was a...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Brazil, Bamboo, Sao Paulo, Carousel Showcase, Green Architecture, Rammed Earth, Paraty, Locally Sourced Materials, Cru, Black Earth, Granite, Green Wall, Cross-ventilation

Back To The Future? American News Media’s Post-Ad Model

“As the news business shifts back from advertisers to patrons and readers (that is to say, subscribers), journalism might escape that “view from nowhere” purgatory and speak straightforwardly about the world in a way that might have seemed presumptuous in a mid-century newspaper. Journalism could be more political again, but also more engaging again.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Media, 12.31.18, American News Media

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