Nine Nifty Products You Can Make With Colored Plywood

The USA Catalog Expands With Blue, Coral Pink And Plum Colored Plywood Traditionally, when laser cutting wood, the only color options were the natural tones associated with each wood variety. If you wanted something else, hand finishing was required—until now. With the introduction of blue, coral pink and plum colored plywood to the USA materials catalog lineup, there’s a whole new world of product possibilities that you can either sell for profit or use to build your brand. The post Nine Nifty ...
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Twitter Mulls Redesign That Looks a Heck of a Lot Like Facebook, Just With More Neo-Nazis

Twitter will be rolling out beta updates including “conversational”-style speech bubbles and indented/color-coded replies based on whether you follow another user in the coming weeks, the Verge reported on Wednesday. Other features under consideration, but which will not be available in the forthcoming beta, include…Read more...
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Small Moments of Wonder – The Gleaming Work of Designer Sabine Marcelis

Light according to acclaimed artist James Turrell is a powerful substance which we all have a primal connection to. For Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis it is also her materia prima whose properties she poetically manipulates through the inventive use of neon lamps, reflective surfaces and coloured translucencies.
Tags: Art, Rotterdam, James Turrell, Sabine Marcelis

The LUCI Immers wants to be the first style-conscious VR headset

My strongest visual memory of VR headsets is this image of Mark Zucerkberg walking past an entire audience wearing VR headsets. There’s a lot to discuss about this picture. Especially the element of dystopia, where masses have these large cuboids strapped to their faces, completely absorbed in their virtual world, oblivious to their surroundings. This feeling is brought about by the VR headsets, which are enormous, and truth be told, ugly.VR’s always had this bad rap, thanks to their hulking des...
Tags: Design, Ces, Accessibility, Vr, Headset, Product Design, Luci, AR / VR, Immers, LUCI Immers, Mark Zucerkberg

Designers Experience: 10 Recommendations

Nowadays, graphic design is constantly changing and evolving. There are always new trends to follow, new skills to acquire and new tools to master. But, there are also some ground rules, some good old things which don't go out of fashion and that are the basics of great design. Here are some of them from experienced designers that will help you enhance your projects.   Use a Color Pop Up Technique With so much various content available, grabbing the viewer's attention hasn't been easy. To mak...
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Crushin’ On Copper

New Brushed Copper On Black Acrylic Makes Its Debut In NZ Catalog From red carpets and magazine spreads to home interiors and oh-so-likeable Instagram posts, copper has been the it color for the last several seasons. You’ll see it being integrated into wedding decorations, signage at boutique hotels and trendy bars and restaurants, jewelry being sold on Etsy—and much, much more. Now you can bring the copper trend to your latest laser cutter projects with the debut of brushed copper on black a...
Tags: Design, Instagram, Etsy, Nz, Crushin, Laser Cutting Materials, Product & Design Ideas, New Brushed Copper On Black Acrylic

Artists Rep seeks Company Manager

Artists Repertory Theatre is looking for an administrative generalist who has abilities and interest in all aspects of the management of a theatre. POSITION SUMMARYArtists Repertory Theatre is looking for an administrative generalist who has abilities and interest in all aspects of the management of a theatre. The GM Assistant plays a vital role in program support and execution. This individual will support Artists Rep’s finance operations, company management, and casting.  Essenti...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Ap, Portland, Gm, Intuit, League of Resident Theatres LORT, Equity USAA SDC

After the Quake, Dana Schutz Gets Back to Work

Still reckoning with the fallout from her Emmett Till painting, the chastened artist reveals how the controversy has changed her — even as she moves forward with a new gallery show.
Tags: Art, News, Museums, Sculpture, Ny, Petzel Gallery, Dana, Schutz, Dana Schutz, Chelsea (Manhattan, Whitney Biennial

The Virtuoso Of Light Who Paints It On Dance

Brandon Stirling Bake: “In the same way that a painter may use a brush to create phrases and mix color, I’m doing that with light. And lighting also has rhythm and pace. My friends back home will say, ‘Why did you give up music?’ But I never gave up music. I just use a different instrument now.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Dance, 01.09.19, Brandon Stirling Bake

Faux fur or real fur, which one is better for the planet?

Remember the days when anti-fur advocates would sling red paint onto the fur-clad fashion lovers dressed in mink? The fur debate has come a long way since then, with many key players in the fashion world now becoming some of the biggest voices in the anti-fur movement. But, instead of ditching fur altogether, some brands have switched to lavish faux fur options, and that has pivoted the discussion. Instead of focusing on ethics and animal welfare, the spotlight is now shining on its environment...
Tags: Design, London, MOU, Kaplan, Keith Kaplan, Fur Information Council of America Right, Shelley Tichborne, Tichborne

An old post office is reborn as a bright and breezy beach house

A former post office has been revived as a bright and breezy beach house in Breamlea, Australia. Designed by St. Kilda-based design firm OOF! Architecture, the modern makeover—dubbed the Green Shutter House—was created for clients who had already adapted the post office into a home but were frustrated with the building’s lack of connection with the outdoors. The renovation process opened the front of the house up to waterfront views while introducing more natural light and ventilation to the in...
Tags: Design, Australia, Post Office, Architecture, Gallery, Copenhagen, Beach, Wetlands, St Kilda, Carousel Showcase, Recycled Materials, Salvaged Materials, Green Renovation, Shutter, Plywood, Adaptive Reuse

Ave Maria by Maurizio Cattelan

In Rotterdam I saw an exhibition about real life like figures in Kunsthal Rotterdam. Three wax arms protruding from the wall. The post Ave Maria by Maurizio Cattelan appeared first on Happy Hotelier.
Tags: Photos, Art, Hotels, Museum, Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ave Maria, Maurizio Cattelan, Photo of the Day, Kunsthal Rotterdam

Does Documentary Theatre Add To Understanding?

A theatre researcher thinks not: “On the surface, theatres of the real offer authenticity and certainty in their attachment to reality. But watching one of these plays does not produce a secure experience of truth. The closest we can get to an objective reality is the feeling of real, replacing fact with feeling.” – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Theatre, 01.03.19

Inside The Burgeoning Seduction Industry

Commonly known as ‘pickup’ or ‘game’, the seduction industry first took shape in the United States in the early 2000s. What began as a few online forums and meetup groups soon gave rise to commercial products and services. Some of those with a personal interest in seduction began to style themselves as professionals, offering practical training and personal development for heterosexual men who wanted greater choice and control in their intimate lives. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, United States, 01.04.19

BMW Designworks Partners With The North Face on a Super-Light Camper

To highlight The North Face’s new Futurelight material, produced by a “nanospinning technology” that allows for air-permeability, the brand debuted a super-light camper co-designed with BMW Designworks. More than futuristic looking, the waterproof, light and breathable Futurelight fabric stretches across a geodesic-dome frame on a function, mobile platform. It’s just the start for Futurelight, which is bound to shake things up in many industries—including apparel and …
Tags: Design, Camping, Ces, Bmw, The North Face, Campers, BMW Designworks, CES 2019, Futurelight

Create Clarity Across Communicators Using These 3 Tools

In recent blogs, we’ve discussed the importance of clarity, because at Ethos3, we know that clarity is the cornerstone of great communication. If you’re not communicating clearly, your audience will not understand clearly, and your message will quickly turn into a muddied story of confusion. While gaining clarity in your personal presentations is crucial, what happens when your message is being delivered by someone else is just as – and maybe even more – important. Our team designs many presenta...
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Bell has begun building Uber’s Air Taxis

The Nexus is a 6-propeller, 4-seater eVTOL from Bell. Showcased in part last year at CES, the company has now built the entire vehicle to scale, much to the delight of its viewers. Bell hopes to have the Nexus ready for flight by the mid-2020s, which means we aren’t far from Uber’s air-taxi takeover.The Nexus comes with a hybrid-electric propulsion system that allows it to travel further than a full-electric eVTOL. It seats 4 passengers and a driver, and coming from a company that practically ...
Tags: Travel, Transportation, Uber, Design, Ces, Automotive, Nexus, Bell, Air Taxi, Air Taxis, Ces2019, Bell Showcased

As “The Millions” Is Sold, An Elegy For The Demise Of Book Blogger Culture

While other outlets butted heads over the right to be contemptuous and the still-thriving Gawker published a polemic against smarmy positivity, the Millions sidestepped the debate entirely. The sincerity of the site was singular, and refreshing — although some people remained skeptical. – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Words, Gawker, 01.09.19

The Mindfulness Industrial Complex Comes To The Museum

“At its best, the mindful museum might awaken in us a dim memory of a more collective way of being. As Cage wrote, not every contemplative act needs to improve creation—but together we can do better with the creation we’ve inherited. The new temple, though, asks only that we publicly perform our wellness, that we be productive even in our moments of rest.” – The Baffler
Tags: Art, Cage, Visual, 01.04.19

Origami Paper Cranes

Miniature origami sculptures of beautiful long-necked birds made out of paper. Origami Paper Cranes folded by talented paper artist Cristian Marianciuc. Also check out: Paper Octopus
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Cristian Marianciuc

Snhetta designs healing forest cabins for patients at Norways largest hospitals

Patients at two of Norway’s largest hospitals can now find respite in Snøhetta’s newly unveiled Outdoor Care Retreats. Designed for the Friluftssykehuset Foundation, the forest retreats offer a calm getaway where patients and their loved ones can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of nature. One of the retreats is located about 100 meters from the entrance of Norway’s largest hospital, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, while its sister building is set near a woodland pond by Sørland...
Tags: Design, Hospital, Harvard, Architecture, Gallery, Norway, Cabins, Oslo, Cabin, Carousel Showcase, Timber, OAK, Snohetta, Snøhetta, Ivar Kvaal, Patina

Cities Of War (An Urban Plan)

“Urbicide is the targeted destruction of cities as a tactic of war. The violence chronicled here is not aerial annihilation—hospitals and homes reduced to rubble—but the “gradual construction of buildings and infrastructure” in ways that collapse boundaries between war and peace, militarizing everyday life.  – Public Books
Tags: Art, Ideas, 01.08.19

Show Us Your Wall: In Seattle, Creating Community by Collecting Art and Artists

Shaun Kardinal has a budget and a home filled with original works. For him, reaching out to artists and keeping his ears open have led to deals.
Tags: Art, News, Social Media, Seattle, Shaun, Collectors and Collections, Seattle (Wash, Kardinal, Shaun Kardinal

Kehinde Wiley Interviewed in The Guardian

Kehinde Wiley is profiled in The Guardian this week, as he reflects on his recent work and the impact of his creative project. “The great heroic, often white, male hero dominates the picture plane and becomes larger than life, historic and significant,” he says. “That great historic storytelling of myth-making or propaganda is something we inherit as artists. […]
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Met Achieves Record Attendance Figures for 2018

The Met achieved record attendance last year, up 5% to 7.36 million visitors, despite challenges the museum faced over its new admission policy.  “Surprisingly, when we made this change, New Yorkers recognized that the Met needed to shore up its revenues to stay healthy, and they increased the amount of money they contribute on each visit,” […]
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Is It Possible To Teach Creative Writing With Value-Neutral Language?

Helen Betya Rubinstein: “I am convinced that we can teach creative writing without the language of failure or success, criticism or praise. … Even praise, like any other drug, will eventually poison art. Like criticism, it makes us forget what art is for.” — Literary Hub
Tags: Art, Words, 01.07.19, Helen Betya Rubinstein

Recent Listening: Dave McKenna In Madison

Dave McKenna In Madison (Arbors)McKenna (1930-2008) breathes life into this album, recorded in the early 1990s at Farley’s House of Pianos in Madison, Wisconsin and only recently released. — Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Madison, Ajblogs, Farley, Madison Wisconsin, Dave McKenna, House of Pianos, 01.09.19, Madison Arbors McKenna

The Shed to Open April 5th

New York’s anticipated exhibition and performance space The Shed finally has an opening date: April 5th. “We wanted this to be a building that could bring parity across pretty much all art forms,” says Alex Poots, the Shed’s artistic director and chief executive. Read more at NYT
Tags: Art, New York, News, Art News, Minipost, Alex Poots

Anton Shagalov Sues New York’s Paul Kasmin Over Frank Stella Painting

The art dealer Anatole Shagalov is suing New York’s Paul Kasmin Gallery for $8.5 million in damages over the sale of Frank Stella’s La Scienza della Fiacca, of which Shagalov alleges the gallery claimed partial ownership. “The lawsuit will allege that when Paul Kasmin Gallery falsely claimed to own an interest in Shagalov’s painting, it knowingly defamed Shagalov, […]
Tags: Art, New York, News, Art News, Minipost, Frank Stella, Paul Kasmin Gallery, Anatole Shagalov, Shagalov, Anton Shagalov Sues, Paul Kasmin Over Frank Stella Painting, New York 's Paul Kasmin Gallery

Mary Boone’s Lawyers Cite Trauma in Bid to Avoid Prison

Lawyers for dealer Mary Boone, the veteran art dealer facing potential prison time for tax evasion have asked that the judge grant leniency based on her traumatic childhood. “Behind the facade of success and strength lies a fragile and, at times, broken individual,” the lawyers wrote in the filing. Read more at NYT  
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