Modern Vernacular: The Austere Elegance of a Country House Outside Verona

Located in Chievo on the outskirts of Verona, near the Adige River, this elegant country house occupies a converted stone barn that has been thoroughly renovated by Milan-based architecture practice Studio Wok.
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Lashonda  Oil on wood, 8" x 6,"  $255. Happy New Year! It's great to be painting again after the long break. I'm back on my preferred schedule (Plan several, paint several, blog 'em all at one time as opposed to plan/paint/blogging one at a time.) and hope to maintain that this year. I look forward to sharing the first few with you this week.  Today, "Lashonda" who waits for adoption at the Cleveland APL!  [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Mahershala Ali On His Long Rise To Fame – And Being A Muslim In America Right Now

Ali, who won an Oscar for his work in the 2017 movie Moonlight and just won a Golden Globe for Green Book, had been tooling around as “the black guy” in movies for years. Then the script for Moonlight came up. Did he want to play a drug dealer? Turned out he did. – The Guardian (UK)
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How Can Artistic Leaders Focus On Culture, Not Just Their Institutions?

Not to be melodramatic, but, well, “This is a moment where we can either save the world or we don’t.” – HowlRound
Tags: Art, Theatre, Audience, 01.13.19

Retro Futuristic Home Phone

Beautiful phone concept inspired by the look of classic rotary dial telephones. Dreyfuss retro futuristic phone concept designed by Uji Terkuma features touchscreen interface that looks like iconic telephone dials and buttons. Also check out: Rotary Phone Sheep
Tags: Design, Tech, Dreyfuss, Uji Terkuma


Another in the series, 7 x 10 Rough... The pileated woodpecker comes to our suet feeders once or twice a year, but never stays.  He's just passing through.  This woodpecker is the model for the Woody the Woodpecker cartoons - you can see why with that red topknot! [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter, Woody

An Ugly New York Society Divorce Has A Lot Of Warhols At Its Center

Sure, the Mugrabi divorce is tawdry and full of allegations of sexual impropriety, drugs, and a lot more, but “more than a tabloid story, the divorce also threatens to expose the private dealings of one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the art world.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Mugrabi, 01.12.19, New York Society Divorce Has A Lot Of Warhols

A Classic Theatre Story, Missing Some Grit

Can you tell the story of Harlem’s Apollo Theater without being a booster? Nope, at least not in graphic novel form. “The remarkable institution is a microcosm of the world of black popular culture in all its highs and lows, achievements and setbacks — not to mention sustaining myths and necessary lies.” – NPR
Tags: Art, Music, Harlem, Apollo Theater, 01.13.19

Alfred Glancy III, A Detroit Businessman Who Helped Save The DSO, Has Died At 80

Glancy “was perhaps the best example in his time of a Detroit business leader who took on important civic roles.” His leadership helped bring the orchestra back from an underfunded brink in the early 1990s. – Detroit Free Press
Tags: Art, People, Detroit, DSO, Glancy, 01.11.19, Alfred Glancy

Quit Using ‘Relatable’ As A Criterion To Judge (Women’s) Writing

“The point of this is—women own the things that happen to them, even if these things happened between them and much more powerful or well-known men. Writing about these things does not make women narcissists.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 01.10.19

Propwatch: the dagger in The Double Dealer

When a young comedy writing “springily reinvents the rules,” daggers may follow. – David Jays
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 01.13.19

The Warhol Foundation Ends Its Smithsonian Ban

The ban started in 2010, when the National Gallery removed (aka censored) a video by artist David Wojnarowicz because of conservative political pressure. Every year since then the Foundation has reviewed its decision. “We thought that a period of time has to go by before you know whether someone has really changed,” says the Foundation president. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, National Gallery, Visual, Foundation, David Wojnarowicz, Warhol Foundation, 01.11.19

Abstract Dejection

What happens when a critic decides an exhibition will be good before she goes to see it? – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 01.12.19

Why In The World Would Anyone In Hollywood Hire John Lasseter Again?

Is it that other Hollywood guys simply don’t give a damn what kind of damage the former head of Pixar did with years of harassment? Uh, basically. “With Lasseter’s return, Hollywood can finally get back to the business of celebrating all those geniuses who just happen to be male because so many of the women have left the room to avoid being groped and/or ejaculated in front of.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Pixar, John Lasseter, Issues, Lasseter, 01.11.19

Training A New Generation Of Arts Critics To Engage With Issues

The Seattle program empowers teens to thoughtfully engage in the arts and performance scene. Teens apply to be a part of the five-week PCI program on As a group, the kids attend shows, write reviews, and meet with local professional arts critics for workshops on the critic’s prospective arts discipline. After edits and discussions, the teens’ work is published on the TeenTix blog. The program was recently revamped to include a more intentional social-justice lens, with a goal of “...
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Historic Shakespeare Theater In Connecticut Is Destroyed In A Fire

The theatre, built with the help of Lincoln Kirstein and Joseph Vernor Reed, and a stage where many actors, including Katherine Hepburn, had performed, had been vacant for years. – Connecticut Post
Tags: Art, Theatre, Connecticut, Katherine Hepburn, Lincoln Kirstein, 01.13.19, Joseph Vernor Reed

The Brutal Toll Of Ballet

Want to see the reality of what dance does to a (male) body? Check out this story on The Royal Ballet’s top dancer. “Watson said living with injuries is the daily reality of a ballet dancer but the body slowly repairs itself.” – The Telegraph (UK)
Tags: Art, Dance, Royal Ballet, Watson, 01.12.19

An embroidered computer whose circuits are ornate, golden thread

Irene Posch and Ebru Kurbak's Embroidered Computer uses historic gold embroidery materials to create relays ("similar to early computers before the invention of semiconductors") that can do computational work according to simple programs; it's installed at the Angewandte Innovation Lab in Vienna.
Tags: Art, Post, Happy Mutants, News, Austria, Vienna, Textiles, Installations, Electronic Art, Atemporality, Stitchpunk, Irene Posch, Ebru Kurbak

Warming Up A Movie Machine By Going Back To Its More Basic, Early Days

When you let someone who’s not Michael Bay direct a Transformers movie, sometimes you get a rather pleasant surprise – and serious animation artists at work for emotional scenes, as well. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Michael Bay, 01.11.19

After Banksy Paints A Garage Door In A Welsh Port City, Can The Nation Save It?

The guy who owns the garage has been having a hard time keeping the mural secure – and of course, as the mural’s fame spreads on Instagram, it’s getting massive traffic and interest from all over the world. Now, the Welsh government said that “it was taking over the cost of security and looking for a long-term solution.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Banksy, Visual, 01.11.19, Welsh Port City

Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ Get A Rest, And Restoration, Break

On Friday, the Van Gogh Musem “announced the painting has been taken off the wall for research and restoration, months after scientists found the artist’s choice of a light-sensitive yellow paint was causing the flowers’ petals and stems to turn brown.” – The Independent (UK)
Tags: Art, Van Gogh, Visual, 01.11.19, Van Gogh Musem

Checking In On Hamilton In Puerto Rico (With A Certain Creator Back In The Title Role)

Lin-Manuel Miranda kicked off the latest of six tours for his musical Hamilton in Puerto Rico, where he once again played the role that, so far, has brought him the most fame. But how does the song “Hurricane” play on an island still traumatized by 2017’s devastation? – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Hamilton, Puerto Rico, Lin Manuel Miranda, 01.12.19

Going Inside The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstore

The bookstore in Argentina, which opened in a building modeled after the Paris Opera, won the title in 2019 – 18 years after NPR’s Bob Mondello first filed this report. – NPR
Tags: Art, World, Argentina, Npr, Words, Bob Mondello, Paris Opera, 01.12.19

Director of Development

Chrysler Museum of Art, has retained Development Resources inc. to lead its search for a Director of Development, who will provide leadership for a comprehensive and sophisticated fundraising program.
Tags: Art, Jobs, Chrysler Museum of Art, 01.13.19, Development Resources inc

Listen Up

Self-love, alienation, aggression and more in this week's new music Amaal: Not What I Thought Setting a break-up ballad against the bleak, beautiful landscapes of Iceland always seems to yield success. Toronto-based Amaal does so in “Not What I Thought,” to striking result. Director Sean Brown casts intimate close-ups against shots of sheer alienation. A mood is built through the visuals that complements Amaal’s vocal grace. The …
Tags: Design, Toronto, Iceland, Roma, Horns, Listenup, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Nick Waterhouse, Drums, Sean Brown, Listen Up, Cochemea, Amaal, Music Inspired by

The Fine Art Of The iPhone Notes App Celebrity Apology

The list of celebrities who have used iPhone Notes app to apologize in recent months is, well, long. What’s the appeal? False intimacy: “Sometimes statements include grammatical and spelling errors, or profanity, which function (perhaps unwittingly) as rhetorical devices, making the authors seem not only unpretentious but fallibly human. Their notes also frequently employ clichés of spoken apologies: ‘from the bottom of my heart,’ ‘profoundly,’ ‘I wish I knew then what I know now,’ and so on.” –...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 01.12.19

The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts - Episode 1

I watched The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts on Friday night and was quite pleasantly surprised.  On the whole I'd recommend it as worth watching. It was mostly about the reality of making arts... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark, Victorian House of Arts and Crafts Episode, Victorian House of Arts and Crafts

An Artist Worked For 15 Years On A Sculpture That Was Slowly Poisoning Her [VIDEO]

Toronto artist Gillian Genser works with natural materials, including mussel shells. Then she started to exhibit all of the symptoms of severe dementia … or heavy metal poisoning, but she didn’t work with heavy metals. Or did she? – BBC
Tags: Art, Toronto, Visual, Gillian Genser, 01.11.19

Estonia Is Worried About Russian Influence, So It’s Turning – Naturally – To The Arts For Resistance

Yes, it’s about soft power in the European Union’s farthest border to the east – a stone’s throw from Russia. “From a defense perspective, building a happy, prosperous community in our border area is crucial. … But from a human perspective, it’s the decent thing to do anyway.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Russia, European Union, Estonia, Issues, 01.11.19

Dude Instead Of A Lady

I know all of the life drawing class sketches I've been posting are of female models. Occasionally there is a dude modeling at these events. Here you go ladies. [Author: [email protected] (kane)]
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