The Artisans #2 - Stephen Winstanley, Niamh Wimperis and Rod Hughes

It's the second episode of the Victorian House of Arts and Crafts tonight - and further to my last post - The Artisans without a credit on Arts and Crafts House - I'm very pleased to say that since... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Konstantin Grcic and Aeance Designed the Ultimate Industrial Designer Starter Pack

What would a clothing collection based on the principles of good industrial design look like? That's what esteemed industrial designer Konstantin Grcic set out to discover during his collaboration with performance sportswear brand Aeance.  The result? It's sleek. It's minimal. It's tailored. It's functional. It's sophisticated. It's made from mostly recycled textiles. It's almost meme-worthy how spot on Grcic portrays the elevated aesthetic every industrial designer aspires to achieve in orde...
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Color as a Factor in Enhancing Student Learning

Everything is associated with a particular color. For painters, marketing professionals, and designers, it is vital to use various color shades to achieve business success. But very few know that color can affect learning abilities as well. Most educators admit that colorful desks and chairs along with glowing bulletin boards can turn a faded classroom into a bright place that holds students' attention. Colors do more than just animate a surrounding environment. They are so powerful that if use...
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His Art, Their Ideas: Did Robert Indiana Lose Control of His Work?

Private text messages entered as evidence in a legal dispute raise new questions about whether the artist fully designed his final works.
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Dr. Raymond G. Dobard (1947-2019)

Dr. Raymond G. Dobard, quilter, historian, Howard University professor and co-author of the best selling and influential book Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad, has passed. Dr. Dobard was a professor of art at Howard University for 35 years and retired in 2010.  I remember his kindness when I visited his office at the School of Fine Arts there with notes I was gathering for what would become my book, Black Threads. Later we spoke on a panel in DC for a ...
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Nestle ditching plastic straws, water bottles to reduce plastic waste

Nestle, the world’s largest packaged food company, is on a mission to reduce plastic waste. This week, the Swiss group announced they will be dropping plastic straws from their products and will also focus on creating biodegradable water bottles. With environmental groups all over the world advocating for alternatives to single-use plastic, Nestle says these changes are part of a campaign to make all of their packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025.  Beginning next month, the company will begi...
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The Mister Rogers Phenomenon

“When I say it’s you I like, I’m talking about that part of you that knows that life is far more than anything you can ever see, or hear, or touch. That deep part of you, that allows you to stand for those things, without which humankind cannot survive.” – New York Review of Books
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How Performing Arts Centers Are Evolving For The 21st Century

‘We really see that we have a role in creating pathways for creative people who are local and who are in the community to create work, have their ideas and get their work onto a stage – pathways for their work to find its way out into the wider world. And then the other way is pathways into this region, bringing work from the rest of the world to Geelong to keep us excited about what the arts are. That’s one of the ways that we’re starting to think about it for ourselves.’ – ArtsHub
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Is It Problematic To Present All-Male Plays?

White, black, young and old: this is what an inclusive theatre looks like. That is absolutely what theatre should aspire to, but it does not mean that works of art should not tell stories that are rooted in specific communities. – The Stage
Tags: Art, Theatre, SJ, 01.16.19

Generational Change: Regional Theatre Pioneer Emily Mann Leaves McCarter

Mann didn’t just lead Princeton’s $23 million theatre from a respected regional outpost to a Tony-winning incubator of new work and new talent. While there she also built on an already ground-breaking career as a documentary-play creator and feminist director to create signature American works as Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years. Her stamp is on not only generations of theatre artists but creative administrators as well. – American Theatre
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Karen O + Danger Mouse: Woman

In conjunction with news of forthcoming joint album Prima Lux, Karen O and Danger Mouse share a raucous track titled “Woman.” An infectious, drum-driven pulse anchors the tune. Karen O shines, as always, but it’s a delightful blend of both artists—bringing out the best of their sonic evolutions. Prima Lux is set for a 15 March release, via BMG.
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Playwright Ishmael Reed’s Problems With “Hamilton”

It’s a global phenomenon, and people ask me, “Why take on a global phenomenon?” You know what else is a global phenomenon? Gone With the Wind. I think Hamilton is probably the biggest consumer fraud since The Blair Witch Project. – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, Hamilton, Ishmael Reed, 01.15.19

Boogie Fever: The Dance Plagues Of Medieval Europe

A widespread belief of the 15th century held that the bite of a tarantula could only be treated by wild, mad dancing; groups of people would be possessed by a compulsion to dance, and towns would pay musicians to play for the sufferers. (Hence the dance called the tarantella.) “In fact, mass epidemics of dancing have afflicted various parts of Europe since the seventh century, breaking out particularly in times of famine, disease, and political unrest.” — JSTOR Daily
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Trip to Japantown

After visiting the American Bookbinders Museum, we headed over to Japantown. Most Japanese immigrants to the United States arrived via San Francisco. According to Wikipedia, there used to be 43 distinct Japantowns in California, but that number has dwindled down to three. In addition to San Francisco, you can find Japantowns in both San Jose and Los Angeles. When you arrive at the San Francisco Japantown, you’re greeted by a torii gate (Sacred Bird gate) built in 1976. I had seen several torii g...
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Infiniti's Concept Car Was a Big EyesOn Design Awards Winner at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Japanese automakers Infiniti and Lexus raked in four of the five coveted honors in the 13th annual EyesOn Design Awards, while Ford Motor Co. took home Best Production Vehicle for one its 2020 muscle cars. The awards—presented Jan. 15 at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit—involved an all-star panel of global automotive designers from industry, academia and independent design studios, who walked the show to assess this year's crop of stunning concept and production...
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Design Job: Invok Is Seeking Packaging Designers Looking for Their Next Creative Challenge

We are Hiring Invok is looking for package designers with all levels of experience to join our growing team. You must be fluent in the creation of breakthrough visual strategy, brand identity and package design for iconic consumer product brands in categories that include beauty, beverage, food, retail brands, View the full design job here
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Bringing Design to CES: A Look at Audi’s Booth Design

At an event where products take center stage, an excellent booth can steal the show Audi first decided to present at the Consumer Electronics Show eight years ago, and was the first auto manufacturer to do so. This year at the show the entire North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center was dedicated to automotive, with many brands choosing to exhibit there over the flagship …
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Hell in a Handbasket: Louis Vuitton's Exclusive "Glow in the Dark" Bags

The main problem with expensive Louis Vuitton bags is that they don't waste any electricity, contain difficult-to-recycle electronic components nor require charging. Well, the problem has been solved with the announcement of these completely necessary objects: Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 Glow in the Dark Monogram Bag— xmfstudios (@xmfstudios) The bags contain fiber optic lights--but excited and clueless fashionistas are referring to this as a "glow in the dark" bag...
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Volvo Living Seawall - made of tiles designed...

Volvo Living Seawall - made of tiles designed to mimic the root structure of mangrove trees this seawall turns into a viable marine habitat that attract filter-feeding organisms. Fifty have been installed in Sydney Harbour to combat urbanisation and pollution. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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UK Government Invests $20 Million into Areas of Kent, Grimsby, Wakefield, Plymouth and Worcester

The UK Government is investing £20 million into cultural projects in the areas of Grimsby, Wakefield, Plymouth, Worcester and the Thames Estuary area of Kent. “This is an incredible opportunity that will not only help people build careers in the arts and culture locally but also boost wider investment and diversify the creative economy,” says Jeremy Wright, […]
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Ed Fornieles Explores Investment and Share-trading in New Project

Artist Ed Fornieles is embarking on a new project, selling a series of works that ensure collectors a stake in future profits from the artist’s work. “It’s another way of sourcing capital for production and then rewarding that upfront cash with a percentage of the profits,” the artist says. “If you look at the current […]
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Watch a Walt Disney Imagineer Design a Theme Park on the Fly

This was surprisingly fun to watch!Out of all of the subgenres of design you could go into, theme park designer has got to be one of the most unusual. That's the subdivision that architect Jarrett Lantz has gone into, working his way up at the Walt Disney Imagineering Architecture studio as an intern, climbing the ranks to become a full-fledged Senior Concept Designer eight years later.In this video Lantz designs a theme park on the fly using Steam's Planet Coaster. Combining elements of exhibit...
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Guy Develops Clever Way to Unload Huge Concrete Pipes By Himself

Don't try this in front of the OSHA inspector: This anonymous tradesman has developed a that's-so-crazy-it-just-might-work system for getting massive concrete pipes off of a truck by himself. I suspect he's doing it by himself because all of his assistants were killed during the initial attempts. In fact I think he got the tires by stripping their trucks, since they won't be using them anymore.
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As a Luxury Sex Toy Industrial Designer, the Revoked CES Innovation Award Hit Too Close to Home

Ti Chang wearing Crave's Vesper vibrator necklace. Photo: Catalina Kulczar. Ti Chang is the co-founder and VP of Design of Crave, a company that aims to bring luxury and inclusive design to the sex toy industry. This week, we were disappointed—but not surprised—to learn that the noted Consumer Electronics Show (CES) revoked an Innovation Award they'd given to a sex toy startup. We got the same rejection in 2017 when Crave applied to exhibit at the show. Their official stance is that we are con...
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Seeds on the moon started to sprout for the first time but quickly died

China has taken a major step toward long-term space exploration. Earlier this month, the Chinese moon probe Chang’e 4 carried a container with cotton, mustard and potato seeds, yeast and fruit fly eggs to the moon’s far side (facing away from Earth), and early this week, the China National Space Administration said that those seeds started to sprout. Unfortunately, temperatures dropped and killed the plants. According to the BBC, the project was designed by 28 Chinese universities, and the expe...
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The Transformational Aesthetics of DZHUS, an Ethical Brand with a Cutting-Edge View of Fashion

There is a whole new gene pool of designers out there that seem to pay no attention to the laws of cut-and-stitch or even to those of physics, for that matter. Transcending the limits between art and fashion, twisting the rules to create something authentic and, in some sense new, is a challenge that is frequently executed or at least attempted but hardly ever mastered – a quality that has set...
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Boy With Allergy Denied Enrollment In Theatre Program, Igniting Conflict Over Access

The conflict that ensued over how the theater could accommodate Mason Wicks-Lim’s allergy eventually grew into a legal battle that created a rift in the community, highlighting the social struggles that people with food allergies often contend with, even as they fight for equal access. – The New York Times
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MOCA to Close Pacific Design Center Location

MOCA LA is closing its exhibition space at the Pacific Design Center, the LA Times reports. “We are proud of MOCA’s record of achievement at the PDC,” says board Chairwoman Maria Seferian. “We are grateful for our partnership with the PDC and [owner] Charles Cohen and now look forward to consolidating and growing our exhibition activities, including […]
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Hayward Gallery Taps Zoé Whitley as Curator

The Hayward Gallery has tapped Zoé Whitley as its new senior curator. “The mix of world-class and risk-taking programming consistently draws me to the Southbank Centre as a member of the public,” Whitley said in a statement. “I am so excited to now join the team when the organization is innovating interdisciplinary leadership and collaboration.” Read […]
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Alternative Limbs

Modern artificial limbs designed to look like beautiful works of art empower the wearer and inspire positive dialogue about the human body. The Alternative Limb Project founded by Sophie Oliveira Barata creates unique prosthetic arms and legs that become a form of self-expression. Also check out: 3D Printed Leg
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