Excuse Me, Sir. Sir! I Am the Original Tweeter

Excuse me, sir. Sir! If you would put down your newspaper forthwith, and grant me your fullest attention for a situation most dire.Read more...
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Ten products that showcase the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year in full CMF glory!

Named as Pantone color of the year for 2019, Living Coral is an animating and life-affirming coral hue that signifies light-heartedness and positivity. The color is the kind that instantly makes one happy, with its touch of vibrance and warmth, and the minute you add it to a product, it stands out. Companies have, for long, used the coral color to make products look and feel youthful, and to make them add a splash of color to a space. Living Coral’s beauty especially lies in the fact that it goe...
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Tuxi Takes a Look

Tuxi Takes a Look  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  $330. [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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"Message in a Bottle" - When love hurts

By Byrne Harrison Many solo shows have more than a whiff of the psychiatrist's couch about them.  And since much art springs from the struggles of the artists, that can be expected.  The difficult part is walking that line between therapy and performance to create something engaging and entertaining. Michelle Drozdick's solo show, Message in a Bottle, walks that line quite neatly by giving voice to the struggles and victories that Drozdick faced dealing with alcohol addiction, while also cre...
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Lenovo’s smart speaker also doubles as your bedside alarm clock

Imagine your Google Home Mini grew a screen, and displayed the time. That’s what the Lenovo Smart Clock is, and it’s positioned as the perfect smart speaker for your bedside. With a 4-inch IPS touchscreen display alongside the smart speaker, the Smart Clock accepts voice commands, and replies back to you not just with voice, but occasionally with visual data too. Designed to be the smart speaker that wakes you up and gets you ready for the day, the Lenovo Smart Clock is like a dedicated Google-b...
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RIP – Filmmaker Jonas Mekas Has Passed Away at the Age of 96

Jonas Mekas in 1964, via NYT Film-maker Jonas Mekas, a figure who loomed large in the New York cinematic landscape, and an artist widely considered the godfather of underground cinema, has died at the age of 96.  A founder of both the famed Film Culture magazine and the still operating Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan, his energetic […]
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3 Key Elements of an Effective Presentation

Effectiveness is defined as the degree to which you are able to reach a desired outcome. When it comes to presentations, we must become masters of effectiveness, because in the words of Eminem “you only get one shot.” As funny as it may sound to say those words out loud, they really do ring true when it comes to presentations. According to a study completed by Dr. Maureen Murphy at University of North Texas, the ideal length of an effective presentation is just 20 minutes. Susan Weinschenk, auth...
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Pipeline explosion in Mexico kills 91 and counting

Last week, a gasoline pipeline exploded in central Mexico, killing 91 people, with numbers expected to surpass 100. Mexico’s state-owned oil company, Pemex, did not respond properly to the initial leak, which resulted in backlash from citizens towards the newly appointed President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The leak is believed to have been caused by thieves attempting to steal fuel after President Lopez Obrador mandated all pipelines close in an effort to crackdown on criminal activity in la...
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Researchers: Binge-watching Popular Streaming Shows Can Warp Your World View

“Viewers who spend more time consuming commonly binge-watched online original programming are more likely to see others in the world as mean, and less likely to perceive them as altruistic,” write Boston University researchers Sarah Krongard and Mina Tsay-Vogel.
Tags: Art, Media, Boston University, 01.23.19, Sarah Krongard

Green-roofed home is built of waste bricks and wood in Poland

Environmentally friendly with a beautifully textured facade, this brick house built of recycled materials in Poland has been nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2019. Polish architecture firm Biuro Toprojekt designed the dwelling — fittingly named the Red House — that pays homage to the Cistercian landscape and history of Rudy Wielkie, a region in the Upper Silesia known for its brick architecture, with its walls built from hand-sorted ...
Tags: Design, Poland, Red House, Mies van der Rohe, Biuro Toprojekt, Upper Silesia, Rudy Wielkie, Juliusz Sokołowski

How Are You Going To Pay For Things You Want To Use?

Increasingly it comes down to one of three things: Money, data or attention. “Money is the cleanest transaction and usually, but not always, comes with a few strings attached. Data is at the other end of the spectrum, a resource that is harvested with our technical permission but rarely granted by us fully willingly, as the choice is often a trade-off between not sharing data and not getting access to content and services. The weaponisation of consumer data by the likes of Cambridge Analytica ...
Tags: Art, Issues, Cambridge Analytica, 01.21.19

How You Going To Pay For Things You Want To Use?

Increasingly it comes down to one of three things: Money, data or attention. “Money is the cleanest transaction and usually, but not always, comes with a few strings attached. Data is at the other end of the spectrum, a resource that is harvested with our technical permission but rarely granted by us fully willingly, as the choice is often a trade-off between not sharing data and not getting access to content and services. The weaponisation of consumer data by the likes of Cambridge Analytica ...
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Ballet Arizona School Director

The School of Ballet Arizona trains both pre-professional and avocational dancers. Over 250 career-focused ballet students ranging from age, 4 to 18 receive exceptional training from some of the field’s best instructors. Position: School DirectorSupervisor: Artistic DirectorFLSA Status: ExemptClassification: Full-Time Summary: The School Director is responsible for the leadership and management of the School of Ballet Arizona and is accountable to Ballet Arizona’s Artistic Director....
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UK’s Oldest Ballerina (Age 81) Gets A Standing Ovation

When Barbara Peters was awarded her Grade seven last year the Royal Academy of Dance told her she was the oldest ballet dancer in the UK. Peters recently received the top Grade eight award from the Royal Academy of Dance with a pass rate of 73 per cent, with no concession made for her age.
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How To Fight Fake News?

Alan Rusbridger: “My experience is that readers are surprised when journalists can say, “Can you help me? Here’s my article. Is it right? Could it be improved? What’s missing here? What should I write about next?” These are such collaborative and open questions. Rare are the examples where journalists behave like that. But [when they do], readers fall over themselves to get involved, and that leads to trust. I think it leads to better reporting.” – Vox
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Six Significant Virtual Reality Works from Sundance’s New Frontier Line-Up

World premieres, works from the "Godmother of VR," an entry from an Academy Award-winning director and more In its 34th year, the Sundance Film Festival continues to carve paths for its curatorial magnitude. Many of last year’s selections went on to theatrical and streaming success. Four of the five films in the Best Documentary Feature category at this year’s Oscars premiered at Sundance. And last year’s …
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Can Journalism Survive (as Recognizable Journalism)?

Jill Lepore: “There’s no shortage of amazing journalists at work, clear-eyed and courageous, broad-minded and brilliant, and no end of fascinating innovation in matters of form, especially in visual storytelling. Still, journalism, as a field, is as addled as an addict, gaunt, wasted, and twitchy, its pockets as empty as its nights are sleepless. It’s faster than it used to be, so fast. It’s also edgier, and needier, and angrier. It wants and it wants and it wants. But what does it need?” – The...
Tags: Art, Words, Jill Lepore, 01.28.19

Renovated terrace house has see-through stair of the week

This home has been redesigned to feel much more spacious, and connected to its surroundings.
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Tools & Craft #125: Book Recommendations for Those Who Like Making Things

I read a lot and I firmly believe that no matter how indispensable a YouTube video, a blog, or a magazine article can be, the long form of writing - a book - can both entertain and educate the way no other media can. Here is a short list of books that we stock, old and new that I think are worth reading. Now actually I think all the books we stock are worth reading, but I particularly wanted to highlight some personal favorites. I'm including some of the many new books we stock along with som...
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Sweetie and I returned Saturday from Anna Maria Island (two warm, sunny weeks) to a snowstorm.  Not a big snowstorm in our area.  But enough to drop 3 inches of snow and drop the temperature down to 15F degrees - Brrrrrr!!  So snow and ice covered everything for a couple of days.  But I have paintings to share which I did while in AMI.  And I'll get back to my series of 7 x 10 Rough paintings of birds soon.  Until then... This one was done when walking through the Coquina Beach Market. ...
Tags: Art, Florida, Rh Carpenter, Anna Maria Island, Stillman Birn

BuzzFeed Releases Renderings of Trump Tower Moscow

The media is currently having a field day with whether President Trump did or didn't pursue a Moscow real estate deal during the election. Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has claimed that "There were no drafts" of such a project. BuzzFeed News is contesting Giuliani's assertion, and claims they've got renderings of the proposed Trump Tower Moscow. They released them yesterday: "By September 2015, a New York architect had completed plans for a bold glass obelisk 100 stories high, to be topped by a ...
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The Fend Folding Bike Helmet

Anyone who regularly carries a bicycle helmet would like it to be more portable. And as we saw in Six Design Approaches to the Folding Bike Helmet, a multitude of designers have been working on the problem. Now there's a seventh approach, the partially-folding Fend Helmet, which retails for $99: It's got several dozen five-star reviews…on its own website. Have any of you actually tried the Fend, and if so, does it live up to the hype?
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Design Job: Dude, Vans Is Seeking a Footwear Designer in Sunny California

Vans: Be a Part of the Original “It was never about waving the brand like a flag, it was always about the people” – Paul Van Doren Vans is the original action sports footwear company rooted in authenticity and creativity. Founded in 1966, View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, California, Paul Van Doren

Unusual Vintage Auto Design: The 1959 Fiat 600 Multipla Microvan

Something I love: Cars that look as if the designer has never seen a car before. That's praise, not an insult. If your brain wasn't clogged with 10,000 Instagram images of what a car is supposed to look like, what would you draw? Designing something fresh was undoubtedly easier in the 1950s, prior to globalization and the internet. Take a look at this car that could only have come from mid-century Italy, the 1959 Fiat 600 Multipla: You know it's a quirky design whe...
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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Was Asked, ‘Are You An African Writer?’ Here’s Her Answer.

I have no objection at all to being African, in fact it is all I know how to be and so I cannot possibly be anything else. And so my answer to the question “Are you an African Writer?” was no, and not because I am not proudly African. … I said no because I have increasingly been troubled by the subtle and not-so-subtle constraints that the question implies.” — New Statesman
Tags: Art, Words, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 01.09.19

Clothes Storage Chair

Transparent space-saving chair provides storage space for unused clothing. Practical extra storage chair made of clear vinyl. Designed by Zhihao Guo. Also check out: Hidden Storage Table
Tags: Design, Tech, Zhihao Guo

Google Invests Millions In Wikimedia and Gives Access To Machine Learning Tools

“It’s certainly positive that Google is investing more in Wikipedia, one of the most popular and generally trustworthy online resources in the world. But the decision isn’t altruistic: Supporting Wikipedia is also a shrewd business decision that will likely benefit Google for years to come.”  – Wired
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A Swiss-made ‘Apple Watch’ without a screen… or hands.

I’ll be honest with you. The Swiss Alp Watch looks wonderful, but when I get to describing it, it’s a bit of a let-down. It’s worth noting that the watch is tagged as a Concept (although it is available for order for an obscene price of $350,000), and I personally feel it holds a LOT of potential as an Analog-Meets-Electronic concept. We’ll get to that later.The Swiss Alp Watch (or SAW for short) comes from luxury Swiss timepiece brand, H. Moser and Cie, with its highlight being the way it looks...
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Protests Lead to Calls for Removing Sackler Family Name from Harvard Buildings

Following the continued protests against the Sackler Family, a number of politicians and activists are pressuring Harvard to remove the Sackler name from a number of its buildings, including its arts museum. The news comes a day after The Met announced it was reviewing its gift acceptance policies over similar criticism and legal threats. Read more at Artforum
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