Skip Whitcomb

Colorado painter Skip Whitcomb was trained in figure study and illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, but when he turned his attention to painting full time, he found his inspiration in landscape. His paintings revel in the light and textures of the visual world, rendered in both oil and pastel. Shadows and reflections often play a key role in his compositions, as to repeated elements and the contrasts between strong and muted value relationships. I particularly enjoy...
Tags: Art, Colorado, Los Angeles, Gallery And Museum Art, Art Center College of Design, Whitcomb, Skip Whitcomb

Spigen’s Classic C1 case for the iPhone is a delightful tech throwback!

The iMac G3, in its translucent, colorful, flavorful glory is considered to be the starting point of Apple’s aesthetic dominance in the tech industry, and also the product that sealed Jonathan Ive’s reputation as a designer to be reckoned with. Available in thirteen different ‘flavors’, the iMac G3 looked absolutely stunning, offering a candylike color scheme and a translucent housing that let you peer into the ‘mind of the computer’.Spigen’s Classic C1 pays tribute to that glorious phase in App...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Deals, Design, Case, Cellphones, Popular, Classic, iMac, Jonathan Ive, Product Design, Spigen, G3

Two of a Kind, two black sibling kittehs

Two of a Kind  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  $330. Whenever I paint more than one animal at a time, I start seeing (into?) and thinking about their relationship and their personalities. These are siblings and "Two of a Kind," though I'm pretty sure one has a temperamental nature and the other is just as sweet as the day is long. :) Photo reference courtesy of Robyn at Love and Hisses.  [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
Tags: Art, Robyn, Diane Hoeptner

Mojow's Seating Designs with Inflatable Cushions

You can flat-pack most furniture, but you can't flat-pack the cushions. Unless you're French furniture brand Mojow, who uses inflatable materials for the soft bits: Intriguingly, there's a vale on one of the models that's large enough that you can fill the cushions with solid matter as a means of personalization: It would be interesting to have one of these that you filled daily with your own garbage--empty potato chip bags, recei...
Tags: Design, Furniture Design

Feminist Film Mashup with The Mary Sue!

Join us for a playful and engaging mashup of classic film and TV teen dramas and view them through a feminist, pop culture lens – presented by Princess Weekes, Assistant Editor of The Mary Sue! Let’s break the mold of the oh-so-tired female narrative and challenge the ways we have...Read more »
Tags: Art, Calendar, Weekes

DEAD BLOOM Art Exhibition by K-NOR

3RD ETHOS Gallery is thrilled to present DEAD BLOOM || Solo Art Exhibition by K-NOR. Come Join Us for the Opening Reception of DEAD BLOOM, a multimedia presentation of original paintings, short film, and a new book release by NYC’s underground favorite artist! Sponsored by Mikkeller Brewing NYC DEAD BLOOM...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition

Night Sweats

Castellain Gallery is pleased to present Night Sweats by Luis Mejicanos. The exhibition features Mejicanos’ most recent paintings that create a vibrant world influenced by the objects, patterns, and Guatemalan folklore of his childhood. He invites audiences to step into a realm that exists in the twilight hours, where the...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition, Castellain Gallery

Open Call for Solo Show!

Open Call!!! – You will be able to take over The Living Gallery for 3 Days, Feb 18th-20th – Musical Equipment will be provided if you’d like to have live music – We have a projector! – You will have access to Materials For The Arts- one trip to get...Read more »
Tags: Art, Call For Artists, Living Gallery

A Strange Form of Life

A strange form of life kicking through windows, rolling on yards Heading in loved ones, triggering odds A strange one And a hard way to come into a cabin, into the weather, Into a path walking together A hard one A Strange Form of Life Dec 9 – Feb 9...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition

A Sound of Light, appearing around the bend

FiveMyles is proud to present “A Sound Of Light, appearing around the bend”, an exhibition by Barbara Campisi running from February 9 to March 16, 2019. Opening Reception: Saturday, February 9, 6-8pm Gallery Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 1-6pm In this all-encompassing maze-like installation, LEDs form colored lines of light when...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition, Barbara Campisi

Despite Attempts To Improve, YouTube’s Recommendation Engine Is Still A Rabbit Hole

That YouTube can be a petri dish of divisive, conspiratorial, and sometimes hateful content is well-documented. Yet the recommendation systems that surface and promote videos to the platform’s users, the majority of whom report clicking on recommended videos, are frustratingly opaque.  – Buzzfeed
Tags: Art, Media, 01.24.19

6 Steps to Presentation Success

We all know that feeling. You have just been asked to present at the next all staff meeting. Excitement about the opportunity quickly turns to fear as you start wondering Where do I even begin? If you’re anything like me, your process may have started by going to Google and typing in “how to create a presentation for dummies.” That may even be how you landed here. With over a decade of experience, the team at Ethos3 has seen it all when it comes to presentations. It is in that experience that we...
Tags: Google, Design, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Presentation Science, Presentation Design

Six Thoughtful New Cookbooks

Elevate your home chef skills with these diverse guides More than how-to guides, cookbooks tell stories—whether it’s once-lost traditions or modern-day innovations. In these recently published cookbooks, readers can learn secret family recipes, inventive plant-based dishes, clever fermented fare and much more. And, beyond the delicious dishes, each of these creative books tell a unique tale—from a love letter to Detroit, to a thoughtful approach to …
Tags: Food, Cooking, Japan, Design, NYC, Restaurants, Japanese, Detroit, Vegan, Food + Drink, Cookbooks, Noma, Wildair, Home Cooks, Vegan Cuisine

Sustainable pencil stubs Sprout into plants

Have you ever stopped to think about where your pencil came from or what it’s journey will be once it hits the trash? It’s okay if you haven’t, because one company has made it their mission to not only produce eco-friendly pencils that are available in a variety of colors, but also to give new life at the end of the pencil’s functional usability. Sprout World began as an idea from MIT students on the lookout for a more sustainable pencil and has resulted in over 10 million pencil-to-plant prod...
Tags: Design, Minnesota, Vegetables, Sustainability, Mit, Plants, Recycle, Landfill, Herbs, Carbon Footprint, Pencil, Cindy Chinn, Sustainable Pencil, Eco-friendly Pencil, Pencil To Plant, Toyota Disney Marriott

UK Project Aims To Track Kids For First 25 Years Of Their Lives For Impact Of The Arts

The scheme will recruit 100 babies and their families in 2019 and track them for the next 25 years. Another 100 will be recruited in 2020, and so on for at least two more years. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, 01.27.19

Nendo made a minimal, no-nonsense pepper-mill

With no complex rotating parts, tolerances, blades, burr grinders, handles, and assemblies, Nendo’s Pepper Pestle is a minimal, elegant storage unit for dried peppercorns that even doubles as a spice crusher. Designed to work as a mortar and a pestle, the Pepper Pestle comprises a hollow frosted glass bottle (which stores the corns) with finger dimples on either side for an easy grip, and gentle ridges on the bottom that hold and crush the peppercorns against a glass tray that also doubles up as...
Tags: Kitchen, Design, Pepper, Nendo, Dining, Spice, Product Design, Grinder, Valerie Objects, Pepper Mill, Pepper Pestle, Valerie ObjectsImage

Long-Speculated-About Trunk Reveals 5000 Pages Of Verdi Musical Notes

Locked inside the trunk were drafts and sketches for 12 operas written over nearly half a century, from “Luisa Miller” to “Falstaff,” as well as for works like the Requiem and “Four Sacred Pieces.” They have been cataloged and digitized and will be made accessible to scholars.  – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Luisa Miller, 01.25.19

#Rentkindalive – When A Live TV Event Isn’t (Mostly) Live At All

“It feels a bit weird to critique what was almost entirely a recorded dress rehearsal. How do you measure three hours of chaotic visuals and middling audio most of us were never meant to see and hear? Mostly in disappointment, I guess, though this is what Fox gave us.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Theatre, Fox, 01.28.19

NASA Enlisted Artists to Envision the Future

In 1975, NASA began to conceptualize living conditions in space—hiring freelance illustrator Rick Guidice to bring the ideas to life. The resulting works actively shaped the public perception of life off Earth, and do so to this day. Guidice’s illustrations influenced synth-drenched soundscapes, runway shows and popular film—all while being quite literal guides for NASA’s potential population relocation plans (which could house nearly one million people). …
Tags: Art, Space, Design, Future, Nasa, Earth, Illustrations, Linkaboutit, 1970s, Kitsch, Rick Guidice, Guidice

Kickstarter’s Invaluable Presence at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival

From nine films in the official roster to a lodge that welcomes queer filmmakers and more When considering the various ways Kickstarter has changed people’s lives, one doesn’t necessarily think of the Sundance Film Festival first. And yet, not only are there nine Kickstarter-funded films in the 2019 Sundance roster (selected from a record-breaking 14,259 submissions), altogether there have been 123 films propelled from the crowdfunding platform to the prestigious festival …
Tags: Design, Movies, Crowdfunding, Films, Culture, Filmmaking, Kickstarter, Documentaries, Lgbtq, Sundance, Short Films, The Creative Independent, Sundance 2019, Brown Girls Doc Mafia, Liz Cook Mowe

'Iconic Magazine Covers' Positions Magazine Covers As Cultural Artifacts and Historical Touchstones

None With its thick glossy paper and color illustrations, Iconic Magazine Covers: The Inside Stories Told by the People Who Made Them is visually impressive. The content, featuring interviews with the photographers, writers, designers, and editors behind these iconic covers, doesn't disappoint either. The visuals and text combine to make Iconic Magazine Covers a powerful book and a reminder that much like good film and literature, a good magazine cover tells its own story and is impactful ten, ...
Tags: Art, Music, Politics, England, Media, Review, John Lennon, Book Review, Yoko Ono, Annie Leibovitz, Johnson, Santa, Ian Hislop, Beverly Johnson, Lennon, Economist

Elon Musk Proposes Bach To Protect Cars

To prevent vandalism of his expensive cars, Musk announced plans for new theft prevention. “The latest details of the car monitoring system — that sound like a joke, but knowing Musk are possibly real(??) — were introduced on his Twitter page Saturday night. Musk claims the watchful cameras will play Bach’s Toccata and Fugue composition. He also said thieves might hear the metal versions of the classical piece.” – Mashable
Tags: Art, Ideas, Musk, Bach, 01.27.19

Former Sotheby’s Employee Donates Collection of Artist Postcards to British Museum

Former Sotheby’s auctioneer Jeremy Cooper has donated 1,000 artist postcards he has collected over the years to the British Museum.  “The more I looked, the more I discovered that it’s a field of unrecognized historical significance – it just seemed completely neglected,” Cooper says. “These postcards were made by artists as individual expressions, not just the reproduction of […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Cooper, Sotheby, Jeremy Cooper

This playfully unique wireless charger isn’t a pad or a dock

Designed with a toyish charm that totally makes charging much more entertaining as an activity, Mr. Charger isn’t shaped like your usual pad or phone-dock. In fact, it looks like a simple-minded lad sitting on the pier with his legs dangling above the water. Place your phone upside down and Mr. Charger on top, and he simply whiles away his time, while your phone gets charged. You’ll almost not want to lift him up to use your phone, lest Mr. Charger get disturbed.However, if you DO want to go ahe...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Office, Smartphone, Cellphones, Charger, Product Design, Wireless Charger, Dawn by SJ, Ki-Beom Hwang, Mr Charger

Helen Sung And Dana Gioia: A Fine Joint Effort

Helen Sung: Sung With Words (Stricker Street Records) In this poetry and jazz collection Helen Sung further validates her position as one of the most accomplished pianists In the New York jazz community. — Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, New York, Ajblogs, Dana Gioia, Helen Sung, 01.25.19

Why Jay Leno Gets A Screen Credit On “Mary Poppins”

It has to do with a car. – Entertainment Weekly
Tags: Art, Jay Leno, People, Mary Poppins, 01.27.19

Smithsonian to Reopen Tuesday

The Smithsonian Institution is planning on reopening this Tuesday, following the conclusion of the government shutdown.  The closure has affected a number of runtimes for shows either soon to open or close.   Read more at Art News
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Smithsonian Institution

Broken Stone Mirror

Cool mirror crafted out of soft foam looks like it was carved out of solid stone. Limited edition broken stone mirror designed by Snarkitecture and Gufram. Also check out: Stone Architecture
Tags: Design, Tech, Broken Stone Mirror

The Religion Of Economics Is Done

Fareed Zakaria: “Let me be clear: Economics remains a vital discipline, one of the most powerful ways we have to understand the world. But in the heady days of post-Cold War globalization, when the world seemed to be dominated by markets and trade and wealth creation, it became the dominant discipline, the key to understanding modern life. That economics has since slipped from that pedestal is simply a testament to the fact that the world is messy.” – Foreign Policy
Tags: Art, Ideas, Fareed Zakaria, 01.27.19

Renewable electricity could overtake fossil fuels in Britain by next year

A new report from British power analysts EnAppSys is predicting renewable electricity will overtake fossil fuels as the main source of Great Britain’s electricity generation by next year if current trends continue. In their annual market review report for 2018, EnAppSys says that the levels of power generation from coal and gas-fired power stations fell by 6.7 percent, while generation from renewables increased 15.2 percent. If renewables do pass up fossil fuels in Great Britain in 2020, it wil...
Tags: Energy, UK, Design, News, European Union, Gas, Britain, Coal, Wind Power, Electricity, Great Britain, Green Resources, Fossil Fuel, Nuclear Plants, Renewable Electricity, EnAppSys

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