A Charming Bouquet of Juxtapositions: Ester Bruzkus' Berlin Apartment

When the opportunity arose for Berlin-based architect Ester Bruzkus to move from the second to the top floor of her apartment building in Prenzlauerberg, a charming neighborhood of bohemian bonhomie and hipster flair, she jumped at the chance to re-imagine her living space with fresh ideas, not to mention the chance to enjoy panoramic views of Berlin.
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The Bean, Coco Puff and Freesias

The Bean  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  $330. Coco Bean's claim to fame:  Most painted cat in history, possibly the most photographed as well...  Is it any wonder?!  He's outstanding! Painting these freesias reminded me how much I enjoy painting flowers.  Maybe try some more flowers again soon.  [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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YD JOB ALERT: Join the Bose team as a Hardware User Experience Designer!

Arguably one of the most valued companies in its industry, Bose is responsible for producing some of the most high-end consumer audio equipment internationally. Founded by Amar Bose in 1964, Bose is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise-canceling headphones, professional audio systems, and automobile sound systems. The company has also conducted research into suspension technologies for cars and heavy-duty trucks, and even into the subject of cold fusion. Bose is looking to h...
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Parametrically designed ‘Generico Chair’ takes on your weight with half the volume

Designed using generative algorithms, the Generico Chair by Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether fall under the domain of computational or parametric design, i.e., the use of computational algorithms in the design process. The generative design process allows the software to add its expertise by achieving a design that fulfills certain parameters. In this case, the chair retains its strength and also comes with a flexible backrest, but with a volume that’s drastically cut down, and that uses less ...
Tags: Design, Product Design, Seating, Parametric Design, Computational Design, Voronoi, Generative Design, Generico Chair, Marco Hemmerling, Ulrich Nether

How to Read and Respond to Your Audience

The art of reading your audience is one that every presenter must learn to master. This simple skill can help you move from good to great in regards to your overall presentation skills, because it allows you to respond to immediate feedback in the moment. On the flip side a presenter who can’t read their audience can become handicapped by the lack of feedback, leaving them to only make corrections after the presentation is complete. The first step in becoming an expert in reading your audience s...
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Guggenheim Deaccessions Zao Wou-Ki Painting

The Guggenheim Museum is deaccessioning a Zao Wou-Ki painting from its collection to sell at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, valued at around $7.7 million–$10 million.  “With its distinguished provenance and impeccable quality from the artist’s critical ‘Oracle Bone’ period, this masterwork will no doubt generate interest and excitement from collectors worldwide,” says Vinci Chang, Sotheby’s head of modern Asian art. […]
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Some of the largest manufacturers are going green with the milkman model

Loop, introduced at the World Economic Forum last week, is attempting to transform how we purchase and use everyday goods, from shampoo and laundry detergent to orange juice and oatmeal. Some of largest manufacturers are partnering with Loop to ditch disposable packaging, and replace it with chic and reusable containers that consumers can leave out on the porch to be picked up, washed and refilled, just like the glass milk bottles of years past. “Loop is about the future of consumption. And one...
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English National Opera Announces Plan To Diversify

Stuart Murphy recalled joining the company and and finding it “really shocking” that 39 of ENO’s 40-strong chorus were white. “We weren’t true to our values, we didn’t represent Britain,” he said. “It just felt strange to me … Young white audiences also think it is weird.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, Britain, Stuart Murphy, Young, Eno, SJM, 01.28.19

Facebook Says People Want Relevant Ads. These Researchers Beg To Differ

“We find consistently that people are wary of marketers tracking them, don’t understand the complexities of data mining, and don’t like to be discriminated against based on information that companies have about them and others. They may therefore see personalization as a double-edge sword. Personalization can provide them with material they like, but it just as well could be used to shape their behavior or beliefs, or even cause them to lose out on discounts to more desirable consumers.” – ...
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How HBO Plans To Keep Up In The Age Of Streaming Giants

Time Warner had kept HBO on a tight leash, allowing an estimated $1.5 billion annual budget for original content in 2018—play money when compared with Netflix’s reported $10 to $11 billion. That forced HBO to pass on the very shows and show-runners that put the streamers in the cultural conversation and in direct contention with HBO as the rulers of cinema-quality television. – Vanity Fair
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Plante, regue e instagrame!! #flowers #home #ribeiraopreto #flores #instagram #garden

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Jailson Rainer)]
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Some Frank Talk About Truth And Science

Let us start with some genuine philosophical questions about truth in science. Here are three: 1) Does science aim at truth? 2) Does science tell us the truth? 3) Should we expect science to tell us the truth? – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 01.29.19

This Pioneering Artist Is on the Brink of Her First Big Retrospective, at 98

A string of solo exhibitions will shine new light on the work of the Venezuelan-born artist Luchita Hurtado.
Tags: Art, News, Women's Rights, Obrist, Hauser & Wirth, Hans Ulrich

David Zwirner Inks Deal with Simon & Schuster

David Zwirner Books has partnered with Simon & Schuster, one of the largest and most high-profile publishers in the world, making it the first gallery to have mainstream distribution for its books in North America. “We have been impressed by David Zwirner Books’s editorial focus, the quality and range of its titles, and its traction both […]
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Critic’s Pick: Review: An Aching Ode to Jerome Robbins’s Lost New York

For this essential New York choreographer’s centenary, a Public Library exhibition full of the joy and anxiety of postwar Manhattan.
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The Behemoth is a small and sharp kiridashi capable of big tasks

I believe the term ‘one of a kind’ is the most appropriate to describe Det Tidkun’s work because he only makes one prototype of each of his knives. Made as a super-limited-edition, the Behemoth is one of Tidkun’s many knife designs that get showcased and finally sold on his Etsy page under the moniker Ironbone knives. A craftsman from Thailand, Tidkun makes all his knives by hand, only using power tools to craft and grind billets of steel down to the final product.The Behemoth is one of Tidkun’s...
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The convenience of "highway fitting" your clothes is hurting the planet

Everybody likes the convenience of a free return policy. But what consumers do privately in their home closets — say, ordering two sizes of jeans and returning the one that doesn’t fit — has a growing global impact. A recent U.K. survey concluded that more than 40 percent of clothing bought online is returned. A group called Fashion Revolution wants to do something about this. “Instead of the two-way drive of a delivery van bringing a package to you, it now has to drive back to your house to re...
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How NBO Plans To Keep Up In The Age Of Streaming Giants

Time Warner had kept HBO on a tight leash, allowing an estimated $1.5 billion annual budget for original content in 2018—play money when compared with Netflix’s reported $10 to $11 billion. That forced HBO to pass on the very shows and show-runners that put the streamers in the cultural conversation and in direct contention with HBO as the rulers of cinema-quality television. – Vanity Fair
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These white ibises have such long, curvy beaks.  Interesting creatures who can be found by the water or in a field, they aren't choosy about their food, it seems.  My photo reference was taken in a field but I put these two in the sand by the sea because an artist can change their surroundings however they want to do so!  [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

Cool Charts Depicting the Evolution of the Alphabet, and the Writing Systems of the World

Learning new things requires both a broad overview of the subject-to-be-studied, and intensive drilling-down in specific areas. Educator and designer Matt Baker found a deficiency in the first area, where more visual aids would be helpful. "I'm what you'd call a visual learner," Baker writes. "I have found that in early grades, visual materials tend to be incorporated often. However, once a person reaches the higher grades, learning becomes almost exclusively based on reading texts and listen...
Tags: Design, Nasa, Bbc, Baker,, Matt Baker, Raymond Loewy, Writing Systems of the World

An Industrial Designer's Story of Losing Passion, Falling in Love with Roadtrip Adventures and Designing a Watch

The following essay and photos (edited for length and clarity) come to us from Netherlands-based industrial designer Laurens de Rijke. Enjoy!______________The past five years I have spent developing my first take on a so called 'driver watch'. This first series of watches is called the Amalfi Series, named after the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is a watch that is focused on the gentleman driver that loves to take out his car in the weekend. Maybe my story is a nice article on your website...
Tags: Silk Road, Design, Nato, Paris, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Vespa, Amalfi Coast, Object Culture, CNC, Tbilisi Georgia, Vostok, Technical University of Delft, Roadtrip Adventures

Studio Swine Plays with Plasma to Capture the Sublime at A/D/O

Old warehouses glancing towards the East River have shifted into artist lofts, cafes and installation studios. Outside these warehouses, surprisingly clean and empty streets vibrate for blocks with the invisible creativity happening behind closed doors. One of these spaces, A/D/O by MINI, recently unveiled the six-month culmination of Studio Swine's residency, an exhibition that investigates the unseen: Wave. Particle. Duplex.Studio Swine (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers) is made u...
Tags: New York, Design, Milan, New York City, Fine Art, Greenpoint, East River, Greenpoint Brooklyn, Azusa Murakami, Alexander Groves

Mystery Tool Used by Yellowstone Workers To Clear Seven Feet of Snow From a Roof in Chunks

Park employees at Yellowstone have an interesting system for clearing massive amounts of snow--in this case, seven feet's worth--from the roof of their structures. Here's what visitor Kerry Countryman observed taking place on the roof of the Canyon Village General Store: Shot by Kerry Countryman What's not shown, nor explained, is how they managed to get those perfect vertical cuts in the first place. We had to know, so we poked around and found another video of Yellowstone's workers clea...
Tags: Design, Yellowstone, Tools & Craft, Kerry Countryman, Canyon Village General Store, Jonathan Hoag

The Long Road to Autonomous Vehicles Begins with Understanding Them

Zümi is a toy that teaches real-world AI programming skills. "People think that AI will take care of everything," says Hansol Hong. There are plenty who think it's just as likely to destroy everything, but the cofounder and CEO of Robolink is a proud optimist. "There's a huge pushback against accepting AI. But whether we want it or not, it's coming. We have to learn to guide AI in the right direction." His latest Kickstarter project, Zümi, is designed to help us engage with the same technology...
Tags: Design, Robotics, UC San Diego, Hong, Long Road, Hansol, Zümi, Autonomous Vehicles Begins, Robolink, Hong Robotics, Zümi Hong

Design Job: Amazon is Seeking a Creative Director in Sunnyvale, CA

As a Creative Director, you will be responsible for the end to end user experience for Amazon Key. This involves the full Amazon Key App, and touchpoints in service and delivery design, landing pages, shopping View the full design job here
Tags: Amazon, Design, Jobs, Sunnyvale CA, Amazon Key App

Marcel Marceau Was A World War II Resistance Hero Who Saved Dozens Of Jewish Children

Recruited by his cousin, resistance leader Georges Loinger (who recently passed away at age 108), Marceau used his mime and acting skills to convince German and Vichy authorities that he was a teacher or youth leader taking young kids (who happened to be Jewish and incognito) to an exercise camp (that happened to be on the Swiss border). — The History Channel
Tags: Art, People, Vichy, Marcel Marceau, Marceau, Georges Loinger, 01.02.19

Fish Brain USB Flash Drive

Japanese USB flash drives use the power of fish brains to store your data. Fish Brain 32GB flash drives available in Japan. Handmade by Nickelxp. Also check out: Disposable USB Flash Drives
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How The Sundance Festival Is Evolving

In stepping back, Robert Redford is acknowledging the welcome ways in which the festival continues to evolve: Some 40 percent of this year’s movies were directed by women, and 36 percent were made by people of color. Meanwhile, 63 percent of the accredited press come from “underrepresented groups.” – The Atlantic
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TED Announces 2019 Fellows

Inventive, creative and inspirational people chosen for this year's program Celebrating its 10th class, the 2019 TED Fellows program welcomes a fleet of artists, inventors and entrepreneurs from a dozen countries and four continents. The honorees work across several industries and mediums, ranging from documentary photography and investigative journalism to urban astrophysics and space environmentalism—they come in to the program with work in progress and unanswered …
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MoMA Adds 800 Instruction Drawings to Collection

MoMA has added 800 instruction drawings by more than 300 artists to its collections after a gift from Gilbert and Lila Silverman.  “I had a wonderful life with Gilbert,” Lila said, “and I am just delighted that the works are now at MoMA.” Read more at Art News  
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