Consultants will train the crew of your super-yacht to take care of your fine art collection

The difficult decision of whether or not to store your priceless art collection on your super-yacht just got easier: after a series of high-profile debacles in which multi-million-dollar paintings were damaged by poorly trained yacht crews (like the ham-fisted swabbies who didn't use the correct technique to clean a $110.5m Basquiat after the fruit of His Lordship's loins covered it in breakfast cereal), a boutique industry of specialist consultants has emerged to train your yacht's crew in art...
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Spotted Bunny IV

Spotted Bunny IV  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  $330. [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Tranquil House: A Brutalist Tour de Force in Suburban Japan

At first sight, you’d be excused if you thought that this ziggurat-like, concrete monolith in Shiga, Japan, is some kind of bunker or utility building, or maybe a fancy showcase for the adjacent concrete factory. Contrary to appearances, it is in fact a family residence designed by local practice FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects for the factory’s owner, its “defensive”, introverted form a response...
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The Pleasures And Perils Of Reviving A Contemporary Opera

One of the main issues for performers is that they can’t escape the recordings – both audio and video – of the original performers. “The most satisfying thing is when you finally get it, and you can do it, it feels wonderful.” – The New York Times
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A Museum Celebrating Black Culture Is Long Overdue In Britain, Says David Adjaye

“The museum that Sir David is proposing would aim to make generations of black children feel like they have a place in the nation’s future. He said: ‘It is really amazingly important for the representation of people in the sort of cultural tropes of the nation.'” – BBC
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Plastic Straw Waves

Ocean waves created out of thousands of recycled used drinking straws. “The Parting of the Plastic Sea” – powerful art installation made out of 168,000 used plastic straws by Von Wong. Stop the Strawpocalypse! Also check out: Tornado Made of Straws
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Mind Your Head 12" x 12" oil on cradled wood panel Available for purchase online  Click here for details Puffins are the Atlantic version of parrots.  Colourful, stocky and low flying, they seek shelter and homes on outcropping on the edge of land or on islands just offshore.  And in Newfoundland, we are lucky enough to have them close by and see them from land or on a boat just off shore.   At present, about 60 percent of the North American population breeds on four islands in Witless Ba...
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The Book Whose Author Dramatically Reinvented Artist Journeys

The book is – as any artist, or perhaps businessperson at a retreat, could tell you – The Artist’s Way. The first printing was a 9000 copies, and the publisher worried it wouldn’t sell. “We didn’t know where to put it on the shelves — did it go in religion or self-help? Eventually there was a category called ‘creativity,’ and The Artist’s Way launched it.” – The New York Times
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It’s A Little Late, But The Recording Industry Finally Steps Up

Last year’s awful pullquote about women in the recording industry needing to “step up” has turned into this year’s inclusion initiative. But it took a while, and the music industry is far, very far, from gender equity. – Los Angeles Times
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I thought I'd paint a mermaid on the gessobord I have in my art stash.  I like some things about it, but not all things about it so... although I was going to glue the scrabble tiles down on the mermaid painting and call it finished, it just wasn't good enough for me to use the only scrabble tiles I have so... it doesn't look like this because the tiles are just sitting on top of the painting.Instead, it looks like the last painting and I'll do another on gessobord (I have 2 larger ones I'll ...
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A Choreographer Pushing Community Against A World That ‘Is So Screwed Up’

Vicky Shick creates and edits at the same time, her dancers say, so they have to pay careful attention during rehearsals. “Shick’s works have become more exacting as they reveal the complexity of who she is: a 67-year-old choreographer who was born in Hungary and had dreams of becoming a ballerina, but instead carved out a career in postmodern dance. … With precision and strangeness, her dances celebrate the very thing she finds herself racked with: vulnerability.” – The New York Times
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Hollywood Goes Full Out On Pop Star Glamor

Well, as long as moviemakers can secure the rights to music, of course. And usually they can: “Artists have realised that backing biopics and celebratory movies is a way of reaffirming their cultural relevance and opening new revenue streams as traditional incomes from record sales are on the wane.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Magazines Are Dying, So Now, Says The NYT, ‘Events Are The New Magazines’

What? Well, why not? Former editors need to make money somehow. “Special Projects’ offices (one in New York, where Ms. Vecchiarelli lives; one in Los Angeles, where Ms. Oliveri does) are now an essential stop on the press tours of young and rising celebrities. There, the women meet and chat with the young artists, to get a sense of their personal stories, charm, intelligence and ambitions.” – The New York Times
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Will Spotify Become A One-Stop Music And Podcast Service?

The music streaming giant wants to change its image and expand into other markets – including the (currently) hot podcast market. “Spotify’s 200 million users are already used to consuming audio from the service — and, crucially, while the music business is controlled by three big companies who have real leverage when it comes to licensing their stuff, podcasting is in its early days, and no one has a chokehold on podcast content.” – Recode
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5% ❤️ #friends #love #pravidatoda #amizade #photooftheday

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Jailson Rainer)]
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For Newly Nominated Actors, Awards Season Is An Extra Full-Time Job

We all know people win Oscars based on campaigns, right? Well, that takes a toll on those who have to do the campaigning. Just ask Regina King, nominated for her wondrous performance in the sadly under-nominated If Beale Street Could Talk. (On the other hand, she says, “It can be hard. … But to be honest, those are champagne problems.”) – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, Regina King, 02.02.19

In L.A., Visions Of A 1.3-Mile Long Open Air Museum

Picture the High Line, only a museum, in Los Angeles, and designed to “offset the effects of gentrification and revitalize the vibrant heart of black Los Angele.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Visual, 01.30.19, Los Angele Los Angeles

Susan Hiller, Artist Of Neglected Memories, Has Died At 78

The British artist’s “video, audio and photographic installations ingeniously explored extinct languages, alien abductions, girls with psychic powers and the Holocaust.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, 02.01.19, Susan Hiller

A Trailblazing Director Continues Her Quest To Lead (And Pull Others Up With Her)

Leigh Silverman, one of few women (still!) directing on Broadway, assembled an all-woman creative team this year. At a panel, this happened: “Making history ‘was an accident,’ the moderator ventured. Said Silverman, with a hint of incredulity in her voice, ‘It wasn’t an accident, because I meant to do it. The accident is the patriarchy, not the design team.'” – American Theatre
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Will Instagram Kill A Musician’s Famous Mystery?

Maybe the pressure of being mysterious was getting to superstar Frank Ocean, or maybe … well, who knows, with Ocean? But “with Ocean’s mask slipping, it is worth wondering how audience perceptions towards him might shift. From the off, Ocean felt like a pre-social-media artist, with a privacy that forced listeners to focus on the intricacies of his music rather than the life of the man behind it, adding to his enigma and giving rise to one of music’s most dedicated fanbases.” – The Guardian (...
Tags: Art, Music, Ocean, Audience, Frank Ocean, 02.01.19

Boredom Is One Of The Great Roots Of Creativity

And we’re sure blocking that off in any way we can, not just for adults, but for children, too. They need boredom (and so do we). – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, 02.02.19

Is The Guy In That Supposed 1450 Portrait Actually Sporting A Beatles Bowl Cut

That’s a new one: Art historian Christopher Wright says a painting attributed to the mid-15th century artist Rogier van der Weyden’s workshop “is a 20th-century fake, of an unknown man sporting a Beatles-style haircut and reading a paper containing nothing more than nonsense.” – The Observer (UK)
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The Academy Decides To Include All Five Nominated Songs In The Oscars After All

Yeah, that backlash was pretty fierce. – Los Angeles Times
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If You’ve Got Writers’ Block, Try Designing Your Characters’ Living Spaces

One novelist, who calls herself a Planner (as opposed to a Pantser), says, “What characters do when I let them loose on the page is often unexpected, but I never regret having nailed down what they see out their window as they lie down to sleep.” – LitHub
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Listen Up

Duets and covers define our week in music Perfume Genius + Empress Of: When I’m With Him Reworking her original version of “When I’m With Him,” Empress Of (aka Lorely Rodriguez) has teamed up with Perfume Genius (aka Mike Hadreas) for this dreamy and dramatic version, where Hadreas takes lead vocals. While it’s technically billed as a cover by Perfume Genius, it’s a duet—aided by production from Jim-E Stack, …
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Why Are ‘Green Book’ And ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Even In Oscars Discussions?

Ridiculous and, quite frankly, disgusting. (And whatever happened to Roma?) – BuzzFeed
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One Of The Sundance Winners Had These Bon Mots For Hollywood

Alma Har’el said women directors, who directed 44 percent of the movies at Sundance this year, said, “We’re here; we’re ready; stop sending us to shadow the fucking white men.” (Plus, hey, a list of all the winners.) – Vulture
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A Violinist Has Questions About The Supposed East-West Divide

Lebanese violinist Layale Chaker isn’t too pleased about some of the choices forced upon her and her classmates as they grew up. “‘From the beginning you chose your path, Western or Arab,’ Ms. Chaker, 28, said recently at her apartment in Brooklyn. ‘I never questioned it.'” Now she has both questions and answers. – The New York Times
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Rodrigo y Gabriela - Echoes (Pink Floyd cover!)...

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Echoes (Pink Floyd cover!) from the upcoming album Mettavolution released 26th April 2019. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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