Arc'teryx Granville 10 or 16 Courier Bag -...

Arc'teryx Granville 10 or 16 Courier Bag - Highly water resistant AC² fabric has critical seams taped for weather protection. The 10 fits a 12" max laptop, the 16 fits a 15" max laptop. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Rock n Roll Comic Covers

Long time no blog. I wanted to share a few things I’ve been working on that have given me a lot of pleasure. I’ve combined two of my favorite interests (rock-n-roll and comic books) to create a series of comic covers inspired by songs from rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath. Below is a series of images I’ve created over the past month. Some of these designs are available on my Threadless store. Check ’em out! Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath Judas Priest ...
Tags: Art, Comics, News, Classic Rock, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Comic Book Covers, Zeppelin Judas Priest and Black Sabbath Below

Where you can see the Leonardo da Vinci drawings

144 of Leonardo da Vinci's greatest drawings in the Royal Collection are currently on display in 12 simultaneous exhibitions of Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing across the UK. If you want to get... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Gaboon Marine Plywood Debuts In NZ Catalog

See The Electronics Projects And Signage You Can Make With This New Material With its natural beauty and great physical properties for laser cutting, wood is the second most used material for good reason. While bamboo, MDF and hardwoods are ideal for many laser cutter projects, you’ve been requesting an additional plywood to be added to the NZ materials catalog. Ask and you shall receive! Gaboon Marine Plywood is now available. This 6mm plywood is marine bonded, The post Gaboon Marine Plywood D...
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Tracey Emin Condemns Blair and Cameron in Recent Interview

Tracey Emin has offered her thoughts on the last 20 years of British politics in a new email, blasting former PMs David Cameron and Tony Blair. “Both of these men, who are fine politicians and essentially good people, will be remembered in history for doing the most terrible things to our political system and I don’t […]
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Some Light-Up Cacti to Make Your Winter a Little More Tolerable

The other day it was 6 degrees here in NYC, and today it's 59 degrees. These fluctuating temperatures combined with the crippling darkness of winter are starting to mess with my mood, so I've been doing a bit of lighting research to see if adding a little more cheer to my apartment might help. I'm also a notoriously bad plant parent, killing anything and everything in my path (I thought aloe plants were supposed to be indestructible?), so I quickly realized that these cacti lights I stumbled acr...
Tags: Design, NYC, Israel, Tel Aviv, Lighting, Chen Bikovski

Ross Snow Tech (RST) Convert - The world’s...

Ross Snow Tech (RST) Convert - The world’s first and only snowboard binding that directly “converts” into a snowshoe - and it converts in 30 seconds or less! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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YD Handpicks: Celebrating the Chinese New Year with 8 winning designs from China

With a little help from our friends at the Red Dot Design Awards, we’re kicking off the Chinese New Year with 8 award-winning designs from Chinese designers curated from the past year’s Red Dot Awards. Wishing all our readers a wonderful and bountiful ‘year of the pig’, from the YD family to yours. __01. Segway Ninebot Gokart Kit by Bowen Cai, Yongjie Li, Ji Lin Imagine if you could take your hoverboard, add two more tires and a steering wheel to it and fashion a go-kart for yourself. Why that’s...
Tags: Design, China, Awards, Best Of, Editorial, Product Design, Chinese New Year, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, YD Handpicks, Red Dot Awards: Product Design, Bowen Cai Yongjie Li Ji Lin Imagine, Chen Chi Shan, Liang Chen Ma Qianli, Forseti Axe, Tony Chui Pak, Forseti

AO Preview – Mexico City Art Week, February 6th – 10th, 2019

Abraham Cruzvillegas, Blind self portrait listening to the version of ‘Canción mixteca’ (‘Qué lejos estoy’) by Enrique “Chato” Rodríguez, while tasting an unexpected spirulina ice cream at a Thai restaurant in Austin, after finishing a book about a guy selling snow balls in Manhattan, thinking on how specific needs generate diverse shapes in space… (2018), via Kurimanzutto […]
Tags: Art, Mexico, Austin, Show, Manhattan, Art News, Featured Post, Rodriguez, Enrique, Material Art Fair, Zona Maco, Abraham Cruzvillegas Blind

An Anti-Commercial Theatre Ad For Skittles That Mocks Super Bowl Ads

This year, the candy company Mars expanded their reach considerably with a (still pretty limited) one-night-only show in New York starring Michael C. Hall called Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical. While proceeds from Sunday’s performance are going to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the production is a commentary on Super Bowl advertising and product placement that is, itself, a feature-length advertisement full of product placement. Even if you didn’t get a ticket, you can listen to...
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, Mars, Hall, Michael C Hall, Broadway Cares Equity, 02.04.19

Coffee is as complex as wine. Kruve’s coffee glasses help you appreciate it.

Designed with the elegance of a fluted wine or champagne glass, and with a double-walled construction that allows you to appreciate your caffeinated beverage without burning your fingers, the Kruve EQ helps turn your quick morning fix into a multi-sensory gourmet experience.Available in a set along with an elegant double-walled carafe you can directly brew in, Kruve EQ’s glasses help activate every single one of your sense, allowing you to appreciate the golden elixir the way it was meant to. ...
Tags: Kitchen, Coffee, Glasses, Design, Caffeine, EQ, Product Design, Marek Krupa, Drinkware, Kruve, Borosilicate, Double-walled, Michael Vecchiarelli

East Sussex Gallery At Risk Of Losing Hundreds of Works

An East Sussex art gallery is under threat of losing over 3o0 works after a dispute between its sponsor and its management has led to collector John Jerwood recalling his works, including pieces by LS Lowry and Barbara Hepworth. “Disengagement discussions between the foundation and the gallery include the departure of the Jerwood collection from the gallery,” a spokesperson for […]
Tags: Art, News, Barbara Hepworth, Art News, Minipost, East Sussex, LS Lowry, East Sussex Gallery, John Jerwood, Jerwood

Lisson Gallery Now Represents Sean Scully in North America

Lisson Gallery is now representing the work of painter Sean Scully in North America, Art News reports. ”The Lisson Gallery is one of the very few galleries in the world who have managed to maintain their vision, their philosophy, and their integrity over decades, while expanding their base,” Scully said in a statement. “It’s a true […]
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Art News Charts Growth of South L.A. Art Scene and Challenges to Local Neighborhoods

A piece on South Los Angeles’s burgeoning gallery scene charts a neighborhood whose art scene is expanding, drawing some concerns of gentrification. “Existing community residents can’t afford to buy a home in their own neighborhood, and rents for commercial spaces have been increasing anywhere from $500 to $1,000,” says Azusena Favela, a lifelong resident of South L.A. and […]
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Ratings For “Mrs. Maisel” Are In (Sorta – And Who Can Trust Them?)

So “Mrs. Maisel” is a hit, according to Nielsen, averaging 1.9 million views in its second season. But the difficulties in coming up with an estimate of audience points to the chaotic state of ratings measurement these days. What, exactly, constitutes a hit in the era of streaming? – The New York Times
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Study Of History Has Declined Sharply. What’s The Consequence?

“A nation whose citizens have no knowledge of history is asking to be led by quacks, charlatans, and jingos.” – The New Yorker
Tags: Art, Ideas

Tension: A Powerful Tool to Keep Your Audience Connected

Have you ever found yourself yelling at your television as your favorite show went to winter break? Or maybe you have leaned in as a storyteller brought you to the edge of a cliffhanger? Or how about the feeling you get when your friend is telling a big story, and you can’t wait for them to get to the end? In each of these moments, there is one common denominator: tension. Tension is defined as mental or emotional strain. It’s the feeling that grows in your stomach as the big game draws to a clo...
Tags: Design, Mental, Deliver, Tension, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Emotional, Speaking, Presentation Hacks, Presentation Design, Strain, Mental Strain

Vulnerable nuclear waste stockpiles are becoming a"global crisis"

Nuclear waste is quickly becoming one of the world’s biggest problems. Earth’s growing stockpile of radioactive waste is troublesome, because these chemicals remain in their radioactive state for several millennia — and we have yet to come up with a foolproof storage solution. A new study explored facilities that store nuclear waste in seven locations around the world, including the United States, France, Japan, Belgium, Britain, Finland and Sweden. Officials discovered that the majority of nuc...
Tags: Energy, Design, News, Sweden, Environment, Barack Obama, Renewable Energy, United States, Nuclear Waste, Nuclear, Nevada, Greenpeace, Waste, Donald Trump, South Carolina, Yucca Mountain

Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudioFeb 04, 2019 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly inspire your day. Besides that, it's an opportunity to feature work from other designers, artists, and creators in general that we haven't had the chance to write or featured. For this Daily we are selecting in graphic design, branding, ...
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Is Netflix A “Colonial Power” Subverting Foreign Cultures?

That’s the contention of the CBC’s Catherine Tait. Netflix is such a force in Canada it’s difficult for homegrown productions to compete. As countries struggle to protect their national cultures, streaming services such as Netflix have threatened the media ecosystem. – Toronto Star [paywall]
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, Canada, Cbc, Toronto Star, 02.03.19, Catherine Tait Netflix

London Police Arrest Rappers For Performing A Song In Concert

Police say the duo’s song is incitement to violence. They’ve been cracking down. Police interference has undoubtedly had an impact on the scene’s lyrics. “A lot of rappers are censoring their music now. Even down to what they name their video, or what hashtag they use to promote it. They want to go under the radar. You put all that hard work into it, you gas everyone up – ‘Listen to my song!’ – and it gets taken down in 10 minutes. This is our livelihood, and it’s a serious financial loss to ha...
Tags: Art, Music, London, 02.01.19

A beachside resort on a remote Indonesian island resembles a traditional village

Indonesian firm Atelier Riri has designed a stunning eco-resort on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The small Kiyakabin Resort is an intimate, village-esque layout with just four cabins that open up to breathtaking, beachside views of the Bali Sea. The retreat’s cabins were made with locally-sourced charred timber and built with traditional construction methods by local builders. The Kiyakabin resort has just four units: three accommodations and a communal restaurant and dining area. The guest...
Tags: Design, Bali, Tulum, Lombok, Atelier Riri, Kiyakabin resort, Kiyakabin, William Sutanto

lens: The Unseen Robert Frank: Outtakes From ‘The Americans’

Thousands of Robert Frank’s unpublished photographs taken during and after his journeys that led to “The Americans” have never been seen before by wide audiences.
Tags: Art, Photography, Florida, News, New Jersey, Robert, Frank, Robert Frank

What’s on Your Mind? Facebook Says Nude Statues Shouldn’t Be

Facebook does not "allow ads that depict nudity, even if it isn't sexual in nature. This includes the use of nudity for artistic or educational purposes."
Tags: Art, Facebook, News

From Nothing to Fort Nelson: Inside Michter’s Decades-Long Resurgence

A brand born from 'America's Oldest Distillery' is investing in its future In the 266 years since Michter’s was founded in Pennsylvania, the brand (first known as Shenk’s and then Bomberger’s) has battled prohibition, closure and abandonment. But since its resurrection in the 1990s (and its relocation to Kentucky), the brand has hired the first woman Master Distiller in the Kentucky Distiller Association’s history, invested millions of …
Tags: Design, Kentucky, America, Pennsylvania, Whiskey, Bourbon, Louisville, Food + Drink, Shenk, Michter, Fort Nelson, Andrea Wilson, Bomberger, Joseph Magliocco, Master Distillers, Michter's

20 Instruments Piano

Modified piano features 20 musical instruments that can be played with keys. Vintage grand piano with integrated marimba, tambourine, cymbals, organ, castanets, cello, violins, and other musical instruments. 20 Instruments Piano made by Brunettes Shoot Blondes from Ukraine. Also check out: Photos Taken Inside Instruments
Tags: Design, Tech, Ukraine

EU proposes plan to ban 90 percent of microplastics

Microplastics may appear small on the outside, but they take a major toll on the environment. Not only do these plastics ruin soil and jeopardize ocean life, but they also create health issues for people all around the world. Fortunately, a newly proposed ban on microplastics might offer a solution to this growing problem. This week, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) put forth a new law that seeks to ban over 90 percent of Europe’s microplastics. If countries in the European Union agree to t...
Tags: Europe, Design, News, Environment, Eu, European Union, Un, ECHA, Microplastic Pollution, Microplastics, Baskut Tuncak, European Chemicals Agency ECHA, EU Following Brexit

A Grammar Guide For The Age Of Tweeting

This is an excellent time for someone to tell us how to think about these things. Social media has spawned a generation of un-Strunk-and-White-ified people who appear to believe that punctuation is optional, that grammar is for the elderly and that ending a sentence with a period is a deliberate act of aggression. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Words, Strunk, 02.01.19

Kiki Smith Donates Entire Published Prints Collection to Munich State Graphic Collection

Kiki Smith has donated her entire body of published prints to the State Graphic Collection of Munich, over 800 works from the course of her career. The prints will feature in a show of the artist’s work set to open in a few weeks in Germany.  Read more at Artforum
Tags: Art, News, Germany, Munich, Art News, Kiki Smith, Minipost, Munich State Graphic Collection

Lunar New Year Lucky Pigs Bundle

Sugarfina’s bite-sized gummies celebrate the Year of the Pig through their very sweet, strawberry flavor. This four-box set includes plenty of treats for  gifting to others (and keeping for yourself). Each one is adorned with a red and gold ribbon—representing good fortune and joy.
Tags: Design, Limited Edition, Pigs, Candy, Sugarfina, Candies, Year of the Pig

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