AO On-Site – Mexico City: Zona Maco Art Fair at Centro Banamex Through February 10th, 2019

Simon Vega, Tropical Space Hostel (2019), via MAIA Contemporary Zona Maco has opened for its 16th year, celebrating the milestone event today with the first day of its VIP preview, and a look at the stature of the fair in relation to the burgeoning artistic community in Mexico City.  Once again taking over the expanses […]
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The snowy painting challenge - the results

Last Saturday, I asked to see the paintings people had been doing during the recent cold spell and snow. I'm thinking of doing a blog post about RECENT snow paintings. If you've been braving the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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The Doogee S90 is basically a smartphone designed for Batman

What normal person would want a smartphone that is designed to A. be practically unbreakable and shatter-proof, B. be waterproof enough to be submerged for 2 weeks, C. work at ridiculous temperatures of -80°C (-112°F) D. dock a night-vision camera module, E. dock a walkie-talkie module with a 10km range, F. dock an external 5000mAh battery module, G. dock a gamepad module (for casual gaming when you’re not using the night-vision camera to snipe out Joker’s henchmen), and finally H. have a dual...
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Swiss Museum Says Facebook Disallowed Images Of Nude Statues To Promote Exhibition

The museum instead put the images on Twitter on Friday with the French word for “censored” over the statues’ presumably private parts, adding: “Maybe it’s time that this platform changes its policy for museums and cultural institutions?” – Time
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How to Utilize Facial Expressions During a Presentation

I remember when I was growing up, I would tell my mom she had a look that could kill. While obviously her look would not actually kill me, she was able to make a facial expression that immediately struck fear or regret into anyone. My guess is you have experienced a similar look at some point in time. Maybe it was from a parent, spouse, boss, or coworker – with one glance they were able to communicate more than you ever expected. Imagine if one look could kill just how much your expression matte...
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Reflections on letterhead collecting, with accompanying (gorgeous) samples

Steven Heller calls himself a "letterhead" -- that is, someone who collects letterhead (compare with "Deadhead"); his brief reflections on his passion for Design Observer and interesting and well-observed, but they're not a patch on the actual samples of beautiful, bygone letterhead from his collection. Letterhead collectors are not a monolithic cult. Each has his or her special needs. Some collect only corporations and institutions, other subsets are just design firms, and others are ju...
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Set Your Browser To Private: The British Library Puts Its Collection Of Obscene Books Online

Together with an 18th-century directory of sex workers in the Covent Garden area of London, and the violent erotic works of the Marquis de Sade, the Merryland books are among the 2,500 volumes in the British Library’s Private Case collection. The volumes have now been digitised, and are being made available online by the publisher Gale as part of its Archives of Sexuality and Gender academic research resource. – The Guardian
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An origami-style tablet stand that’s thinner than your credit card

Crafted from environmentally friendly PVC and PP, the FODI is a nifty little stand for your tablet and smartphone. When flat, it measures a cool 1mm thick, and uses the powers of Origami to fold open into a convenient stand that lets you dock your smartphone or tablet onto it at a convenient angle for watching videos, movies, or just regular video-chatting.The FODI is made from polymers that provide strength over periodic use (the PP gives it its flexible ability). Designed with alluring patte...
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Fake trees could help in the fight against climate change

One of the best ways to fight climate change is to invest in trees and plants. Branches and leaves help trap carbon dioxide, effectively reducing overall pollution in the atmosphere. The only hurdle is that trees take up a lot of land and resources to cultivate, which is why scientists are turning to an alternative source in the fight against carbon emissions. Scientists in Germany just published a new study about how artificial plant life can also cut down on carbon pollution. The team created...
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USC Study: Percentage Of Women In The Music Business Hasn’t Improved

The study conducted by Dr. Stacy L. Smith found that the number of women working as artists remained stagnant at 17%. Of songwriters, women represented 12.3% of the credits affiliated with the test group of 100 songs — over half did not feature a single female writer. Among producers, women numbered only 2 percent, in line with the previous year. On a brighter note, representation by people of color was up. – Variety
Tags: Art, Music, Usc, Stacy L Smith, 02.05.19

It Appears Author Dan Mallory Is A Liar, If An Entertaining One (What His Case Says About Publishing Now)

There is so much brio in his sheer commitment to his many apparent lies that it’s hard to avoid feeling delighted. He comes off like a classic con artist, as smooth and consistent as his beloved Mr. Ripley. It’s just fun. But… – Vox
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The pavement of the future turns your footsteps into electrical energy!

I vividly remember a video by David Guetta back in the day. The song was called Alphabeat (a melodic masterpiece, honestly) and it showed off a really interesting concept. The DJ’s arena had a dance-floor that converted jumps into energy. Every time the deejay would drop the bass, the crowd would go wild, jumping on this energy-trapping floor, which would, in turn, power the DJ’s visual and sound system, turning a feverish EDM mosh-dance into spectacular light and sound show, powered entirely ...
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Lincoln Center Names 92nd Street Y Head Henry Timms as Next President

Henry Timms, current head of the 92nd Street Y, will become the next president of Lincoln Center, the New York Times reports. “I don’t think you should ever pretend that there aren’t some real, and interesting, management challenges here,” Timms said. “But I think it’s the case that every constituent’s best interest is served in a […]
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Frieze New York Announces Exhibitor List

Frieze has announced the exhibitor list for the 2019 edition of its New York fair, including a series of expanded curated sections and projects.  Read more at Art News
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ATLA’s Aguas Frescas Boast Texture and Flavor

While their inventory rivals even the best mezcalerias, it's their zero-proof drinks that impress most At ATLA, the younger sibling of Cosme, in New York‘s NoHo neighborhood, the light fare and non-alcoholic beverages impress most. (Think donut-shaped churros or flaxseed chilaquiles paired with delectable aguas frescas.) While beverage director Yana Volfson is skilled at crafting cocktails, her zero-proof options transcend the expectations usually associated with …
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Some Of The Coolest Movie Theatres In The World – A Gallery

For 16 years, Paris-based photographer Stephan Zaubitzer has been seeking out old movie palaces and photographing them. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Paris, 02.02.19, Stephan Zaubitzer

Harvard Art Museums Opens Their Bauhaus Archives, Starting This Week

Happy Birthday Bauhaus! It's hard to believe, but 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus' founding. To celebrate the Centennial, Harvard's Busch-Reisinger Museum is throwing open their extensive Bauhaus-related archives to present 200 pieces--original works, furniture, textiles, architecture and even classroom assignments--by over 70 artists and designers. Featuring works by major artists, including Anni and Josef Albers, Herbert Bayer, Marcel Breuer, Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky...
Tags: New York, Design, Germany, America, Harvard, United States, Cambridge, New Orleans, Anni, Weimar,, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Walter Gropius, Anni Albers, Dessau, Gropius

Researchers Develop New Light-Based, Layer-Free 3D Printing Method

Existing 3D printers of resinous materials, whether cured by light or air, require layering. Layering takes time; in his video on making molds for designer edibles, for instance, Eric Strebel pointed out that each print took 24 hours.Seeking to speed the 3D printing process, a team of researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a new method: Computed Axial Lithography. By filling a cylinder with light-curable liquid resin, then rotating it while hitting it with a "dynamically evolving light patter...
Tags: Design, UC Berkeley, Digital Fabrication, Eric Strebel

National Park - that iconic National Park...

National Park - that iconic National Park Service signage look was actually created by the size of the router bit used to make the signs... and it's been turned into a typeface (in 4 weights) by The Design Outside (DO) Studio! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, National Park, National Park Service, Submitted

Meet the “New MoMA,” Same as the Old “New MoMA”

It was déjà-vu-all-over-again when I returned yesterday from a California sojourn to the “news” about how permanent-collection installations in the new MegaMoMA (my sobriquet, not theirs) will contrast with those in the current iteration of the ever-expanding Museum of Modern Art. — Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, California, Museum of Modern Art, Ajblogs, 02.07.19

How To Create A Theatre Culture That’s Both Mainstream And Genuinely Queer?

Ezra Brain: “Even as representation increases, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of a truly and uniquely queer theatrical culture — which, for this argument, I am defining as a unique set of practices, aesthetics, and philosophies that are recognizable to an average audience member. … To [create such a culture], we must first decide what makes a play queer.” — HowlRound
Tags: Art, Theatre, SJ, 02.04.19, Ezra Brain

Messiaen in a crypt: New meaning to ‘the end of time’

The Crypt Sessions in Harlem, always a thoughtfully-curated series, offered a concert on Tuesday night with the kind of repertoire, venue, and penetrating performance that yielded fresh questions about the nature of, well, everything. — David Patrick Stearns
Tags: Art, Harlem, Ajblogs, Messiaen, 02.06.19

Flower Animals

Creative portraits of animals created out of carefully arranged flower petals. Series of beautiful floral arrangement made by talented artist Raku Inoue. Also check out: Birds Made of Flowers
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Raku Inoue, Flower Animals

Circular, solar-powered beach house is a sustainable holiday retreat

A charming, circular escape from the city has popped up on an idyllic stretch of beach in New Zealand. Powered with solar energy and built with weather-resistant materials, the St Andrews Beach House is the work of Austin Maynard Architects, a Fitzroy-based design practice that prides itself on sustainable architecture. The “Euclidean form” of the dwelling was inspired by the beauty of the remote site and is designed to take advantage of views in all directions. Located on Victoria’s Morningto...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, New Zealand, Victoria, Melbourne, Solar Power, Beach House, Carousel Showcase, Rainwater Harvesting, Derek Swalwell, Bach, Mornington Peninsula, Sustainable Architecture, Austin Maynard Architects, Solar Powered Home

The New Skinny Super Towers Of Manhattan

Poking up above the Manhattan skyline like etiolated beanpoles, they seem to defy the laws of both gravity and commercial sense. They stand like naked elevator shafts awaiting their floors, raw extrusions of capital piled up until it hits the clouds. These towers are not only the product of advances in construction technology – and a global surfeit of super-rich buyers – but a zoning policy that allows a developer to acquire unused airspace nearby, add it to their own lot, and erect a vast stru...
Tags: Art, Manhattan, Visual, 02.05.19

Venice Approves New Day-Tripper Fee

The City of Venice has approved a new fee for day-trippers to the lagoon island.  “Finally, day-trippers will start paying their way,” says Claudio Scarpa, head of the Venetian Association of Hoteliers. “People who arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, contributing little economically but imposing a heavy strain on services, need to […]
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Critic’s Notebook: Blackness, Gayness, Representation: Marlon Riggs Unpacks It All in His Films

He saw the past, present and future at once, and his timeless, masterful works are now the subject of a film series in Brooklyn.
Tags: Art, Movies, News, Race, Blacks, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Marlon, Marlon Riggs, Riggs, Homosexuality and Bisexuality, Race and Ethnicity, Sex & Cinema: The World of Marlon Riggs (Exhibit

Catherine Carver Dunn Tapped as Executive Director of Tate Americas Foundation

Catherine Carver Dunn will take the helm as executive director of The Tate Americas Foundation, a charity working on funding and acquisition projects for the Tate. “Catherine has a proven record in key cultural institutions of implementing organizational strategy,” says Pamela J. Joyner, chair of the board of the Tate Americas Foundation. “I look forward to working with her to advance […]
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A Graphic Explanation of Why Boarding Airplane Passengers from Back to Front is Not the Fastest Method

Because I played The Oregon Trail as a child, I greatly appreciate air travel. For a few hundred bucks I can traverse America in hours, not months, with no fear of breaking my leg, starving to death or contracting dysentery. So I consider the hassles of air travel minor, although they are glaring.The largest problem, as I see it, is a lack of 1:1 storage. The plane is going to leave at the same time whether I board first or last; all I care about is that there's space in the overhead compartment...
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