Reimagining Split-Flap Boards

Scott Bezek Designs A Fresh Take On Classic Display Boards If you’ve ever been to the Amtrak 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, you’ve heard a sound that is found in very few places anymore: The clickety-clack of the split-flap boards as they display the latest arrivals and departures. While these relics are mostly memories of a bygone era, artists, makers and engineers are bringing these nostalgic display pieces back to life. As the adage goes, The post Reimagining Split-Flap Boards appeared ...
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YD Job Alert: Apple is looking for talented Industrial Designers!

Imagine getting to be an industrial designer at Apple! The company has been such an indomitable force over the past decades that it has arguably created, shattered, and evolved industries, technologies, categories, trends, and even boundaries! The one company that everyone looks to for design inspiration, Apple is clearly at the epicenter of consumer design and tech. With an incredibly revolutionary and secretive design team led by Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson, Apple has been able to go from...
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4 Experiences Every Presenter Should Have

The culture of presenting is always changing. With new ideas comes new ways to tell impactful stories and bring content to life. And no matter the reason you have found yourself presenting, it is important to always be honing and developing your skills. One of the best ways to do this is through experiences that develop you not just as a presenter but as a creative and influential thought leader. With this in mind, we put together a list of 4 experiences every presenter should partake in. This l...
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2019 Focus on Book Arts catalog available

The 2019 Focus on Book Arts conference catalog was just published – woot! They won’t be mailing them this year, but you can at your leisure. Seeing my workshop in print makes my teaching there all the more real. This is so happening! I love this conference so much. The first time I attended was in 2007, which was P.B. (pre-blog). Here’s a refresher about FOBA – they put on a 5-day book arts conference every other year in Forest Grove, OR. In addition to workshops, they have evening activiti...
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We’re in awe of the TOPS Quickie Karambit’s slender, functional design

Form follows function, as the saying goes, right? The Quickie Karambit by TOPS exploits that adage in a way that gives it quite a visual advantage. Unlike most knives with thick, grippable grips and long, sharp blades, the Quickie keeps things short and sweet. The Quickie doesn’t give you a handle to grip onto, but rather fills the negative space of your hand when you close your fingers into a fist. This gives you a sense of comfort as you hold the blade, while also resulting in a karambit that’...
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Polar bears invade small island in northern Russia, causing an emergency warning

Islands in northern Russia faced a crisis last weekend after a group of polar bears invaded the region. Officials in Novaya Zemlya issued an emergency warning for the small town of Belushya Guba, leaving residents scared to venture outside of their homes. Photos of polar bears invading garbage heaps surfaced over the weekend, while school officials say they have spotted the animals near buildings and homes in the area. Authorities claim they have seen polar bears enter the town in the past but ...
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Fatoş Üstek to Head Liverpool Biennial

The Liverpool Biennial has named Fatoş Üstek, director and chief curator of the David Roberts Art Foundation, as its next director. “Through ten editions, Liverpool Biennial has gained a reputation for being one of the most important contemporary art events accessible to the large national and international public,” Üstek said in a statement. “In my new role I […]
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Mondo Sets ‘Twin Peaks’ Art Show During This Year’s SXSW

It’s still hard to believe that Showtime released eighteen new episodes of Twin Peaks in 2017. David Lynch and Mark Frost‘s show often leaned on dreamlike imagery, but those new episodes somehow really happened, and now a new Twin Peaks art show is coming to Mondo Gallery to pay tribute to the mind-boggling series. Check out several pieces from the upcoming show below. Twin Peaks is so cerebral and otherworldly that it almost seems designed to be impossible to fully comprehend, so it’s fitti...
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How to Create a Misty Atmospheric Watercolor Painting

A misty atmospheric scene has become a signature for Tom Jone’s watercolor painting style. Tom’s deep love of nature can be seen and felt when viewing his thoughtful paintings. A popular watercolor workshop instructor, Tom believes in ‘letting the atmosphere speak for you’ when beginning a painting. Tom begins with a concept, and a poetic heart. He feels his subject, the beauty of nature in its imperfection. Tom believes a successful watercolor painting awakens all of the senses. It allows you...
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How Neuroscience Is Going to Change The Business Of Finding An Audience

Neuroscience, it turns out, can help change how companies think about new opportunities, and specifically, within the emerging field of applied neuroscience. Applied neuroscience is best described as the use of neuroscience tools and insights to measure and understand human behavior. Using applied neuroscience, leaders are able to generate data about critical moments of decision making, and then use this data to make confident choices that help to navigate the future of an initiative. – Harvard...
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Rising temperatures are putting the Global Seed Vault at risk

Global warming is putting Earth’s doomsday vault at risk. New research from Norway suggests that rising temperatures could melt the ice on the island where the Global Seed Vault is located, potentially endangering seed samples from around the world. The seed vault, which is capable of preserving 2.5 billion samples, is located near the Arctic on an island called Svalbard. The Norwegian government manages the island with help from the Nordic Genetic Resource Center and Crop Trust. Frigid tempera...
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Programming Manager, Joyce Theatre

The Joyce Theater Foundation, Inc. among the world’s best presentation for venues for dance, seeks Programming Manager. Reports to Director of Programming. The Programming Manager will: Work closely with Director of Programming, in coordination with Production, School and Family Programs, Marketing, Finance, and other departments as needed, to manage all engagement related logistics for an approximately 48-week annual performance seasonCollect and disseminate information regarding progr...
Tags: Art, Jobs, New York City, Chelsea, Lincoln Center, Joyce Theater, Joyce Theater Foundation Inc, Joyce, Joyce Theatre, Joyce Theater Foundation, Aaron Mattocks

Louvre Abu Dhabi Acquires £9.48m Rembrandt Study

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has announced the acquisition of a £9.4 million Rembrandt, Head of a young man, with clasped hands: Study of the figure of Christ, ca. 1648–56.  “We make each new addition to Louvre Abu Dhabi’s expanding collection with great rigor and care, in order to deepen and enhance the museum’s universal narrative,” says Dr. Souraya Noujaim, Scientific, […]
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How This Year’s Oscar Nominees Got To Be Oscar Nominees

Only so many movies are chosen, and the road isn’t straight. Here is a movie-by-movie account of how each got to be a best picture nominee. – Deadline
Tags: Art, Media, 02.12.19

A 1970 home gets a modern, light-filled revamp in Santiago

When a family with three children sought a modern refresh for their aging home in the commune of Las Condes in Santiago, they turned to local architecture firm Cristobal Vial Arquitectos to lead the redesign. The house — which belongs to a set of 25 one-story homes originally designed by architects Christian de Groote, Victor Gubbins and Hector Mery — already enjoys access to two gardens, one to the north and the other to the south. The green renovation emphasized these garden views by strippin...
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Disability As Strength – Except When Portrayed As Cliche In The Theatre

“Modern thinking around disability looks to a social model: people are disabled by society’s structures, the stairs they can’t climb and the doors a wheelchair can’t fit though are simple examples. It’s the job we can’t get, because having a disability is viewed as an inherent weakness rather than living with it being a demonstration of strength.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, 02.07.19

The Cities That Fall Into A Branding Trap

“Look at any piece of city marketing material, from promo videos to airline magazine ad inserts. It’s amazing how so many of them rely on the same basic ingredients: hipster coffee shops, microbreweries, bike lanes, creative-class members, startups, intimations of a fashion scene, farm-to-table restaurants, new downtown streetcars, etc. These are all good things, mind you: things cities should be happy to have. Some of them may even be modern necessities. But you can’t help but notice how few u...
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Some Insect Species are Facing Total Extinction

Insects outweigh every species on Earth—humans, cattle and fish included. Despite their minute size, insects—bees, butterflies, moths and more—play a vital role in the planet’s ecosystem. They’re responsible for a sizable chunk of our food chain and some species act as the world’s recyclers, scrubbing the ground floor from vegetal and wooden debris. But, according to a new study, 40% of insect species will be faced …
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How The Red Carpet Became Such A Thing

Although the red carpet has been a part of Hollywood premières since the silent era and a part of the Academy Awards since the early sixties, it became a beast unto itself in large part because of Joan Rivers, who began hosting her barbed red-carpet specials in the nineties, with her daughter, Melissa. The “Joan Rivers effect” made the whole enterprise funnier and—for the starlets on display—scarier. Soon the red carpet became its own cottage industry, with the E! network employing such dubiou...
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Dubai’s latest skyscraper emerges from its ruler’s fingerprint

Referred to as the ‘new icon in Dubai’s skyline’, the Burj Jumeira stands at 550m tall and in many ways, is representative of the essence of Dubai. Designed by SOM, Burj Jumeira’s unusual design is inspired by the desert’s shifting, organic sand dunes and oases, and will even feature a digital display on its front facade for cultural events and celebrations, much like the Burj Khalifa.The building’s alluring, iconic design begins at its oval-shaped base, which features a lake in the shape of the...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Dubai, Uae, Som, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Burj Jumeira, SOM Burj Jumeira, Mustafa Abadan

The Incredible Pressure of Building a Shower Head—One With the Potential to Save a Billion Gallons of Water

After years of tough engineering challenges, the Nebia 2.0 is a feat of elegant industrial engineering that pulls inspiration from agricultural irrigation, office furniture, and fuel injection.  California was in a drought—its worst in recorded history. And for much of 2014, Bret Recor had been trying to convince a Mexico City-based hardware team to show him a showerhead that they had designed to cut water use by as much as 85 percent. Now, he was finally sitting in a San Francisco hotel room,...
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British Critic Alun Morgan Is Gone

Morgan’s critiques, reviews and album notes were among the most widely read of those by any contemporary jazz critic. — Doug Ramsey
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Morgan, 02.12.19, Alun Morgan

Tips and Tricks for Rendering Soft Goods

When it comes to rendering by hand, "Soft goods and apparel products can be a real challenge for designers," writes industrial designer Eric Strebel." They're not shiny plastic objects, but are more organic and flowing. Getting the light and lay of the material to read correctly is key to conveying the story you want to tell about the product you designed."In this video Strebel shows you his tricks of the trade by rendering a pair of ski gloves. He covers everything from the kind of paper and ma...
Tags: Design, Eric Strebel, Strebel, Industrial Design Tips

New Conservation Center & Stellar Van Gogh Show: David Bomford’s Last Hurrahs at MFA, Houston

Gary Tinterow, director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, has a knack for attracting distinguished staff. After Gary’s homecoming to Houston (where he grew up), to assume the MFAH’s directorship in 2012, one of his first and best hires was David Bomford, who became chairman of conservation and curator of European art. — Lee Rosenbaum
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Propwatch: the strap-on in ‘When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other’

There is stuff you expect to find in a garage. A car. Metal shelving, peg board. Strip lighting that tints everything stark and queasy. A toolbox. Gaffer tape. An Amazon delivery box (there’s always a swoosh-marked Amazon box). They’re all here in Vicki Mortimer’s design. There’s also a strap-on. — David Jays
Tags: Amazon, Art, Ajblogs, Vicki Mortimer, 02.12.19

What Happened When Three Philosophers Put An ‘Ask A Philosopher’ Booth On A Manhattan Street Corner

Oh yes, people showed up, and they asked real questions. Lee McIntyre, author of Post-Truth and one of the three, offers a report. (The hardest part: the six-year-old girl who looked him in the eye and asked, in all seriousness, “How do I know I’m real?”) – The Conversation
Tags: Art, Ideas, Lee McIntyre, 02.06.19, Manhattan Street Corner

Tate Wins Lawsuit Against Tower Residents Over Privacy Complaints

A London judge has ruled for the Tate in a privacy case over an adjacent tower with residents complaining of viewers peering into their flats. “They have moved more of their living activities into a quasi-balcony area and provided more to look at,” ruled Mr. Justice Mann. “Had they not done that, there would have […]
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Giant Computer Mouse

Oversized computer mouse designed for giants and people with BIG hands. USB “BIG” Mouse from Brando. Functional computed mouse with flashing bright LED lights. Measures: 175mm long x 105mm wide x 55mm tall. Also check out: Inflatable Computer Mouse
Tags: Design, Tech, Giant Computer Mouse

What Makes Us Human: Laughter?

Something that sets us apart from these ancestors and primate relatives, and should be of special interest to anthropology, is our unique propensity to laugh. Laughter is a paradox. We all know it’s good for us; we experience it as one of life’s pleasures and a form of emotional release. Yet to be able to laugh, we must somehow cut ourselves off from feelings of love, hate, fear or any other powerful emotion.  – Aeon
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How to grow 10 foods from kitchen scraps

Meal plans and grocery lists, the cycle never ends. While some of your foods may come from carefully cultivated seeds or seedlings planted in your garden, did you know that you can grow food from food? You have probably heard that romaine lettuce regenerates easily if the base is placed in water, or that basil and cilantro cuttings will turn into entire plants, but there are many, many more foods that will grow from your kitchen scraps. Here’s a highlight reel. Bon appetit! Garlic Growing y...
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