Making of Disintegrating X (Lamborghini Miura...

Making of Disintegrating X (Lamborghini Miura SV 1972) by Fabian Oefner for M.A.D. Gallery. Stunning photographic art prints of the exploding Lamborghini will be available in 2 sizes of limited edition prints. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Lamborghini Miura, Fabian Oefner

Lampa Fotosyntes by Sofia Ljung & Elia Anis....

Lampa Fotosyntes by Sofia Ljung & Elia Anis. Such a lovely concept where the solar grow light can be moved to shift the growth of the plants! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Lampa Fotosyntes, Sofia Ljung, Elia Anis, Sofia Ljung Elia Anis

Front Design Curve lights for Zero. From the...

Front Design Curve lights for Zero. From the small but heavy base springs the lamp like a sprouting plant or mushroom. The collection now contains pendants, floor and table lamps in green or white glass or with metal shades in blue, ivory, white or green. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted

Coq en Pâte - animal illustration themed kids...

Coq en Pâte - animal illustration themed kids line from France. Fun, playful front and backs of animals on each outfit. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, France, Submitted

YD Talks: Should I follow my passion? Or the paycheck?

The irony of me being an Asian posing this question doesn’t escape me. I fully get that I’m absolutely following the cliche here, but let’s stop and really think about it. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this too at some point of time. Do I continue doing what I love, if it doesn’t pay me much? Or do I do something that I absolutely dislike, but feels more stable? HOW BIG SHOULD I DREAM? (AND, SHOULD I HAVE A BACKUP PLAN?) Let’s just dive right into the topic and get to the point I’d like to ma...
Tags: Design, Passion, Mark Cuban, Popular, Editorial, Chris, Stability, Don, Chris Do, The Futur, YD Talks, Sam Gwilt

Review: Episode 1 of Portrait Artist of the Year 2019

I'm going to continue my habit of reviewing the episodes of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2019 and providing a commentary on each as I did last year (see the end) This time it's going to be... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark

In The Get-A-Life Department: Instagram Users Lose Followers And Freak Out

So what happened? Instagram has now tweeted that the follower loss was not the result of a fake user account culling, but instead due to a glitch they are still looking in to.  – Fast Company
Tags: Art, People, 02.12.19

Ford’s hilarious shifting-mattress bed helps your partner ‘sleep in their lane’!

An unlikely area of intervention for an automotive company, Ford’s now designing self-adjusting beds! Designed as a part of the Ford Interventions series, which uses automotive technology to remedy everyday problems, this is the Lane-Keeping Bed. As its name suggests, it prevents bed-space-hoggers from occupying more than half of the bed’s space.We move around a lot when we sleep (some more than others). This often results in an inequality when it comes to bed sharing. You could roll over in y...
Tags: Home, Design, Bed, Ford, Product Design, Lane keeping

The Life Knight brings the hospital to the injured

Think about it. When you deploy an ambulance, you’re essentially making two trips. One, to the patient, and the second, to the hospital after collecting the patient. This 2x journey is often the difference between life and death, and a problem that the Life Knight wants to solve.Designed to be deployed in areas with no access to medical care, i.e., disaster-struck zones or medically underdeveloped areas, the Life Knight is a moving hospital that reaches its destination and opens up into a full-f...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Medical, Hospital, Automotive, Ambulance, Red Dot Awards: Design Concept, Red Dot Concept 2018, Baojun Li, Life Knight, Mingliang Song, Zhifei Tian

Movie Industry Weighs In On Oscars’ Decision To X Televising Cinematography Awards

Russell Crowe, not nominated for anything this year, chimed. “The Academy is removing cinematography, editing and make up from the televised show? This is just such a fundamentally stupid decision, I’m not even going to be bothered trying to be a smart arse about it,” the actor, who won an Oscar for Gladiator, said. “It’s just too fucking dumb for words.” – New York Magazine
Tags: Art, Media, Russell Crowe, The Academy, Gladiator, 02.12.19

Will the pope go vegan for Lent?

Pope Francis is known for his simplicity, favoring what’s been called “papal athleisure” over the fine silks worn by his predecessors, and urging Christians to forego greed. He doesn’t want to be a millionaire. But will he turn down the chance to donate a million dollars to the charity of his choice? That’s what a group of celebrity vegans, led by 12-year-old Genesis Butler, are offering if Pope Francis goes vegan for Lent. The group Million Dollar Vegan launched earlier this month by sending a...
Tags: Design, Beyonce, Pope Francis, Paul Mccartney, Catholic, Woody Harrelson, Francis, Butler, Glover, Laudato, Genesis Butler, Million Dollar Vegan, Matthew Glover, Jane Land

After 112 Years, The Oregon College Of Arts And Crafts Is To Close And Be Sold. But Why?

Every great city has a vibrant arts and craft culture, and schools and colleges are a critical. In Portland, our art and craft worlds have suffered an ongoing erosion. Go to a public school and see how few wood shops are left. The loss of the Museum of Contemporary Craft was a major hit. If we let the college close, the many donors inscribed on the wall in the college’s Vollum building — and thousands of additional donors — will completely lose their investment in this nationally recognized sc...
Tags: Art, Portland, Visual, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Oregon College Of Arts, 02.12.19

Russia Is Cutting Itself Off From The Rest Of The Internet (Temporarily). But Is This Prelude To Something Bigger?

Ostensibly the goal of the legislation is to protect the Russian internet from the US, which has an offensive cybersecurity strategy and lists Russia as one of the major sources of hacking attacks. However, many observers think the creation of a Russian intranet is a further step towards a goal of duplicating the Great Firewall of China to restrict the access of the country’s internet users to content deemed harmful by the authorities. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, China, Russia, US, 02.12.19

Human Debate Champion Finally Beats IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Machine

A human has finally notched up a win against our future robot overlords. Champion debater Harish Natarajan triumphed in a live showdown against IBM’s Miss Debater AI at the company’s Think Conference in San Francisco on Monday.  – Engadget
Tags: Art, San Francisco, Ideas, Ibm, Artificial Intelligence Machine, Harish Natarajan, 02.12.19

How to get HIGH PAYING Design Clients

Want to know how to get high paying design clients? This video explains how I went from $300 design projects to 5 figure projects. I concisely discuss 5 tried and true strategies to get high paying design clients including: Your Portfolio & USP Building Relationships Marketing Strategies Pricing Creativity (Proposals & Closing Deals) Upsells Inside, I recommended putting this book on your radar: Pricing Creativity by Blair Enns. It’s expensive ($200+) and only available on his website. Alterna...
Tags: Design, Youtube, Clients, Graphic Design, Pricing, Blair Enns

Lolo Zouaï: Lose Myself

On her new hip-hop-inflected tune “Lose Myself,” Lolo Zouaï details how she got to where she is—referencing her first car, stories of adolescence and the music that inspired her. But the singer also explores a deep fear of losing the people and things that made her who she is. “I don’t want to lose myself to this,” she sings. On the self-produced track, Zouaï showcases her talent and her …
Tags: Music, New York, Design, Music Videos, Culture, Hip-hop, Listenup, Lolo Zouaï

Google Translate Employs Decades-Old Language Theory

Google Translate uses complex neural and numeric systems to find equivalencies in speech and text across languages. The tool is seemingly simple—at least for users. But on the backend, developers worked tirelessly to get the application to where it is now. One fascinating breakthrough came when Google employees applied Wittgenstein’s language theory: a posthumously published theory that words hold no supreme meaning and that meaning …
Tags: Google, Design, Tech, Language, Linguistics, Philosophy, Ai, Google Translate, Wittgenstein, Language Theory

Oil rig off South Korea's coast to become a floating hotel that operates on tidal energy

As today’s urban planners are struggling on how to integrate renewable energy into existing infrastructure, some forward-thinking architects are making the task much easier. Beijing-based firm Margot Krasojević Architecture has just released a design that would see an existing oil rig in South Korea’s coast converted into a futuristic lighthouse hotel whose organic flowing form would be installed with pivoting turbines to harness tidal energy to power the hotel. The lighthouse hotel is slated...
Tags: South Korea, Design, Hotels, Renewable Energy, Architecture, Beijing, Gallery, Energy Efficiency, Futuristic Hotels, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Jeju, Green Hotel Design, Wave Energy, Margot Krasojević, Tidal Energy

A renovated Toronto home boasts energy savings of over 50%

Blending East Asian and Western influences to reflect the client’s Asian-Canadian background, the Echo House is an elegant renovation and expansion project that follows ecologically sustainable principles. Designed by local architecture firm Paul Raff Studio, the home, which covers an expansive area of 11,140 square feet, is set on a two-acre property in the Bridle Path neighborhood of Toronto, Canada. Improvements to the existing structure as well as new high-efficiency heating, cooling and ve...
Tags: Design, Toronto, Ontario, Interior Garden, Ben Rahn, Bridge House, Paul Raff Studio, ECHO house

Why Was Zhang Yimou’s Latest Film Pulled From The Berlin Film Festival?

“The phrase ‘technical reasons’ is both a euphemism and a reality for Chinese filmmakers, none of whom can ever be said to have completed their movie until regulators sign off on every detail. … In the case of One Second, it is possible that the subject matter, rooted in Mao Zedong’s 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, was the problem.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Mao Zedong, Zhang Yimou, 02.11.19

Valentine’s Day Chairs

Romantic chairs for two people are perfect for Valentine’s Day celebration. Two interconnected chairs with small table designed by Karim Rashid. Loveseat Also check out: Heart Cake for Valentine’s Day
Tags: Design, Tech, Karim Rashid

Oscars Cut Televising Some Categories In Pursuit Of Ratings. What’s Next?

Michael Philips: “If ABC and the Oscars keep this up, by 2028 we may be watching a 90-minute infomercial with no host, no technical or design awards, no sense of craft or history, and a whole helluva lot of ‘Avengers’ cast members, whoever they are by then.” – Chicago Tribune
Tags: Art, Media, Abc, Audience, 02.12.19, Michael Philips

Former piano studio converted into modern 189 sq. ft. micro-apartment

Once a centrally located piano practice space, it's been now converted into an comfortable little apartment with the help of some smart space-saving strategies.
Tags: Design, News

Presentation Software: What’s Available to You

The presentation software market is nothing short of crowded. Gone are the days when PowerPoint was your only option. Instead, there are now countless options with cloud-based applications, online platforms, and built-in software. With so many options, selecting the right software can seem like an impossible task. Don’t worry. Our team has worked with many of the different options available on the market, and we’re here to help you make an educated decision on which software is best for you. Fir...
Tags: Design, Software, Harvard, Powerpoint, Deliver, Presentation, Develop, Keynote, Prezi, Speaking, Presentation Design

Sole of the UX: Crossover Cross-branding at Its Worst?

Lexus unveiled a collaboration with Nike and designer John Elliot at New York Fashion Week, celebrating both human and automotive footwear. The finished piece, titled “Sole of the UX,” is scheduled to make additional appearances across the country later this year, touring with a matching pair of Nike AF1 shoes. After conducting a bit of research, […] The post Sole of the UX: Crossover Cross-branding at Its Worst? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Art, Marketing, Shoes, Nike, Lexus, Autos, Tires, Sneakers, New York Fashion Week, Art Cars, News Blog, John Elliot, Lexus UX, Corporate Shenanigans, Cross Branding

Frieze Los Angeles: Lights, Camera, Art!

Will a film studio’s New York sets help a contemporary art fair soar after the city’s other fairs flopped?
Tags: Art, New York, News, Victoria, Paramount Pictures, Hall, Sarah, Ali, Cain, Ferrer, Cayetano, Auerbach, Hammer Museum, Siddall, Newkirk, Subotnick

Curator Laura Hoptmann and Painter Verne Dawson Profiled in NYT

Drawing Center curator Laura Hoptmann and painter Verne Dawson are profiled in the NYT’s ‘Show Us Your Wall’ series, showcasing a collection of works built up from a lifetime in the art world. “I never spent more than $20 on a work. This odd vase [with a damaged octopus on the front] I bought for […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Laura Hoptmann, Verne Dawson

Art Basel Reveals Exhibitor List

Art Basel has revealed the exhibitor list for the 2019 edition of its flagship fair, with 290 galleries from 34 different countries participating, including 19 first-time exhibitors. Read more at Art Basel
Tags: Art, News, Art Basel, Art News, Minipost

WSJ Charts Los Angeles’s Entry to Global Market with Frieze LA

The WSJ looks at the upcoming week in Los Angeles, and asks if the city is ready for a step onto the stage of the global art market. “Los Angeles has never had that choke-point week where the auction houses and galleries get the art world’s undivided attention, and we sell big,” says Muys Snijders, […]
Tags: Art, News, Los Angeles, WSJ, Art News, Minipost, WSJ Charts Los Angeles, Muys Snijders

A Museum of Man’s Best Friend, From Fossils to Virtual Reality

The American Kennel Club has opened its collection of all things canine in New York. Here is a tour of the art of the dog.
Tags: Art, New York, News, Dogs, Museums, Alan, American Kennel Club, Museum of the Dog, Fausel

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