Eye Candy for Today: Samuel Prout pencil drawing

The Castle at Heidelberg, Samuel Prout Pencil on paper, roughly 11 x 16″ (28 x 43 cm); in the collection of the Morgan Library and Museum. 19th century artist Samuel Prout give us one of those wonderful drawings that is simultaneously loose and precise, and shows us something of the process of its creation in the more lightly rendered left side of the castle’s facade.  
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Matador... #books #bookstagram #livros

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Jailson Rainer)]
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It’s Great To Have A Diverse Cast, But What About The Writers?

The BBC has a new series about a Chinese family running a restaurant – but the writers aren’t from the community. Writers and actors from film, TV, and theatre have signed a letter that “calls for all scripts on the series, called Living With the Lams, to be authored by British East Asian Writers.” – The Stage (UK)
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The Lincoln Memorial Is Iconic, But It Might Have Been Very Different

So many things could have gone wrong. For instance: “As ideally situated as it seems today, many officials charged with building the Memorial did not want to locate it at West Potomac Park, the once-marshy fringe of Washington’s National Mall. Bizarre alternative proposals included Virginia’s Arlington Cemetery—in the former Confederacy.” Then let’s talk about the statue. – The Wall Street Journal
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New York – “God Made My Face: A Collective Portrait of James Baldwin” at David Zwirner

Marlene Dumas, James Baldwin (2014), all images via Art Observed Delving into the life and work of the monumental American writer James Baldwin, Hilton Als has taken another turn as a curator at David Zwirner Gallery, mounting an exhibition that both explores and critiques the artist’s career, and his complicated relationship to the political landscape […]
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AO On-Site – Los Angeles: Felix Art Fair, February 14th – 17th, 2019

Felix Art Fair, all images via Art Observed For a city that has embraced its emergence onto the global arts stage in recent years, its still an impressive feat that Los Angeles’s first major market week would open with four well-curated and diverse events, perhaps even more impressive that each would manage to express such […]
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Does This Look Like a God to You?

I’m glad to see a woman writing Wonder Woman, given that this is the time where the character should be getting more attention. In my opinion, G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel) is taking some time to find her feet, but the current storyline, pitting Veronica Cale against the Amazon Princess, shows promise. Cale, created by Greg Rucka to be Wonder Woman’s “Lex Luthor”, is a high-powered executive whose daughter was kidnapped by gods in order to blackmail her. She’s a [...]
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Orazio de Gennaro at Court Tree Gallery

In Orazio’s third show with Court Tree Collective, his series entitled “Heads” pays homage to his experience as a sculptor, both in the images within the series and by the materials he uses, all made by hand. This series is inspired by ancient Roman mosaics of the heads of boxers...Read more »
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A white pelican from Florida.   Backlit and shadowed. [Author: RH Carpenter]
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The Dance of Death - Two People Praying for the End

Reviewed by Judd Hollander"Death will come and then perhaps, life begins." A line at the end of August Strindberg's bitter comedy The Dance of Death which best sums up what the two main characters are feeling. Written in 1900, this tale of a long-suffering couple bound together by love and hate is given fresh life thanks to a powerful new version by Conor McPherson and crackling direction from Victoria Clark. The show running in repertory at Classic Stage Company with Yael Farber's adaptation of...
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Trip to Leatherwise

On our last day of vacation in California, we made a stop in Santa Cruz. We had some time to kill before our flight, so out of curiosity I did what I do – I performed a quick internet search for any kind of bookbinding supplies in the near vicinity. And…victory! I found Leatherwise, a sweet little leather shop. In this case, size sure didn’t matter. Every square foot of the place was jam-packed with awesome. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wanted to have all the things. Unfortun...
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The Theremin Had A Life Before Sci-Fi Movies Took It Over

The original advertising campaigns for the theremin included it as a home music-making instrument. “This campaign primarily targeted middle and upper-class white women, a demographic frequently associated with (and compelled to take on) domestic music-making and most likely to select music technology purchased for the home.” – NewMusicBox
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Hair Sculptures

Creative sculptures made out of long braids help capture original photographs. Hair sculptures created by Ivorian artist and fashion designer Laetitia Ky. Also check out: Creative Hairstyles
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Dave Smith, Disney’s Archivist And The Keeper Of The Company’s Secrets, Has Died

The man with expert knowledge on everything in the company’s past has died at 78. “In an industry that’s notorious for neglecting its past, Smith stood out as perhaps the most respected, if unheralded, member of a small group of in-house studio historians. Smith is credited with helping Hollywood understand the cultural value of its past, starting at Disney in 1970 when rival studios were auctioning or dumping their histories.” – Los Angeles Times
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Italian Film Star Claudia Cardinale On A Life Working With Directors Like Fellini, Visconti, Leone, And Herzog

Cardinale’s voice was “too husky” and also too French (she grew up in Tunisia) for Italian cinema when she started. But then came 8 1/2. – Los Angeles Times
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Fauna of Mirrors

Featured Artists: Charlotte Becket, Samuelle Green, Tamara Kostianovsky, Jessica Lagunas, Christina Massey, Lina Puerta, Kathleen Vance Curated by Etty Yaniv Dates: Monday, March 4th through Fri, April 26th Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 13th In his short story “Fauna of Mirrors,” Jorge Luis Borges portrays an alternative world which is believed...Read more »
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AO On-Site – Los Angeles: SPRING/BREAK LA at The Stalls at Skylight ROW DTLA, February 15th – 17th, 2019

Theo Triantafyllidis, Seamless (2017) at Transfer Gallery, all images via Art Observed Opening up its own intriguing take on the landscape of Los Angeles and its ample supply of artists and galleries, SPRING/BREAK has brought its production to the City of Angels for the first time, launching a supplementary event that feels particularly resonant amid […]
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The Minnow: a photography exhibition

This will be my first solo photography exhibition in New York City. It’s a group of images I’ve wanted to share for a while, all of which were taken on August 31st 2017 at Nauset Beach, Cape Cod between 11:18 am and 1:33 pm. Feb 28th 6-10PM – Seven House...Read more »
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BRIC Biennial: Volume III, South Brooklyn Edition

On View: February 7 – April 7, 2019 BRIC, 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 BRIC, celebrating 40 years as the leading presenter of free cultural programming in Brooklyn, is pleased to present the BRIC Biennial: Volume III, South Brooklyn Edition. This year, the organization engages nineteen artists in South...Read more »
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Viel Feind, viel Ehr

Viel Feind, viel Ehr Peninsula Gallery– 352 Van Brunt Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 Sunday, February 17th through May 4th, 2019 Opening Sunday, February 17th, 6-9 PM Jerry Blackman Lutz Braun Andreas Bunte Andrew Guenther Stef Heidhues John Hodany Jeroen Jacobs Valentin Just Michael Kirkham Johnny Mullen Hester Oerlemans Mike Olin...Read more »
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Trestle’s Critical Feedback Program

Trestle programs are designed to offer an alternative to the expense of higher education. The Trestle philosophy comes from a belief that artists can grow and learn from each other without the excessive student loans that can come with graduate work at larger institutions. With a studio in NYC, one...Read more »
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We Ain’t Shit Show

WE AIN’T SH*T SHOW’S purpose is to create a space that celebrates egoless creativity. The vision is to bring those who value the spirit of unfiltered artistic expression together for a night of communal celebration. The sexy space will feature paintings, VR & photography by artists from all walks of...Read more »
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Call for Art: Puffin Cultural Forum’s “Measured Hate”

Puffin Cultural Forum Open Call “Measured Hate” Deadline for submission: February 19 Curator: Andrew Lee, [email protected], 201-500-7259 FBI hate crime reports were up 17% in 2017, marking a rise for the third year in a row. In today’s discordant political atmosphere, these statistics confirm what many have already felt: speech...Read more »
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Bollywood Gets Its First Major LGBTQ Film [VIDEO]

The film, with major Bollywood stars in it, centers on the love story between two women, but they’re under pressure to be in opposite-sex marriages. The film’s director, Shelly Chopra Dhar: “The intent for this film was to reach a wider audience, to have everybody understand that love is love, and does not need to be qualified.” – BBC
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Brooklyn Gets An Oslo-Worthy Home For Fiction, And For Writers

Oslo has Litteraturhuset – a place for readers and writers to “to meet, write, debate, read, and discuss writing, ideas, and politics over food and drinks, all with the mission of promoting the greater good of art and literature,” but that kind of physical space “seemed an impossible fantasy” for New York. Until now. – LitHub
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Finding a World

“Welcome to a primordial world that’s fiercer than anything religious texts ordain.” – Deborah Jowitt
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Frank Stella Explains His Art Collection, Including Fakes Of His Work

He doesn’t have anything of his own on his living room walls (though he does own, and display, four fakes that were sent to him for authentication). “It’s nice to come home and look at paintings. I don’t have to look at my own paintings. To me, it’s a relief. I like seeing them and not worrying.” – The New York Times
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What The Academy Should Drop From The Live Broadcast: The Shorts

The NYT‘s Carpetbagger: “These categories are an island unto themselves, whereas a nominee from any other race — be it an animated feature or a foreign-language film — can conceivably vie for best picture or at least be eligible for other Oscars. If there are categories that have to go, these three provide the cleanest cut.” – The New York Times
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Rethinking The Purpose Of British Arts Institutions

Take a look at Battersea Arts Centre, which “no longer focuses on creating the ‘future of theatre’—a laudable purpose, but not one of much interest to the many who doubt theatre is for them. Instead, it concentrates on inspiring and supporting people to take creative risks to shape their own and their communities’ future, whether those people define themselves as artists or not.” – HowlRound
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Propwatch: The celery in Berberian Sound Studio

Some props have long lives, and others, well: “The celery and carrot, the cabbage and water melons, all make a distinct if self-immolating impact.” – David Jays
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