When Good People Do Bad (And Why)

You might wonder how people who seem so good by occupation could be so bad in private. The theory of moral licensing could help explain why: When humans are good, it says, we give ourselves license to be bad. – Nautilus
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Cloudy days... #photooftheday #sky #sunset

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Believed extinct for 38 years, the world's largest bee has been found

Measuring in at four times the size of the average honeybee, Wallace’s giant bee has been on the endangered species radar for decades and was feared to be gone forever. But after 38 years of searching, scientists have confirmed that the world’s largest bee hasn’t gone extinct just yet. A team of scientists hailing from the United States and Australia discovered a female giant bee on the North Moluccas islands of Indonesia. The bee was uncovered in a termite nest, and the team was able to captur...
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The Surprising Mistake That Keeps Many Speakers From Getting Booked

In 2007, I was an agent at one of the country’s largest speakers’ bureaus, and I had a meeting with an aspiring speaker. During the meeting, he told me: “I believe anyone can benefit from my presentations. And if I just have an audience and a microphone, I can help people. My message is helpful to everyone, just give me the chance and you’ll see.” I smiled and nodded, said something polite, and closed out the meeting as quickly as I could. But I was really thinking: “Hmmm. So YOU are what the wo...
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Will AI Ever Be Artists? Be Creative? Produce Art? A Philosopher Argues No

“Human creative achievement, because of the way it is socially embedded, will not succumb to advances in artificial intelligence. To say otherwise is to misunderstand both what human beings are and what our creativity amounts to.” – MIT Technology Review
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Remembering Composer Dominick Argento

Argento was always a force apart. He belonged to no compositional school, preferring a distinctly eclectic language that appealed both intellectually and emotionally to his audiences. At a time when most of the celebrated American composers were based on either the East or West coasts, where they could work together and help promote one another’s music, Mr. Argento lived and worked in Minneapolis throughout his career, teaching composition at the University of Minnesota and working closely for...
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Baux unveils sustainable acoustic panels made out of chemical-free pulp

Acoustic products manufacturer Baux has just unveiled a truly innovative design for some stylish, plant-based acoustic panels. Made out of chemical-free pulp material sourced from sustainably harvested Swedish pine and fir trees, the decorative Baux Acoustic Pulp panels can be used to soundproof various environments such as homes, restaurants office spaces, classrooms and more. Launched during this year’s Stockholm Design Week, the eco-friendly Baux Acoustic Pulp panels were made possible thro...
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A Jiffy Lube Owner Talks About His Business’s Relationship With The Arts

Steve Sanner: “Small business owners like me don’t often view the arts as an area in which we can make a real difference. Even our “stretch” sponsorship levels are overshadowed by the huge dollar amounts that wealthy individuals, banks, law firms, and insurance companies can generate. For us, philanthropy is difficult to plan for, so our sponsorship investments tend to come out of our advertising budgets. Therefore, we’re motivated to find ways to drive our business in more immediate, ROI-based...
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Rauschenberg Foundation Adds Three to Board, Including Glenn Lowry

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in New York has added collector A.C. Hudgins, art historian Kellie Jones, and Museum of Modern Art director Glenn Lowry to its board. “Kellie, Glenn, and A. C. are intimately involved with the creative lives of artists across the globe and firm believers that the foundation’s artistic and philanthropic programs must […]
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Canvas Work Jacket

Cut from 100% cotton twill, this canvas work jacket from Aimé Leon Dore’s newest collection is practical (the two front pockets are deep and sturdy) but still stylish—with details that shine. From the monogrammed embroidery to the custom logo snaps and zipper, the finer construction components complement the coat’s washed-blue hue nicely.
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China closes Mount Everest base camp after overwhelming trash problem reports

China is taking steps to clean up Mount Everest amid growing concerns about trash accumulation. The base camp at the foot of the world’s tallest mountain is officially closed to tourists until further notice. The closure of the base camp comes after a surprising report from the Tibet Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, which claims it has picked up over 8 tons of trash from the site, including human waste and general garbage, last year alone. It is unclear when the base camp will open to tourists....
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Museums Are Being Criticized For Taking Money From Robber Barons (And The Like). What To Do?

Obviously, take the lead, realize there’s a problem as standards change. Instead, protests driven by social media are shaming some of the world’s most venerable cultural institutions, and they’re looking pretty bad. But there’s a balancing act to consider, writes Adrian Ellis… – The Art Newspaper
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Steampunk Star Wars

Steampunk themed sculptures of iconic Star Wars characters made out of recycled parts from old typewriters and vacuum cleaners. “Steampunk Star Wars” created by talented sculptor Georges Ayusawa. Also check out: Steampunk Insects
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How a Commuter Thermos May Have Caused a Deadly Accident, Speeding the Vehicle Up and Preventing Braking  

A few years ago, when I was still in NYC, there was a high-speed bus crash that was all over the local news. A charter bus blew through a red light at an absurd 60 miles per hour in a 30 MPH zone. This is the footage: Just in NEW video showing the second the buses collided in @ABC7NY September 18, 2017 "> Three people died, including the driver of the charter bus, one Raymond Mong. Mong was a former MTA bus driver who, it was then reported, was fired by the MTA a couple of years earlier, ...
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The Troubled Oscars – A Timeline

Have we ever seen a more chaotic lead up to an awards telecast? A host is announced, then revoked. Categories are added, then rescinded. Awards are to be televised, then not. Then televised again. It’s enough to make you think the Academy doesn’t know what it’s doing. At the least, it shows a collapse in confidence. – The New York Times
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Saving the environment one hair wash at a time

In the ongoing dialogue surrounding water consumption and saving water, the length of your shower, how you water your yard and even your toothbrush usage probably come up. But there is another water-thirsty activity that should be added to the discussion — hair washing. Think about it. Daily shampooing by billions of people is destined to strain resources. So taking a moment to consider the ways you can cut back on the suds, the water and the money going down the drain can be the best way to he...
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Machines Can Now Write Compelling Fake Stories. Soon We Won’t Be Able To Tell What’s Real

Jack Clark says it may not be long before AI can reliably produce fake stories, bogus tweets, or duplicitous comments that are even more convincing. “It’s very clear that if this technology matures—and I’d give it one or two years—it could be used for disinformation or propaganda,” he says. “We’re trying to get ahead of this.” – MIT Technology Review
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Every Bottle Pump Should be Designed Like This  

At first it sounds silly: A peanut butter pump designed to be retrofitted to 40-ounce jars, and sporting both a stream and a ribbon nozzle. But for the peanut butter lover it seems quite effective, and its potential applications go well beyond nutty paste. All package designers who work on bottles or jars, whether they hold shampoo, soap, detergent or any viscous material, should be studying this thing.Invented by Andrew Scherer, the pump's knockout feature (at least to me, a former bottle desig...
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Design Job: Prime Studio is Seeking Mid-Level Freelance Industrial Designers in New York, NY

We’re starting the year with a bang and currently have opportunities for mid-level (3+ years experience) freelance industrial designers to come work with our team in our studio. We're lucky to work with such respected brands and companies as Harry's, Henkel, Goby, Oneida, Helmm, Roam and Field Company and you View the full design job here
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Robert Rauschenberg Once Threw His Paintings Into A River Because A Critic Said So

The artist’s 1953 exhibition in Florence wasn’t well-received by the conservative public of the city: one critic was appalled at the art’s “barbaric metaphysics” and another called it “psychological garbage and that it must be thrown into the Arno.” So, when the show was over and Rauschenberg saw how much it would cost to ship the art home to the States, that is what he did. – The Daily Beast
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Farewell, Jackie Shane

Jackie Shane, an influential figure in soul music and the LGBTQ+ community, has passed away at 78 years old. Even though she helped define the R&B sound of the ’60s and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Historical Album this year, her work transcends music. Shane identified as a woman from the age of 13, before the term “transgender” was used.  More than an entertainer, she …
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British Collection of Sculpture to be Catalogued Online

The full collection of sculpture in the holdings of the British Nation will be catalogued online, the Guardian reports. “The variety, the range, is just stunning and what is extraordinary is that it is going to be so much more global,” says Andrew Ellis, director of Art UK, the non-profit in charge of the project. “Paintings are predominantly […]
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Rendering and Sketching Basics: How to Draw and Calculate Cast Shadows 

ID students: By the first year of your program, you ought be observing the objects around you during your daily life, noting how those objects' shadows fall relative to the ambient light source. (If you're not doing that yet, start!) And with any luck, your Drawing professor has broken out the geometric shapes and has you going through pencils like nobody's business. But if you haven't been paying attention, if your teacher stinks or if you just need a refresher, watch industrial designer Eric S...
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'Root Bench' in Seoul Blurs the Boundaries Between Nature and Design

Part public art sculpture, part public furniture, Root Bench in Hangang Art Park in Seoul, South Korea, not only defies categorization but it also blurs the boundaries between the man-made and the natural environment. Designed by local practice Yong Ju Lee Architecture, the installation appears as a network of tree roots that organically spread out over the park’s grassy terrain.
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State Hermitage Museum Evacuated Over Bomb Threat

The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg was evacuated on Thursday, February 21 due to a bomb threat, Artforum reports. A number of other institutions in the city received similar threats the same day. Read more at Artforum
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Survey Notes Drop in Museum Arts Funding

A new report from SMU DataArts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas notes a drop in large institutions’ non-profit arts funding in recent years, Art News reports.  “With art museums you see a pretty sober picture,” says Zannie Voss, director of SMU DataArts. “If you look at size, small- and medium-size organizations saw an increase […]
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Met Receives Gift of 17th and 18th Century South American Works

The Met has received a gift of ten 17th and 18th century works from Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia from Sao Paolo-based collector James Kung Wei Li. “These are outstanding examples of colonial-era Andean painting, and this gift is truly a turning point in our efforts to expand our holdings of Latin American art,” says director Max Hollein. Read […]
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New York – Ella Kruglyanskaya: “Fenix” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise Through February 24th, 2019

Ella Kruglyanskaya, Doll on Lilac Background (2018), via Art Observed Latvian-born painter Ella Kruglyanskaya brings her stylized depictions of female figures to New York this month, presenting a show of new paintings at Gavin Brown’s spacious Harlem gallery space. The show, dwelling on her restlessly inventive and stylistically diverse body of work, has installed the […]
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Accessible tiny home helps elderly woman age in place gracefully (Video)

This lovely little home was built for a woman who wants to be closer to her loved ones, without losing her autonomy.
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Lather is the PETA-approved skincare that reminds us all to slow down

From its natural ingredients to its carbon-neutral operations and its eco-friendly packaging, you’re going to want to lather up with Lather. First spied by Inhabitat at this year’s Indie Beauty Expo, Lather’s long line of sustainable skincare products have made themselves a new home in our medicine cabinets. Founded in 1999, Lather was started by Emilie Hoyt after she battled with migraines — which were partially caused by the harmful ingredients found in conventional skincare and cosmetics. Ho...
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