SPRUNG / A best dream come true for adults, kids, and squirrels!

SPRUNG / A best dream come true for adults, kids, and squirrels! Saturday March 30th 8pm to midnight View from home live stream or come to Bushwick limited seating Tickets $20 / $40 suggested. Select what works best for you. We are not for profit. We do this project because...Read more »
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This Is Why Billy Porter Wore a Gown Instead of a Tux to the Oscars

According to Porter, there was a deeper, more poignant reason he chose to wear it.
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Manhattan Pier Is Deemed Unsafe, Forcing Cancellation of an Art Show

The Armory Show will relocate to Pier 90, forcing the shutdown of Volta, a companion show that was set to be held there.
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Fisher Poets Gather On The Western Edge Of The United States

One of the fisherpoet legends is Moe Bowstern who, yes, named herself. Apparently writing poetry comes with being on a fishing ship, she says. “Well, I mean, have you ever been fishing? … It’s unbelievably boring. And so you just have to think of something else to do.” –NPR
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Here’s A Documentary About The Actual Green Book

Ahem. You know, there really was one, and it really was key for Black people traveling in the South (and elsewhere) for decades. Something you might watch as counter-programming tonight? Hmmm. – The Atlantic
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Subindo na vida! #photooftheday #dogsofinstagram #dog

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Jailson Rainer)]
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Modern Cabin

Aeroplane inspired cabin designed to be mounted on stilts or hang from trees. The Fuselage: eco-friendly cabin made by Tree Tents from sustainably sourced wood and recycled aluminium. Also check out: Triangle Cabin
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The Haskell Indian Nation University Is About To Close Its Museum ‘Indefinitely’

As a grant ends, the Historical Cultural Center and Museum, with three employees and a collection dating back to 1884, is planning to shut down. But apparently it will, at some point, reopen, says a dean: “‘We have been working diligently to secure more funding in order to reopen it later this semester,’ said Julia Good Fox, dean of the College of Natural and Social Sciences.” – Lawrence Journal-World
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Weird letters project

A group of my Book Arts Guild of Vermont friends and I have two challenges going on at the moment, the first of which I just started to tackle. The project involves a bunch of sign letters and grid paper that one of my friends found at a flea market. Letters and grids were batched up for everyone and we were given free rein on what we decided to do with them. Each letter comes in three sizes, as you can see below. My friend Marcia (@marciavogler) already finished her book – you can see it on I...
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The Long, Not Exactly Uplifting History Of African American Dancers Getting Cast In Ballets

Basically, ballet companies wanted only Black women who were very light-skinned and who, especially in whiteface makeup, could pass for white (especially in the South). – JSTOR
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Stanley Donen, Director Of ‘Singing In The Rain’ And Other Musicals, Has Died At 94

Donen “brought a certain charm and elegance to the silver screen in the late 1940s through the 1950s, at a time when Hollywood was soaked in glamour and the big studio movies were polished to a sheen.” Some of his other movies: Royal Wedding, with Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling; On the Town, Damn Yankees, and so, so many more. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, People, Stanley Donen, Fred Astaire, Donen, 02.23.19, Town Damn Yankees

Middle-School Girls Are Lustful, Too, And Various Media Are Starting To Catch Up

If you thought middle school girls were “innocent” while middle school boys awoke to their own sexuality, well, think again. In new movies and TV shows, “our girls are awkward and weird. They are undergoing orthodontic treatments. They have made out with every bedpost and doorframe in their bedrooms. Through their eyes, it is the boys who become smooth, uncomplicated objects.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, 02.22.19

D.C.’s Synetic Theater Won’t Lose Its Lease To Amazon HQ – Yet

The theatre now has a three-year grace period. “With the announcement of Amazon’s move into Arlington, the mostly vacant building became a centerpiece for the first phase of the company’s takeover of National Landing, née Crystal City. This left Synetic Theater—known for its wordless, physical productions—looking for a new home.” – DCist
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Spirit Award Best Screenplay Winner Says Director Of ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ Was Cheated Of An Oscar Nomination

As she (and co-writer Jeff Whitty) won an Indie Sprit Award, “Can You Ever Forgive Me? screenwriter Nicole Holofcener offered a blunt assessment of the lack of Academy Awards recognition for director Marielle Heller, and women directors everywhere.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Media, Nicole Holofcener, Marielle Heller, Jeff Whitty, 02.23.19

What’s It Like Watching Your Character On The Page Come To Life As Glenn Close?

Meg Wolitzer, author of The Wife (among many other novels): “All of this is heady, effervescent stuff for a novelist. … I felt a particular kind of excitement. It wasn’t just the generic Hollywood feeling to which many of us are susceptible. The face for which I had created the outline had been filled in, saturated with new meaning.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Words, Glenn Close, Meg Wolitzer, 02.22.19

Philadelphia Flower Show Preview 2019

Flowers and More Flowers: "Flower Power" is the name of this year's show. Philadelphia Flower Show March 2-10 Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA Flowers are part of our everyday lives and impart to us a wide array of emotions, from love and hope to peace, beauty, tranquility, and joy. Sam... [Author: Jane Berger]
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The Artist Behind Those Airplane Bathroom Flemish Style Selfies

Nina Katchadourian and her husband fly a lot, hence the airplane bathroom selfies – but the Flemish recreations are a small part of her work. She says her work is funny partly because “it’s seriously difficult for people to reconcile humor and art co-existing, which points to an old-fashioned or romantic expectation about art that is selling humor short. Humor is sometimes the only way to speak intensely serious things.” – The Cut
Tags: Art, Visual, Nina Katchadourian, 02.22.19

A Twining, Twinned, Divergent Path To Broadway

Two actors who played opposite each other in two different plays end up on Broadway at the same time – each in one of those plays. How did they not end up together in at least one of them? Whew: “It’s a bit sensitive, because my agent who was the point person died, and there was a miscommunication,” says one. – The New York Times
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Things Can Go Badly Awry When A President Inspires Satirical Art

That is to say, when the current U.S. president, and his family, are satirized or otherwise memorialized in art, it’s often not very good art. “A lot has appeared over the past few years — Mr. Trump as an animatronic fortuneteller, a portrait of Mr. Trump made from pornographic images, a presidential double locked in a jail cell (in a Trump hotel) — but little of it has been memorable. I’m grateful that artists are responding creatively to the current moment, but why do so many of their efforts...
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Grab Your Pencils, Friends, For The Cassette Tape Has Returned

That’s right, it’s back. Why? And who the heck is feeling nostalgia for the days when you had to clean the tape heads, carefully wind any escaped tape back with the judicious use of a pencil (or two, to hold it flat), and make extremely precise mixtapes? – The Observer (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, 02.23.19

A Paris Art Gallery Cancels The Show Of An Artist Accused Of Plagiarizing Basquiat

Guillaume Verda, a French artist, has scrubbed his website, set his Instagram to private … and lost a prestigious gallery solo show after being accused of plagiarizing Jean-Michel Basquiat. “One thing is certain: the artist’s style bears a striking resemblance to Basquiat’s. But does that make it a tribute or a cheap knock-off?” – France24
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How Did Las Vegas Become Such A Hot Music Town?

The town used to be known for casinos, and then for being “a musical retirement village,” but now it’s getting “residencies” from stars like Britney Spears and, suddenly, both Drake and Cardi B. That says something about Las Vegas, but “it also says they are at the forefront of the next stage of hip-hop’s total cultural dominance, with a Vegas residency the ultimate in infiltrating middle America.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Las Vegas, Britney Spears, Drake, Cardi, 02.22.19

The Best Oscars Speeches The Public Never Got To See

That is, all of the speeches by women from parties and associated gatherings, which are often far more relaxed, and certainly longer, than the speeches at the ceremony. For instance, Regina Hall: “She paid tribute to her agents and lawyers — ‘They fight for me like I’m a 30-year-old white man,’ Hall said — and recalled years of auditioning and struggling to book roles.” – The New York Times
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Listen Up

From classic hip-hop to a reissue and a remix in our musical round-up this week Tertia May: In My Head Premiering on Wonderland, Tertia May’s “In My Head” is a dreamy, dusky approach to jazz—complete with polished, hip-hop-influenced production from Subculture. Soulful and rich, the song sees May maneuver between almost spoken-word to stirring, soaring vocals. Combining elements of soul, hip-hop, house and beyond, May …
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Bert Dodson - a man who spent his life inspiring people to draw

"Anyone who can hold a pencil can learn to draw with some degree of proficiency" Bert Dodson Bert Dodson is a man who has a made a lot of difference to the lives of very many people who like to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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The Parasite Project: A Venezuelan School is Resourcefully Renovated by Atelier Caracas

When Venezuelan architects Rodrigo Armas and Julio Kowalenko of Atelier Caracas were commissioned to transform the canteen of a local school into a flexible dining area that could also host small theatrical productions and art shows, they viewed it as an opportunity to revamp the entire building which was in a dire condition—not least because of the socioeconomic crisis that is currently ravaging...
Tags: Art, Caracas, Venezuelan School, Atelier Caracas, Rodrigo Armas, Julio Kowalenko

Whither The Academy, Watchers May Wonder

Perhaps there’s a crisis in leadership, or perhaps there’s a crisis in the gap between leadership and members, but the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sure is providing some head-shaking moments for those who follow the business. “As the academy looks ahead to further challenges, including the opening of a long-delayed, highly anticipated $388-million museum scheduled for late this year, the group’s leadership — which will undergo a transition later this year with elections to repla...
Tags: Art, Media, Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, John -RSB- Bailey, 02.23.19

The Somatic Genius Necessary To Dance With Hundreds Of Hula Hoops At The Same Time

Yes, one woman can hula with up to 200 (200?!) different hoops. And that’s not easy: “A quick primer on the physics of this stuff: For a Hula-Hoop to continue spinning, one must apply force to the hoop in both the fore-aft and up-down directions. ‘The Hula-Hoop stays aloft thanks to conservation of angular momentum, but the system is extremely unstable—one little hiccup, and the hoop comes tumbling down.'” – Wired
Tags: Art, Dance, 02.22.19

Ranking All 52 Movies Nominated For An Oscar

Why not? From the 52nd – which, whew, sounds terrible – to a Marvel movie that “felt like a cog” to the top “thrilling and hilarious and sad and dishy” film, here’s everything nominated for anything this year. – Slate
Tags: Art, Media, 02.20.19

Want To Read About Hollywood Instead Of Watching One More Nominee?

Here you go – because although “these days the awards are a more subdued hooray for Hollywood, some of the best books on the industry have always warned of the dream factory’s problematic side.” –
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Words, 02.22.19

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