Daffodils and Tulips and a quote

Daffodils and Tulips  Oil on wood, 10" x 8," $410. [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
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Currently Crowdfunding: Take a Luxurious Shower, Read About Design's Impact on Community and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roun...
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An Ode to Public Transportation Seat Covers: How Are They Ugly and Beautiful at the Same Time?

CityLab recently put out a call for people's favorite public transportation seat covers, and the results couldn't be more, um, colorful? We all know the feeling of turning the corner entering one of those large tour busses, speculating which pattern will damage your eyesight for the duration of your trip. Or the feeling of visiting a new city and wondering if the public transit system will feature plastic or fabric seats. If glistening plastic seats pull up, you breathe a sigh of relief. If wor...
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Tips to Presenting While Seated

Recently I was asked to present to a group of employees across three different states. When I arrived on presentation day, I was invited into a conference room where I sat in front of a webcasting camera to deliver 3 hours of prepared content. For someone who is a perpetual chair fidgeter, this was a daunting perspective for me. But I knew that in order to deliver the highest quality presentation for this environment, sitting was necessary. For many presenters, sitting is while presenting is jus...
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Cool Workspaces: A Look Inside IKEA's Copenhagen-Based Research Lab

In the heart of the design-centric city of Copenhagen lies SPACE10, a research lab that occupies an old fish grocer with its 27-person team of designers and researchers. The company is best known for its work as an independent research and design lab supported by IKEA, where they are responsible for strategizing solutions for future societal changes (think rapid urbanization or the natural resource scarcity we're facing in the near future). Instead of making incremental changes to IKEA's bus...
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When to Move Your Custom Project to Injection Molding

Time is a precious commodity in the working life of a product designer or engineer. When you get to a certain point in your product development cycle and need to find the right vendor to produce your custom parts, it can be a long and arduous process. This process involves contacting suppliers, emailing the CAD drawings, waiting for quotes, benchmarking against other suppliers and then managing the process until you receive your parts.All this time-consuming and energy-sapping hassle is eliminat...
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Executive Director – Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts

The Executive Director (ED) of the Center will report directly to Boise State University’s Chief Financial Officer, who reports directly to the President of the University. The ED will have overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Center. OrganizationThe Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts (Center) on the campus of Boise State University is the premier performance venue for arts, culture, and world-class entertainment in Idaho, fulfilling an important role i...
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Professor of Theater (Technical Theater) (Full-time, Tenure-track)

Teach a variety of lower division courses including Introduction to Theater, Stagecraft, Stage Lighting, Introduction to Theater Design, Sound for Theater and Introduction to Stage Management. Professor of Theater (Technical Theater) (Full-time, Tenure-track)Mt. San Antonio CollegeTerm:10 months/yearSalary:Initial placement, $65,837- $98,256 annually Application Procedure: First Review of Applications: Complete application packets will be accepted until the position is filled; howeve...
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The fluted gradient table does a wonderful job of self-creating its patterns

No matter what angle you look at it from, the Fluted Gradient Table looks slightly different, because it picks up elements of objects behind it and warps them into a pattern. This pattern helps the Fluted Gradient Table blend in, but also stand out. It’s purely transparent, and uses textured glass and a printed gradient film to really make a product pop. Designed by Bangkok-based Thinkk Design, the tables are part of a collection titled ‘Made In Thailand’ that is a result of collaboration with l...
Tags: Design, Furniture, Thailand, Table, Bangkok, Product Design, Thinkk, Fluted Glass, Fluted Gradient Table

The Palmy Days of a South Beach Shtetl

Andy Sweet’s photographs and a new film tell the story of a vanished Jewish community on the tip of Miami Beach that gave way to a glittering American Riviera.
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The Cleo ‘indoor-friendly’ drone flies using a single propeller unit

A crossover between a drone and a donut (I wonder why the word why they missed on the opportunity of calling it a dronut), the Cleo is a drone that’s designed specifically for indoor use. Unlike most drones that require to be flown in an open, empty space, preferably away from obstacles, the Cleo has no such problem. The dronut (I’m just going ahead and using the term) boasts of an indoor-friendly design, featuring a thick, protective outer rim, and a single propeller unit with two propellers ...
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A Closer Look At Netflix’s Business Model

Netflix is not in the business of selling individual movies to many different customers. Instead, it’s in the business of selling many different movies to individual customers—in bundles. Bundled subscriptions allow Netflix to practice a different kind of price discrimination from the movie studios. The company doesn’t have to figure out how much a consumer values any individual movie on the service. The bundle does that for them—very profitably. – Harvard Business Review
Tags: Art, Music, Netflix, 02.28.19

10 easy eco-friendly home decor tips

Decorating a home is intimidating enough without taking the environment into account, but choosing eco-friendly decor will be more beneficial in the long run. Here are some simple tips and rules for green alternatives in home decorating that will help reduce your carbon footprint and even save you some money along the way. Perks of vintage The simplest way to positively affect the environment with your home decor choices is to buy pre-used. Some people even prefer a more wear-and-tear or “d...
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Portraits From Sicily’s Red Light District

In a series titled Taliami e te fazzu petra (One gaze and you’ll turn to stone), photographer Salvatore Di Gregorio documents the diversity in one of Sicily’s most complicated neighborhoods, San Berillo. Home to the city’s red light district, the area’s characters are glammed and glittered, and unabashed about San Berillo’s history. Di Gregorio tells It’s Nice That the series was never intended to be political, …
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Interview: Beryl Solomon, Founder of CBD Retailer Poplar

The entrepreneur's multi-brand destination ditches jargon to make room for clarity In 2018, the market for CBD products grew by 80%. That’s a jump to $591 million according to Illinois-based Brightfield Group, a market research firm focused on the cannabis industry. Though it’s soon to be a $22 billion business, digestible information about how CBD and THC products impact one’s mental and physical health is …
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An Author Reflects On The Agony Of Second-Book Syndrome

Hannah Beckerman: “Six years and many thousands of unpublished words later, my second novel is finally about to hit bookshops. Except that it’s not really my second novel. It is, in truth, my fifth. Because for the past six years, I’ve suffered from that widespread and yet rarely acknowledged creative affliction: second novel syndrome.” – Irish Times
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#tbt deste momento mágico em Puerto Varas. #chile #photooftheday #photography #iphoneonly

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Jailson Rainer)]
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Breezy caravan-inspired annex uses passive design for thermal comfort

In Melbourne, Australia, a 1960s family home has been updated with a new contemporary extension that draws inspiration from a traveling caravan. Flanked by lush greenery, the Bent Annexe is filled with natural light and designed to follow passive solar principles for energy efficiency. The modern addition was designed by Australian architectural practice BENT Architecture for an outdoor-loving family of four and their two active Dachshunds. The primary goal of the Bent Annexe was to open the re...
Tags: Extension, Design, Australia, Addition, Architecture, Gallery, Melbourne, Carousel Showcase, Green Renovation, Passive Solar Principles, Melbourne Australia, Annex, Passive Cooling, Passive Heating, Full-height Glazing, Northern Light

Art Institute Of Seattle Faces Closure

That’s unless someone buys the troubled institution. “According to a Seattle Times report from last October, in 2017 a faith-based nonprofit called Dream Center Foundation bought the Art Institutes franchise, as well as South University and Argosy University. The company then started closing Art Institutes all around the country. Of 31 total AIs, only 18 remain. Going into this fall, the Times reports, the Seattle campus had laid off all but 3 full-time professors.” – The Stranger
Tags: Art, Times, Seattle, Visual, Seattle Times, Argosy University, Art Institutes, Dream Center Foundation, South University, 02.27.19, Art Institute Of Seattle Faces Closure

When to Move Your Custom Project to Injection Molding  

Time is a precious commodity in the working life of a product designer or engineer. When you get to a certain point in your product development cycle and need to find the right vendor to produce your custom parts, it can be a long and arduous process. This process involves contacting suppliers, emailing the CAD drawings, waiting for quotes, benchmarking against other suppliers and then managing the process until you receive your parts.All this time-consuming and energy-sapping hassle is eliminat...
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No More "Crunch Time": The Value of Taking Breaks During the Design Process 

It's 3AM, and I'm in the studio working on a project deadline due in a few days. The scene is stereotypical; all the lights are off, and we are working by the cold glow of our monitors. We want to finish early so that we have more time to practice our presentation and make sure we're prepped for the review. As I pause for a minute and rub my eyes to get the exhaustion out, I look up and see my colleagues toiling away. The three of us exchange a look, and without words, we say to each other "we'v...
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Recent Listening: The Bill Mays Trio Is Back

Bill Mays Trio Live At COTAPianist Mays recently reassembled his trio for a concert and their first CD release in more than ten years. Mays, bassist Martin Wind and drummer Matt Wilson came together in a live performance at last Fall’s COTA (Celebration Of The Arts) festival in the Poconos. – Doug Ramsey
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Design Job: Start Your Engines! KISKA is Seeking a Mid-Level UI Designer in Austria

UI design bridges the physical and digital worlds. By adding brand into the mix, we create beautiful digital brand experiences that inspire and excite our user. To translate your ideas into code-ready design, you will: - Transform ideas into concepts. Convert concepts into consistent and streamlined designs. View the full design job here
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The Eames Radio is making a modern comeback after over 70 years

After a little over 70 years, Vitra is doing a special reissue of Ray and Charles Eames’ iconic radio design, but bringing it back with a slight modern twist. The Eames Radio, if you look at it, looks quite like the icon of a radio. It’s perhaps the most natural design ever, featuring a use of geometry, proportion, and just pure sense, to make something so clear and so beautiful, it looks stunning even after 70 years. Vitra’s reissue takes that design and puts a modern spin on it. The radio stil...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Radio, Product Design, Ray, Portable Audio, Vitra, Eames, Ray Eames, Charles Eames, Eames Radio, Vitra Eames Radio

Departures: André Previn And Ira Gitler

In interviews, I found Previn bemused by the difficulty that critics, and sometimes his fellow musicians, encountered when they tried to strike a balance in considering his variegated musical personas.Gitler was an invaluable chronicler of the crucial years when jazz made the transition from the swing era into bebop and a model of clarity. – Doug Ramsey
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Should Historical Art And Artifacts Be Returned To The Country Where They Were Created? (A Four-Way Debate)

Author Tiffany Jenkins (Keeping Their Marbles) argues no; Africanist Marie Rodet argues yes, “as part of a reparation process”; anthropology museum director Nicholas Thomas says, in so many words, “It depends”; diplomatic historian Ioannis Stefanidis illustrates just how complicated the question can get with the example of the very-well-traveled “Horses of Saint Mark.” – History Today
Tags: Art, Issues, Tiffany Jenkins, Nicholas Thomas, 03.03.19, Marie Rodet, Ioannis Stefanidis

LUME: Edge of My Seat

From Brighton singer/songwriter LUME comes “Edge of My Seat,” a song to follow her 2018 EP titled Tip of Your Thumb. The track pulls from multiple genres—hip-hop sits somewhere inside, pop synths and indie melodies flow throughout. While it’s a breezy tune, it still bears some complexity—and optimism, as she sings of being bound for bright lights.  
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Coffee Table Skirt

Portable wooden coffee table can be instantly transformed into telescopic skirt. “Coffee Table Skirt” – wearable furniture designed by Hussein Chalayan. Also check out: Unusual and Creative Furniture
Tags: Design, Tech, Hussein Chalayan

Red Fish, Blue Fish, Racist Fish? A Dr. Seuss Debate Breaks Out

That tension between Seuss and Seuss-free classrooms is emblematic of a bigger debate playing out across the country — should we continue to teach classic books that may be problematic, or eschew them in favor of works that more positively represent people of color? – NPR
Tags: Art, Words, Seuss, 02.27.19

Net-zero Maine house is designed to blend into the forest with age

When the owner of a beautiful natural site in Falmouth, Maine tapped Portland-based architectural studio Kaplan Thompson Architects to design his house, it was clear from the beginning that the forested surroundings would play a major role in the design. Not only did the architects use a predominately timber palette to bring the woods indoors, but the two-story home was also engineered to produce all of its own energy to reduce impact on the environment. Dubbed the Blackwood House, the net-zero...
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