dirtcup: new work available on redbubble

dirtcup: new work available on redbubble
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YD JOB ALERT: Grab an Industrial Design Internship at Google’s Hardware team

Google Pixel, Google Home, Pixel Buds, Chromebook, Pixel Slate, Daydream VR, Nest, Waymo… these are just a few of the tangible products that come from the Alphabet company, Google’s parent. A lot of them tie in Google’s services, and make use of skilled industrial designers who capture the company’s fun-yet-superior avatar and signature usability and bring them to the product domain. Google’s Pixel is remarkable to look at, the Google Home device’s fabric clad makes it a wonderful piece of decor...
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Rita Gonzalez Appointed Head of LACMA’s Contemporary Art Department

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has tapped Rita Gonzalez, a long-running curator at the museum, as its new head of contemporary art.  Read more at Art News
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Matthew Barney Discusses New Film in Art News

Matthew Barney gets a profile in Art News this week, as he recaps his recently completed new film Redoubt, and reflects on its dwellings on alchemy, animals and the unknown. “The new film is very different,” he says. “It’s an American narrative, a kind of portrait of a region.”Read more Art News
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This Children's Wardrobe Ignites a Sense of Wonder Through a Series of Hidden Tunnels and Doors 

HAO Design's website opens with a quote from the Secret Life of Walter Mitty:"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life." Their latest project—a massive wardrobe with pastel tunnels—allows all of that and then some:Two children might further their training in the art of precociousness via this interactive wall. To the left, a bookshelf towers with hidden knowledge. At the center, a chest of drawers...
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Carmen Herrera Resets Auction Record at Sotheby’s

A work by Carmen Herrera, Blanco Y Verde (1966–67), has set a new auction record of $2.9 million at a charity auction at Sotheby’s this past week.  Read more at Art News
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SFMOMA Taps Janet Bishop as New Chief Curator

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has tapped Janet Bishop its new chief curator, Art News reports, alongside a number of other appointments.   “We are so fortunate to have Janet and Chad [Coerver, the museum’s new chief education and community engagement officer], two leaders with rich experience, strong relationships with the art community, expansive institutional […]
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New York – Josephine Meckseper: “PELLEA[S]” at Timothy Taylor

Josephine Meckseper, Scene VI (Installation View), via Art Observed Few artists have continued to explore the overlapping languages of commerce, visual art and the attendant formats of culture that lay somewhere between the two in the same manner as Josephine Meckseper.  Frequently incorporating the languages of commercial display in conjunction with references to film and […]
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How to Embrace Authenticity in Every Presentation

In an increasingly skeptical culture, authenticity is a vital part of every presentation. Authenticity allows your audience to trust you as the presenter and, in turn, trust that your content is real and valuable. But with statistics that show at the highest percentage that only 1/3 of our current generations believe most people can be trusted, how do you deliver authenticity to your audience? At Ethos3, we know authenticity is hard to come by, which is why we have put together a few keys to del...
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Speakers that let you design your own surround sound

The Museg is a pretty neat looking guitar-pick-shaped speaker. Unlike most speakers that are either squarish, cylindrical, or circular, the Museg’s use of a triangular form feels slightly unusual, but makes it deservingly eye-catching.However, it isn’t Museg’s shape that’s worth lauding, it’s its ability to use its shape along with modularity to be portable when you want it, and an immersive music setup when you need. When used individually, the Museg is a slim speaker that’s great to use solo. ...
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How Netflix Uses Social Media To Get Its Shows To The Center Of Popular Culture

The company uses its social and brand editorial department as the engine that keeps Netflix shows and movies at the forefront of the pop-culture conversation. By imbuing its social platforms with the personality of a meme-happy fan who lives for TV and movies (rather than being stunt-driven, deadpan, or, worse, mocking the very audience it seeks), Netflix’s approach goes beyond mere promotion and jumps armpit-deep into participation and collaboration.  – Fast Company
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The environmental problem with toilet paper and what to use instead

Having access to soft, fluffy toilet paper is one of those modern conveniences that makes life in the 21st century that much easier. But did you know that using this luxury could be doing more damage to the environment than driving a large, gas-guzzling SUV? On average, every American uses three rolls of toilet paper each week (28 pounds per year), meaning that just 4 percent of the world’s population is responsible for 20 percent of total tissue consumption. This is destroying forests and impa...
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What It Costs To Have Fun (Ticket Prices Across Arts, Sports, Spectacle)

A comparison of price data across entertainment categories throws up a few surprises. Those who claim that a night at the opera is only for the elite should know that attending a top-of-the-range gig is nearly as pricey: an average opera ticket in London costs £81 ($103), compared with a global average of $96 for the 50 most-lucrative music tours. And the Royal Opera House in London boasts that 30% of its seats go for £35 or under – but good luck finding that sort of deal for Bruce Springsteen...
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Poor air quality found at over 2,000 sites across the UK

A new study shows that close to 2,000 sites across the U.K. have poor air quality due to excess pollution. The cities most affected by high levels of toxic gas were in Wales, England and Northern Ireland, all of which were tested well beyond what is considered safe. One of the main culprits behind the alarming numbers is nitrogen dioxide, a gas that is considered one of the most harmful of urban pollutants. Kensington, Chelsea, Leeds and Doncaster all tested high in nitrogen dioxide in 2017. Th...
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The Macchina Volantis can drive on roads and fly in the skies!

It is, at some point of time, every urban commuter’s dream while stuck in a traffic jam, to just lift off and conveniently fly to your destination, right above all the cars, bikes, and buses stuck in eternal gridlock. That literally makes the Macchina Volantis the thing that dreams are made of. Designed by ‘serial-problem-fixer’ Stephen Fries, the Volantis is part car, part EVTOL. With seating for 5 people, winged flight mode, and a diesel range extender, this thing promises to fly at three time...
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Are Outsider Artists Held To A Different Moral Standard?

“I asked a few art dealers why we hold mainstream artists to different ethical standards. While one disagreed with the premise of my question, another posited a simple rationale: Our acceptance of artwork with upsetting or offensive motifs ultimately depends on the creators’ intended audience.” – Artsy
Tags: Art, Visual, 02.27.19

How Do Artists Get To Be Famous? Study Says It’s Who You Know

While past studies have suggested that there is a link between creativity and fame, Paul Ingram and Mitali Banerjee found, in contrast, that there was no such correlation for these artists. Rather, artists with a large and diverse network of contacts were most likely to be famous, regardless of how creative their art was. – Artsy
Tags: Art, Visual, 02.27.19, Paul Ingram, Mitali Banerjee

Andrew Wyeth’s Secret Paintings That Made A Woman Famous

“Over the course of more than 15 years, Andrew Wyeth created 250 secret paintings. He hid them from everyone—including his wife, who was also his business manager—in the loft of a millhouse near his home in rural Pennsylvania. When they were discovered, in 1986, they generated a media frenzy that extended well beyond the art world. The Helga paintings, as they came to be called, all depicted a single subject: Helga Testorf.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Pennsylvania, Visual, Andrew Wyeth, 02.28.19, Helga Testorf

Little Simz feat. Little Dragon: Pressure

From Little Simz’s new record Grey Area (out today) comes “Pressure”—an impressive track that showcases Simz’s versatility over a double-edged beat. She enters the piano-backed track voraciously, then the beat changes—drums, distorted vocals and heavier bass kick in—and Simz shines through it. “Take a walk in my shoes / Or any other young black person in this age / All we ever know this pain …
Tags: Music, Design, Culture, Hip-hop, Little Dragon, Little Simz, New Music, Simz, Grey Area

Design Indaba 2019: Alice Rawsthorn on “Bad” Design

The critic encourages seeing offensive, ugly and impractical approaches as lessons For 24 years, Design Indaba has remained one of the most exciting events to attend and learn about creativity. Three days of conferences, lectures, workshops and exhibitions introduce audiences to concepts, philosophies and innovations pertaining to design. This year, Alice Rawsthorn—journalist, design critic, and author of books Hello World and the recent Design as …
Tags: Design, Interviews, Designers, Cape Town, Design Thinking, Design Indaba, Alice Rawsthorn, Design Indaba 2019

The New York Times “Does” LA Art (Again)

“As the latest New York Times critic to go spelunking in this city’s museums, galleries, studios and alternative spaces, from Brentwood to Boyle Heights, let me get my verdict out of the way fast. Is Los Angeles, in 2019, the equal of New York as a center for contemporary art? Sure, of course it is.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, New York, Los Angeles, New York Times, Visual, Brentwood, Boyle Heights, 02.28.19

Design Job: Tupperware is Seeking a Mid-Level Product Designer in Belgium

Tupperware Brands Corporation is looking for a Product Designer (based in Aalst (greater Brussels area), Belgium) Tupperware Brands Corporation (“Tupperware”) is a global company with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Tupperware is one of the world’s leading direct sellers, supplying premium food storage, preparation and View the full design job here
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Test Blog Post Core77

Across the centuries as a patch of light citizens of distant epochs a billion trillion realm of the galaxies astonishment.Not a sunrise but a galaxyrise venture concept of the number one a still more glorious dawn awaits two ghostly white figures in coveralls and helmets are soflty dancing encyclopaedia galactica?Intelligent beings gathered by gravity the only home we've ever known vastness is bearable only through love hundreds of thousands a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.A Glass Gl...
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COMPETE TO WIN $100,000 IN CASH AWARDS | DEADLINE MARCH 15, 2019. The Art Renewal Center is now accepting entries to the 14th International ARC Salon Competition. The Art Renewal Center is now accepting entries to the 14th International ARC Salon Competition. When talking about competitions and exhibitions dedicated to 21st Century Realism, The International ARC Salon is the largest in the world in terms of entries, and the most diverse in terms of categories and international participati...
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We’re In A Golden Age Of Advice Columns. Why Is That?

John Paul Bremmer (who writes the column “¡Hola Papi!” for Out): “This advice renaissance might seem paradoxical: Why hasn’t distrust in the media as a whole negatively affected advice columns, where you would think that trust is paramount?” His answer: “a growing desire among the public for members of the media to express moral clarity.” – Columbia Journalism Review
Tags: Art, Words, Winter 2019, John Paul Bremmer

Bob Ross Action Figure

Realistic action figure of beloved American painter and TV host Bob Ross. Bob Ross action figure inspired by “The Joy of Painting”. Made by NECA. Also check out: Interactive Painting
Tags: Design, Tech, Neca, Bob Ross, Bob Ross Bob Ross

This Ecuadorian home uses the natural elements of rammed earth as a foundation

Rammed earth is a building technique that uses packed raw materials from the earth like gravel, sand, silt or clay to build walls and foundations. Casa Lasso, designed by Rama Estudio in San Jose, Ecuador utilized the rammed earth approach (or “tapial”) to create five strong walls made of natural elements to both protect the home from strong winds and improve the thermal quality inside the home. The rammed earth provides added support for the wooden-beamed roof every 70 centimeters. Glass wind...
Tags: Design, Casa Lasso, Rama Estudio, San Jose Ecuador, RAMA Estudio Via, Andrés Villota

Of David Hockney and Joni Mitchell Holding Hands

In the days since a Los Angeles gallery posted a snapshot of the art and music legends to Instagram, the image has commandeered the internet. Here are 13 reasons.
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"Art wins over propaganda. Why?"/"All the time, yeah. Nothing wins over art."

"Nothing is powerful enough to stand in the way of art. Whatever artistic merit the [Soviet 'realist'] canvases have stays as a permanent part of them, and the propagandistic aspect disappears as the context — the political context — disappears. All that’s left, in some sense, is the pure art and the craftsmanship. At some point, some of the paintings I have are just very realistic renditions of working-class people. All the propaganda is disappearing, so it’s very interesting to have those arti...
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