AO On-Site – New York: The Armory Show at Piers 90, 92 and 94 Through March 10th, 2019

Pascale Marthine Tayou, via Art Observed Considered among New York’s premier art fairs, and a leading cultural destination for discovering and collecting the world’s most important 20th- and 21st-century art, The Armory Show has long figured at the forefront of the city’s annual spring offerings for art exhibitions and shows.  This year, the fair has […]
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Four Passionate Italian Women Artists

Win a pre-publication bound galley of LA PASSIONE from Goodreads! Click to enter the raffle. The giveaway ends March 13. Italy’s dazzling pantheon of artistic geniuses seems a man’s world. Yet as I discovered in researching my upcoming book, a few women with singular passion defied all obstacles and created important works of art. As a way of celebrating International Women’s Day, here are four artists whose stories I recount in LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World: Plautilla Nelli (1524-...
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Finding Your Passion and Sharing It with the World: Part 2

Recently on the blog, we talked about the importance of discovering your passion and allowing that to be the driving force behind your work, your leadership, and your communication. But what we didn’t discuss is that once you have discovered your passion, how do you share that with the world? Most great ideas die in the chasms of our own mind as people are unsure how to bring them out into the open. However, with the ever-increasing connectedness of our culture, sharing great ideas and passions ...
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This is What Thorough Design Attention Looks Like: Details of the Icon Duesey

In Part 1 of this story, we covered how Jonathan Ward's Duesey project came about and how he executed it. Ward tackled the design both as an industrial means of self-expression, and to correct what he saw as unconscionable design lapses in other objects in the category. Here in Part 2, Ward walks us through the design details of the finished product, revealing both his signature attention to detail and the extreme lengths he'll go to for the sake of holistic, aesthetic satisfaction (see: Packagi...
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5 "Quickstarter" Crowdfunding Tips from the Man Who Started the Movement

A crowdfunding platform doesn't have to exist exclusively for grandiose projects that require tens of thousands of dollars in order to be realized. No one is in bigger favor of smaller projects taking to crowdfunding than designer Oscar Lhermitte, proven most recently in his latest project, a simple corkscrew launched in the form of a "Quickstarter". Lhermitte coined the Quickstarter movement himself in conjunction with Kickstarter in an effort to encourage designers and creatives to launch some...
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NOTCOT's favorite Monkey Assassin has been...

NOTCOT's favorite Monkey Assassin has been turned into a limited edition Pop Funko Fantastik Plastik Monkey Assassin! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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The PowerWatch 2 runs entirely on its wearer’s body heat and solar energy

A future where you never have to charge your devices is closer than you’d think. Matrix’s PowerWatch 2 doesn’t come with a charging dock like most traditional smartwatches… that’s only because you, the wearer, are the charging dock! PowerWatch 2 relies on Matrix’s state-of-the-art thermoelectricity harvesting technology that captures body heat (a form of wasted energy) and uses that very heat to power the watch. Since every human’s body produces different amounts of heat based on genetic makeu...
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The Future Of Crowdfunding For Theatre Artists Of Color: An Online Conference

Inspired from a conversation with The Movement Theatre Company after their historic #25kin25days campaign for Aleshea Harris’ What To Send Up When It Goes Down, Advancing Arts Forward teamed up with HowlRound Theatre Commons for a panel on the future crowdfunding in the theatre. The panel included a staff member who works with arts projects at Kickstarter and theatre artists/producers who crowdfund using other platforms such Drip and Patreon. With a panel of theatremakers of color, we also held...
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New York City’s Hospitals Launch New Arts In Medicine Program

“NYC Health + Hospitals leadership will be expanding its use of the arts in clinical and staff care thanks to a $1.5 million grant. The grant, from philanthropist Laurie M. Tisch via the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, will launch the system’s own Arts in Medicine program, which will implement new initiatives benefiting staff and patients at hospitals, community health centers, and long-term care facilities, as well as expand initiatives already working at a single site.” – Healthcare F...
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Who Gets To Be Called A Conductor?

“Every identity comes with inherent biases, assumptions, and privileges to varying degrees. A helpful exercise is to take an identity and think of the immediate mental image that comes to mind when you invoke it. Let’s take ‘conductor.’ … You probably wouldn’t initially think of someone like Lidiya Yankovskaya, the only female music director of a multi-million dollar opera company in the United States. Or of someone like Francisco J. Núñez, founder and director of one of the world’s most accomp...
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The Benefits Of Young Musicians And Seniors Playing Alongside Each Other

“Intergenerational orchestras boast a unique dynamic: an eight-year old might share a music stand with an octogenarian. These avocational ensembles also foster improved self-confidence, mental sharpness and physical fitness, and wide community participation in orchestral music.” – Symphony Magazine
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An Autistic Musician Writes An Open Letter To Her Colleagues

“Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Chrysanthe Tan, a real-life, autistic violinist, composer, and recording artist, and in my near-decade of working in many music spheres, I’ve noticed an unacceptable, overwhelming status quo of autistic inaccessibility. … We are enthusiastic audience members, patrons, and guests. And so it’s time you adapted a permanent framework for improving autistic accessibility in your concerts, rehearsals, and other music organization efforts.” – NewMusicBox
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Program Supports Black And Latinx Musicians Throughout Orchestral Audition Process

The National Alliance for Audition Support, launched by the League of American Orchestras, the Sphinx Organization, and the New World Symphony, “offers a range of supports to help musicians of color truly compete for the limited number of orchestra slots … NAAS matches participants with mentors, offers them three-day training intensives with professional musicians, provides them with travel stipends and places them in pre-audition showcases.” – Colorlines
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LACMA Acquires 12-Foot Long Zeng Fanzhi Work

LACMA has acquired an untitled Zeng Fanzhi painting from 2018 for its permanent collection, following on its commitment to expanding its collection of works from China. “Chinese contemporary art has emerged as one of the most compelling areas of the global art landscape,” says Dominic Ng, CEO of East West Bank. “The addition of a piece by […]
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New York Will Add 4 Statues of Women to Help Fix ‘Glaring’ Gender Gap in Public Art

The city plans to install four statues in four boroughs, which each of the historical figures once called home.
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Is Michael Jackson Inc. Too Big To Cancel?

The recent phenomenon of so-called cancel culture — the notion of withholding moral, financial and other support for prominent figures deemed problematic — has grown to become the default reaction in circumstances of troubling allegations or unacceptable behaviour.  But is the King of Pop too big to cancel? – CBC
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Introducing The New Neutrals: Ivory And Black Matboard + EVA Foam

The Latest Additions To The USA Catalog Harmonize Form And Function “Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony.” While the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder duet was talking about the piano keyboard and race relations, our choice of materials to debut this month in the USA catalog isn’t quite that deep. We just like the simplicity of an achromatic color palette. These neutral colors are universal, classic, strong and powerful—all attributes that help create successful products. The post In...
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This hemispherical mouse adds a different aesthetic to your work-desk

Look at the Hemisphere and tell me it isn’t adorably eye-catching. The mouse’s name pretty much tells you all you need to know. Its design is a perfect hemisphere, unlike most organically-designed computer mice, and features the standard two click buttons and a scroller, but laid out in the mouse’s half-sphere design.The mouse has, for too long, been bound to ergonomics-influenced design. I am, by no means, bashing ergonomics, but different mice appeal to different people. There’s no one-glove-f...
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Finally, LEGO Announces Its Own Foldable Device , An Antidote To Folding Phone Mania

In a surprising piece of news, Lego has not missed out on an opportunity to embrace a massive mobile tech trend this year — folding smartphones. What, exactly, has the brick company come up with to take on the might of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X? It’s the LEGO Fold, and like folding smartphones, the design has been heavily — and we mean heavily — influenced by a traditional book. Source
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It Is Often Said Art Promotes Empathy. Is This Really A Good Thing?

This idea is particularly prevalent when it comes to those works of art described as “narrative”: stories, novels, TV shows, movies, comics. We assume that works that depict characters in action over time must make us empathize with them, or as the saying goes, “walk a mile in their shoes.” And we assume that this is a good thing. Why? – New York Review of Books
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China hopes to bring solar power to space

China is looking to be the first country in the world to install a solar power outlet in space. Scientists at the China Academy of Space Technology are working on new technology to make solar power in space a reality, and they hope to have something in place by the year 2050. The story of China’s ambitious solar power initiative was first published by a newspaper ran by the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The scientists working on the project believe that installing solar power in...
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Buddy Guy – The Last Of His Kind?

Buddy Guy is eighty-two and a master of the blues. What weighs on him is the idea that he may be the last. Several years ago, after the funeral of B. B. King, he was overcome not only with grief for a friend but also with a suffocating sense of responsibility.  – The New Yorker
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The Utility (And Importance) Of Cliches

While we tend to condemn clichés harshly, the scholar of rhetoric Ruth Amossy at Tel Aviv University has shown that they’re in fact crucial to the way we bond with and read other human beings. ‘How have you been?’ – ‘Not bad at all!’: in our daily interactions, clichés represent a communicative common ground, by avoiding the need to question or establish the premises of speech. They are a kind of a shared mental algorithm that facilitates efficient interaction and reaffirms social relationship...
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Broadway Hit: “Network” Makes Back Its Investment In Just 15 Weeks

One of this Broadway season’s clearest successes, the play, directed by Ivo van Hove and also starring Tony Goldwyn and Tatiana Maslany, routinely posts weekly box office of $1 million or more, playing to sell-out or near-sell-out houses. For the week ending March 3, Network grossed $1,024,594, with 99% of seats filled.  – Deadline
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Drones: the future of ocean conservation

Unmanned systems such as drones, are increasingly used in a variety of fields — from border patrol, to cinematography to just plain showing off your cool new toy with neighbors. Thanks to rapidly improving technology, durability and artificial intelligence, these unmanned systems also show significant promise in the field of ocean conservation. Scientists can save significant time and resources by collecting data, mapping species and monitoring huge areas of ocean impossible to reach by boat. “...
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Functional, Fantastic Foam

See What You Can Make With Polyurethane Foam, The Latest Addition To The NZ Catalog Foam is foam, right? Whoa, cowboy. Not so fast. By definition, foam is a soft and flexible material used for packaging, insulation or acoustic applications. But there are different densities, thicknesses and amount of “squishiness” that can make one particular foam more desirable than another. We introduced EVA foam back in July 2018, and now Polyurethane Foam has just been added to the NZ materials catalog to gi...
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Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Accused of Selling Artist’s Works Without Permission

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA) is under fire by a group of artists whose work has gone “missing” from the museum collections, and is accused of selling works without permission from the artists. “TMoCA confirmed that my work is indeed in the collection, yet when I ask them to say this in writing, they […]
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Uncle Nearest Whiskey Honors a Forgotten History

Led by CEO Fawn Weaver, the young brand tells an important story in the development of US distillation Bucking the misconception that whiskey has historically been a Caucasian craft, Uncle Nearest appeared on shelves in 2017 with a new narrative: Jack Daniel wasn’t actually taught how to make whiskey by his white preacher, but rather a slave that worked on the preacher’s property, Nathan “Nearest” Green. …
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Adam Szymczyk to Take Lecture Post in Vienna

Adam Szymczyk, artistic director of Documenta 14 in 2017, will take a position as a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and will supervise a project called Principle of Equality—Open Studio.  “Attention is given to listening and being listened to, those two states that form reciprocity, as seen in the dual figures of speaker/receiver (as […]
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UK’s Society Of Authors Threatens To Sue Internet Archive Over Digital Lending Library

The Internet Archive began digitising books in 2005, because “not everyone has access to a public or academic library with a good collection, so to provide universal access we need to provide digital versions of books”. Today the archive scans 1,000 books a day in 28 locations around the world, through its book scanning and book drive programmes – with the “ultimate goal of [making] all the published works of humankind available to everyone in the world”. Users can borrow up to five books at a ...
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