Currently Crowdfunding: A 3D Camera, Indestructible Pantyhose and More

Brought to you by MAKO Design + Invent, North America's leading design firm for taking your product idea from a sketch on a napkin to store shelves. Download Mako's Invention Guide for free here. Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where's the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundup...
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Quick Tips: What to Wear on Presentation Day

We often talk about how important it is to look professional on presentation day. Your outward appearance is often equally as important as how you carry yourself, because your audience will make snap judgements based simply on what you are wearing. But if you’re anything like me, selecting and preparing the right outfit can be downright frustrating. With this in mind, we put together a few quick tips to help you look the part on presentation day. Dress according to your brand or objective. Peop...
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A first look at Google’s Project Stream Gaming Controller!

Google’s Project Stream makes a promise that’s borderline remarkable. Imagine if you could play a game without a graphics card. Everything renders off-site, on a massive GPU, and streams to your screen. You’re literally using a CLOUD-BASED Graphical Processor Unit! Everything happens in realtime, and to you, it essentially means you’re playing a game as advanced and intensive as Assassin’s Creed, but you’re playing it in Google Chrome. Run your controls on your computer, they get sent to the clo...
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The Talented Female Photographers of Berlin

Today is the very first time in history that the International Women’s Day is celebrated in Berlin as an official public holiday. What better occasion could there be to introduce you to a hand-picked selection of our favorite female photographers in Berlin? As with many creative guides on iHeartBerlin, with this article, we want to create a supportive space to celebrate the many many talents, that Berlin has to offer. Especially in the field of photography and visual content creation, there is a...
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Evidence The Arts Help Struggling Students Do Better

Overall, the researchers found no significant differences in the amount of content the kids retained, regardless of which version of the lessons they received. But the arts-infused approach had a positive effect on “struggling readers.” Ten weeks later, those kids “remembered significantly more science content learned through the arts” than those who were taught using conventional methods.  – Pacific Standard
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Animal photo art search engine

x6udpngx's x6ud is a single-purpose search engine that offers high-quality animal photographs for use by artists seeking reference material. It also has a 3D head that you can rotate
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Sunset Cultural Center -Director of Development

Sunset Cultural Center, Inc. (SCC) in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, seeks a dynamic fundraising professional with an interest in community engagement for the position of Director of Development. Sunset Cultural Center is currently experiencing an exciting phase of institutional development with steady annual growth in budget size, contributed income, and program development. The Director will be responsible for evaluating, modifying, and executing a comprehensive strategic dev...
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Artistic Director /Dean of the Conservatory for the Performing Arts, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA

Artistic Director /Dean of the Conservatory for the Performing ArtsPoint Park University in Pittsburgh, PA invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become the new Artistic Director/Dean of the Conservatory of the Performing Arts at the University. With the opening of its new magnificent complex with three theatres, sound stage and support spaces, along with the existing state of the art Performing Arts Center, Point Park University is primed to offer students and the public top-...
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The New Cottage mentioned in Newport Life Magazine

Fun to see my latest book from The Taunton Press highlighted in Newport Life Magazine. by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast
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Managing Director of Pittsburgh Playhouse/Director of the Center for Entertainment Management, Point Park University

Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA invites qualified candidates to submit applications to become Managing Director of Pittsburgh Playhouse/Director of the Center for Entertainment Management. Point Park has recently opened an extraordinary new facility with three performance venues, shops and rehearsal spaces, and a fully professional sound stage.  More about Point Park can be found here: This position requires a person with both the flexibility and leader...
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Hispano Suiza built the world’s first vintage-inspired electric hypercar

Back after a major hiatus post the Spanish Civil War, when the Catalonian government decided to seize control of its factories and use them for aircraft engines and other war supplies, Hispano Suiza, Spain’s homegrown luxury automotive brand, is back in action, and with a strong reminder of what it stood for in the past.This is the Carmen, named after Carmen Mateu, the granddaughter of the founder of Hispano Suiza, and the current president’s mother. Touted as a birth, or a rebirth if you will, ...
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Art Institute Of Seattle To Close This Week, Leaving 600 Students Stranded

The closure comes after months of troubles that seeped into public view.In October, the Art Institute of Seattle laid off most of its full-time faculty as Dream Center announced 18 of the 31 Art Institutes campuses would close by the end of last year, including the Portland campus. WSAC notified Art Institute of Seattle campus director Lindsey Morgan Oliger of the school’s “at-risk” designation on Jan. 10 and prohibited it from enrolling new students. – Seattle Times
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Wired for my #tbt! #valparaiso #chile #coffee #photooftheday #myperspective

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Jailson Rainer)]
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Add this all-in-one natural skincare to your bathroom counter

Imagine having silky smooth, intensely hydrated skin, even in the dead of winter. This dream can be a reality with Lalicious, a brand we discovered earlier this year at the Indie Beauty Expo. We instantly fell in love with the company’s whipped sugar scrubs, body butters and our personal favorite, a magical product known as the “velour body melt.” With a passion for luxurious, cruelty-free skincare at an accessible price point, Lalicious has made a permanent home in our daily skincare routines....
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Why Did Hollywood Make Classical Music The Theme Music Of The Bad Guys?

For Hollywood, classical music has become the trademark of villains. On screen, orchestral melodies accompany the meditations of mad geniuses and pouting serial killers. Norman Bates practices the Moonlight sonata in Psycho II. Sociopath Lou Ford relaxes to Richard Strauss throughout The Killer Inside Me. Alex Forrest, in Fatal Attraction, plots her revenge while listening to Madama Butterfly. – American Scholar
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Sound And The Optimal Work Place (Too Much, Too Little…)

Gone are the sound-absorbing dropped ceilings and acoustical tile, cubicle dividers, wall-to-wall carpets, and upholstered chairs. In their place are reflective high ceilings with exposed H.V.A.C., hardwood surfaces, mesh chairs, and lots and lots of glass. The goal is a buzz, similar to the free-flowing coffee and beer that many provide to their clients. A common citation in the literature that promotes co-working is a 2012 study from the Journal of Consumer Research that concludes the right a...
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Rugged Wilderness House optimizes bush views and passive solar principles

Drawing inspiration from the midcentury Case Study houses, Osmington-based Archterra Architects designed the Wilderness House, a contemporary elevated home with treetop canopy views. Located on a secluded bush block in coastal banksia woodland near Australia’s iconic Margaret River, the home was created to take advantage of its rich and remote environment using large windows and a natural materials palette. The client’s desires for long-term durability and low-maintenance also informed the desi...
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Black + White Artworks from The Armory Show 2019

Paintings, sculpture, collage and more pieces that demonstrate the power of contrast Wandering the halls of an art fair, visitors often flick their eyes to the ostentatious—pillars of color, sparkling shapes, neon word-based art and even manipulated reflections of self. It’s easy for explosive color to captivate. And yet, passing through 2019’s The Armory Show in NYC, numerous works composed solely of black and white …
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Laurie Anderson At 71

“As an artist I like to understand how things work. I only refer to that in my performances, because I hate it when people say, “You should do this, you should do that.” I never try to do that. I provoke, I put some little things in to consider. That’s the best I can do.” – Van
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Mikeller Brewing NYC Launches “Queensfisher” Beer with Babu Ji

A crisp, straightforward pilsner released in collaboration with the inventive Indian bistro With a name like Mikkeller, and the clout it carries, a light and refreshing lager among the brand’s roster of beers might be unexpected. And yet Mikkeller NYC‘s Queensfisher, a tasty pilsner released in collaboration with the acclaimed restaurant Babu Ji, is exactly that. It’s crisp, delicious and—when consumed on the premises—complements exceptional …
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Size matters: Studies find that operating and embodied energy increases with building height

High density may be a good thing in cities, but tall buildings are not.
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Cove launches the first 100% biodegradable water bottle

Officially launched in California on Feb. 28, 2019 and targeted to expand to new markets throughout the year, the Cove brand’s 100 percent biodegradable water bottles have become available as a sustainable plastic alternative. Cove offers an eco-friendly solution for water on the go at every phase of production and regardless of the disposal technique used. Single-use plastic water bottles have made the headlines in every fight for sustainability over the years for good reason — they are toxic...
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Regular Deadline is Here! Enter the 2019 Design Awards Before 9 PM EST Tonight

The 2019 Core77 Design Awards Regular Deadline has finally arrived! The good news? You have a few more hours to work on your entry and get it before that happens. View the full content here
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Jonathan Ward's Obsessive Approach to Design

This is a story about Jonathan Ward's obsessive approach to industrial design. If you're an industrial designer, you'll recognize some parts of his process, and perhaps be envious of the parts you don't. If you're not an industrial designer, this story will show you how an experience or series of thoughts can be translated, through hard work and over time, into an extraordinary physical product. PRELUDE It's the 1920s, and an audacious American businessman named E.L. Cord wants to make the best...
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How to Make a Layered Paper Ring in 7 Easy Steps

First off, thank you for the kind comments about All Things Paper's Tenth Blogiversary and your enthusiasm for Erin Curet's new quilling book. As promised, here is a nifty paper jewelry tutorial that... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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The Latest From Ed Partyka

The power and imagination in his composing and arranging have made Ed Partyka a major contributor to the European big band scene. The Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra’s two most recent albums reflect a distinct musical personality and, often, his relaxed and refreshing approach to serious music. – Doug Ramsey
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‘Thought Experiments In F# Minor’ — A Virtual Interactive Tour Of Walt Disney Concert Hall, Led By A Cat-Woman

“Created by Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, with original music by Ellen Reid and curation by Yuval Sharon, the tour reveals little of the Concert Hall’s history, instead zig-zagging between philosophical musings such as on Schroedinger’s Cat (the theoretical paradox of a cat inside a box being both alive and dead), footage of intimate performances from the Philharmonic, and whimsical vignettes.” Writer Matt Stromberg gives it a try. – Hyperallergic
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Tattoo Notebook

One hundred pages feature high resolution photos of human body parts that will help you practice your tattoo drawing skills. Tattoo Art Drawing Notebook with images of arms, hands, back and more. Also check out: Street Art Notebook
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First All-Women Spacewalk Ever

Since 1998, there have been 213 spacewalks at the International Space Station and only 11% of the more than 500 crew members involved have been women. But on the next walk, scheduled for 29 March, the team will be entirely comprised of women—from the astronauts completing the actual walk (Christina Koch and Anne McClain) to the those giving ground support (Mary Lawrence and Kristen Facciol). …
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London’s National Theatre Created A Community Theatre Experience For 200 People.

“We have heard stories about people finding the confidence to get their first ever job or making new friendships with people from a different generation, area or culture who they didn’t think they’d ever otherwise have met. And even, in one case, suddenly finding their chronic pain causing them much less of an issue. Most common of all, perhaps, was a shared sense – that audience members also spoke about night after night – of feeling more connected to their home and their city than they had ev...
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