Ziiiro’s Horizon tells time using artistic compositions

Yanko Design has, since the very beginning, been a fan of Ziiiro’s watches. Back in 2011, Ziiiro made waves with their watches that flipped classical watch design on its head. Deviating from the hands, numerals, subdials, and just the boring notion that watches needed to have the aforementioned elements, Ziiiro founded the movement that fused time-telling with abstract art, because watch faces and hands are just elements of form and space. They could literally be interpreted in any other way… an...
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I have had some issues with posting on friends’ art blogs recently - namely, Lisa, Bruce, Jennifer Rose and Myrna.  I post my comments and hit the send...and it just sits there OR I get through the send part and I have to pick the bus, the traffic light, the crosswalk in a set of photos OVER and OVER and OVER.  Don’t know what the deal is but just know that I do see what you’re doing, dear art friends, and I do want to comment but blogger is giving me fits.  And it’s not all blogs, just some, so...
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Immerse Yourself Between Two Worlds: "Escher x nendo" in Melbourne's NGV

Even if you don’t know his name, you most certainly have come across some of Dutch artist M. C. Escher’s iconic, mind-bending prints, such as Drawing Hands (1948), the image of two hands drawing each other with a pencil, and Relativity (1953), an impossible, space-distorting interior of conflicting gravitational forces.
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Reader Submitted: A Floating Tea Infuser that Gives Your Tea Bags a Second Life

Fill the Lippa with your favorite tea leaves and let it float in your cup. When your tea is ready, just lift Lippa from your cup and turn it upside down on the table. Lippa catches the drips. When you want a second brew, just re-fill your cup with hot water and re-insert the tea infuser. No more wasted leaves and tea bags. View the full project here
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YD JOB ALERT: Join Fuseproject as an Environmental Designer

fuseproject, a studio started by Yves Behar, is looking for an Environmental Designer to join their team in San Francisco, CA. fuseproject has been responsible for the designs behind many winning brands like Jawbone, Sodastream, Tile, WD, Paypal, August Systems, and many more. With their signature approach to design intervention, fuseproject has been one of the most influential design studios the world has ever seen, providing award-winning services that span across innovation, strategy, industr...
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Is Satire Possible In The Age Of Trump?

How can satire be heard in a climate like this? By becoming louder and crasser. Subtle jabs are increasingly replaced by sledgehammer blows, clever insinuations by clumsy insults. Couple that with the fact that the practitioners of satire, or what passes for it these days, have proliferated greatly. – The New York Times
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Jaden Smith launches Water Box to aid with the Flint water crisis

For the past three years, the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has been battling the Flint water crisis by handing out clean water to locals. Volunteers with the organization started giving out bottled water every day of the week, but as donations decreased, they now distribute water over the course of three days. To assist, rapper Jaden Smith has just donated a portable water filtration unit called the Water Box, which can supply upward of 10 gallons of filtered water every minute. Duri...
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Adobe celebrates International Women’s Day with 16 global female artists

Adobe celebrates International Women’s Day with 16 global female artists AoiroStudioMar 08, 2019 Today is the day to celebrate International Women's Day and our friends from Adobe decided to feature 16 global female artists who embody the spirit of the holiday by uplifting and empowering women with their work. We have featured a few below and you can check out the entire list on Adobe blog. If you wanna learn more about the movement #BalanceforBetter, check ...
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In The UK Translated Fiction Outsells English Fiction. It’s All About Collaboration

Of course, translating isn’t only the business of people who get paid to do it. Around 300 languages are used daily in London, and New York may be home to as many as 800, according to the Endangered Language Alliance. Yet any talk of translating literature—rather than shopping lists or doctors’ orders—is oddly esoteric. – Prospect
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Study: Pop Song Lyrics Are More Violent Than Hip Hop

Their most striking finding: The best-selling pop songs almost uniformly contain violent imagery. Amazingly, 99.5 percent of the pop hits they analyzed (198 in total) referred to violent acts. That’s slightly higher than the 94.7 percent of hip-hop numbers to feature such language, and far greater than the percentage of any other genre. – Pacific Standard
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A Firm Argument Against Meritocracy

Although widely held, the belief that merit rather than luck determines success or failure in the world is demonstrably false. This is not least because merit itself is, in large part, the result of luck. Talent and the capacity for determined effort, sometimes called ‘grit’, depend a great deal on one’s genetic endowments and upbringing. – Aeon
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The Friday Afternoon Marcom Mashup

It occurs to me that there are times when a complete story won’t do. In times like this, we exist on fragments. Ad Agencies of Merit Require A Bad Ass Design Shop San Francisco-based Argonaut is expanding its offering with the launch of a new, fully-integrated branding and design group, Atelier by ARGONAUT, which will focus […] The post The Friday Afternoon Marcom Mashup appeared first on Adpulp.
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Rammed earth ties a contemporary home to the rocky New Zealand landscape

Emerging out of the landscape like a series of boulders, the Kanuka Valley House set into a lush valley in Wanaka, New Zealand mimics the large schist rocks that punctuate the pristine landscape. Wellington-based architectural practice WireDog Architecture designed the angular home for a winemaker and his family, who wanted the house to respect the beauty of the natural landscape. To that end, the architects not only modeled the building off of local rock formations, but also used a natural mat...
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New Orleans Mardi Gras Blackface Tradition Under Fire

Modern-day Zulu Club members defend their practice by saying they are honoring the original group who were poking fun at the white actors. And there is a lot to like with this defense if you are a member of the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, or a preservationist-hawk for all New Orleans culture. However, if you are neither of those things and you happen to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, then Zulu blackface may not be for you. But you will be subjected to it anyway, even if it offends you....
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Take a Seat at The Table

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are throwing it back to a powerful TED talk from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. In this talk, Sheryl discusses some of the staggering statistics found within the professional community as it pertains to women. She unpacks just how important it is for women to lean in and take a seat at the table, even if it feels counter cultural. At Ethos3, we believe that women have a powerful voice that needs to be heard and that there are world-changing ideas that...
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Where Play is Work and Work is Play: Highlights from the 2019 International Toy Fair

At first, it's peculiar to see adults, usually in corporate attire, modeling and demonstrating children's toys, playing. But at this (mostly) kid-free event, business is play and play is business. A trade-only convention and the largest toy fair in the Western Hemisphere, New York City's Toy Fair is an exclusive gathering of over 30,000 attendees to view the 150,000 products marketed by 1,000 exhibitors. Filling all 447,000 net square ft of space in the city's massive Javits Center, the Toy Fair...
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Climate change is wreaking havoc on Italy's olive harvests

Italy is facing a major climate change crisis as the country’s olive harvests continue to decline. Italy’s olive industry has witnessed a 57 percent decrease in olive production, and according to a leading climate scientist, extreme weather is at the forefront of the crop shortage. Olive tree farms across Italy have been devastated by weather-related events this past year, including heavy rainfalls, unpredictable frosts, droughts and powerful winds. All of these weather patterns coincide with w...
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Celebrate International Women's Day with Our 'Designing Women' Series

Without resorting to Google, how many 20th-century female industrial designers can you name? We're hoping that most of our readers have no trouble thinking of Ray Eames, Florence Knoll, Eileen Gray, Charlotte Perriand, Eva Zeisel and perhaps a few others. But we're guessing that very few of you came up with more than six or seven names total. Not that we did a lot better ourselves—the unfortunate truth is that women designers' contributions to the field just haven't gotten much exposure and cele...
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Reduce Your Single-Use Plastic with these Reusable Bamboo Containers

2019 seems to be the year of taking actionable steps towards reducing single-use plastic, and reusable to-go containers and multi-purpose utensil sets are a useful and impactful way to start doing so in your everyday life. On that note, Anvil Studios and UCO Ware have created the Bamboo 5-piece set, a non-plastic meal and utensil meal kit made of 90% natural materials:While many of UCO Ware's products are focused on camping and outdoor activities, for this challenge, they enlisted Anvil Studios ...
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Interview with Artist Andy Russell

We sat down with LoTempio Law displaying artist Andy Russell to ask him about his background, the inspiration for his work, and his advice for other artists. What are you trying to accomplish as an artist? My artwork is meant to portray perfect worlds of well-being in this hectic world that we live in. They […] The post Interview with Artist Andy Russell appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Copyright | 1-800-866-0039.
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Performa Launches Streaming Website

Performa is launching a new website platform that will feature live-streamed and archived performances from its festival.  “Special Offer [the design studio working with Performa] have embraced Performa’s role as a generator of ideas and producers of live artworks,” said Esa Nickle, the producing director of Performa. “They have created a space that will allow […]
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Armory Show Awards Booth Prizes

The Armory Show has awarded its annual prizes to Charlie James Gallery of Los Angeles for its Presents Booth, and to Ryan Gander and Lisson for their Platform section install, among others.  Read more at Art News
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RIP – Feminist Trailblazer Carolee Schneemann Has Passed Away at the Age of 79

Carolee Schneeman, via Artist Artist Carolee Schneemann, the artist whose work relentlessly challenged and reframed cultural discourses and taboos around sex, identity and gender, has died at the age of 79. Portrait Partials, via Artist Born in Philadelphia, Schneemann studied at Bard in New York, and would continually challenge assumptions regarding her gender as an artist, […]
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That Caravaggio Found In The Attic Is Being Handled With Unusual Honesty

There has been plenty of disagreement about whether the painting of Judith beheading Holofernes that turned up in Toulouse in 2016 is an original Caravaggio or a copy. But the people selling it are doing the right things: allowing every scholar that wants examine it access, being generous with shows to the public, and leaving the sale to the auctioneer that found it rather than passing it to Sotheby’s or Christie’s. If only this sort of behavior weren’t so rare. – Apollo
Tags: Art, Toulouse, Visual, Christie, Caravaggio, Judith, Sotheby, 03.08.19

AO Auction Results – London: Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sales, March 5th – 7th, 2019

David Hockney, Henry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott (1969), via Christie’s Following a marathon week of openings and shows between New York and London, the first major Contemporary Evening Sales of 2019 are in the bag, with a trio of sales closing out the week in London with a market picture that seemed relatively strong.  No […]
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Banana Pool Table

Yellow banana pool table adds something fresh and special to the game room. Eye-catching banana shaped billiards table designed by Cleon Daniel. Also check out: Banana Chai
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Steven Pinker Enthuses About Humanity’s Progress. So Why Do So Many People Hate Him?

The dismissive term “Pinkering” has been coined to describe applying a too-sunny gloss to world events. A cartoon strip published in Current Affairs shows a crazed-looking Pinker staring into a mirror: “Remember,” cartoon Pinker says to himself, “no matter what people say it’s statistically impossible for you to be the worst person on the planet.” In addition, a surprising number of detractors have referred to Harvard’s Johnstone family professor of psychology as “Peven Stinker,” which, while ...
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This concept Tesla Smartphone has an expanding conveyor-belt screen

As outrageous as it sounds, if this format is even remotely possible (and works well), it’s surely the format to beat. This the conceptual Tesla C1 by Jeffrey Lee. It’s not a folding phone… it’s a sliding phone. A sliding phone with a sliding flexible screen. Part of the screen faces the back when the phone’s collapsed, acting as a notifications zone, while the remaining majority of the phone lay on the front, ready to be used normally. However, if you’re in the mood for something more than just...
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Study: The Key To Successful Small Talk

The key to making the most out of small talk, according to Harvard researchers, is to simply ask the other person follow-up questions. In a series of experiments, researchers analyzed more than 300 online conversations and found that those who were asked more meaningful follow-up questions (a.k.a. questions that aren’t “how are you?” or “what do you do?”), found the other person much more likable. – CNBC
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A circular home in Germany produces biogas for self-sufficiency

When a German pioneer in the field of biogas technology commissioned Korbach-based Christoph Hesse Architects, he had an unusual request: a round house. Drawn to the shape of a circular room, the client also found that a round form had the optimal proportions for supporting biogas production, which he would use to power his home. Dubbed Villa F, the project was envisioned as the “first link of a local heat grid” powered by biogas to encourage widespread adoption and reduce dependence on fossil ...
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