Patrick Fry Brick Index - a fascinating look...

Patrick Fry Brick Index - a fascinating look into a collection of bricks (loving the typographic variations!) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Interesting read over at Frame: "Hey,...

Interesting read over at Frame: "Hey, millennials: You’ll need a co-working space in your 70s, and here’s a sneak peek" by Rab Messina. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Skoobot Combines The Best Of 3D Printing With Laser Cutting

By Incorporating Laser Cutting, The Price For Motor Mounts Dropped From $10 To 22 Cents You’ve heard that good things come in small packages. Well, it’s true with Skoobot, a tiny robot for playing games, exploring robotics and learning programming. The brainchild of William (Bill) Weiler, Skoobot was created after he saw kids at an ADHD camp interact around a game of fighting spinning tops. “Older kids were involved and engaged with the younger ones,” Bill says. The post Skoobot Combines The Be...
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Patricia Bustos' Retro-Futuristic "Wonder Galaxy" in Madrid

Unabashedly steeped in candy-coloured sumptuousness and dreamy iridescence with a touch of bubbly effervescence, “Wonder Galaxy”, as its name suggests, is a fantastical space conceived by Madrid-based Patricia Bustos Studio as a retro-futuristic bridge between the creative energies of childhood and an avant-garde vision of the future.
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Samsung’s Galaxy Smartwatch has competition… from Samsung!

Now I’m usually the kind of guy to be excited by new tech, but this conceptual design literally has me scratching my head. Why, Samsung? Why have another device when you’ve already got so many! There’s the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Smartwatch series, the newly launched Galaxy Fold, and now this. What would you even call this tech-filled friendship bracelet?! The Galaxy Bend? Sounds too much like the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Band? That sounds like people would confuse it ...
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The Accordion Touch Light can alternate between being a lantern and a table-lamp!

PÆR Design’s Accordion Touch light is as playful as it is inventive! It uses a light source and a collapsible accordion-style shade that can be used to convert the light from a focused table-lamp to a more diffused lantern. The light, aside from having a dual-arrangement, also features a wooden handle that also supplements as a stand!The Accordion Touch Light comes with a touch-sensitive switch on the back of the light-module and can be used to easily (and gently) switch the light on or off with...
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A Point-By-Point Guide To Making Concerts More Accessible To People On The Autism Spectrum

Chrysanthe Tan, the autistic violinist who wrote last week’s open letter to other musicians: “Today, I present you with … an organized, actionable reference guide to help you enact a permanent framework for autistic accessibility in your musical efforts. These tips aren’t just for organizations and presenters; they are also for musicians, students, teachers, and other music-adjacent allies. If you are not autistic, consider this required coursework.” – NewMusicBox
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Italian police reveal '€3m painting' stolen from church was a copy

Masterpiece by 17th-century artist Brueghel the Younger was swapped to foil heist The heist appeared to have gone entirely according to plan. The thieves broke into the display case in an Italian church on Wednesday morning and made off with a €3m painting by the 17th-century Flemish artist Pieter Brueghel the Younger.But police revealed that night there had been one hitch – the snatched artwork was a copy. Continue reading...
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Toronto Symphony Offers Its First Concert Geared For Neurodiverse Audiences

The TSO is calling this and future concerts of this type “Relaxed Performances,” the term already in use for similar events in the UK. With specially designed changes to the concert format, accompanying materials, and the concert hall, “Relaxed Performances are designed specifically for people living with autism spectrum disorders, sensory and communication disorders, learning disabilities, or anyone who wants a more casual concert experience.” – Toronto Symphony Orchestra
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The B-Side: "Negro Folklore From Texas State Prisons," A Record Album Interpretation - Where messages can be found between the lines

Reviewed by Judd Hollander People of a certain age may recall the joy of going through dusty bins of vinyl recordings at a record store or flea market and seeing one that unexpectedly caught their eye. Said discovery opening a window to a world the finder never new existed and which was now long forgotten by all but a precious few. Such is the effect one has after attending "The B-Side: Negro Folklore From  Texas  State Prisons,” A Record Album Interpretation.  The show being the bra...
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Our Academics Are Trapped In Academia. Can You Help?

On every campus, I meet scholars eager to share what they know outside the walls of their institutions. They find themselves stalled by three factors: lack of knowledge on how media works as an industry, fear of being scorned by their colleagues, and the realization that, in the chase for tenure or promotion, such public work rarely counts toward academic credibility or formal metrics. – Pacific Standard
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Check Mark Shelf

Unique wooden bookshelf designed to look like iconic check mark symbol. Check Mark Bookshelf created out of birch plywood by Jongho Park. Also check out: Bridge Bookshelf
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Does Listening To Classical Music While You Work Help Your Productivity? Study Says It Depends

For instance, on the simplest task, if someone was generally not prone to boredom, they tended to perform better when listening to the most complex form of music than with either simple music or complete silence, albeit when the volume of the music was relatively low.  If the volunteer was prone to boredom however, the opposite was the case, and silence was the best condition. – Forbes
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Students around the world join climate strike on March 15

On Friday, March 15, tens of thousands of high school and middle school students in more than 70 countries plan to walk out of their classrooms and protest at town and city halls. Young people are uniting around the world in a coordinated demand for their leaders to take radical action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow down the impacts of climate change. How did the climate strikes start? The international youth climate strike movement began in August 2018 when 16-year-old environmen...
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Steal from your heroes: John Cleese on Big Think Edge

John Cleese teaches a video lesson for Big Think Edge called "Make Your Mark with Humor".The Monty Python alumni and comedy legend has some unexpected advice to get your creativity out of your mind and onto the page. Subscribe to Big Think Edge before we launch on March 30 to get 20% off monthly and annual memberships. None Who better to show you the ropes of comedy than Monty Python alumni John Cleese? Humor is valuable in its own right. It's also a perfect tool for connecting with others and c...
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Oakland Ballet Needs a Home. Oakland’s Civic Center Needs A New Purpose. Is It A Match?

“We want this public asset used for the maximum public benefit. Not only is there a housing crisis, there’s also a crisis in terms of us being able to preserve culture.” – KQED
Tags: Art, Dance, 03.08.19, Oakland Ballet Needs a Home Oakland

Jill Lepore On The Animating DreamS Of American Democracy

The history of the United States is a history of bias and brutality and hubris, but it is also a history of idealism and hard work and soaring optimism. What emerges is an invitation to regard these tessellated truths and conflicting motive forces with an equanimous understanding that can inform a juster, more beautiful, and less conflicted future. – Brainpickings
Tags: Art, Ideas, United States, Jill Lepore, 03.11.19

Public Speaking Coaching: How to Elevate Your Teams Presentations

For years, I worked with a team of presenters that spoke weekly to audiences of all sizes. I was judged on their performances and my critique was based on how well their audiences engaged. What I quickly learned was that simply providing information was not enough. It was my job to coach these presenters and help them elevate their game in a way that made the entire team look great. Maybe you have found yourself in a similar situation – you manage a team of presenters and rather than being judge...
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Spotify Accuses Apple Of Unfair Business Monopoly Practices

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says that if Spotify pays this cut it has to “artificially inflate” its prices “well above the price of Apple Music.” But if it doesn’t pay, Apple applies “a series of technical and experience-limiting restrictions” that make Spotify an inferior experience. Ek also notes that Apple “routinely blocks our experience-enhancing upgrades,” including locking Spotify and other competitors out of Apple services like Siri, HomePod, and Apple Watch. – The Verge
Tags: Apple, Art, Spotify, Music, EK, Daniel Ek, Siri HomePod, 03.13.19

Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum and Other Cocktails for ’90s Kids

Writer Sam Slaughter on concocting childhood drinks replicas with booze Nostalgia manifests in untold ways when we order at the bar or stock our liquor cabinets at home. There’s the “I drink it because it’s my father’s drink” or, of course, “I won’t ever touch it because it was the first thing I got drunk on.” So many more sentiments hinge upon the past. Sam …
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The Windows OS is perfect for gadgets with folding displays

Think about it. We’ve been using Windows with large screens almost all our life. It still remains the most popular desktop/laptop OS, used by people of all ages, and even though Google’s ChromeOS and Apple’s MacOS are strong contenders, there’s a certain framework that Windows uses that’s universal. A start button and taskbar at the bottom, files and folders appearing as windows that can be minimized and maximized, and a screen that’s conducive to power-usage and multitasking. Windows is the per...
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Design Job: Descente is Seeking an Engineered Footwear Designer in South Korea

‘To Bring the Enjoyment of Sports to All’ Descente LTD is running an Apparel R&D center in Japan and a Footwear R&D center in Korea. Descente is determined to improve the competitiveness of its products and to become a global leader in athletic footwear.The state of the View the full design job here
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Art Newspaper Spotlights Recent Projects by Collector Budi Tek

A piece in The Art Newspaper looks at recent moves by collector Budi Tek in Los Angeles, and asks if the collector might be branching out towards new exhibition ventures. The collector recently posted a photo of himself online looking at a raw space on Chongming Island.  Read more at Art Newspape
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Recent Listening: Chucho Valdés

Chucho Valdés, Jazz Batá 2 (Mack Avenue)Valdés’s Jazz Batá was considered a departure into the avant-garde when he made it in 1972. Nearly half a century later, the follow-up finds him as adventurous as ever, heading a quartet that concentrates on mastery of the batá tradition of West Africa. – Doug Ramsey
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Cold Turkey Press: ‘Ikkyū Sojun — Nine Poems’

The Rinzai Zen master Ikkyū Sojun (1394-1481) was a poet, musician, artist, and rebel. He led a life of whoring and drinking. His poems — “often erotic, argumentative, contradictory, judgmental, self-doubting, and occasionally shaded with guilt” — are still as startling as the day they were written. – Jan Herman
Tags: Art, Turkey, Ajblogs, 03.13.19

Wole Soyinka Tells Henry Louis Gates What’s What

The Nobel laureate talks about politics, law, race/ethnic relations, and corruption in both his erstwhile adopted country (the U.S.) and his native land (Nigeria); about what went wrong in South Africa and which sub-Saharan countries are doing well; and about the time he personally desegregated a hotel pool in Atlanta. – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, Nigeria, People, South Africa, Wole Soyinka, Henry Louis Gates, Atlanta New York, 03.21.19

Sketch, maker of popular design tools, just landed $20 million in Series A funding from Benchmark in its first outside round

You’ve probably noticed: design has become central for many businesses that might have once considered it an afterthought. Indeed, with sales and marketing so thoroughly optimized at this point — and companies wondering how else to trounce the competition — there’s now a race afoot for numerous startups looking to become the Salesforce of design. InVision is one of them. Just three months ago, the design collaboration startup raised $115 million in Series F funding at a $1.9 billion valuation. M...
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A Gaggle Of Geese, A Pride Of Lions. A ??? of Emojis?

In written English right now, there’s little consensus on this question. National publications have not settled on a regular style. The Atlantic, for instance, used both (emoji, emojis) in the last quarter of 2015.  – The Atlantic
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This Brazilian beach house is made from locally-sourced natural materials

The architects at MNMA Studio have created a natural beachy oasis made of eco-friendly elements in the region of Pontal do Cupe, Pernambuco of northeastern Brazil. Head architects Andre Pepato and Mariana Schmidt used natural materials such as eucalyptus, certified wood, calcium carbonate rocks and even twigs to complement the concrete structure. The people of the Pontal do Cupe region have limited access to building materials and methods, so the beach house helps to symbolize an innovative and...
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