Thieves Trying to Steal Precious Painting Get Worthless Copy

Tipped off that thieves were ogling a work by Brueghel the Younger in an Italian church, the carabinieri switched the painting with a copy, and waited.
Tags: Art, News, Pieter, Bruegel, Brueghel, Crucifixion, Robberies and Thefts, Rome (Italy, Churches (Buildings, the Younger (1564-1636

I could really get used to this notch-less Google Pixel 4 design…

It’s good to see the Pixel surrender that incredible notch it managed to acquire last year. The Pixel 3 was considered the pinnacle of Google’s smartphone tech, and actually housed the best smartphone camera in 2018, but it left a lot to be desired. For starters, the Pixel 3 still had pretty thick bezels on the top and bottom, and the Pixel 3XL had a massive notch on the top, much bigger than any other notch on any other phone (Google said this was because of the wide-angle selfie camera). Based...
Tags: Google, Design, Cellphones, Pixel, Product Design, Google Pixel, Jonas Daehnert, Jonas Dähnert, Phone Designer, Pixel 4

John Maeda's Design In Tech Report 2019 - read it!

John Maeda's Design In Tech Report 2019 - read it! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, John Maeda

A Communal Spot for the Tiger Moms of Shanghai by Wutopia Lab

The booming North Bunt area of the city of Shanghai carries an interesting juxtaposition between past and present, with a messily constructed yet historically rich suburban streetscape, blending with the fast-paced lives of the business executives and busy parents crowding the area. Wutopia Lab, a Chinese architectural firm that looks at tradition as the starting point for the multiple readings...
Tags: Art, Shanghai, Wutopia Lab

Design Job: IDSA is Seeking a Visual Brand Designer in San Francisco, CA

You are a talented, creative, detail-oriented and proven Visual Brand Designer whose portfolio of work shows a rich diversity of well-executed projects. In this role, you will uphold and express IDSA’s brand, mission and programs through the creation of compelling graphic design work for use in print, digital and environmental View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, San Francisco CA, IDSA

Nanami - Adorable animal nursing/hang out baby...

Nanami - Adorable animal nursing/hang out baby pillows in polar bear, whale, dog, and fox designs. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Nanami

Breaking Down Barriers: How to Lower the Walls Between You and Your Audience

One of the largest hindrances to a great presentation is the barriers that exist between presenter and audience. In some cases, they are physical barriers, and in other cases, they are mental and emotional barriers. While these may seem like the last thing on your mind as you prepare for and deliver your content, a single barrier can limit your ability to connect and ultimately hinder your engagement with the audience. At Ethos3, we have worked with presenters who have battled every barrier you ...
Tags: Design, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Emotional, Speaking, Physical, Presentation Science, Barriers, Emotional Barriers, Physical Barriers

Ander Mikalson: Scores for a Black Hole

Art in General is pleased to present Scores for a Black Hole, a New Commission and the first major solo exhibition by New York-based artist Ander Mikalson on view from February 23–April 4, 2019. Across her work, the artist uses performance and collaboration to make space for embodied and participatory forms...Read more »
Tags: Art, New York, Exhibition, New Commission, Ander Mikalson

Indigenous Australian Artists: It’s Time We Stop Being Reviewed By White Culture

“It feels like a moment where we are angry and ready enough to address how white Australian review culture maligns Indigenous work by only superficially engaging with it. It feels like a moment where we are ready to sustain our own review culture. We have centuries of white engagement with Indigenous story as evidence for the need to change; we also have our own critics, who show us what’s possible when whiteness loses its frame of evaluative authority over a work.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues, SJ, 03.13.19

Netflix Says It Will Make More Interactive Content

The studio judges that its “Bandersnatch” project was a success and it’s exploring extending its experiments in letting viewers have more control of the stories they’re watching. But what kinds of stories should these be? – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Media, Netflix, 03.13.19

YD JOB ALERT: NewDealDesign is looking for an Industrial Designer to join their team!

NewDealDesign, founded and headed by Gadi Amit, has always been on our watchlist for creating some of the most game-changing products for practically household companies. NewDealDesign helped design the first Lytro camera, a large part of Fitbit’s product catalog, and even created the blueprint for Google’s modular Project Ara phone! The company, for long, has had an obsession with the intersection between design and technology, and has shaped how we perceive these new, revolutionary technologie...
Tags: Google, Design, San Francisco, United States, Job Board, Product Design, San Francisco California, San Francisco California USA, New Deal Design, Industrial Designer, YD Job Alert, Gadi Amit

The Lewis and Clark of the Digital Building Frontier

These married architects are democratizing the 3-D printing process, using materials destined for the trash heap — like curry powder and coffee grounds — in place of drywall and foam.
Tags: Design, News, Virginia, Architecture, Berkeley, University Of California, Lewis, Clark, Ronald, Rael, Oakland (Calif, Ceramics and Pottery, 3-D Printers, San Fratello

For Days Works to End Clothing Waste

Through donation-based credits and a lifetime exchange program, the brand offers a more thoughtful approach to shopping For LA-based clothing company For Days, closing the loop (and subsequently limiting clothing waste and closet clutter) is a primary goal. The brand’s collection of elevated basics (made from a blend of 70% virgin cotton and 30% recycled material) includes unisex joggers, hoodies, long- and short-sleeve shirts and …
Tags: Design, Style, La, Clothing, Environment, Los Angeles, Sustainable Fashion, Clothes, Apparel, Waste, Sustainable, Recyclable, For Days

Reprinting 1927’s The Bolted Book

Depero Futurista (oftentimes known as The Bolted Book) is a 1927 design book by Fortunato Depero—bound together by two aluminum bolts. A testament to ingenuity and creativity, the book was acclaimed and referenced for many years, but very few copies remain. A Kickstarter by Design & Books hopes to publish it once again. The bolts will bind it still—locking in the early 20th Century typographic …
Tags: Books, Design, Reading, Kickstarter, Linkaboutit, Depero Futurista, Fortunato Depero, Design Books, The Bolted Book

Paper Faces

Distorted human faces made out of crushed paper and stainless steel foil. Paper Faces – sculptures created by talented artist Matthew Monahan. Also check out: Cake Faces
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Matthew Monahan

A Large Local Arts Funder Searches For A New Leader (And Ponders Some Existential Questions)

Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Arts and Culture is one of the country’s largest local arts funders. As such it has an enormous impact on its arts community. Of course having money to spend supporting the arts is a good thing. But it also gives a funder power. So what kind of leader does CAC want to have? – CANJournal
Tags: Art, Cleveland, Issues, Cuyahoga Arts, 03.13.19

Of Critics, Bullies And Trolls – How Do You Tell Which Is Which?

Famous people who spend a lot of time online become especially defensive; experts point to the explosion of social media for the increase in conflating bullies with critics. After all, bullying has been around forever. Now, there are just more opportunities for anyone to weigh in on any subject they want, and it’s far more likely the intended target will see or hear the criticism. – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Media, 03.14.19

Shellworks upcycles leftover lobster shells into biodegradable bioplastics

Four design students from The Royal College of Art and Imperial College have created a biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic using an unusual material — lobster shell waste. In an initiative dubbed Shellworks, the team — Ed Jones, Insiya Jafferjee, Amir Afshar and Andrew Edwards — has developed new manufacturing machines to produce what they believe is a sustainable replacement for single-use plastics. The malleable bioplastic is extremely versatile and can be adjusted in thickness, transpare...
Tags: Design, Innovation, Biodegradable, Cradle-to-Cradle, Sustainable Design, Green Materials, Crustaceans, Reebok, Fertilizer, Bioplastic, Andrew Edwards, Biopolymer, Plastic Alternative, Recyclable Plastic, Single-use Plastics, Shellworks

The Manta Mouse is a mouse and mousepad all-in-one!

The Manta Mouse takes inspiration from the Manta Ray, with its wide, stingray-inspired design. At the very center is a bulbous volume forms the bulk of the mouse, the part your palm rests on, while the rest of the mouse skirts around the side. This side-skirt essentially works as a cushion for the base of your palm, promising to give your hand a comfortable place to rest as you operate the mouse. The mouse’s finish looks like blackened cork too, so you’ve essentially got yourself a mouse that is...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Mouse, Desktops, Laptops, Product Design, Computer Mouse, Manta Ray, Render Weekly, Alberto Aguado Baudil, Manta Mouse

New Humane Society report shows animal testing labs kill thousands of dogs annually

The Humane Society of the United States just released a report on their investigation into widespread animal testing. The inquiry lasted a little over three months and discovered that tens of thousands of dogs are being killed annually in the name of product testing. The study uncovered laboratories across the United States where scientists are using beagles and hounds to test toxicity levels in drugs, dental implants and pesticides. Over the course of 100 days, one undercover operative recorde...
Tags: Design, News, Dogs, Animals, United States, Michigan, Humane Society, Marshall, Animal Testing, Product Testing, Kitty Block, Animal Experiments, Beagles, Animal Laboratories, New Humane Society, Human Society of the United States

Meet DC’s National Gallery’s First Woman Director

The gallery’s fifth director, Kaywin Feldman thinks that her appointment as the institution’s first woman director broadcasts a commitment to diversity. When she started working in the field 25 years ago, only about 15 percent of museum directors were women; now, according to the AAMD’s 2017 Gender Gap report, 48 percent of museums have female directors—but only 30 percent of museums with annual budgets of $15m and higher, decreasing as budget size increases. Feldman now oversees a museum with...
Tags: Art, Visual, Feldman, Kaywin Feldman, AAMD, 03.14.19

Reduce food waste with your new best friend Meal Prep Mate

In a world filled with convenient fast-food wherever you go and a focus on instant gratification, it can be a serious challenge to eat healthily and keep your food waste to a minimum. For many of us, our busy lives cause us to make daily food decisions that fill our diets with highly processed foods, which are often wrapped in single-use packaging. But there is a way you can not only eat healthily, but you can reduce food waste while saving time and money, too. The answer is meal prep. In an ef...
Tags: Health, Food, Design, Features, Recipe, United States, Healthy Eating, Food Waste, Vegan, Eat & Drink, NRDC, Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC, Meal Prep, Single-use, Meal Prep Mate, Save the Food Back

Review: Episode 5 of Portrait Artist of the Year 2019

I have no quibbles with the shortlist produced by Episode 5 of Portrait Artist of the Year. The self portrait and heat portrait of the shortlisted artists from Episode 5 (2019) Again we have an... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark


Acrylic painting, then collage on top (cut from a pretty paper napkin), some Japanese art paper (dyed) added and finished with dark graphite stick (water soluble).   [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

A New Game That Aims to Change How Kids Learn About Periods

We've got a new game for game night, and it's likely not at all what you're expecting— introducing The Period Game. This Kickstarter campaign (which recently ended, but now features a link for pre-order) aims to revolutionize how teach children about periods, turning a topic that is uncomfortable for many into an interactive game that makes learning about periods approachable. The game is based on the menstrual cycle and includes all of the challenges that young women may go through as they lear...
Tags: Design, Crowdfunding, Social Impact, Toy

Reader Submitted: A Wine Rack Inspired by Tongues

Tongue is a wall mounted modular steel bottle rack. View the full project here
Tags: Design, Reader Projects

Design Job: IDSA is Seeing a Visual Brand Designer in San Francisco, CA

You are a talented, creative, detail-oriented and proven Visual Brand Designer whose portfolio of work shows a rich diversity of well-executed projects. In this role, you will uphold and express IDSA’s brand, mission and programs through the creation of compelling graphic design work for use in print, digital and environmental View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, San Francisco CA, IDSA

Watch The Winner Of This Year’s ‘Dance Your PhD’ Contest

Oh yes, there is such a thing: it’s run by Science magazine and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. And this year’s winner, Superconductivity: The Musical! by (and starring) University of Victoria physics researcher Pramodh Senarath Yapa, is about the formation of electron pairs in metals. (You can watch all four of this year’s category winners here.) – Forbes
Tags: Art, Dance, University of Victoria, American Association, Science magazine, 03.15.19, Pramodh Senarath Yapa

Overnight Reviews Are Largely A Thing Of The Past. Is It A Good Thing?

Is a review dashed out in an hour really going to be as good as one written under a more generous deadline? Sometimes, maybe: I know some critics who think British deadlines are the enemy of decent reviews, but they can underestimate the quality that can be mustered with the adrenaline pumping. Nonetheless, there is something obviously counterintuitive about the idea that the more important the review, the less time will be spent on it. – The Stage
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.14.19

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