Interview with Hasselblad Master 18: Kamilla Hanapova

Interview with Hasselblad Master 18: Kamilla Hanapova AoiroStudioMar 18, 2019 We are excited to share our latest interview in exclusivity with the folks from Hasselblad. Last year's theme was INNOVATE, and each year Hasselblad would select their winners to shoot for a collaborative project that would be printed in the biennial Hasselblad Masters book. We had the opportunity to share a few questions with one of the masters, Kamilla Hanapova, a photographer bas...
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The Artek + Heath Collection is so lovely,...

The Artek + Heath Collection is so lovely, especially the Tea Trolleys! Form-bent solid birch lamella frame, MDF wheels, rattan basket, and ceramic tile. Only 6 of each made. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Wild LA: Explore the Amazing Nature in and...

Wild LA: Explore the Amazing Nature in and around Los Angeles By Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - a great new book looking at the MANY creatures we find all around us (many of which are right in our NOTCOT backyard!) (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Fantastic Beasts of Berlin: A Safari Park at the Tempelhofer Feld

I’m sure we’ve all experienced some bizarre sightings on Tempelhofer Feld – but still, the pictures that you’ll about to see in this post will most definitely surprise you. Wild animals running free along the same stretches of land that are usually frequented by skaters? Read on to see some fantastic impressions of wildlife captured in one of the most iconic urban locations of Berlin and find out what it’s all about. Few places epitomize Berlin’s free and open spirit like Tempelhofer Feld doe...
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The Detroit Symphony Orchestra Created A Fake Event For Young Musicians To Facilitate An Engagement

Yes, this happened (will it lead to new fundraising opportunities for symphonies?): A musician’s boyfriend and the DSO, working together, “created a fake networking event for young musicians on March 10 at Orchestra Hall. After a few days, Santa Cruz and a friend RSVP’d for the event.” – Detroit Free Press
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Carved Furniture

Wooden chairs, stools, and home furniture carved directly out of tree trunks. “Carved Furniture” – series of creative wooden sculptures by Alicja Kwade. Also check out: Distorted Furniture
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Alicja Kwade

CBS Finally Settles Possibly The Final Sumner Redstone-Related Lawsuit

The CBS Corporation’s directors agreed to a payout of $1.25 million for an investor lawsuit over money paid to Redstone after his health deteriorated in 2014. Is this the last lawsuit around Redstone, his daughter Shari Redstone, Viacom, and CBS? Maybe. – Bloomberg
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Beto O'Rourke's hacker name was "Psychedelic Warlord," so that must mean he's done hallucinogenic drugs — right? — and is that something that's okay in a presidential candidate?

Scott Adams addresses the question whether Beto has done hallucinogens:Scott's first pass at the question is another question: "Have you seen Beto?" He giggles while waiting for the question to soak in. He says anyone who's taken hallucinogens (which Scott has) will have an "easier time" with the question.Eventually he gives his answer: He'd place a "large bet" on "yes."He's quick to add that it's not a criticism. "In fact, I might even prefer it." This preference interweaves with his reason for...
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Wet and windy day... [Author: RH Carpenter]
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Marvel Has A Not So Great Pattern Thing Going On

And yes, it’s in Captain Marvel too: White superhero, POC sidekick. To be fair, “The characters would probably balk at the classification of ‘sidekick.’ Yet they’re designated by the films as such, by virtue of their stories ultimately working to support the main character’s arc. All of them exist to help the lead work through some issue or trauma and provide logistical backup.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Media, 03.15.19

All-White by Day, Colour-Washed by Night: A Mexico City Residence Reinvents Minimalism

With its sophisticated elegance and timeless finesse, minimalism is more often than not the aesthetic philosophy of choice for contemporary architects designing private houses. Underpinned by the modernist principles of all-white, uncluttered interiors, asymmetrical compositions of geometric forms, functional simplicity and open plan layouts, modern villas are a paragon of minimalist design but...
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Molesworth Speaks!

Silenced at LA MOCA last year, curator Helen Molesworth lets loose. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Helen Molesworth, Molesworth, LA MOCA, 03.15.19

Edith Iglauer, A Keen, Intrepid Interpreter Of Canada For The US, Has Died At 101

Iglauer, a staff writer at The New Yorker, went to Canada for an assignment about the salmon fisheries of British Columbia, and she fell in love. She was also a war correspondent and, between the war and Canada, one of the first to write about the health effects of air pollution. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, US, People, Canada, British Columbia, The New Yorker, 03.15.19, Edith Iglauer, Iglauer

How To Juggle A Hit Reality Dance Show And A West End Choreography Gig

Oti Mabuse is one of the professional dancers on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing – and then she got the call to choreograph a new production of Ain’t Misbehavin’. – BBC
Tags: Art, Bbc, Dance, Oti Mabuse, 03.17.19

The Seductive Escape Of Designing New Roller Coasters

In a new movie, a little girl imagines a roller coaster (and an entire amusement park) into existence. The glamor and thrills of amusement parks, and roller coasters in particular, can lead kids’ imaginations in exciting ways – and maybe can lead those kids to leave their towns and families and wind up in new, unknown, sometimes scary (but thrilling) terrain. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.15.19

LACMA Decides To Collapse Euro And American Art Into One Big Department

Christopher Knight on why this isn’t going to work – with a review of a new show embedded within the commentary: “Art museums have two audiences — one general, who may or may not have a genuine interest (there’s got to be someplace to take the in-laws over the holidays); the other a dedicated art audience, who range from passionate enthusiasts to committed professionals. … Lose the core and the museum is in trouble.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Audience, Visual, LACMA, Christopher Knight, 03.12.19, Big Department

Groundbreaking Experimental Lesbian Filmmaker Barbara Hammer Has Died At 79

Hammer – profiled in this New Yorker story just a few weeks ago – made 75 short and longer films over the course of her career, winning prizes and praise. Now, “Hammer’s legacy lives on in her films but also with the Barbara Hammer Lesbian Experimental Filmmaking Grant, which she formed with money she received when Yale acquired her papers a few years ago.” – The Advocate
Tags: Art, People, Yale, Barbara, 03.16.19

Neil deGrasse Tyson Returns To TV After Investigation

One of his accusers “said that this case was ‘always the word of a low-level assistant and a perceived eccentric woman of color against an extremely powerful and wealthy TV personality,’ so she was not at all surprised by the news.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Neil Degrasse Tyson, 03.15.19

How Can Theatre Be More ‘Human’ To Those With Children?

Well, for one thing, it could encourage actors (stage managers, lighting crew members, etc.) to job-share. Also, with professionals, idea: “We need to make sure we are not rehearsing into the evenings and we don’t need to rehearse every night.” – The Stage (UK)
Tags: Art, Theatre, 03.15.19

Learning While You Sleep Isn’t Just A Fringe Idea

Nope. Studies are showing, more and more, that the people who listen to information while they sleep may actually be learning it pretty well. For instance, in a recent study, “68 German students were asked to learn some new Dutch words before 11 p.m. Half the students were allowed to go to sleep while the words were played back to them. The other half stayed awake while listening to the words.” Guess who learned the words? – The Wall Street Journal
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.16.19

He had countless hit records. You never heard of him.

Hal Blaine, the behind-the-scenes heartbeat of over 40 #1 hits, has died at 90. Many records by 1960s and 1970s artists were secretly recorded by session musicians and singers. These unheralded performers were some of the most talented artists ever. None Drummer Hal Blaine died on March 11 at 90 years young. Though you may not know his name, he was arguably the most important drummer in the history of recorded music. And the fact that so few were aware of his existence is no accident. If you'...
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, Bruce Springsteen, Entertainment, Wikipedia, Glen Campbell, Los Angeles, Katy Perry, Innovation, Metallica, Singer, Recording, Detroit, Frank Sinatra, Guitar

These Are The Films That Got The Most Buzz At SXSW

Though the movies that won awards were serious, the festival “has turned into something of a testing ground for the hit potential of Hollywood comedies.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Media, Audience, Sxsw, 03.15.19

At The London Book Fair, Publishers Salivate Over True Crime

Why is true crime so hot right now? Ask an agent: “I suspect the true-crime podcast thing is driving the current interest.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Words, 03.16.19

Everyone’s Talking About The Cat In ‘Captain Marvel,’ But He’s Actually Four Different Cats

There are spoilers in this article, just FYI – but not in this excerpt: “In addition to [experienced cat actor] Reggie and another experienced animal actor, Archie (yes, they’re named after Archie Comics characters), Brauner found two more orange tabbies, named Gonzo and Rizzo in a nod to the Muppets, at a shelter. Each one had a specialty.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Media, Muppets, Reggie, Rizzo, Archie, Archie Comics, Brauner, 03.15.19

“Les Amies de Place Blanche”: Captivating Portraits Of Paris Transsexuals In The 1950s

Originally published in 1983, Les Amies de Place Blanche (Ladies of the Place Blanche) focuses on the transsexual community living around the Place Blanche district of Paris in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The book established Christer Strömholm’s reputation as one of the leading photographers of the twentieth century. The book includes the original essays by Strömholm and publisher Johan... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, France, Paris, Community, 1950s, Stromholm, Christer Strömholm, Transsexuals, Les Amies de Place Blanche Ladies, Place Blanche

The Perfect Hijab Color for Your Dark Skin Tone

  You all have heard about different colors that suit different skin tones; most of the time we choose a hijab that matches our outfit and the one in which we feel comfortable. Mostly, women hesitate a lot before experimenting with colors that they do not normally opt for, because we are unsure if it is going to look well or not. As a matter of fact, using colors that complement our skin type and tone matter a lot. If we use the right colors, they will definitely bring life to our face. Choosing...
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Table in natural or black stained oak. The table top is composed of fourteen staves; the base has three legs. The special configuration of the top and the leg placement allow dynamic and flexible table usage, also by a greater number of persons with respect to a traditional configuration. read more
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30 Times People Accidentally Created Art

Fell Asleep In The Bath. Finger Brains neeto85 It takes a keen eye to see all of the little pieces of art that surround us. Maybe the shadow of that tree looks a little like a human or that weirdly shaped cloud reminds you of some animal – accidental art is everywhere you turn your head to, you just have to use your imagination. Bored Panda has compiled a list of art pieces people or nature... Source
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Listen Up

From melancholy to ethereal, defiant to sultry, our favorite new music Anderson .Paak: King James Anderson .Paak‘s third album Oxnard was just released in November and he’s already sharing new music from his fourth record Ventura. The first song from the LP, “King James” is an ode to LeBron James and his dedication to giving back to underserved communities. It also mentions Colin Kaepernick kneeling, …
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