Redesigning the Alfa Bank mobile app

Redesigning the Alfa Bank mobile app AoiroStudioMar 19, 2019 Designers Stas Aristov, Alya Prigotska and Thanh Do decided to redesign the Alfa Bank mobile app. Let's take a closer look! I like the transition of the account overview, it's expressed through two different views with what we would call the "dashboard" and another view where you can select a specific account, send money to someone and your transaction history. The overall UI is clean and the right...
Tags: Design, Russia, Ukraine, Alfa Bank, Stas Aristov Alya Prigotska

Review - Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2019 - and pricing issues

the bottom half of the prizewinning painting by Jennifer McRae  This is about the recent Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition. It covers: the prizewinners the nature of the artwork selected the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
Tags: Art, Making A Mark, Jennifer McRae

Spring 2019 at BrooklynWorks 159

Spring 2019 at BrooklynWorks 159 Brooklyn Works at 159 is presents their Spring 2019 art exhibit, A Wisteria NYC Art Show. The show, presented by Wisteria NYC, will hang from March 29-June 30th, 2019 and features visual works by three talented Brooklyn artists Ilana Hope, Brittany Naundorff, and Elena Barrio. Please join...Read more »
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Calendar, Exhibition, Brooklyn Works, BrooklynWorks, Ilana Hope Brittany Naundorff, Elena Barrio

Call For Entries: NYC Sanitation Department’s Trucks of Art

The New York City Department of Sanitation is accepting entries for its “Trucks of Art” initiative, an opportunity for artists to put their artwork, focused on sustainability or our workforce, on one of our collection trucks. As part of DSNY’s goal of sending zero waste to landfills, artists will use...Read more »
Tags: Art, Call For Artists, New York City Department of Sanitation, DSNY, NYC Sanitation Department

Going With It and a blast from the past

Going With It  Oil on wood, 8" x 8," $330. I can't seem to photograph this painting without getting glare.  Posting it anyway, better to post than not...  I've been working on a side project that requires looking up my old press.  Was I ever so young and dewy?? I remember the day the photo was taken. I had been painting "multiple originals" for a company that sold to health and hospitality industries...  (also working at Square as a digital artist for video games) The company sent a p...
Tags: Art, Square, Diane Hoeptner, Playa del Rey

Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Expansion: A Game-Changer For Telling The Stories Of Inuit Art?

When complete, the gallery says the new centre will be home to a collection of contemporary Inuit art unlike any other in the world — and will bring new stories to the forefront. “This is a game-changing museum,” said WAG CEO and director Stephen Borys. – CBC
Tags: Art, Visual, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 03.17.19

Los Angeles – “Parergon: JAPANESE ART OF THE 1980s AND 1990s” at Blum & Poe Through March 23rd, 2019

Yukinori Yanagi, Ground Transportation (1987/2019), via Blum & Poe Currently on view at the Blum & Poe flagship in Los Angeles, the gallery has taken on a particularly compelling and eye-opening investigation of the landscape of Japanese Contemporary Art during the 1980’s and 90’s.  Curated by Mika Yoshitake, Parergon is a striking look at the history and […]
Tags: Art, Los Angeles, Show, Art News, Featured Post, Blum, Blum Poe, Blum and Poe, Yukinori Yanagi, Mika Yoshitake Parergon

LACMA Combines Departments for European and American Art

LACMA has collapsed two major departments into one this year, combining its American and European holdings into a single department as part of director Michael Govan’s plan to gradually arrive at a more fluid museum structure, LA Times reports.  Read more at LA Times
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, LA Times, LACMA, Michael Govan

Lehmann Maupin to Open London Space

Lehmann Maupin will open a new office and viewing room in London, with Isabella Kairis Icoz taking on the position of senior director. “Isabella is a longtime collaborator and important international perspective for the gallery,” says Rachel Lehmann. “She was key in identifying a London space which would suit our present needs, and where we will have the […]
Tags: Art, London, News, Isabella, Art News, Minipost, Lehmann Maupin, Rachel Lehmann, Open London Space, Isabella Kairis Icoz

The Akula’s design looks heavily shark-inspired, and for a good reason

If you’re going to call your car Akula, or literally Russian for shark, you better follow up on that promise. Designed by British supercar company Ginetta, the Akula pretty much stood out from all the other cars at the Geneva Motor Show. After all, with something that looks so over-the-top, your eyes are bound to gravitate to it. In fact, when asked why the Akula was designed the way it was, chairman Lawrence Tomlinson commented: “The concept behind the Akula was to build something truly indiv...
Tags: Transportation, Design, Shark, Automotive, Luxury, British, Supercar, Ginetta, Akula, Ginetta the Akula, Lawrence Tomlinson

How Nightclub Culture Drives Popular Culture

Anyone with an Instagramaccount, a fashion magazine subscription or an interest in social activism is ultimately engaging with club culture. Nightlife is like an angel investor in pop culture, silently incubating grassroots movements and social moments, and since the first iterations of the disco, clubs have been a breeding ground for cultural experimentation. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.18.19

Executive Director

Artistry Theater and Visual Arts invites applications and referrals for the position of Executive Director. With an annual budget of $2.2 million, Artistry’s staff includes theatre production, musical, artistic, and technical teams, box office and front of house, education coordinators, teaching artists, and other administrative people. It receives broad support from its community with a pool of 185 volunteers and a dedicated Board of Directors of 17. The annual fund-raising goal is $538,00...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Visual Arts, Margaret [email protected]

Is my gadget waterproof? Demystifying the water+dust resistant IP standards

The IP rating is pretty much a standard part of every modern-day gadget’s feature list. It’s also the detail that one usually skims through to get to more important details like battery life, internal memory, warranty period, etc. We’ve thrown around IP ratings too, without really delving into the details much, so this article will help clear any doubts you may have regarding your gadget, how waterproof it is (or if it is even waterproof), and will give you the low-down on how the IP rating is j...
Tags: Design, Editorial, Waterproof, Product Design, Dustproof, IP rating, YouTuber JerryRigEverything, YD Talks, Demystifying

AI Is Not Just Changing How Scientific Research Is Done, It’s Changing The Scientific Method

Some scientists see generative modeling and other new techniques simply as power tools for doing traditional science. But most agree that AI is having an enormous impact, and that its role in science will only grow. Brian Nord, an astrophysicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory who uses artificial neural networks to study the cosmos, is among those who fear there’s nothing a human scientist does that will be impossible to automate. “It’s a bit of a chilling thought,” he said. – Quanta ...
Tags: Art, Ideas, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, 03.11.19, Brian Nord

Cuddle Pillow

Arched shaped pillow keeps your arm from going numb and helps create comfortable sleeping position. Coodle pillow with integrated braces that keep pressure off your arm. Also check out: Cuddle Mattress
Tags: Design, Tech

Activists trying to prevent the vaquita porpoise from extinction

Researchers just confirmed the sad news that only around 10 vaquita porpoises remain in the wild. Unless immediate steps are taken, these sea creatures will undoubtedly become extinct over the next few years. Vaquita porpoises are among the ocean’s smallest cetaceans and they only reside in the northern Gulf of California. The update on population numbers comes after news of the first vaquita death this year. Scientists are expected to release more information on that front later this week. Rel...
Tags: Design, News, Mexico, Animals, Endangered Species, Gulf Of California, Vaquita, Porpoise, International Committee, Center for Biological Diversity, Lopez Obrador, Obrador, Gillnet, Mexico Andres Manual, Sarah Uhlemann

TEFAF Sees Sale of $12 Million Renoir

A $12.5 million Renoir sold at TEFAF this week, marking one of the fair’s major sales during a strong week.  The fair’s first VIP preview drew 5,000 visitors, with many more expected in the nine days to come. Read more at Art News
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Renoir, Tefaf

Some Concerns About “Cultural Democracy” And What It Means For Artists And The Arts

Cultural democracy is, in its essence, anti-elitist. It denounces the superiority of one form of culture over others and includes amateur arts, lifestyles, folk creativity, and traditional practices. Diversity and free choice are key, and culture should be available as an integral part of everyday life. It was the kind of thing I benefited from in my childhood. It comes as no surprise that the term “cultural democracy” is still on the table as the buzz answer to the figures that show only a sma...
Tags: Art, Issues, 03.17.19

Notes: On Hudson Yards

Our takeaways from exploring the mico-city, its monuments and restaurants A city within the city of New York, the Hudson Yards district comprises 28 acres of residential, commercial and public space developed on top of and around the MTA’s former John D. Caemmerer West Side Storage Yard—once an untrodden abyss along the river. Almost all the statistics convey the staggering scope of this endeavor, beginning …
Tags: Notes, New York, Design, Shopping, NYC, Restaurants, Bars, Architecture, Mta, Thomas Heatherwick, Shops, Thomas Keller, Hudson Yards, Tak Room, John D Caemmerer, West Side Storage Yard

Exclusive: The Original ‘RoboCop’ Poster Was Actually a Painting, and Now You Can Buy It As a Metallic Print

Part man, part machine, all cop. That’s the tagline you’ll find on the original teaser poster for the 1980s favorite RoboCop. The poster is a classic, and any fan can immediately picture RoboCop stepping out of the Detroit Police car, the lights flashing bright red as your imagination runs wild with the prospect of having a robot police officer taking care of justice on the streets. You might not have realized this, but that theatrical poster  for the Paul Verhoeven movie wasn’t simply a touche...
Tags: Art, Movies, Sci-fi, Poster, Robocop, Paul Verhoeven, MGM, Cool Stuff, Mondo, Mike Bryan, Detroit Police, Action/Adventure, Bottleneck Gallery, Justin Ishmael

Prediction: Half Of All Colleges Will Go Out Of Business In Ten Years

Compare Amazon’s ability to deliver what you want, how you want it, and when you want it, to that of the average college or university. Or even to the growing number of online universities, hybrid universities… and especially to the “traditional” institutions that offer online learning options. Amazon would crush those folks. – Inc.
Tags: Amazon, Art, Ideas, 03.15.19

A Perfect Explanation of the Ideal Relationship Between Designers and Engineers

Quick question: How many executives do you know that can do renderings?ArtCenter graduate Jon Ikeda is one of those rare designers that have risen through the ranks to become a high-level executive. As Vice President and General Manager of Acura, Ikeda brings 30 years of Honda/Acura experience--primarily from the design side--to the table. This gives him a perspective that few Veeps and C-suiters possess, and in our upcoming Acura story, we'll show you how that benefits the company. Not to menti...
Tags: Design, Cars, Spock, Acura, Kirk, Honda Acura, Kirks, Ikeda, Torrance California, Jon Ikeda, Acura Design Studio, Acura Ikeda, Kirking

Design Job: Hungry for a Career Change? Uber Eats is Seeking a Sr Product Designer in Toronto

About the team Uber Eats is looking for great design thinkers and problem solvers for a brand new team that will transform how people get their groceries. As a Product Designer on the grocery team, you’ll take on tough interaction and service design challenges, and you’ll work on big View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, Toronto

6 Paper Jewelry Artists You Need to Meet

If you've been a follower of this blog for any length of time, you already know that paper jewelry is one of my favorite topics. It's exhilarating to come across pieces made in new ways! Read on to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
Tags: Design, Ann Martin

Patchel’s ‘Plinkout’

Keith Patchel, a New York-based composer and producer, has created a free online/mobile application called Plinkout, which he is touting as “the easiest way to teach anyone,” especially kids, how to play an instrument as well as how to learn “the core cognitive ideas of music.” – Jan Herman
Tags: Art, New York, Ajblogs, Keith Patchel, 03.18.19, Patchel

Culture Closures: Trump’s FY2020 Budget Proposal Would Axe NEA, NEH, IMLS

Is it mere coincidence that First Lady Melania Trump tweeted a shoutout to the National Endowment for the Arts on the same day that her husband released a FY2020 budget proposal that would eliminate the NEA and NEH? – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Nea, Ajblogs, Trump, Melania Trump, National Endowment for the Arts, 03.18.19

Thank Heaven for Museum Renovations!

I’ve been away for a few weeks, but I don’t want you to miss notice of an excellent exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum: The Lure of Dresden: Bellotto at the Court of Saxony, which runs until Apr. 28. – Judith H. Dobrzynski
Tags: Art, Dresden, Ajblogs, Saxony, Kimbell, 03.18.19

My remarks at the 8th World Summit on Arts & Culture

The Theme of the 2019 Summit, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was Mobile Minds: Culture, Knowledge and Change. And the panel on which I spoke was listed as a provocation called: Actors in Change. Below is a transcript of my remarks. – Diane Ragsdale
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 03.17.19

Is Practicing Philosophy In Public A Good Thing?

It is one thing to share information about philosophy and another to offer non-philosophers a way of participating in the activity. Public philosophy aspires to liberate the subject from its academic confines: to put philosophy into action. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure it is. – The Point
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.15.19

Kodasema unveils gorgeous prefab floating tiny house

Already well-known for their gorgeous and sustainable tiny structures, Estonian design firm Kodasema has just unveiled a floating prefabricated tiny home. The 227-square-foot KODA Light Float is an updated version of their KODA design, set on floating pontoons that enable the minimalist home to be installed on virtually any waterfront space. Much like its land-based counterpart, the solar-powered KODA, the floating tiny home is a beautiful example of modern minimalism. Built in collaboration w...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Prefab Homes, Tiny Homes, Tiny Home, Floating Architecture, Prefab Architecture, Prefab Housing, Prefab House, Koda, Floating Homes, Kodasema, Prefab Home Design, Floating Tiny Homes, Kodasema Prefab Floating House

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