YD Talks: With ‘Sam Does Design’ about designing The Weight lamp for Gantri

Sam Gwilt started his fledgling YouTube channel to capture his journey as a designer. Over time, that YouTube channel helped build a community that, along with Sam, ‘does design’. Sam’s channel ‘Sam Does Design’ hosts a variety of videos, from sketching and rendering tutorials, to Q&A’s to even portfolio reviews, and has helped Sam build a strong audience/community of designers and design students. Sam recently designed a lamp, titled The Weight, for Gantri, an online studio that partners with d...
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Dyson’s latest lamp uses algorithms to exactly reproduce sunlight

Known for creating some of the most technically sound products in the world, Dyson has extended their signature level of engineering to lighting too with the LightCycle, a lamp that A. is designed to near perfectly mimic natural sunlight, B. has the ability to automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day, and C. last for as long as 60 years, which is practically a decade shorter than the human average life expectancy! This is Dyson’s LightCycle, and it wa...
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In Theatre For Young Audiences, Newer And More Representative Voices Are Being Heard

“Many of us, not only in TYA but also in the wider theatre world, are more strongly than ever focused on listening and talking to young people — truly hearing their voices — and reflecting their stories on our stages … including telling more daring stories that cross into areas long considered taboo.” Kim Peter Kovac gives an overview of those voices — Latinx, African-American, Asian-American, Indigenous, and international voices. – HowlRound
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Arts’ And Artists’ Engagement With Communities Is Important, But There Are Problems They Cannot And Sould Not Solve

“Issues that produce social, economic, and moral deprivations cannot be ‘solved’ by arts, creative industries, or whatever we come to call them next. They should and can be solved with meaningful social and economic measures. The best arts and culture can do, in this respect, is to mask social-economic inequalities by having people from diverse backgrounds participate in local cultural life. If we accept that game, we are not alleviating troubles, but relieving responsibilities.” – HowlRound ...
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New Opera Gives Voice To The Forgotten Women Murdered By Jack The Ripper

“Annie Chapman, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Kelly, Polly Nichols and Liz Stride – odds are that these names won’t ring a bell. But Jack the Ripper will. The most notorious killer in this country’s history has had no name for 130 years, but remains more famous than all of his victims. Composer Iain Bell wants to change this. New ENO opera Jack the Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel turns the focus towards the women of the story.” – London Evening Standard
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Making Music Programs Accessible To People On The Autism Spectrum: Q&A

Following up on her open letter to fellow musicians and her point-by-point guide to accessibility, autistic violinist Chrysanthe Tan selects a dozen reader questions and offers answers. – NewMusicBox
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Reviving And Preserving Indigenous Hawaiian Language And Culture Through Theatre

Tammy Haili‘ōpua Baker: “Kanaka Maoli [indigenous Hawaiian] theatre artists are grounded in our homeland, our language, and the stories, beliefs and ways of our ancestors. This series explores the fundamental elements of Hawaiian theatre while highlighting the elevation and expansion of hana keaka (Hawaiian-medium theatre) across our island chain.” – HowlRound
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If Homeless People Can’t Get To The Theatre To See Shakespeare, She’ll Bring Shakespeare To Them

“While [Meghan Freebeck’s] life’s work is helping people living on the streets get medical care, housing and groceries, she recently added something new to the mix: A Shakespeare workshop. She calls it food for the soul. That is how 16 homeless people in San Francisco ended up sitting in a circle last month with several actors Freebeck recruited from the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.” – The Washington Post
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How Europe’s Most Harshly Treated Minority Creates Its Own Theatre

Mihaela Drăgan: “From cultural appropriation to (mis)representations, I and four other writers map the presence of Roma theatre in Europe. We endeavor to do this in order to counter our silenced history. We cannot continue to be erased and left out of the history of theatre. It’s time to reclaim space and culture for Roma theatre. In these essays, we document the history of Roma theatre in Europe, as well as contemporary Roma theatre productions, as we understand that the future of the theatre ...
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Wooster Group Re-Enacts Onstage An Old LP Of Texas Prisoners’ Work Songs

The piece, titled THE B-SIDE: “Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons”: A Record Album Interpretation and conceived and assembled by director Kate Valk and performer Eric Berryman, consists in preformance largely of “what Berryman describes as ‘channeling’: he listens to an audio feed through an earpiece and precisely reproduces the singing and the spoken word tracks on the album.” Writer Paul David Young, even as he admired the skill involved, wondered “if the sanitization of these songs, as ...
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Annapolis Symphony Trains A New, More Diverse Generation Of Musicians

Annapolis Symphony executive director Patrick J. Nugent and concertmaster Netanel Draiblate write about why and how they started the Annapolis Symphony Academy, “a culturally diverse after-school program to identify and nurture talent in youth regardless of ability to pay” that launched last September and has already doubled in size. “By design, half are African American or Latino and half (regardless of ethnicity) met the family income criteria to receive full tuition scholarships.” – The Balt...
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Arts Pay Survey: Wanna Be Depressed? Here’s The Story For You

The personal stories tell of unpaid hours; unsustainable workloads; limited prospects for progression; poor pension provision; exploitation – and self-exploitation; undervalued qualifications; volunteers taking formerly paid positions; the need for financial support from family members; second jobs in other sectors; huge differentials between senior and junior staff; freelance rates that have been stagnant for a decade; and experienced and highly qualified workers leaving the sector altogether ...
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via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Jailson Rainer)]
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Yo Yo Ma And Deborah Borda: Music As A Force For Social Justice

Ma: “It’s never art for art’s sake, because even if I do it for myself in my head, I have an ideal. I’m actually trying to take something — a construct, a concept, a theory — and then I want to make it visible, I want to make it audible, I want to make it tactile. I want to make it felt.” Borda spoke of the New York Philharmonic’s efforts to engage with social issues, including gender equality. Recognizing that “all the music we play was written by men,” the organization is launching an initiat...
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Hudson Yards Owners Modify Policy After Claiming They Owned Any Pictures You Take

Now visitors “retain ownership of any photographs, text, audio recordings or video footage depicting or relating to the Vessel” that they create. But if you want to send that photo out to your Instagram fans, you still “hereby grant to Company and its affiliates the right to repost, share, publish, promote and distribute the Vessel Media via such social media channel and via websites associated with the Vessel or Hudson Yards (including my name, voice and likeness and any other aspects of ...
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Ocean Floor Rug

Beautiful rug inspired by underwater landscape on the bottom of the ocean. OCEAN TAPESTRY rug handmade by textile artist Vanessa Barragao. Also check out: Forest Rugs
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Proposed $1 billion underwater pipeline will send fracked gas to NYC

There is a war brewing over the development of a new underwater pipeline in New York City. The proposed project would send fracked gas to the city, a move environmentalists claim would greatly contribute to global warming. An Oklahoma company called Williams has proposed an ambitious plan to construct a 23-mile pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York. The project, which will cost around $1 billion, will connect with an existing pipeline underneath New Jersey, carrying gas all the way to Queens. ...
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Magic Flute, The Video Game? It’s Coming To A Console Near You

Created by gaming company Opus Ludus, The Flute challenges players to take on the role of Prince Tamino and move through a series of adventure scenes, combat and puzzles as he embarks on his quest to rescue Princess Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night. – ClassicFM
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Interview: Jerico Mandybur, Author of Neo-Tarot

We discuss empowerment and self-care through an ancient practice Writer/editor/speaker/podcast host, Jerico Mandybur is also the editorial director at Girlboss and the author of the brand new Neo Tarot: A Fresh Approach to Self-Care, Healing & Empowerment. Officially releasing 2 April (but available for pre-order now), the book comes with a deck of tarot cards, and the set offers a unique, contemporary and thoughtful guide to …
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Socially Conscious: New Broadway Oklahoma! Production Will Donate Money For Every Gun It Uses On Stage

For each gun prop used on stage and in decorations, the production will donate money to help destroy illegal guns circulating on the streets.In all, the show will donate $10,000 for the more than 100 gun props used, said “OKLAHOMA!” producer Eva Price. – CNN
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The MovinGenius envisions a future where there’s a special world wide web for cars

In Mohammad Ghezel’s vision of the future, vehicles communicate with each other, with the road and all the traffic elements on it, and even with a Traffic Center that’s dubbed as the WWVW, or the World Wide Vehicle Web. This allows the vehicles in Ghezel’s vision to avoid bumpy rides, collisions, and even traffic jams, as the cars employ an Anti-Collide System, where millions of cars can swarm together and drive right by each other without any impact. Since everything is in constant communicatio...
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Pioneers Of Post-Modern Dance Reflect On What Happened, 60 Years Later

Part of postmodern dance’s power lay in the fact that, for all of its foreignness, it was also familiar. Here were movements taken from the street or home and performed by able but merely human bodies in intimate settings — namely at downtown galleries, lofts or the freewheeling Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, either in the main sanctuary or upon the painted lines of the basement basketball court.  – The New York Times
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My Particular Beef

One day, Edythe called me into the bedroom and said it was time for us to have a real meal, a roast beef. “You can do it, it’s easy.” That’s the first thing I cooked all by myself, a year or so before my bar mitzvah. And it’s what I cooked yesterday, for the second time in my life, 60 years later. – Jeff Weinstein
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Moleskine’s paper notebook lets you draw in vectors right inside Adobe Illustrator!

Teaming up together to achieve the near impossible, Adobe and Moleskine have debuted the Paper Tablet, a book and pen combo that translates sketches on paper to digital sketches on Adobe’s software… but that’s not all. The sketches you make on Moleskine’s Paper Tablet don’t just appear as scanned images on your computer. They get vectorized within Adobe Illustrator, giving you an infinite set of possibilities to take your doodles and actually begin working on them in vector software.The magic ...
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New Yorkers Have Named The Vessel-Stairwell-Thingy At Hudson Yards

The developer of Hudson Yards temporarily christened Thomas Heatherwick’s big bronze stack of stairways The Vessel, but — just as 30 St Mary Axe in London is “the Gherkin” and Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park is “the Bean” (whether Norman Foster and Anish Kapoor like it or not) — New York’s new selfie-attraction is now “the Shawarma.” – Slate
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J. Tomilson Hill Joins Guggenheim Foundation Board

Collector J. Tomilson Hill has joined the board of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. “Tom is a skillful and deeply experienced leader in business and philanthropy, who will bring strategic insight and discerning guidance as a member of the Board,” said board chair William L. Mack and president Wendy Fisher in a joint statement. “Tom also is a […]
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Tempus Now’s SS19 Homage to Africa, Afrofuturism

Contemporary menswear infused with African tradition Tempus Now, helmed by South African-born designer Ora Fine, is an LA-based label that fuses African influences and processes into contemporary menswear releases. For SS19, Fine designed a collection called Afrofuturism—pulling from his intellectual and creative memories to create clothing that’s representative of his world; a place somewhere between South Africa and LA. “I was looking for context as …
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Kehinde Wiley Launches Residency in Dakar, Senegal

Kehinde Wiley has launched a residency in Dakar, Senegal, called Black Rock Senegal. “Black Rock Senegal came out of a direct need to engage Africa in a much more personal way,” he says. “After years of exploring the continent’s many cultures and countries I had a personal desire to create a workspace in West Africa. As […]
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Brice Marden Gets Profile in NYT

Artist Brice Marden gets the profile treatment in the NYT this week, as the artist recounts his battle with cancer and his working process throughout.  “I guess I was lucky,” he says. “I have been able to work through it all. It hasn’t made me hurry things up. It hasn’t made me work any differently. It’s just […]
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This gorgeous LEED Platinum winery is made of reclaimed wood

San Francisco-based firm Piechota Architecture has designed what is being called the most sustainable winery in Sonoma Valley. Tucked into the rolling hills of Alexander Valley, the solar-powered Silver Oak winery design, which was made with repurposed materials, has already earned a LEED-Platinum certification and is on track to become the one of the world’s most sustainable wineries. The family-owned Silver Oak Cellars winery was established in 1972 and has since become world-renowned for it...
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