YD JOB ALERT: Grab an Industrial Design Internship at Electrolux!

Considered one of the biggest names in home appliances, Electrolux has, for long, had an approach that is best described as design-forward. As an organizer of the Electrolux Design Lab, a competition that encouraged innovative designers to help Electrolux envision the future of home technology, the company has always had an affinity for conceptual designs that push boundaries, resulting in products that have redefined categories. Electrolux is currently accepting applicants for its Industrial In...
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Guggenheim Museum Says It Won’t Accept Gifts From Sackler Family

The decision, which followed similar moves from British museums, highlights growing unease in the art world over the family’s links to OxyContin and the opioid crisis.
Tags: Art, News, Museum, Museums, Philanthropy, Guggenheim, Sackler, Solomon R, Tate Museum Group, OxyContin (Drug, Mortimer D, Opioids and Opiates, National Portrait Gallery (London

Lava Music’s semi-acoustic guitar is made in a single piece from carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber lends a very different set of features to a guitar. Aside from making it practically unbreakable and possibly quadrupling its lifespan, it lends a unique timbre to the guitar. Carbon-fiber’s all-graphite construction brings a crystalline and detailed tone to the guitar while also allowing the instrument to have greater acoustic volume. The result is a better build quality (without glue, braces, or any additional fixtures) as well as a better sound. The Lava Me Pro guitar comes craft...
Tags: Music, Design, Guitar, Product Design, Carbon-fiber, Lava Me Pro, Lava Music

Thomas Heatherwick Projects Are Everywhere These Days. We Deserve Better

“This high-profile intercontinental spread has made Heatherwick all but ubiquitous. It has also earned him a heavy dose of suspicion mixed with contempt, both from critics and the public. His name is often used as something of a synonym for everything that’s wrong with contemporary urban design.” – CityLab
Tags: Art, Visual, Heatherwick, 03.21.19

Europes first underwater restaurant opens its doors in Norway

Europe’s first underwater restaurant, “Under,” has just welcomed its first guests to an extraordinary Snøhetta-designed environment that embraces stunning seabed views. Located at the southernmost point of the coastline in Lindesnes, Norway, Under is a partly submerged building that rests directly on the seabed 16.4 feet below water. The monolithic building also serves as a research center for marine life, and its rough concrete envelope will, over time, become a habitat for an artificial reef....
Tags: Europe, Design, Led, Architecture, Restaurant, Gallery, Norway, Sustainable Food, Periscope, Carousel Showcase, Eat & Drink, Concrete, Locally Sourced Materials, Snohetta, Snøhetta, Ivar Kvaal

Why You Should Consider Keynote as an Apple User

At Ethos3, we create the bulk of our designs in PowerPoint. As one of the largest presentation platforms, it is by far the most commonly used within the presentation community. And while PowerPoint happens to be our favorite presentation tool, we think presenters who operate in the Apple ecosystem might benefit from checking out Keynote on occasion. You might be wondering why you should bother learning a new system if you’re already comfortable with PowerPoint, especially since it’s such a great...
Tags: Apple, Design, Microsoft, Mac, Macbook, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Keynote, Speaking

Chilling light installation visualizes sea level rise caused by climate change

Ghostly white bands of light are illuminating the coastline in the Outer Hebrides to show the potential rise in sea levels that could become reality as a result of unchecked climate change. The collaborative and site-specific art piece, named Lines (57° 59 ́N, 7° 16 ́W), is the work of Finnish artists Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho. The environmental art installation is embedded with sensors that measure the rising tidal changes and activate three synchronized light lines during times of high t...
Tags: Design, Scotland, Venice, Outer Hebrides, North Uist, Lochmaddy, Timo Aho, Pekka Niittyvirta, Pekka Niittyvirta Timo Aho, Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre

Donut Pool Table

Round pool table with a hole in the middle designed to look like pink donut. Donut Pool Table made by Cleon Daniel, creator of Banana Pool Table. Also check out: Glass Pool Table
Tags: Design, Tech, Cleon Daniel

Michael Tilson Thomas On His Relationship With Music

“We are living in a time when production has mostly superseded content in every area you can think of. It’s very archaic to be holding on to what is the actual content and how to keep it meaningful.” – Washington Post
Tags: Art, Music, Michael Tilson Thomas, 03.21.19

How Rome Is Using Technology To Make Its Amazing History Visible In The Streets

There’s a digital renaissance underway in the Eternal City and it is helping to shed a light on the past – quite literally. From video projections cast upon ancient walls and multimedia light shows to virtual reconstructions revealed through 3D visors, technology is being used to help tell the story of Rome in a more concrete and compelling way. – Forbes
Tags: Art, Rome, Audience, Visual, Eternal City, 03.18.19

Mondaine Honors the 75th Anniversary of the Swiss Railway Clock

Time-telling tools from an independent brand known for impeccable design and equal precision Whether you’ve traveled through Switzerland and seen it in real life or not, the Federal Swiss Railway clock is an icon of modern time-telling. In the years since its 1944 release, it has achieved a particularly beloved place in global design recognition. Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) engineer Hans Hilfiker imagined the original—which would …
Tags: Design, Watches, Clocks, Switzerland, Baselworld, Swiss Watches, Mondaine, Baselworld 2019, Watch Design, Federal Swiss Railway, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB, Hans Hilfiker

An old office is transformed into the Netherlands' most sustainable renovated building

In Amsterdam South, a newly renovated office building with a shimmering silver roof has achieved BREEAM Outstanding, a green building rating that arguably makes the property the most sustainable adaptive reuse project in the Netherlands. Formerly a neglected office complex, the empty building was transformed in the hands of Dutch architectural firm Benthem Crouwel Architects and now serves as the energy-positive offices for Goede Doelen Loterijen (Dutch Charity Lotteries). A major goal of the ...
Tags: Design, Office, Architecture, Gallery, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Solar, Solar Power, The Netherlands, Sustainable Design, Green Renovation, Recyclable Materials, Adaptive Reuse, Green Roof, Rainwater Collection, Mixed-use

Might Our Morality Change With Artificial Intelligence? (Is That Even The Right Question?)

Because AI might ‘think’ differently to how humans think, and because of the general tendency to get swept up in its allure, its use could well change how we approach tasks and make decisions. The seductive allure that tends to surround AI in fact represents one of its dangers. Those working in the field despair that almost every article about AI hypes its powers, and even those about banal uses of AI are illustrated with killer robots. – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.21.19

An Argument Against Colorblind Casting

Playwright Chisa Hutchinson got involved with theatre because of a “badass” theatre teacher who let her write her own monologues for acting class, because outside of A Raisin in the Sun there just wasn’t much available for her to perform. This same teacher brought her to see August Wilson debate Robert Brustein at Town Hall in Manhattan. She found herself gravitating to Wilson’s point of view that colorblind casting is lazy and can erase the experiences of different races of people. – American ...
Tags: Art, Theatre, Manhattan, Wilson, Town Hall, SJ, Chisa Hutchinson, Robert Brustein, 03.19.19

Boomer couple escapes harsh winters with minimalist van conversion (Video)

This tasteful van home features a comfortable interior, and includes a removable bed to allow for transporting larger cargo.
Tags: Design, News, Boomer

Wanda De Guébriant, World’s Leading Expert On Matisse, Dead At 69

“The daughter of a diplomat, born in Copenhagen in 1949 and raised in Buenos Aires, de Guébriant was introduced in 1975 to the artist’s daughter and archivist, Marguerite Duthuit, and became her assistant, working closely with her on Matisse catalogues and exhibitions. When Duthuit died in 1982, De Guebriant succeeded her as the only official specialist for Matisse’s work.” – The Art Newspaper
Tags: Art, People, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Matisse, 03.18.19, Wanda De Guébriant World, Matisse Dead, Marguerite Duthuit, Duthuit, De Guebriant

Batsheva Dance Company And Ohad Naharin At The Turning Point

“Last September, after nearly 30 years as the company’s artistic director, [Naharin] handed the reins to Gili Navot, a former dancer with the company, while he assumed the position of house choreographer. In that role, Mr. Naharin will continue to create new work, while Ms. Navot will be responsible for the daily decision-making and long-term direction of the company. Is this the beginning of a new era or just an administrative reorganization?” Brian Schaefer talks to them both to find out. – T...
Tags: Art, Dance, Batsheva Dance Company, Ohad Naharin, Naharin, Brian Schaefer, Navot, Gili Navot, 03.22.19

The Essential Brilliance Of Studio Musicians

In the 1950s and ’60s, especially, session musicians could make or break a hit. And session musicians were in high demand, as producers like Phil Spector became obsessed with production techniques such as the Wall of Sound, forcing as many musicians as possible into a studio and having each of them contribute a small part to a larger, bombastic sound. As a result, session musicians became highly valued: Each had to play their role well, but they also had to find a way to click with every other ...
Tags: Art, Music, Phil Spector, 03.21.19

'Funnel-shaped' cabin in an Ecuadorian forest is made of locally sourced wood

When it comes to creating living spaces that meld into their environment, savvy architects are showing us that sometimes less is definitely more. Quito-based architect Emilio Lopez has just unveiled a beautiful cabin made with locally sourced wood and bamboo. At approximately 1,200 square feet, Cabana Don Juan is formed like a boxy funnel, with both sides featuring large glazed walls that provide stunning views of the coast on one side and a lush forest on the other. Located in the country’s ...
Tags: Design, Architecture, Gallery, Bamboo, Cabin, Quito, Locally Sourced Wood, Amarillo, Lopez, ASTA, Off Grid Cabins, Tiny Cabins, Cabin Designs, Bamboo Structures, Emilio Lopez, Cabana Don Juan

Costco to be the first major retailer to cut Roundup from the shelves

Moms Across America, a grassroots community of concerned citizens, began a campaign to eliminate the sale of the weed killer Roundup from three major retailers after the recent court decision to uphold the Johnson V. Monsanto lawsuit that concluded that exposure to Roundup contributes to non-Hodgkins lymphoma. After gathering 89,000 signatures on the petition to remove the products, they sent a letter to Home Depot, Lowe’s and Costco. In a big win for the organization and the public as a whole,...
Tags: Home Depot, Design, America, Monsanto, Johnson, Costco, Lowe, Hodgkin, Moms Across America, California Prop

Keep your pantry stocked with these staples for a plant-based diet

Switching to a plant-based diet is a lifestyle change that requires a lot of meal prep and planning. In a world of convenient, pre-packaged food, stocking your pantry with healthy, plant-based products isn’t easy. It takes time to figure out the right pantry staples, and it takes even more time to figure out how to use those items when preparing snacks and meals. If you are new to the vegan lifestyle and are looking for some help with setting up your kitchen, here are some pantry staples that e...
Tags: Design, Lima, Pinto, Chickpeas Edamame Black, Oats Quinoa Corn, Barley Amaranth Buckwheat Rye Millet Whole, Mustard Sriracha Ketchup Barbecue, Monicore U Leone Conger Design Petra Piviso, Steve Buissinne

New Thinking On Getting Old

As the population surges into young old age and old old age, the number of books wrestling with that question has grown from a trickle to a tsunami. Apart from the science journals and science-fiction novels debating whether is it possible or desirable to prolong the lifespan by fifty or a hundred years, or (might as well go for it) eternally, books designed to help readers navigate the treacheries of ageing fall roughly into three categories: the scientific, the personal and the political. – T...
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.19.19

This ATM design safely and beautifully integrates into wall panels

DESIGNFEEL’s idea for an ATM solves both aesthetic and functional problems. The aesthetic problem is that ATMs are usually clunky, bulky machines that sit outside shops or in ATM kiosks. This creates a visual eyesore while also leading to a functional problem. The fact that they can easily be robbed (although precautions are usually taken in place for such events, you really can’t stop someone from chaining a kiosk to a pickup and driving off).DESIGNFEEL’s idea is to basically integrate ATM mach...
Tags: Design, ATM, Product Design, Designfeel

Glorious Photo Series Protests Russian Anti-LGBT Laws

Defiant, powerful and gloriously triumphant, Roman Gunt and Nick Gavrilov’s new photo series captures young couples kissing in front of various state institutions, landmarks and more—in support of Chechnya’s queer youth and in protest of Russia’s anti-LBGTQ+ laws. Debuting exclusively at Dazed, the images are “subversive postcards of radical love.” Created as a response to the prosecution and torture of LGBTQ+ people in Chechnya, the …
Tags: Photography, Design, Laws, Russia, Culture, Lgbtq, Chechnya, Linkaboutit, Photo Series, LGBTQ Community, Queer Community, Nick Gavrilov

A Portrait of Patricia Barganier

I’m excited and honored to share this collage-painting portrait of dear friend, and collector — Patricia Barganier. We met during my first exhibition in Jackson many years ago, and became fast friends… bonding over our mutual love of art, family, Jackson Hole, fine cocktails, entrepreneur-ism and living life to the fullest. When we decided to …
Tags: Art, Collage, Painting, Entrepreneur, Commission, Jackson, Contemporary Art, Jackson Hole, Painting Process, Collage Painting, Borbay, Mh The Verb, How To Paint, Meaningful Painting, Borbay Portrait, Borbay Collage Painting

Preparation Concierge: Getting Ahead of Climate Change

A pragmatic guide to equipping yourself for disasters Last year was the fourth-hottest in recorded human history. We’re facing an endless fire season in the west, hurricanes to the east, and floods just about everywhere. It’s undeniable that climate change will affect all of us, but the idea of getting ahead of the effects is daunting. We often hear about making a disaster plan, but …
Tags: New York, Design, Climate Change, Environment, Tech, Websites, Emergencies, Lifestraw, Jason Harper, Distasters, Preparation Concierge

Row over use of unpaid interns by Serpentine pavilion architect

Junya Ishigami’s involvement in London gallery project attacked after email listing conditions for an intern is published The Serpentine Gallery in London has come under fire after it was claimed that its chosen architect for this year’s pavilion, Junya Ishigami + Associates, uses unpaid interns who are expected to work 12-hour shifts for months.The acclaimed 44-year-old Japanese architect was picked by the Serpentine to design its 19th annual pavilion project, which offers international archite...
Tags: Art, Japan, UK, London, UK News, World news, Work & careers, Cities, Culture, Architecture, Asia Pacific, Art and design, Young People, Guardian Careers, Serpentine pavilion, Junya Ishigami Associates

Canvas in Hartford Authenticated as Van Gogh Painting

A still life of poppies from the collection Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut has been authenticated as an authentic Van Gogh, the Art Newspaper reports.  The piece was reviewed by the Van Gogh Museum, which evaluated multiple elements of the work to arrive at its decision to authenticate. Read more at Art […]
Tags: Art, News, Van Gogh, Art News, Minipost, Hartford Connecticut, Van Gogh Museum, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford Authenticated

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