Floating Giant in Hong Kong

Inflatable giant sculpture is floating along the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. Floating 121-foot-tall giant designed by Brian Donnelly, known as KAWS. Also check out: Giant Rubber Duck
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Boeing Was ‘Go, Go, Go’ to Beat Airbus With the 737 Max

Caught short by its rival’s gains, Boeing raced to update its workhorse jet rather than design a new one. Workers describe a hectic project, but say they hadn’t felt safety was compromised.
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An Artist Imagines If Popular Sodas Were Cartoon Character

Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, we know our favorite sodas by their taste but what would they be like if they were a little more… human? Maybe we’d like to go grab a drink with them? Maybe they’d be so obnoxious, we couldn’t resist slapping them? Luckily, we don’t have to guess anymore. Korea-born Canadian artist who goes by nickname Sillvi has masterfully transformed some of the most popular sodas into... Source
Tags: Design, Coca-cola, Brands, Pop, Korea, Characters, Inspirations, Fanta, Sprite, Sillvi, Coca Cola Sprite Fanta

The Getaway Duffle is made to travel in literally any weather

Outwardly, the Getaway Duffle by Articulate looks like any other duffle bag, but take a closer look and you’ll notice that its classic styling hides a whole slew of features that make the Getaway a modern classic. For starters, its wax-coated canvas cladding and YKK zippers ensure that the Getaway adheres to the highest levels of durability, and can withstand rough use as well as rough weather. The waxed canvas is naturally hydrophobic, is scratch + stain resistant, doesn’t fade, and keeps dus...
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Underwater Restaurant Has Been Completed In Norway And It Looks Out Of This World

The first, the largest and the most research-friendly. Under (previously) is the world’s largest underwater restaurant with a total seating capacity for 100 guests, it’s the first of its kind in Europe, and it also functions as a research center for marine life. The Snøhetta-designed dining experience started operating just yesterday but people are already adding it to their Norway destination... Source
Tags: Europe, Design, Architecture, Norway

8 Digital Paintings Of Famous Characters And Their Pets By Aleksei Vinogradov

Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley in “Pirates of the Caribbean”) Aleksei Vinogradov is a Russian freelance digital artist who shares his skills and talent with 120k followers on Instagram. His charming artistic touch, masterful use of pastels and subtle brush strokes create lively portraits full of character and attract the attention of art lovers from around the world. His beautiful works are... Source
Tags: Design, Movies, Animals, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Series, Characters, Caribbean, Inspirations, Elizabeth Swann Keira Knightley, Aleksei Vinogradov

This Japanese Train Station Only Exists So That People Can Admire The Scenery

One of the most unusual stations in the whole country is now open and ready for business. Over the years, Japanese rail operators have been delighting passengers with incredible ideas designed to provide them with the ultimate train experience. h/t: soranews24 清流みはらし駅全貌 駅出口という概念がない、展望専用駅とは…w — Gota.del.Vient-SH1-1 (@Gota_Kaze_SH11) March 11, 2019 Now, it’s time for... Source
Tags: Design

Around The World In Black & White: Existential Travel Photography By Fred Tougas

“Existential photography” is how Fred Tougas, a Canadian photographer specialising in film, describes his practice of the media. Whether he captures landscapes in colour or in black and white, the photographer pays particular attention to texture and contrast. More: Source
Tags: Design, Fred Tougas

Stunning Photos Show The Sexy Models Of 1980s Autobuff Magazine

Autobuff December 1984 Here below is a cool photo collection that shows sexy models of Autobuff magazine in the mid-1980s. h/t: Autobuff April 1985 Autobuff August 1985 Autobuff August 1985 Autobuff December 1985 Autobuff December 1985 Autobuff February 1985 Autobuff July 1985 Autobuff June 1985 Autobuff May 1985 Autobuff May 1985 Autobuff November 1985 Autobuff November 1985 Autobuff... Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Women, Car, Magazine, Models, Girls, Female, Retro, 1980s, Autobuff

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Underwater dining, robot dogs, '80s film posters reimagined by Ghanian artists and so much more Glorious Photo Series Protests Russian Anti-LGBT Laws Defiant, powerful and gloriously triumphant, Roman Gunt and Nick Gavrilov’s new photo series captures young couples kissing in front of various state institutions, landmarks and more—in support of Chechnya’s queer youth and in protest of Russia’s anti-LBGTQ+ laws. Debuting exclusively at Dazed, the …
Tags: Apps, Europe, Space, Music, Science, Design, Instagram, Dogs, Restaurants, Russia, Films, Tech, Nasa, Architecture, Nypl, Robots

Amateur Culinary Artist Creates The Most Amazing Sashimi Plating

Looking at the edible masterpieces of culinary artist and Instagram sensation mikyoui00, it’s hard to believe his journey into the world of food art began as a way of getting his son interested in cooking. mikyoui00 never had any professional art or design training, but he was always passionate about food preparation and plating, and wanted to instill that same kind of love in his son. Source
Tags: Food, Art, Japan, Design, Instagram, Sea, Fish, Sashimi

United Colours Of Holi 2019

Raminder Pal Singh/EPA/EFE Celebrated by Hindus every year, on the day of Purnima (the full moon), in the month of Falgun over two consecutive days — the first day of Holi is known as Chhoti Holi or Holika Dahan and the second as Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi or Dhulivandan. This year, the festival of colours will be celebrated on March 20 and 21. A symbol of triumph of good over evil... Source
Tags: Photography, Design, India, Festival, Tradition, Holi, Singh, Purnima, United Colours Of Holi, EPA EFE, Falgun, Chhoti Holi, Holika Dahan, Rangwali Holi Dhuleti Dhulandi

The Father’s Nursing Assistant: Japanese Device Allows Fathers To Breastfeed Their Babies

Fathers sometimes like to say that they can do anything mothers can, except give birth and breastfeed. Well, thanks to a new device developed by Japanese company Dentsu, breastfeeding babies may not be a problem for fathers in the near future. h/t: odditycentral View this post on Instagram #fathersnursingassistant #sxsw2019 A post shared by Carlos Lowry (@carlitoslow) on Mar 12, 2019 at 12: Source
Tags: Japan, Design, Technology, Father, Breastfeeding, Device, Assistant, Dentsu, Carlos Lowry

Tips To Make Your Content More Attractive

Publishing web content is an incredible way of converting leads online. Users often search because they want answers or information. However, your web page should be captivating enough to make visitors stay longer and build stronger connections with your brand. Whether you are hiring the services of custom writing company or you are doing it alone, getting it right is key. Here are the tips you should consider. Specialize When crafting content for your web, ensure that you pick a powerful theme...
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A Dutch All-Day Restaurant Channels the Sleek Craftsmanship of 1930s Car Interiors

Located in Den Bosch, a picturesque Dutch town in the south of the country, Pompen & Verlouw is a new, all-day restaurant designed by Amsterdam-based Studio 34 South that takes its name from the 1930s garage that used to occupy the spot. Offering guests brunch and dinner locally inspired menus based on fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as coffee, refreshments and pre-dinner aperitifs, the...
Tags: Art, Amsterdam, Studio, Den Bosch, Pompen Verlouw

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