Fat Heroes II Illustration Series

Fat Heroes II Illustration Series AoiroStudioMar 26, 2019 Let's take a closer look at the work of Carlos Dattoli and his anticipated illustration series entitled: Fat Heroes II. He is an illustrator and a concept artist based in Mexico. What's intriguing about his series is the physical change of the subject, they are all fat. I just love how this is a reflection of how every single of us have this perception of what a hero should look like. Not all heroes sh...
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French masterpieces renamed after black subjects in new exhibition

Curators at Paris exhibition tracked down names of models used by likes of Manet, Picasso and CézanneFrench art masterpieces have been renamed after their long-overlooked black subjects in a ground-breaking new Paris show on the representation of people of colour in art.Edouard Manet’s Olympia, the scandalous painting of a naked reclining prostitute that marks the birth of modern art, has been renamed Laure after the woman who posed as her black maid. Continue reading...
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Heroic concrete amid cows and sheep: Yorkshire Sculpture Park's Weston visitor centre

The enigmatic gallery building, housing a hidden labyrinth of unfired bricks under Weetabixy ceilings, is opening with a show inviting visitors to wrestleNestled in a bowl in the rolling landscape of Yorkshire Sculpture Park stands a rugged brown wall, its gnarled sedimentary layers of gravel-flecked matter giving it the look of a great slice of earth hoisted freshly out of the ground. Emerging from a grassy slope, the monolithic slab runs for 50 metres with only a single break, where the presen...
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The Problem With Kids Theatre? It’s Not Nutritious

Noel Jordan: “I compare commercial work for children with the McDonald’s Happy Meal. They think they want it, they get it, there is a buzz that comes with a little toy, it is all colourful, and then literally one minute after that meal is consumed, there is an emptiness and it is not satisfying or full or wholesome.” – The Stage
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A lamp that aesthetically separates the light source and the diffuser

The Unire Lamp looks pretty remarkable, at least in the renders. Theoretically, it comprises two elements. A light source, and a scatterer (like most lamps and lighting devices. The light source is an LED strip hidden within one half of Unire’s sleek metal frame, while the diffuser or scatterer is a frosted glass disc that sits in the other half of Unire’s metal frame. Switch the LED on by aligning the two units together and you get a bright, sharp light from the LED strip… aligning the frosted ...
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Do You Have a Standard Speaking Fee? If Not, You Should

I still remember the first time I was asked to speak outside of my own organization. I was invited to present a keynote presentation to 300 people in a large auditorium setting. As a young presenter, I was excited about the opportunity and gladly accepted the invitation. What I would learn with that event was that my inexperience would lead to my presentation skills being taken advantage of. You see, I made a poor assumption that day. I assumed that I would be given a standard speaking fee witho...
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Museums Cut Ties With Sacklers as Outrage Over Opioid Crisis Grows

Accusations that the family behind OxyContin actively downplayed its perils have led arts and education institutions to rethink accepting Sackler funds.
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Flexible Bench

Innovative wooden bench gently bends under the weight of a person into a more comfortable shape. “Bend Bench” designed by Mexican architect Ricardo Garza Marcos. Also check out: Balloon Bench
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Ennead designs a striking nature preserve to protect Chinas most important river

Ennead Architects and Andropogon Landscape Architects have won an international competition for the Shanghai Yangtze River Estuary Chinese Sturgeon Nature Preserve. The proposed design takes the shape of an undulating sculpture mimicking the curves of Asia’s longest river while referencing “biomorphic anatomy.” The building will be clad in translucent PTFE panels and engineered with sustainable, energy-efficient technologies such as geothermal heating and cooling loops. The purpose of the Shan...
Tags: Asia, Design, China, Architecture, Gallery, Shanghai, Wetlands, Carousel Showcase, Yangtze River, Landscape Design, Cross Laminated Timber, Ennead Architects, Native Plants, Carbon Sequestration, Constructed Wetlands, Andropogon Landscape Architects

Growing Complaints: Too Many Streaming Services To Choose From

For the first time in many years, there’s growth in online piracy of film and TV. Some experts say it may be because fans are getting sick of paying for yet another streaming service. – NPR
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Apple’s latest product/service is designed to disrupt the banking industry

I’ll just list a few features that Jennifer Bailey, the VP of Apple Pay, had to say about Apple’s latest offering… Apple Card. Designed to be the most efficient, useful, transparent, financially beneficial, and well-designed thing to happen to the banking industry, Apple Card is both a physical and digital credit card for Apple users to make payments through. The card works universally, encrypting all your payments and related data, it records all your transactions in a way that’s more easy to...
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The SWAT Team That Hunts Out Fakes At Europe’s Elite Old Masters Art Fair

Vetting, as the process is known, is expensive, invisible, and has recently undergone some major changes at TEFAF. But it remains key to ensuring that collectors can trust in the fair’s offerings and know that they are getting exactly what they are paying for. – Artnet
Tags: Art, Europe, Visual, 03.22.19

Jonas Wood Profiled in NYT

Jonas Wood gives the New York Times a tour of his East Hollywood Studio, showing off a series of works from his own practice and his personal collection. “I’ve been all-in on painting since I was younger, and I realized that it was because of a lot of fear that it would all go away,” […]
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Los Angeles – Zoe Leonard: “Survey” at MOCA Through March 25th, 2019

Zoe Leonard, Survey (Installation View), via Art Observed It’s difficult to place the work of artist Zoe Leonard in any one box. Not only is she a roving polymath in her creative practices, her pieces frequently move between and through various disciplines and practices simultaneously. She’s known as a photographer and sculptor, yet in other modes her […]
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All It Really Takes To Become A Dancer

Marisa Meltzer: “Choreography, as something that isn’t normally part of my life, is incredibly hard to remember and appears to use a part of my brain that has gone dormant. It took so much concentration that I couldn’t think of anything else, which was liberating.” – The New York Times
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Categorization: Do We Really Need “Ultra” Contemporary??

On the other hand: What important trends are we obscuring if we lump the likes of Andy Warhol, who died in 1987, and Avery Singer, who was born in 1987, into the same category? – Artnet
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What Happens To Sets From Movies? One Non-Profit Figured Out How To Get It To People Who Need It

Movie productions require lots of household items to fill their sets. But then the movie is over and where does all that stuff go? It’s a headache for the production team to get rid of it. A Massachusetts organization offers a service to quickly break down the sets and make them available to families in need, working with 400+ social workers. – WGBH
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A beautiful brick home is embedded into the Brazilian countryside

Brazilian firm Estúdio Penha has tucked a brick-clad home into the sloped landscapes of an expansive forest outside of São Paulo. Partially embedded into a grassy hill, the gorgeous Quinta da Baroneza House blends quietly into its natural setting thanks to an expansive green roof and muted brick cladding that matches the same color of the local soil. Located in an open patch of the Atlantic Forest, the nearly 7,000-square-foot home was designed to blend in with its surroundings while providing...
Tags: Design, Atlantic Forest, Estúdio Penha, Quinta da Baroneza House, São Paulo Partially, Hijau, Estúdio Penha Via


Another one - revised.  On all media art paper using acrylics and collage.   [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

Sawyer and a mention in Western Art Collector Magazine

Sawyer  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  $330. Art collectors Byron and Keely Lewis were featured in the April issue of Western Art Collector magazine. The feature, titled "A Convergence of Collections" showcases their beautiful home and art collection. The couple is very active in cat rescue organizations and I am lucky to call them collectors. Especially thrilling, my name was mentioned in the article. :) [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
Tags: Art, Byron, Diane Hoeptner, Sawyer, Western Art Collector Magazine, Sawyer Oil, Keely Lewis, Western Art Collector

Dong-Ping Wong on How Architecture Reflects Culture

Dong-Ping Wong, this year's Core77 Design Awards Built Environment Jury Captain, is both an architect in the purest sense of the word, and yet, a rule breaker vying for change in an industry built on tradition. With projects varying from Plus Pool, a civic project aiming to simultaneously provide New York City with a public pool and filter the filth in the Hudson River, to Virgil Abloh's concept-driven Singapore retail location, the projects his architecture firm FOOD New York take on are as var...
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Design Job: Step to It! Timberland is Seeking a Footwear Design Intern in Stratham, NH

Work with the Special Make Up design team to assist and create footwear concepts and storyboards based on seasonal color/material trends, as well as consumer and fashion trends. Assist in completing CAD revisions, color updates, technical packages, graphics, View the full design job here
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7 More Paper Jewelry Artists You Won't Want to Miss

Enjoy Part Two of my round up of unique, handmade paper jewelry from around the world. (Here's Part One.) Shiran Shashua in Tel Aviv, Israel and owner of Etsy shop The Morning After Jewel creates... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Serpentine Under Fire Over Pavilion Architect’s Controversial Use of Interns

The Serpentine Gallery is facing criticism over reports that the architect for this year’s pavilion, Junya Ishigami + Associates, uses unpaid interns working 12-hour shifts. “I considered [the internship] for a second, but then later I just realized how ridiculous the terms are,” one student said of the internship. “I can’t afford to do that, considering that […]
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Karim Rashid Designs a Single-Serving Wine Bottle for Usual Wines

From ancient Egypt to Greece and China, civilizations have produced their own wines with local ingredients fir generations. Back then, clay vessels and oak barrels were the best ways to transport the precious liquid. Today, we've turned to our standard glass wine bottles to transport (and more importantly protect) the 'nectar of the gods.' Our wine glass has even gotten bigger as our appetites for wine have increased, but let's be honest with ourselves: how many bottles of opened, unfinished win...
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Famous Actresses Lobby For Food Service Workers. Workers Say Leave Us Alone

For more than a year, a group of Hollywood actresses waving the banner of the Time’s Up movement have been pressing Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to apply New York’s minimum wage to workers who earn tips, arguing that it would make waitresses less vulnerable to sexual harassment. But it has also created an unexpected divide: Waitresses and other servers are resisting the proposal, saying they can make more money from tips and do not need celebrities to help protect them from harassment. – The New York T...
Tags: Art, New York, Hollywood, Time, People, Andrew M Cuomo, 03.31.19

The Rivsalt Salt Grinder brings back the rustic pleasure of seasoning with your hands

Coming from a country that’s cuisine literally stands on spices, I can tell when Indian food is prepared with freshly ground spices versus pre-made spice mixes. There’s a complete difference in taste, and you’ll hear the same thing from gourmets, chefs, and food-lovers across the world. Pre-shredded parm tastes different from freshly grated Parmesan, and freshly ground pepper has a completely different aroma from pepper powder. The Rivsalt grinder brings that fresh distinction to salt too.Unlike...
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The environmental secrets the fashion industry does not want you to know

The fashion industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Having greater access to the latest trends in fashion is great, but the industry as a whole could do a lot better lessening its environmental impact on the world. Some of the biggest issues with the fashion industry are microplastics used in production, child labor violations and new disposable fashion trends— which put more waste into landfills around the world. If you are curious about how the fashion industry is af...
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Where Classical Music Has Become An Obsession

Inna Faliks: “Seventy-five percent of my students at UCLA are Chinese or Chinese American. Pianists from China, after graduating from the best music schools in Europe and the United States, return home to pass on classical music traditions in their own distinct ways. This musical exchange is exponentially growing. Concert halls may remain empty in our nation’s cities, especially when traditional classical recitals are offered by a non-household name, but in China, playing a Beethoven or Chopin ...
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A Nostalgia-Creating Smart Speaker!

We have smart-home technology coming at us from all angles now, as its popularity and presence is ever increasing. However, this product still manages to stand out from the sea of competitors, as it takes a rather retro approach to smart-design.The smart-screen speaker references the form of the original portable televisions; the blocky, angular form with the prominent control dials and two-tone finish was a familiar sight in homes of the 1970s, and now it has been brought into the modern-day! S...
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