Two is Better Than One: Making the Most Out of Content Collaboration

This article has been contributed by DropBox.  Make the most out of your partnerships with captivating collaborative content. Content collaboration isn’t rocket science – it’s really as simple as it sound. It’s the idea of working with other professionals in your industry to create captivating content. It’s working with partners to find new ideas, answer linger questions, and provide new perspectives to customers through content they actually want to read and even better, want to share. Collabor...
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Interaction Design of Payday, a personal finance app

Interaction Design of Payday, a personal finance app AoiroStudioMar 27, 2019 With the announcement of the Apple Card earlier this week. You will notice new waves of designers trying to tackle the financial health space with new concepts and how can they craft a good personal finance experience. It's no easy task! Let's take a look at Max Podolski who is a product designer based in Moscow, Russian Federation. Introducing Payday, a personal finance application ...
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The SPIN is figuratively the coolest fireplace ever made…

I’d be compromising my journalistic integrity by using the term ‘lit’, but that’s precisely what the SPIN is. A portable fireplace that ditches the age-old flame for a fiery vortex, the SPIN is absolutely alluring to look at. The portable fireplace, or fire vortex if you’re the technical kind, can be used indoors or outdoors. It comes with a base that holds the fire-starter, and an optional glass hood that helps expand the flame to make the vortex bigger and more visible.The SPIN works by usin...
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Two Chicago Ensembles Make A Mission Of Programming Female Composers

Oboist Ashley Ertz started the group 5th Wave Collective especially to perform and promote music written by women. “Since April 2018, the volunteer-based group of more than 115 musicians has performed works by more than 50 female composers via 12 concerts throughout Chicagoland.” And the Chicago Sinfonietta under composer Mei-Ann Chen — who perform more female-authored music in a single program than the Chicago Symphony manages in several seasons put together — has just released a recording tit...
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Brand Loyalty and Why It Is Vital

The Role of Brand Loyalty In Contemporary Business Brand loyalty is one of the most significant factors for achieving brand success. Without loyal customers who regularly purchase your goods or services, you will need to compete with other brands in terms of price and convenience. When people choose your brand based on how affordable your products are and how attractive your price is, your brand becomes a product. In this case, you have to deal with a significant fall in price and invent new...
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AO Preview – Art Basel Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Convention Center, March 27th – 31st, 2019

XU ZHEN®, The Glorious (Installation View), via Perrotin Hong Kong Art Basel Hong Kong is squarely in the center of Asia’s international art scene, a major recurring event that has left its mark as an important touchpoint for artists, collectors and galleries in Asia and the broader Pacific Rim, connecting this already thriving scene with the galleries […]
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Sports Coaches’ New Problem: Their Players Are Obsessed With “Fortnite”

“It was something that players were talking about during warmups or while they were dressing in the locker room rather than focusing on the actual hockey game that we were getting ready to play. Part of the issue was just the inability to put it aside. I did even on occasion hear the odd reference on the bench in the middle of the game.” – CBC
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What A Digital Marketing Agency Can Advise Your Company When Choosing Colors

Colors ignite different types of emotions. Depending on which kind of feeling you plan to entice, colors are useful techniques in reaching out to your audience. Getting customers’ attention can be a challenge, but you can be more effective in this endeavor by using color theory. Many web marketing agencies, like webmarketing123, advise companies to use the right color combinations to provoke a specific response or behavior from their audience. Companies also apply color theory when it comes to ...
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Van Gogh the Wild Man? Try Van Gogh the Suburban Professional

Van Gogh’s comfortable, middle-class existence in London is at odds with how the public imagines the painter. But this period shaped his art, a new exhibition shows.
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Theatrical Outfit seeks Artistic Director

Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta, Georgia seeks a visionary Artistic Director to lead, inspire, and drive the organization toward artistic excellence and financial growth. Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta, Georgia seeks a visionary Artistic Director to lead, inspire, and drive the organization toward artistic excellence and financial growth. The Artistic Director will report to the Board of Directors and serve along-side TO’s Managing Director. The second-oldest professional theatre in Atlanta...
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The Recovery Orchestra – Service Organization For Recovering Addicts Starts Ensemble For Its Clients

“The Recovery Orchestra was set up by Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) to help individuals using their services. It encourages people to take up an instrument or use the skills they already had in a joint musical activity. The group, funded by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, will perform at a Bristol church this week.” (video) – BBC
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Theatre in the Age of Climate Change

“How does our work reflect on, and respond to, the challenges brought on by a warming climate? How can we participate in the global conversation about what the future should look like, and do so in a way that is both inspiring and artistically rewarding?” Five theatre artists add their contributions to a long-term conversation at HowlRound that has been going on since 2015. – HowlRound
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Breaking smartphone addiction: 10 Designs to save us from electronic enslavement

I read a pretty scary statistic online, which outlines that the average person stares at their smartphone screen for a minimum of 3 hours a day. In fact, that number went from 0.3 hours to 3.3 hours between 2008 and 2017. Today, it’s anywhere between 4-6 hours, which is anywhere around 30% of the time we spend awake. That’s 30% of our waking life spent staring at pixels. Mike Elgan points out that if we spent that time reading books, we could literally read upward of 200 books PER YEAR.So how ex...
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Thought that was a MacBook? Look again, it’s a hybrid iPad Pro!

If you’ve read our long-form piece on the 2018 iPad Pro, you’ll get a pretty good idea of exactly how powerful it is. With an 8-core GPU that’s designed to perform as well as the latest XBox, a 7-core CPU that’s capable of intense heavy-lifting, FaceID, battery that lasts all day, a touchscreen with a stylus, and even a Type-C USB port that lets you hook the iPad to practically anything, the iPad Pro is just as good as a MacBook Pro, if not better. In fact, probably the only visible difference...
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Bill T. Jones On The Artistic Struggle To Make Art Useful

“I wanted to make a piece about a man who saves himself through art. I don’t want people to think he’s just a train wreck. The most important thing an artist has is the will to do something — it’s evidence of life and a spiritual wellness, even if the body is decrepit.” – Washington Post
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Culture Shift: How Women Conductors Are Changing Orchestras

In a world that expects hierarchy and venerates individual genius, some musicians prefer to see their conductor not as a collaborator, but as a dominant, almost dictatorial leader. Many male conductors have been not only famous for their musical prowess, but infamous for their unflinching ways and bad tempers. A sexist double standard makes such shows of “temperament” taboo for women. – New York Review of Books
Tags: Art, Music, 03.26.19

Act + Acre Hair and Scalp Products

More than just shampoo and conditioner, from the new brand In a time when we carry around tiny supercomputers, shampoo feels far from revolutionary. Whether at the drug store or salon, many hair products seem interchangeable. All of these then build up and must be clarified with yet another special product. Even the new wave of suds-free “co-washes” or “cleansing cremes” oftentimes feel like conditioner …
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Prescribing Art As Medical Treatment

The museum prescription was inspired by a movement in what’s called social prescribing. This has kind of taken off more in the UK. And in looking at the literature, we see that doctors were prescribing, in addition to things like eat better and get out there and walk more often, they were prescribing social activities within the patient’s community, with the belief that that was going to accelerate their healing and give them opportunity for more agency, that I am a participant in my healing. I...
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Transparent Planter

Cube shaped planter with transparent sides helps you feel closer to nature. Transparent planter designed by Boskke lets you see water, soil and roots. Also check out: Fish Bowl Plante
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Rammed concrete home in Portugal boasts passive design features and a green roof

Portuguese firm Atelier 1111 has unveiled a gorgeous home designed to strategically blend into the rural region of Grândola in southern Portugal. The Cottage House is an angular design embedded into a small hillside, putting part of the home underneath the arid landscape. This technique provides the house with a strong thermal envelope, which — along with additional passive cooling strategies such as a green roof and thickened stone walls — boosts energy efficiency. Using the idyllic setting a...
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Successful Public Art Projects Can Transform A City (Sometimes In Not Good Ways)

Take San Antonio, Texas: Advocates say that the “Decade of Downtown” policies launched under the administration of Mayor Julián Castro—who is now running for president in part on his mayoral record—aren’t working for marginalized communities. New developments like the Latino High Line, plus the city’s rising economic fortunes, are putting inadvertent pressure on the Mexican and Mexican-American communities that these projects celebrate. – CityLab
Tags: Art, Issues, San Antonio Texas, Julian Castro, SJ, 03.25.19

The Art World’s Very Own Indiana Jones

Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of the Art World,” Dutch detective Arthur Brand has just recovered a stolen Picasso painting worth $28.2 million. Like the storyline of a heist movie, the 1938 painting Buste de Femme (Dora Maar)—depicting one of the artist’s mistresses—was stolen in 1999 from “a Saudi sheikh’s yacht on the French Riviera.” Brand (who spent four years on the hunt) says the painting was …
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This flower-vase is also a fire-extinguisher

As useful as they are, fire-extinguishers are also designed to be too utilitarian and technical. They’re stored in attics and store-rooms, because they aren’t particularly aesthetic, and working them usually requires knowing how to operate them.Even though laws dictate that all homes in South Korea need to have a fire extinguisher, as many as 58% of them don’t… and the ones that do, have them lying in hard-to-reach places. In order to equip Koreans with a product that’s easy to use, and can si...
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Media and Marketing Director, Office of Arts + Cultural Programming

The Office of Arts + Cultural Programming at Montclair State University is seeking a full time Media and Marketing Director responsible for the promotion of each of ACP’s programs by effectively communicating those activities locally, regionally, nationally and often worldwide. By virtue of its internationally acclaimed series PEAK Performances, the Office of Arts + Cultural Programming (ACP) has become a leading advocate for contemporary artists worldwide. By producing and presenting int...
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Don’t Run The Forklift Through The Picasso: The Insane Logistics Of Moving Priceless Art From Museum To Museum

“Yet the mechanisms required … – loan agreements, insurance, packing, couriering, shipping, handling, installation – are delicate, expensive and complex. Behind every exhibition is an intricate logistical web that reaches across the globe.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Visual, 03.21.19

Thomas J. Lax Named Curator of Performance and Media Art

Thomas J. Lax has been promoted to a new position as curator of performance and media art at MoMA, Art News reports. “I am thrilled to be named curator at this vital moment, when MoMA is asking renewed questions about how art matters in the world and in our everyday lives,” he says. “I look forward […]
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Keep it simple with Prefab Passivhaus panels

The Simple Life shows that building healthy, efficient buildings isn't complicated.
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TV Exec And Collector Blake Byrne, 83

Before he got into collecting, Byrne “didn’t even know what I liked,” he recalled in a 2015 interview with Art+Auction magazine. New York dealer Jack Tilton suggested that he attend Art Basel, and after two trips to Switzerland, he bought six pieces in 1988 on a budget of $60,000. “That was the beginning of the collection,” he said. “After I got those first six, I was bitten.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Stanfords sustainable scholars building embraces the California landscape

A former parking lot has been converted into the Denning House, the new home for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University. The University and the Denning Family tapped New York City-based architectural firm Ennead Architects to design the building as a gathering place for graduate scholars hailing from international backgrounds and diverse disciplines. Wrapped in timber and surrounded by California oaks, the Denning House has a treehouse-like atmosphere and sustainably embrac...
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