What if Harley Davidson designed Air Purifiers

Well, if the company that made petrol-chugging motorbikes decided to also make air purifiers, I’d consider it a pretty good thing… but this one’s just a concept. As a part of PDF Haus’s What if ‘X’ brand made ‘Y’ product series, this is the Harley Davidson Air Purifier… a vertical air purifier that does a pretty remarkable job of copying the company’s sense of style and superimposing it on a product not manufactured by the company.Look at the air purifier’s side profile and the shape immediately...
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The Kershaw Barricade knife also packs a seatbelt cutter and emergency glass-breaker

The Kershaw Barricade is EDC that’s absolutely worth carrying, especially while traveling. Its design doesn’t just pack a nice, black-oxide-coated 8Cr13MoV steel blade with a drop-point edge, it also packs two other potentially life-saving features. Built into the Barricade’s practically unbreakable glass-filled nylon handle (that’s also colored fluorescent orange, making it easy to spot in emergencies) are a Seatbelt Cutter, and a Glass-breaker, two exceptionally handy things to have on you n...
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Tips to Landing the In-Person Presentation

You spent hours developing your big idea, you created the impactful content, and now you’re ready to bring this excitement to the world. You begin sending out emails and working to land your first in-person opportunity. But rather than finding a calendar full of meetings, you are met with a list of no’s and call-me-back-laters. We live in an increasingly busy culture, and landing in-person time with leaders of organizations is becoming harder and harder. As a thought leader, landing the in-perso...
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Local News Is Collapsing In America

In a previous world, perhaps one could imagine that a million bloggers would spring up to fill the void left by all the actual reporting jobs disappearing, but that clearly did not and is not going to happen. The explosion of national digital-only news outlets has come and gone. Many survive, but few do the kind of journalism that local papers did. It’s one thing to tweet from a city council meeting every once in a while, and a whole other thing to cover City Hall for a real newspaper. – The A...
Tags: Art, America, Issues, City Hall, 03.26.19

10 Tips To Create and Optimize Your WordPress Website

Creating the right overall look and feel for your WordPress website can be tricky if you are new to the world.  Even if you are used to the world of WordPress, it can still give you some trouble once in a while.  To make sure that you are allowing your website to breathe and get out there to the people who are looking for it, optimize it using 10 of these great tips to see just how you can properly improve the quality for good.  After all, if your website is running on its best version of itself...
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Someone made an actual toy-diorama of Google’s offline browser game!

Now isn’t this the coolest thing ever! Designed to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Google Chrome, New York-based artist Andrew Bell created this absolutely adorable box-set of Chrome’s most amazing Easter egg… the offline browser game.For the people who don’t know what this game is about (basically Safari users), the game starts as a webpage that tells you that your browser is offline. Press any key, and the game initiates, and you’re tasked with getting the dinosaur to jump over cacti, a...
Tags: Chrome, Google, Design, Game, Browser, Dinosaur, Offline, Recreation, Bell, Product Design, Cactus, Random, Dino, Andrew Bell, Babies/Childcare/Toys, Dead Zebra Inc

How To Create A Website That Converts

Most website owners focus all their energy on getting traffic to their sites, but if that traffic doesn’t convert, it’s almost useless. This article outlines proven strategies for getting your visitors to convert into customers, whether that’s filling out a survey, handing over their email address or making a purchase.   How should things be placed?   An artful layout creates order in a website. Things should not simply be thrown onto a page at random. People naturally scan a website in th...
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Sashimi Art

Disney characters, birds, and beautiful edible designs made out of raw fish. Creative Japanese food raw fish sashimi art handcrafted by Mikyou. Also check out: Incredible Sushi Art
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Disney, Mikyou

Boutique Ibiza hotel sports a checkerboard facade to take in cooling breezes

Barcelona-based studio Ribas & Ribas Architects has transformed an old apartment building into Hotel Sir Joan Ibiza, a contemporary and chic boutique hotel designed with sustainability in mind. Located in the heart of the Spanish island of Ibiza, the building has been restyled to include 38 rooms and suites dressed to reflect the island’s nautical elements, from stripped wood yacht floors to porthole-inspired vanity mirrors. Its eye-catching, checkerboard-like facade features openings that take...
Tags: Design, Tel Aviv, Spain, Barcelona, Architecture, Gallery, Ibiza, Carousel Showcase, Green Renovation, Natural Light, Old Town, Boutique Hotel, Adaptive Reuse, Natural Ventilation, Stainless Steel, Carrara Marble

Two Very Different Australian Productions Of “West Side Story” Spark Debate About Clashing Cultures

The two productions are emblematic of a broader shift in the industry as a whole: one that is trying to be more thoughtful and inclusive, but is still dominated by old habits and modes of thought under a predominantly white, male leadership. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Theatre, SJ, 03.22.19

S.I. Newhouse Trophies Head to Christie’s

Highlights from the collection of S.I. Newhouse will head to Christie’s New York this spring, 11 works expected to tally $130 million. “He had the best eye and the best collection of postwar paintings ever put together,” said his friend David Geffen, “I bought a lot of it.” Read more at NYT
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Christie, David Geffen, Newhouse, Christie 's New York

New York State’s Burgeoning Whiskey Appellation, Empire Rye

A robust designation of distillery and spirit standards The concept of Empire Rye solidified in 2015 thanks to the efforts of six New York State craft distilleries. Today, the designation embodies several rigorous standards that aim to elevate an entire regional whiskey style and signify to consumers what’s in a bottle. More than a dozen distilleries have pledged to commit throughout 2019 and 2020, joining …
Tags: Drinks, Design, Alcohol, Drinking, Whiskey, New York State, Food + Drink, Empire Rye, Appellation, Hudson Whiskey

Singer At Royal Albert Hall Told To Change Her Pro-EU Dress Before Concert

The British soprano Anna Patalong donned the yellow-and-blue outfit, along with a necklace of gold stars redolent of the EU flag, for a Classical Spectacular performance on Saturday after taking part in the anti-Brexit march in London earlier in the day. However, she changed back into a red dress worn for previous performances for Sunday’s concert following a request by the concert’s producer, Raymond Gubbay. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Eu, People, 03.26.19, Royal Albert Hall Told, Anna Patalong

Open Call: This Museum Could Be Yours If You Have A Great Idea For It

The Autry will put out a call for proposals for the “revitalization and creative reuse” of L.A.’s oldest museum, a 12-acre campus near the Mount Washington-Highland Park border, plus the museum’s nearby adobe building, a 1917 replica of a Spanish California ranch house from the 19th century. – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, California, Visual, Autry, 03.26.19, Mount Washington Highland Park

Large Rallies Against Sweeping New EU Copyright Law

Munich police said 40,000 protesters turned out under the motto “Save our internet.” Organizers said Berlin’s protest (pictured above) drew 30,000, with participants walking past the center of Germany’s collaborative Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Police put the number of protesters at 10,000. – Deutsche Welle
Tags: Art, Wikipedia, Germany, Berlin, Munich, Issues, 03.26.19

They Say Blockchain Is Going To Revolutionize The Publishing Business. Is This Just Hype?

Perhaps not since the advent of the internet itself has a single technology buzzword captured the imagination of so many. Book publishing is no exception: a growing number of startup companies, people in existing companies, and investors are touting the promise of blockchain technology for publishing. Meanwhile, skeptics say that blockchain cannot possibly live up to all the hype. – Publishers Weekly
Tags: Art, Words, 03.22.19

A Look at Six Car Design Specialties, Part 3: The Digital Modeler

Two well-known specialties in exterior car design are sketching and clay modeling. These two skills are so longstanding in human history that you could pull Leonardo da Vinci out of a time machine, drop him into a car studio and he could do the work. But he'd have been baffled by what James Robbins does.The Digital Modeler is the newest specialty in exterior car design, and in the past few decades it's become a crucial third leg that holds the tripod steady. The digital modeler not only helps sh...
Tags: New York, Design, Scotland, Cars, Digital, Ohio, Autodesk, Long Island, Robbins, Acura, University Of Cincinnati, Matt, Leonardo da Vinci, NSX, James Robbins, CMF

CHAI: Curly Adventure

A jubilant and uplifting tune by Japanese four-piece CHAI, “Curly Adventure” was released a couple of weeks ago and now has a delightful animated video to match. Directed by Sean Solomon, the video is just as pleasant and playful as the song itself—a glorious track in which J-pop meets indie and rock. The song is about freedom and changing mindsets, with a lyric loosely translating …
Tags: Music, J-pop, Design, Music Videos, Pop, Culture, Indie, Japanese, Listenup, Chai, Synthpop, Sean Solomon

A series of cylindrical volumes break up this modernist home in Mexico

Merida-based architecture firm Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos has unveiled a gorgeous, modernist home comprised of a low-lying structure interspersed by several cylindrical volumes. Marked by clean, simple lines, white cladding and natural light, the contemporary House O + I is 1,776 square feet of pure, unadulterated sophistication. Located in Merida, Mexico, the family residence is set on an expansive plot of land, which inspired the incredible design. To take advantage of the building site, ...
Tags: Design, California, Mexico, Architecture, Gallery, House, Palm Springs, Minimalist Design, Merida, Modernist Architecture, Merida Mexico, Mexican Architecture, Contemporary Home Design, Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos, House O + I, Cylindrical Volumes


Watercolor on all media art paper with a tiny bit of collage. Calling this one  Easter. [Author: RH Carpenter]
Tags: Art, Rh Carpenter

Design Job: Aye Aye Captain! White River Marine Group is Seeking an Industrial Designer in Springfield, MO 

White River Marine Group is one of the largest marine manufactures in North America. Our six unique brands of recreational marine products include kayaks, fiberglass and aluminum fishing, sport, utility and pontoon boats. We are looking for a creative Industrial Designer to support the aesthetic and ergonomic View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, North America, Springfield MO, White River Marine Group

Amazing Vector Illustration for Disney Tim Burton's Dumbo

Amazing Vector Illustration for Disney Tim Burton's Dumbo abduzeedoMar 27, 2019 Orlando Arocena shared an incredible vector illustration project for the upcoming Disney movie Dumbo. Orland was really cool to publish a little making of, or a step by step allowing us to get a bit more of the behind the scenes of his creation process. At the end we have a 19,251 points vector illustration full of amazing details. Very honored to have been commissioned by Walt ...
Tags: Design, Tim Burton, Disney, Burton, Walt Disney Studios, Orlando Arocena, Disney Orland

This Screenprinted Poster Wants to Replace Your Weather App

The idea to make an updating weather poster first came to Oli Woods, the Melbourne-based designer behind product design company Typified, when he was having lunch with his parents. "We were all in the kitchen, chatting and enjoying the company when the topic of 'the weather' came up," he says. "Seconds later, we were all on our phones, and the moment had gone, our attention had shifted from the real world to our screens and then stayed there."Determined to find a way of integrating connected pro...
Tags: Design, Tech, Kickstarter, Melbourne, Woods, Visual Communication, Oli Woods

Mauling Sprawling Art Installations: Are Outdoor Works Destined for Desecration?

Marko Remec’s 2018 piece Vertebrate Progression (Field Totem), commissioned for the grounds of a Long Island art museum, has already been damaged by visitors sitting on parts of it. One takeaway for custodians of outdoor sculpture in difficult-to-guard public settings may be that such works had better be less fragile. But that’s blaming the victim. – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Long Island, Ajblogs, 03.27.19, Marko Remec

RSC’s Artistic Director On Shakespeare’s Greatest Actor

“Richard Burbage was the go-to leading actor for the greatest playwrights of the 17th century. RSC artistic director Gregory Doran assesses the legacy of the first man to play Hamlet and Lear, four hundred years after his death.” – The Stage
Tags: Art, Theatre, Hamlet, Lear, RSC, Gregory Doran, Richard Burbage, 03.22.19

Kooshoo introduces the first plastic-free, sustainable hair ties

Amid growing concerns of plastic waste around the world, one company has created sustainable hair ties that are better for the environment. Made from organic materials like cotton and rubber, Kooshoo has come up with the world’s first plastic-free hair ties that are completely biodegradable. These hair ties come in a variety of colors and styles and are made with sustainability in mind — from the way the materials are sourced to how the products are manufactured. About the company Jesse and...
Tags: Design, California, Los Angeles, Organic, Features, Canada, Innovation, Biodegradable, Plastic Waste, Rachel, Jesse, Victoria Canada, Plastic Free, Kooshoo, Sustainable Hair Ties, Global Organic Textile Standard Natural

EU Passes Sweeping New Copyright Law. It Will Change The Very Nature Of The Internet

Under the law, internet platforms will be liable for content that users upload, a burden that will fall heavily on some of the most popular online services. Years in the making, the EU Copyright Directive has been heavily debated and divisive among politicians, as well as a cause of concern for the tech industry. One part of the proposal in particular — Article 13, which will govern the way copyrighted content is uploaded to the internet — has many in the tech community throwing their hands up...
Tags: Art, Eu, Issues, Audience, 03.26.19

Co-living development built on a potato field in the Netherlands

Here's how people work together to build their own homes cooperatively.
Tags: Design, News, Netherlands

John Donohue’s “All the Restaurants in New York”

Since 2017, New York based artist and writer John Donohue has been pursuing his — admittedly unlikely — quest to draw all of the restaurants in New York City (estimated to number around 2,400, not counting ongoing closings and openings). He takes this on by sketching on location in pen and ink, without preliminary pencil drawings. He then adds touches of a single color to the drawings. His drawing style is casual and sketch-like, with an almost cartoony feeling at times — unsurprising as Dono...
Tags: Art, New York, New York City, Drawing, Paris, Sketching, Pen & Ink, New York London, Donohue, John Donohue

Drop in Tourists Doesn’t Stop Growth in Attendance

Attendance at Britain’s cultural institutions grew by nearly 9% last year despite a decrease in numbers of overseas tourists, The Guardian reports.  “Our assumption is that the biggest growth here has been in us Brits going to more museums, galleries and visitor attractions across the UK. The really big growth stories have been in the […]
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