I heard a Fly buzz – when I died

Ti Art Studios #39 183 Lorraine Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 I heard a Fly buzz – when I died Exhibition dates: April 6 & 7 Opening reception: April 6th, 6-9pm Ti Art Studios is proud to present I heard a Fly buzz – when I died. A two day exhibition...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition, TI Art Studios, Lorraine Street Brooklyn NY

Artist Curated Cinema: Valeria Divinorum

Join us April 28th for the next session of #ACCbk – Closing out April will be Brooklyn-based sculptor Valeria Divinorum, who will share her influences and processes working with Tiffany glass in her gorgeous sculptures. Following will be a screening of the recent Italian documentary “Spira Mirabilis” which weaves a...Read more »
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Artist Curated Cinema: Evan Paul English

April 7th we are back once again for the next session of #ACCbk aka Artist Curated Cinema! This session we will hear from Brooklyn-based artist and tattooer Evan Paul English, followed by a screening of the 90s cult film “Drop Dead Gorgeous” starring Denise Richards. Artist Curated Cinema is a...Read more »
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Dark and Turbulent Galaxies, Opening Event and Exhibition @ The Royal April 5th

DARK AND TURBULENT GALAXIES Curated by: Janet Rutkowski April 5th-April 28th Opening  reception Friday, April 5th 7-9 PM Mankind has always been fascinated by the universe. An uncharted realm we look to with wonder, yet trepidation. In its magnitude, we see both incredible possibility and a harsh reminder of our...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition, Janet Rutkowski

“From Plane to Space” at FiveMyles Gallery

FiveMyles Gallery presents “From Plane to Space”, an exhibition of work by Judith Murray and Cordy Ryman, curated by Lilly Wei. “Painting, as we know, is not only not dead, but it is flourishing. And not only painting, but abstract painting. In this two-person show, Judith Murray and Cordy Ryman parade...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition, FiveMyles Gallery, Judith Murray, Cordy Ryman, Lilly Wei

Springtime Park Slope Art Exhibit and Sale at the Ossam Gallery 302 7th Ave Brooklyn

Do you enjoy oil paintings, watercolors, prints, illustrations, collages, ceramics, sculptures, photographs, or social commentary art? If so, see artwork by twenty-one members of the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace (PSWT) Artist group at the OSSAM Gallery, 302 7th Street (between 4th and 5th Aves.), Brooklyn, 11215 on April 6-7 and April...Read more »
Tags: Art, Brooklyn, Exhibition, Park Slope Windsor Terrace PSWT Artist, Ossam Gallery, Ave Brooklyn

90s Nostalgia Artworks by Leonardoworx LWX

90s Nostalgia Artworks by Leonardoworx LWX AoiroStudioApr 01, 2019 We are a little bit in the 90s nostalgia here on ABDZ lately. First of all with our series: That 90s Look is Coming Back and of course the latest from Marvel with which is set in the 90s. No spoiler alert! In that honour, I wanted to feature the work from Leonardoworx LWX with his series: LOST-TAPES SPRING-19. Based in Florence, Italy; we are following a various set of artworks, personal, edi...
Tags: Design, Florence Italy, Leonardoworx LWX, Leonardoworx LWX AoiroStudioApr

R Gregory Summers

R. Gregory Summers is a plein air painter working in the Kansas City area. He takes on plain air subjects both natural and man made with sharp, abbreviated notation and rich painterly brushwork. His subjects range from the close and familiar to places from his travels in other parts of the world, like Australia and Peru. His website has sections for current work as well as archives from previous years. Summers teaches workshops in various parts of the U. S.  
Tags: Art, Australia, Peru, Kansas City, Gallery And Museum Art, Gregory Summers

New York – Lucio Fontana: “On the Threshold” at Met Breuer Through April 14th, 2019

Lucio Fontana, On the Threshold (Installation View), via Art Observed Marking the first major U.S. survey of artist Lucio Fontana in more than forty years, The Met Breuer has assembled a landmark show of works from across the artist’s career, unpacking and reassembling disparate threads and conceptual projects from across the expanse of his work to arrive at […]
Tags: Art, New York, Show, Art News, Featured Post, Breuer, Lucio Fontana

Genevieve Oswald, The Soul Of The New York Public Library Dance Collection, Has Died At 97

Oswald started curating the collection when it had about 350 items in 1947, and built it into this: “You can walk into the dance division of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and request to see the ballet slippers of the early-20th-century ballerina Anna Pavlova, or a silk flower garland that adorned the modern-dance pioneer Isadora Duncan, or countless other items in a vast repository of materials on dance.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, People, Anna Pavlova, Oswald, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Isadora Duncan, 03.29.19, Genevieve Oswald, New York Public Library Dance Collection Has

Leaning Bench

Unique wooden bench designed to be leaned against a wall to achieve perfect balance and stability. Leaning bench created by Izabela Boloz features rubber underneath the legs that prevents slipping. Creative bench designed for two people. Also check out: Wall Chai
Tags: Design, Tech, Izabela Boloz

Banksy's art authentication system displays top-notch cryptographic nous

Banksy's anonymity makes it hard to authenticate his pieces and prints, so Banksy has created a nonprofit called "Pest Control" that issues certificates of authenticity: you send them an alleged Banksy print and £65 and if they agree that it's authentic, they'll return it with a certificate that has a torn-in-half "Di-faced" fake banknote with Lady Diana's face on it, with a handwritten ID number across the bill. As Clinton Freeman points out, this is a great piece of cryptographic enginee...
Tags: Security, Art, Post, Happy Mutants, News, Authentication, Cryptography, Banksy, Pest Control, Lady Diana, Joe Bloggs, Clinton Freeman, Banksy How Banksy, Clinton Freeman Reprage

Exploring A Different Way To Paint, And Center, The Black Body

Painter Elizabeth Colomba’s goals include getting Black women into Western art history – and changing how people look at Black women in general. “When you think about black women wearing a period dress, you have a tendency to think that they were serving other people, another ethnicity, and they were not in power. That’s where I break the stereotype. And that’s what sometimes makes people uncomfortable.” – HuffPost
Tags: Art, Visual, 03.25.19, Elizabeth Colomba

Shaking my head

A press release that touts a a composer who became famous nearly 100 years ago as “contemporary” has us smiling. – Greg Sandow
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 03.29.19

Visitors shred artist's huge Louvre paper artwork in one day

Courtyard collage celebrating art gallery’s 30th anniversary created an optical illusion.A whimsical collage in the courtyard of France’s Louvre art gallery had a short shelf life after a swarm of tourists and art lovers left it in shreds.French artist JR and 400 volunteers had put the final touches to the huge collage on Friday to mark the 30th anniversary of the Louvre’s glass pyramid. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Europe, France, Culture, Art and design

The Music Stars Of Social Media

How are these young people, in their teens and young twenties, getting so much streaming play on Spotify? “These artists have virtually no media profile, no radio play, most don’t seem to have a record deal and they barely give interviews.” YouTube. YouTube. You. Tube. – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Spotify, Music, YouTube YouTube, 03.29.19, Music Stars Of Social Media

Agnès Varda Made The Invisible Visible

In The Gleaners and I and Faces Places, Varda paid attention to the France that feels left behind by the powerful and rich. But there was a secondary benefit as well: “She had wanted to pay attention to people who were ‘invisible.’ And she did. One of those people was her.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, France, People, Agnes Varda, Varda, 03.30.19

Science Fiction Is Trying To Imagine A Way Out Of, And After, This Time Period [AUDIO]

Tobias S. Buckell: “Nora K. Jemisin  was just saying on Twitter the other day that in science fiction we have this venerable tradition of using metaphor to dig at some of these problems—like race and power and structure and history—and that it’s been a mistake, because in the past we would always use the metaphor assuming that our fellow readers and fans of the genre were following along, getting the metaphor, and it turns out that they weren’t. In other words, you needed to be way more in-your...
Tags: Art, Words, 03.30.19, Tobias S Buckell, Nora K Jemisin

Butterworth’s Post-Atomic Wasteland

Two new collections of Michael Butterworth’s early short stories – stories he thought lost for good – show his early days as a literary SF writer. – Jan Herman
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Butterworth, Michael Butterworth, 03.30.19

First, Reality Influences Epic Fantasy Novels, And Then You End Up With English Watchers On Hadrian’s Wall

Turns out that the watchers on the wall – that is, the members of English Heritage who staff Roman sites along Hadrian’s Wall, the border with Scotland – have been answering Game of Thrones fan questions for years, but now they’re going one better: “Its members will be decked out in black cloaks and shields, and will be posted at four main Roman sites along the historic structure … until the debut of the final season on April 14th.” – The Verge
Tags: Art, Media, Scotland, Hadrian, 03.30.19

France Is Becoming A Refuge For American Noir Novels – And Novelists – Who Can’t Hit It Big On Amazon

Le Monde isn’t mincing words here. While the U.S., at least one novelist claims, has a blockbuster mentality, France is much more welcoming, a place where “several of these authors, who no longer have a publisher in the United States, see their talent justly distinguished.” – Le Monde (France)
Tags: Amazon, Art, France, United States, Words, Le Monde, 03.29.19

PHOTOS: New museum offers rare glimpse at gay life in the 1940s, on Fire Island and beyond

The collection presents "the glamour and grit of yesteryear, with a strong dose of homoeroticism" -- sign us up!
Tags: Art, Photography, Life, Lifestyle, Miami, Ad Friendly, Queerty, George Daniell

Contemporary Cancer Books Force Us To Address Grief In All Of Its Forms

There are a lot – a lot – of new cancer memoirs out right now. “As these memoirs suggest, individually and together, there’s no way to eliminate the risk of cancer and or be spared from grief. In addition, they call into question the popular notions that grief proceeds in simple, sequential stages.” – LitHub
Tags: Art, Words, 03.29.19, Contemporary Cancer Books Force

The Latest Dust-Up In The Uneven Battle Between Talent Agencies And Writers

At a time when the Writers Guild of America is trying desperately to get its members better positioned in the industry, suffice it to say that the union is not impressed with the Endeavor agency’s plan to enter the stock market with an initial public offering. The WGA: “It is impossible to reconcile the fundamental purpose of an agency — to serve the best interests of its clients — with the business of maximizing returns for Wall Street.” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Media, Writers Guild Of America, 03.29.19

LeBron May Not Be Playing Much Basketball, But He Is Starting To Be A Big Player In Hollywood

Possible the most Company Town thing in this story: “Studios, networks and production companies all over town want to be in the LeBron James business. And not only for his screen presence — even though his performance in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck was considered a revelation. He and his SpringHill team are very good for business (also, many Hollywood executives are LeBron fans).” – Los Angeles Times
Tags: Art, Hollywood, Amy Schumer, People, Lebron James, Trainwreck, Springhill, 03.29.19

Annie Leibovitz on the shots that made her

She captured America’s most tumultuous moments and its biggest stars. The great photographer relives her Rolling Stone years – and the time she set fire to Patti SmithAnnie Leibovitz is standing by a photograph she took of Pont Neuf in Paris. It’s a swirling panoramic shot of the famous bridge, taken when she was a student and would roam the city’s streets camera in hand. One day, with a thrill, she realised she was standing where her idol, Henri Cartier-Bresson, once stood to take his own ghost...
Tags: Art, Photography, Music, Media, Celebrity, America, Life and style, Society, World news, Newspapers & magazines, US news, Culture, US politics, Art and design, Magazines, The Rolling Stones

The Major Cinema Chains Are Badly Exploiting Their Cleaning Staffs

This is bad: “The major chains — AMC, Regal Entertainment and Cinemark — no longer rely on teenage ushers to keep the floors from getting sticky. Instead, they have turned to a vast immigrant workforce, often hired through layers of subcontractors. That arrangement makes it almost impossible for janitors to make a living wage.” – Variety
Tags: Art, Issues, Cinemark, 03.28.19, AMC Regal Entertainment

So, Where Is That ‘New’ Leonardo?

Seriously, where? “Few works have evoked as much intrigue, either in the world of art or among the courts of Persian Gulf royals. First, its authenticity as the product of Leonardo’s own hand was the subject of intense debate. Then, in November 2017, it became the most expensive work ever sold at auction, fetching $450.3 million from an anonymous bidder. … Now, the painting is shrouded in a new mystery: Where in the world is Salvator Mundi?” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Leonardo, Persian Gulf, Salvator Mundi, 03.30.19

Architects Need To Choose The Planet First

This piece is a fine, furious, anguished, specific call for action. “Our civilisation faces its end date. Cities are expanding refugee camps for a species in crisis. Every particle matters.” Yet architecture firms cut and paste specifications, not using green developers or materials when they could. That must change. – Dezeen
Tags: Art, Ideas, 03.28.19

A Newly Discovered Photo Of Harriet Tubman Goes On Display

This is a great discovery because it’s of a young, casually seated Tubman, wearing elegant clothing. Obviously, there’s wrong with a freedom fighter looking older and more pensive when she’s older, but it’s good to have new information about her. – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Visual, Harriet Tubman, Tubman, 03.29.19

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