36 Days of Type x Adobe Partnership Announcement

36 Days of Type x Adobe Partnership Announcement AoiroStudioApr 03, 2019 We are big fans of the 36 days of type on ABDZ, in fact we have featured the project and the submitting artists several times. Now they are back bigger with a collaboration with our friends from Adobe. To give designers and type lovers a chance to show off their type design skills, win a one-year Creative Cloud subscription and be featured on the 36 Days of Type Instagram account. The ru...
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The Hydro Flask Cooler Cup is a life-saver for those hot summer picnics

I imagine that there are just a few things that are worse than drinking lukewarm beverages in the heat. Imagine cracking open a chilled can of soda, taking a sip, and then forgetting about it for a minute only to find that the soda is now at room temperature. It doesn’t taste the same, does it? Certain drinks are best served chilled, but the minute you’re outdoors, you’re left with a very small window of time before those drinks ‘lose their cool’.The Hydro Flask Cooler Cup greatly expands that w...
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The VAVA 4K Laser Projector turns any wall into a 150-inch cinema screen

Place the VAVA 4K Laser Projector near any wall and there you have it… an instant movie theater. The VAVA 4K Laser Projector ultra-short throw (UST) design with Advanced Laser Phosphor Display (ALPD) technology that allows it to project a massive 150-inch projection on the nearby wall, immersing you in rich 4K content.The UST format is beginning to pick up as apartments grow smaller, but demand for great displays and technology increases. In its small format, the projector fits the ability to ca...
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Rise Of The Women Choreographers?

By some estimates, about 90 percent of choreographers at major companies are male. Even though ballerinas have been the focal point of dance. Now though, there seems to be a new generation of women choreographers getting attention. – BBC
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Is Laser Cutting Right For Your Electronics Project?

Why Five Engineers Chose Laser Cutting To Bring Their Bright Ideas To Life Laser cutting is ideal for engineering projects because there’s no minimum quantity and it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to 3D printing and injection molding, for example. Additionally, electronics projects often require precision cuts for knobs and buttons, and laser cutting can deliver this kind of accuracy. And since the laser works off a digital file, you can achieve a level of consistency whether you’re maki...
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Never gets old! #photooftheday #sky #mood

via Instagram [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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The Gemic Watch Tells Time Through Undulating 3D Surfaces

Staring at the Gemic tell time is almost like looking into a kaleidoscope. it’s an ever-changing landscape of undulating surfaces and forms that enchants, and also tells the time.“Time is not just a number but also a story of the life”, says designer Xundi Li, who has, through the Gemic, attempted at giving time a shape. Ultimately each moment in your day is different from the last, and the Gemic watch tries to reflect that, by looking different with each passing minute. The watch consists of tw...
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Director of Marketing & Communications-Children’s Theatre Company

Children’s Theatre Company (CTC), one of the nation’s top 20 regional theatres and the country’s flagship theatre for multigenerational audiences, seeks a new Director of Marketing and Communications. CTC has a subscriber base of nearly 7,900, a full-time staff of 85, and an operating budget of approximately $12.5 million, of which 60 per cent is earned. The right candidate for this job will be a strategic, collaborative professional who brings significant, deep experience in subscription and s...
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Chocolate Bar Puzzle

Food inspired jigsaw puzzle of a chocolate bar looks real enough to eat. Limited edition chocolate bar puzzle designed by Areaware can be completed in twenty minutes or less. Also check out: 10 Cool Products Inspired by Puzzles
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Director of Dance, Harkness Dance Center – 92nd Street Y

The 92nd Street Y invites applications and nominations for this important leadership position. The Director of Dance is responsible for the strategic vision and execution of all programs of the Harkness Dance Center at 92Y including public performance and presentations, the School of Dance, as well as the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL), the 92Y’s ground-breaking professional development program for dance educators. The full position description may be found here:
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Are There Really Any Reasons Left Not To Repatriate Plundered Cultural Artifacts?

“The British Museum is currently facing repatriation demands from Italy, Greece, Egypt and the Easter Island; the idea that it is a better host to the Parthenon Marbles than Athens’ state-of-the-art Acropolis Museum is preposterous, as is the idea that the Rapa Nui don’t know how to look after Hoa Hakananai’a, the Easter Island stone statue they believe is the living incarnation of a prominent ancestor.” – Prospect
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Master of Arts in Arts Administration – Goucher College

Designed for the working professional, the MA in Arts Administration from Goucher College allows you to live and work anywhere while you learn from national arts leaders. Master of Arts in Arts Administration – Goucher CollegeDesigned for the working professional, the MA in Arts Administration from Goucher College allows you to live and work anywhere while you study with national arts leaders. Established over 20 years ago, the format combines distance-learning with a short on-campus r...
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Highlights From The 2019 Bombay Beach Biennale

An "art moment" turned "art movement" in the Southern California Desert A small art movement is gaining momentum in Bombay Beach, just 40 miles from the Palm Springs area. The town is situated on the edge of the Salton Sea, California’s largest inland body of water. The Sea was created by accident in the early 1900s, when a levee broke on the Colorado River dam, …
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Clickbait Scammers Are Ruining Self-Publishing

And some of them are earning $100,000 a month. In the Amazon self-publishing universe where authors earn a share of revenue based on how many people are reading, scammers have so gamed the system that quality legitimate books are being edged out, and money is going to clickbait. – The Guardian
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“La Forza Del Destino,” “Alice in Wonderland,” And A World-Gone-Mad Brexit

“Everything is in confusion,” sings Fra Melitone. That was also true for the world outside of the opera house during Brexit week. As many have commented, English political life is hurtling “down the rabbit hole,” and it’s perhaps worth noting that “La Forza del Destino,” in 1862, was an unlikely cultural sibling of that quintessentially British masterpiece “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” which Lewis Carroll began writing in that same year and was published soon after, in 1865. Brexit is th...
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Hirshhorn Museum: On A Roll

Continuing its good tidings, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C., just announced a special acquisition: Yayoi Kusama’s very first Infinity Room, called Phalli’s Field, which she made in 1965. – Judith H. Dobrzynski
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Lee on Leonardo (once again): BBC Radio Quizzes Me on “Salvator Mundi” Conundrums

I was surprised on Sunday when the NY Times ran a long front-page article about the status (or lack thereof) of the $450.3-million Leonardo da Vinci painting. I was even more surprised when I got a call from BBC Radio 5, which wanted to interview me about the painting’s stale trail on its live news show for insomniacs — Up All Night with Rhod Sharp. – Lee Rosenbaum
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Black charred-timber home embraces forest views in Zrich

In the midst of a centuries-old forest sits the Two Family House, an aptly named project that houses a pair of maisonette apartments for two families at the edge of Zürich, Switzerland. Local architecture firm Hajnoczky.Zanchetta Architekten collaborated with architect Angela Waibel on the design, which takes advantage of its wooded location with full-height windows that capture views of the changing landscape. Due to regulations that enforce minimal disturbance to the landscape, the building...
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Rhodeo Sunglasses

Made in collaboration with Thierry Lasry, Rhuigi Villasenor’s sunglass collection has dropped under his label Rhude. Produced by hand in France with Italian acetate, the accessories are eclectic and bold but inherently timeless. Whether it’s the concentrated emphasis on craftsmanship or Villasenor’s luxe eye, these sunglasses—especially the champagne and green iteration—are an investment but a worthy one.
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Copyrighting Dance Moves Is A Messy Business Nobody Was Ready For

It’s not just about the Fortnite lawsuits. “Choreographers and performers have danced around this issue for more than a century. In 1892, Loie Fuller was denied a trademark for her famous ‘serpentine routine’ because back then, the law only protected works that told a story. Then came the modern dance movement. In the 1970s, copyright expanded to cover abstract and non-narrative movement. But like a lot of today’s viral artists, many dancers never bothered to register their work.” (includes vid...
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London’s Mayor Says The City Needs A “Game-Changing” Approach To Cultural Infrastructure

London has one of the most vibrant cultural scenes in the world. So why does it need a new plan for cultural infrastructure? For the same reason cities need to plan for any other services or physical amenities. And this isn’t just about preserving or building buildings or creating cultural zones. – Arts Professional
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Rapt Studio Aims to Build Connections in Milan

Rapt Studio—the interdisciplinary firm known for designing the office spaces of some of the world's biggest brands, from HBO to Dropbox—makes their Salone debut with "Tell Me More," an immersive two-part installation at Ventura Centrale. The installation guides visitors through two spaces, an "arrival chamber" (which looks more inviting than it sounds) and a lounge area. The first offers a moment of introspective reflection, which is then followed by a collective gathering. The experience is int...
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Our urban problems aren't caused by restrictions on density, but by inequality

We have gone beyond gentrification and are now talking about Pikketyfication, aristocratization and plutocratification
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