Director Kirill Serebrennikov’s House Arrest Extended Yet Again

His confinement, pending trial on embezzlement charges that many observers contend are politically motivated, has now been extended to July 4. Nevertheless, he continues to work remotely, directing several opera productions abroad, and Russia’s film academy just gave him a Best Director award for his movie Leto (Summer). – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
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This Playwright’s Subjects Are So Explosive That His Plays Are Regularly Banned And He Fends Off Death Threats With Ice Cream

Abhishek Majumdar has written a trilogy of dramas about the decades-long cycle of violence in Kashmir, another about Hindu nationalism, and one about the 2008 riots in Tibet’s capital. That last is the one that got him the death threat, and London’s Royal Court Theatre cancelled a production of it last year under apparent pressure from the Chinese government. (The Royal Court was shamed into reversing that decision, and the play is about to open there.) – The Guardian
Tags: Art, London, Tibet, Theatre, Kashmir, Royal Court, SJ, Abhishek Majumdar, 04.02.19

Tattoo Artist Creates Stunning Portraits Entirely Out Of ASCII Code

Invented in the 1970s, ASCII art is still popular in online chats, on forums and websites, but one insanely talented tattoo artist is able to ink stunning portraits using only the 95 characters characters from the 1963 American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) standard on his clients’ skin. 31-year-old Andreas Vrontis has always been fascinated by ASCII art and “how a simple... Source
Tags: Design, Geek, Code, Body, Tattoo, Inspirations, ASCII, Andreas Vrontis

The TIMIO is a toy designed by a father concerned about tech-addiction

I heard something extremely interesting the other day. Children in homes with smart speakers had gotten so used to talking to the AI that they would often begin projecting human-like behavior on these voice assistants. Saying please, saying thank you, etc. While at first, I thought about how lovely that sounded, my second reaction was quite the opposite. These are artificial lines of code! They aren’t humans! They shouldn’t be humanized, and more so, children shouldn’t have to live in a world ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Technology, Product Design, Basile Fattal, TIMIO, Peter GalClick

Designing your Product to be Sustainable

Sustainability and green energy is the call of our times. Whether you choose to believe it not, climate change is happening and is real. But the question remains, what can you, as an individual designer act on to ensure this message is carried through in the products you design? Katie Lundin, in the write-up below, jots down strategies and tips, that will educate and help you devise a design that speaks of your concern and makes your contribution towards helping our planet.Recruiting a designer?...
Tags: Design, Autodesk, Yanko Design, William McDonough, SolidWorks, Lisa Smith, Katie Lundin, Micahel Braungart, Circular Ecology 's Embodied Energy Database

High School Kids Stage Alien: The Play, Get Kudos from Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver

High school drama departments tend to work from a pretty standardized repertoire, which makes sense given the strict limitations they work under: short time frames, school-sized budgets, teenage actors. The elaborate, Hollywood film-like productions staged by Max Fischer in Wes Anderson's Rushmore speak to frustrated high-school theater directors and their fantasies about what they could put on stage with a bit more in the way of resources. But just this month, a real high-school drama c...
Tags: Google, Film, College, Theatre, New York Times, New Jersey, Wes Anderson, Sigourney Weaver, Ridley Scott, Seoul, David Lynch, Jones, Scott, Facebook Twitter, North Bergen, Thornton Wilder

Photographer Captures Cherry Blossom Path “Suddenly Appearing” In The Middle Of Tokyo

The end of March and beginning of April was one of the most eventful few days in recent memory here in the Tokyo area. Not only was April 1st the beginning of a new fiscal year and a new school year (not to mention April Fool’s Day), it was also the day that the government announced the name of its new era, the Reiwa Era. h/t: grapee The period also marked the peak of the cherry blossom... Source
Tags: Travel, Japan, Design, Drone, Tokyo, Spring, Aerial, Blossom, Cherry, Sakura

Excellent Beers to Sip This Spring

From fruited to straightforward, some of our favorite brews for better weather Sipping a holiday-spiced stout in July or a light lager in December, at least for our Northern Hemisphere readers, may feel incongruent. Seasonal beer is meant to complement weather and the ensuing sensations. In colder months, a darker, higher ABV option suits best; while in summer, something ultra-light and refreshing quenches thirsts accentuated …
Tags: Design, Alcohol, Beer, Spring, Ale, Food + Drink, Breweries, Northern Hemisphere, Craft Beer, Beers, Sour, Brooklyn Breweries, Pilsner, Spring Beer

Artist Drew 50 Monsters Over The Last 2 Years Based On Kid Drawings, And Here’re The Results

According to Aaron Zenz: “For the past two years, I have been inviting kids all around the state of Michigan to send me monster designs. I provided four simple shape prompts for them to build their monsters off of. To date, over 17,000 drawings have been submitted. For my process, I look through all the entries and pick out designs that inspire me. I then work up fully rendered pieces of &# Source
Tags: Design, Kids, Michigan, Monsters, Drawings, Inspirations, Aaron Zenz

Stunning Photos Of Volkswagen Beetle Rat Rods With Patina Look On The Streets

Since the early 2000s, the apparent explosion of interest in Volkswagens with original paint, rust and patina have inspired a generation of car fanatics, who couldn’t afford to restore a car to show condition but still wanted a good looking cool car. At last, you could be cool and stand out from the crowd on the tiniest of budgets. h/t: Once looked upon as vehicles that were in need of... Source
Tags: Design, Technology, Cars, Vw, Volkswagen, Beetle, Patina

Would England’s Morris Dancing Clubs Rather Die Out Than Go Co-Ed?

Yes, it’s apparently a real question: as clubs gradually disappear and the membership of the remaining groups ages, admitting women would seem to be an obvious way to keep things going. But whether or not to do so is an argument raging on within the (shrinking) Morris community. – The Guardian
Tags: Art, England, Dance, Ed, Morris, 03.29.19, Morris Dancing Clubs

This drone-deploying blimp could be Amazon’s next aerial fulfillment center

While the origin of this video has something, in part, to do with April Fool’s day, there’s some truth to this concept too. Amazon has, for long, been experimenting with aerial deliveries, sending unmanned drones to fulfill package deliveries. In fact, the blimp idea isn’t completely far-fetched, either. A quick look at a patent file from 2014 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows Amazon’s intentions to ‘take to the air’.The idea is to shift their fulfillment center to the ski...
Tags: Amazon, Twitter, Japan, Design, Drone, Outdoor, Zozi, Product Design, United States Patent and Trademark Office, April Fool, April Fools' Day, Blimp

English National Opera Sees Some Box Office Success, With One Show Last Year Its Best Seller Ever

“[The company’s] figures showed it had brought thousands of new people to the art form during recent months. It has achieved 75 per cent capacity in its 2000-plus seater Coliseum with 47 per cent of its bookers by first-timers. The 2018 production of Porgy and Bess was its highest grossing show ever.” – The Times (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Audience, Bess, 04.03.19

Third Rose Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorants aren’t always the most reliable, but Corpus Naturals offers an effective and appealing iteration. While it’s available in various fragrances, our favorite is Third Rose, which offers top notes of rose balanced by Italian mandarin and cedar root, so it’s not too floral. Of course, the ingredients and scents are natural and mostly plant-based. The deodorant is also vegan, cruelty-free and void of …
Tags: Health, Wellness, Design, Grooming, Natural Deodorant, Deodorants, Corpus Naturals

Christo’s Next Project: Wrapping the Arc de Triomphe

The monument will be wrapped in 2020 to accompany a Christo and Jeanne-Claude exhibition at the Pompidou Center in Paris.
Tags: Art, News, Christo, Pompidou Center, Arc de Triomphe, Jeanne Claude

Kathmandu Adapt Wedding Dress! Made of...

Kathmandu Adapt Wedding Dress! Made of GORE-TEX, lined with pale blue merino wool, water and wind-proof, and the train transforms into a cape with hood! Designed by Tanya Carlson. One of a kind, and complete with pockets! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Kathmandu, Submitted, Tanya Carlson

The new DL Collection by Dion Lee and...

The new DL Collection by Dion Lee and GibsonKarlo is for DesignByThem. It references the iconic Bauhaus slung leather furniture typology, and combines Italian saddle leather tensioned over a steel frame. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Dion Lee

Freshman, painting of a Tuxedo Cat

Freshman  Oil on wood, 8" x 8,"  $330. My apologies for the glare on photo of this painting!  The light is so unpredictable this time of the year... I've had to resort to artificial lighting (two spotlights) on either side of a photo tent-- for picture taking.  Must re-photograph this one after it has dried.  It's better in life!  [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
Tags: Art, Diane Hoeptner

Reader Submitted: This Student Project Uses Available Resources to Make Lower-Limb Prosthetics Accessible in Developing Countries

This project is dedicated to reclaiming prosthetic care for amputee's that live in rural communities within developing countries. Amputees in these communities often cannot afford professional prosthetic care or live too far away from existing services. While new technologies and services are currently being integrated into prosthetic services in developing countries, these developments often don't reach those most in need, with up to 95% of amputees going without access to care. Compounding thi...
Tags: Design, India, Cambodia, Battambang, Africa India, Reader Projects, Africa Sudan South Sudan, Cameroon India West Bengaland Jharkhand, Cambodia Ratanakiri, Africa Cambodia, Desiree Riny, Desiree Riny View

Super Mario Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to...

Super Mario Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years Limited Edition! (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted

The WW Colour Series collab by HAYCHE x Studio...

The WW Colour Series collab by HAYCHE x Studio Makgill is a bold experimentati with colour, typical of the studio's adventurous creative ethos and is available in a selection of 3 colourways. Designed by Alejandro Villarreal + Studio Makgill. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted, Hayche, Alejandro Villarreal

Parachute Coffee - great packaging design by...

Parachute Coffee - great packaging design by Korefe (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
Tags: Design, Submitted

$3683 worth of Textures and Patterns. Get them for just $29

One of the most exciting aspects of being a designer is we get the chance to work on a variety of projects every day. One day you might be creating a sleek corporate brochure, the next you could be putting together a vintage menu for a cafe. With such diversity in the creative challenges that come your way, it’s important to have a varied library of resources to call upon for support. This new premium resources bundle has you covered when it comes to textures and patterns, with everything from o...
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MisterDesign's New Dutch Showroom Transforms a 1930s Car Factory

Located on the outskirts of Den Bosch, a Dutch town in the south of the country, MisterDesign’s new retail space takes over a former car factory: a bold gesture that embodies both the Dutch furniture retailer’s ambitious expansion plans and its drive to educate consumers about the craftsmanship behind the high-end products it carries. The conflicting themes of manufacturing and craftsmanship at...
Tags: Art, Den Bosch

This talented courtroom artist has drawn the trials of John Gotti, Martha Stewart, and Donald Trump

Starting in 1974, illustrator Marilyn Church has spent her workdays in court. Church is a courtroom artist who masterfully captures the intensity, drama, and strangeness of high profile proceedings involving John Gotti, Martha Stewart, OJ Simpson, David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz, and even Donald Trump. From an interview with Church in Topic: How and when did you begin working as a courtroom artist? It was 1974. I had been doing fashion illustration, which is really based on drawing gestures ...
Tags: Art, Post, Legal, News, NFL, Courts, Donald Trump, Trump, Ivana, USFL, Marilyn Church, Courtrooms, John Gotti Martha Stewart

Free Font: Monument Extended by Mathieu Desjardins

Free Font: Monument Extended by Mathieu Desjardins AoiroStudioApr 03, 2019 A fellow Montrealer and Art Director Mathieu Desjardins has shared a pretty and ultrabold font on his Behance Profile. Entitled Monument Extended, it's a bold font with a clear intention of perfect your everyday tasks with type. Monument Extended font goes from Ultralight all the way to Ultrabold. I just love the fact that is bold enough for your designs whatever you are designing for ...
Tags: Design, Mathieu Desjardins, Ultrabold

CTN House par l’agence Brengues Le Pavec architectes

L’Agence Brengues Le Pavec architectes, cabinet d’architecture installé dans le Sud de la France, à Montpellier, et spécialisé dans l’architecture contemporaine et épurée, présente CTN House, un projet d’extension de maison contrastée et contrastante axé nature.  La typologie compacte et opaque de la maison originelle du projet CTN House ne profitait pas de la qualité paysagère qu’offre la proximité immédiate d’un parc public. Pour répondre au besoin d’agrandissement, l’agence a proposé d...
Tags: Extension, Books, Design, Zen, France, Nature, Architecture, Montpellier, Maison, Deco, Mobilier, Minimaliste, Tendance, Agence Brengues Le PAvec, Ctn House, Farnsworth de Mies Van Der Rohe

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