Ballet Des Moines – Executive Director

Reporting to and working closely with the board of directors, the Executive Director (ED), in partnership with the Artistic Director, will be responsible for the overall success and creative growth of Ballet Des Moines, including the vibrancy of its programs, operations, brand, facility, financial sustainability, and impact. OrganizationBallet Des Moines was founded in 2002 as the Ballet Theatre of Iowa. Its inaugural season included The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Divertimento. In 2005 Ser...
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Shredder Cheese Grater

Cheese grater for your kitchen looks like The Shredder fictional supervillain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe. The Shredder Shredder – stainless steel cheese grater for TMNT fans. Also check out: Cheese Grater Business Card
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Remembering the Paint by Numbers artist / inventor who has died age 93

There's not many artists who get an obituary in newspapers around the world. However that's what happened this week to Dan Robbins, the commercial artist who had the idea for paint by numbers - a kit... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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[Author: Varvin]
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This backpack with built-in Bluetooth speakers can start parties anywhere

It’s usually a privilege (and an incredibly high honor) to be given aux-cable rights in a car. The person with the aux-cable is usually the person who’s musical tastes everybody respects the most. This person takes ownership of playing music that everybody loves, turning a long road-trip into a long-and-fun road-trip.The Speaker Backpack extends this privilege, giving this person (with great taste in music) the ability to start parties anywhere. Built right into a pretty sleek and stealthy loo...
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Welly first aid solutions are packaged in...

Welly first aid solutions are packaged in adorable stackable tins with cheeky names like Human Repair Kit, Oops Equipment, Superhero Supplies, Bravery Badges, Blister Blasters, Bumper Stickers, Calm Balm and more... Launching at Target 4/7. (Want more? See and [Author: submitted]
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Artist Photographs Workers On The Streets Of Tokyo To Pay Homage To The Proud Work Ethics Of Japan

Pastry Shop Staff In Japanese culture, people share a strong respect for all occupations and the workers who fill them. So much so that they even have a unique term to describe a hard worker – “Hatarakimono”. More: Frank Le Petit, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda Jinrikisha Man Tokyo-based French artist Frank Le Petit, who goes by the name K-Narf (Frank spelled backward)... Source
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Sleeping over at the Louvre, floating cities, what really happened to the dinosaurs and more from around the internet The UN’s Floating City Concept Presented by a group of designers, architects and engineers at a United Nations roundtable last week, this floating city could be the future of sustainable (and affordable) living. Built in a lily pad-like array of hexagonal platforms, nearly 10,000 citizens could …
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Apparently, Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing And It Looks Cooler Than It Sounds

ksuarrow_tattoo Two art forms, both involving the use of needles, but seemingly worlds apart. But no more. Embroidery, a classical art that you are more likely to associate with your grandma, has combined with the tattoo scene to create beautiful, folky designs that are both unique and traditional at the same time. The results speak for themselves. The rich, textured designs look like the ink has... Source
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“Outside The Boundaries”: The Colourful Universe Of Mischelle Moy

Welcome to the colourful universe of Mischelle Moy, a photographer based in New York. Is it fiction or reality? On her Instagram account, doubting is allowed. The artist likes to play with boundaries, as she reinvents a gayer world. More: Source
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Photographer Creates Surreal & Minimalist Self-Portraits Surrounded By Flowers And Fruits

Here is a very delicate Instagram gallery. Ziqian Liu specialises in self-portrait. The photographer stages herself in a minimal universe, surrounded by flowers and fruits. By playing with mirror and reflection, she deconstructs her body with poetry and originality More: Source
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Cheap Cosplay Guy Surprised Us Once Again With 30 New Cheap Costumes

By now, you’ve probably seen a few Anucha “Cha” Saengchart’s hilarious ‘Lowcost Cosplays’ online (previously). Well, the guy never seems to settle and is constantly creating new, incredibly creative cosplays that will surprise you with their simplicity and ingenuity. From Buzz Lightyear to Neymar Junior – there is no one Anucha couldn’t recreate using just the things he found in his kitchen. More: Source
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This Is How Men Should Look… According To Fashion Designers

Featured below are some of the most bizarre and insane men’s outfits from various fashion designers. Only one questions comes to mind: “What the hell were they thinking?!” h/t: Source
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Oven Mitts With Swear Words: The Best Cooking Tool Since Wine

Some researches suggest that people who use curse regularly are more intelligent. If that’s true, Blue Q (previously) employs the smartest people in the world. More: Source
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The upside down: inside Manhattan’s Lowline subterranean park

In two years’ time, the Lower East Side will be home to the world’s first underground ‘green’ space – the LowlineTo get a glimpse of what will eventually become the Lowline, a subterranean Eden being billed as the world’s first underground park, you have to swipe your MetroCard at the Lower East Side’s Delancey Street station, go down one flight of stairs, go down another, slither through a few characteristically congested subway corridors, and then up another flight, to the J train platform.Her...
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Russia 2077: Look Into The Close Cyber Future By Evgeny Zubkov

Russia 2077 is a Russian’s artist Evgeny Zubkov art project devoted to his vision how the Russia can look in twenty years if the current technologies will get developed further but would still be in a state of neglect things usually happen to be in Russia. His works at are MXD pretty much exaggerated images of past meets future. Russian old woman (which is probably a young woman now) feeds drones... Source
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Romancing the View: Arent&Pyke's Villa Amor in Sydney

When the owners of this Sydney penthouse apartment stepped into the property as interested buyers for the very first time they were instantly swept of their feet. And who’s to blame them: occupying the entire top floor of a charming house built in the Spanish Mission style in the upscale suburb of Double Bay, the apartment is blessed with unobstructed views of Sydney Harbour, generous amounts of...
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