Washington National Opera Commissions New Work About Black Teen Shot By White Police Officer

“With a libretto by Tazewell Thompson and music by Jeanine Tesori, Blue complicates the narrative by making the teen’s father — played by local bass Kenneth Kellogg — a police officer himself. ‘Police are placed in incredibly difficult situations,’ says [WNO artistic director Francesca] Zambello, ‘and we try to present both sides of the story rather than just saying, ‘Okay, police violence is bad.”” – Washingtonian Magazine
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Equity Must Be At The Heart Of Local Arts Agencies’ Finding Work. Here’s Why

“If the field is not investing in the artistic and cultural traditions of every aspect of their community, then we are not fulfilling our purpose. … The historically inequitable distribution of resources and the values systems, biases, and systemic barriers associated with that distribution hold within them insidious checks and balances that make achieving the goal of cultural equity something that requires deep and specific engagement, self-reflection, and transformative effort.” – Americans f...
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A transport designer imagines what F1 cars in 2021 will look like

For transportation designer and car enthusast Olcay Tuncay, 2021 is all set to be a very intriguing year because that’s the year Formula 1 will see radical changes, because the Concorde Agreement, which governs the sport and sets out the commercial terms on which teams compete, expires at the end of 2020.Tuncay used this opportunity to design a car that he feels suit the immediate future of F1. Envisioned in the branding of Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes AMG (the two biggest names in F1), the car...
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Shanghai Auto Show 2019 with LYNK & CO - Abduzeedo in China

Shanghai Auto Show 2019 with LYNK & CO - Abduzeedo in China AoiroStudioApr 10, 2019 François here from ABDZ, I am excited to share that I will be following LYNK & CO team as their guest at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show happening from April 16-25 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China. We have been following LYNK & CO ever since their launch back at their Berlin 2016 event. Make sure to follow us on Instagram so we can take you o...
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Performa Announces First Round of Commissions

This year’s edition of Performa has announced its first rounnd of commissions, featuring work by Ed Atkins, Nairy Baghramian and Korakrit Arunanondchai, and will focus on the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. “I’ve always found it fascinating that most exhibitions [about the Bauhaus] are from an architecture point of view,” says Performa founder RoseLee Goldberg. “At Performa, we […]
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UK Art Markets See Signs of Improvement

The UK art market is showing signs of recovery as exports of art increased last year by  5.5% to £5.1bn, while global imports rose by more than 20% to £2.1bn. The sales also note a decline in sales to Switzerland, as the country sheds its anonymous banking laws.  “Switzerland has dropped its banking secrecy laws and that […]
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Nicole Eisenman Sculpture to be Installed in Boston

A version of Nicole Eisenman’s Founttain will be installed in Boston’s Fens, Art News reports, following the work’s popularity during its previous install at Skulptur Projekte Munster.  “I’m happy to know the fountain will be situated in a place where people are likely to hang out and enjoy some leisure time,” Eisenman said in a statement. “I look […]
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LACMA Wins Unanimous Approval for Building Project

LACMA won unanimous approval Tuesday from the county Board of Supervisors for its $650-million design. “This is a milestone moment, this is the big green light to go forward,” museum Director Michael Govan said. Read more at LA Times
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Whitney Museum Has Added 300 Works to Collection Over Last Six Months

The Whitney Museum of American Art  has acquired 300 artworks over the past six months, including work by Barbara Hammer, Simone Leigh, and Ed Clark, many of whom enter the collection for the first time. “We’re thrilled that many of our recent acquisitions, particularly by artists new to the collection, arose through our reenergized emerging artist program,” says […]
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New Dawn Fades, Opening Exhibition at Court Tree Gallery

Saturday May 11th, Court Tree Gallery hosts the opening reception for New Dawn Fades, a new exhibition by painter Christian Nguyen. The reception is from 5-7om and refreshments will be served! Court Tree Gallery is located at 371 Court Street Brooklyn NY, on the 2nd Floor.
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Mondays at Pratt Institute: Weekly Openings of New Work by Graduating Artists

Every Monday night Pratt opens its doors and invites you into its gallery spaces to explore the diverse range of engaging work at shows by graduating students. Join us for Mondays at Pratt Institute happening now through mid-May. Pratt Shows is the institute-wide celebration of work by Pratt Institute’s graduating...Read more »
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BK Style Foundation Presents Fashion Week Brooklyn – Closing Soiree “Community supporting Community”

Featuring artist: Booka Banks @bookabanks Performance line-up The Muse Brooklyn – Aerialist Dance – Roundz of Flames (Krump) and free style voguers Sesame Carnival – Parade of costume International artists: Ms Charmaine Blackman Eto’o Tsana – @etootsana Peter Pana – @peterpanamusic Ms.Bodega – @msbodegaaa Dance – Roundz of Flames About:...Read more »
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Michael Alan and Jadda Cat, the Living Installation: Jadda Cat for President!

Saturday April 27th 8pm to midnight View from home live stream or come to Bushwick limited in studio audience seating Tickets $20 / $40 suggested. Select what works best for you. We are not for profit. We do this project because it is needed in our culture now Tickets at:...Read more »
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Trestle Gallery’s Artist Residencies

Trestle Gallery has two residency opportunities with April 15th deadlines, our Trestle Artist Residency and Visiting Artist Residency. For details on each of the residencies, continue reading below. Submission guidelines: • Applicants are required to submit 4-8 work samples. • Images must be in .JPG or .JPEG format, titled: LastnameFirstname_Title.jpg • Media can be...Read more »
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The Invader Whisk looks like aliens redesigned our kitchen tools

There’s a particular short film in the Netflix anthology Love Death and Robots that’s about yogurt taking over the world. Scientists somehow managed to make yogurt sentient, and gave it incredible problem-solving abilities. A jar of yogurt began solving complex problems humans couldn’t, and eventually became president of USA.Jaro Kose’s Invader whisk has little to do with the story above, but I often wonder how our world would look if another sentient being (not necessarily milk-based) looked at...
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Learn to be Flexible: Why Two-Way Engagement Is Key to a Great Presentation

A recent study shows that 64% of people believe that a flexible presentation with two-way interaction is more engaging than a standard presentation. Knowing this information means we must make a shift in the rigidity of our presentations. As culture changes, so must our ability to interact with our audiences as they desire a conversation rather than a lecture. However, the ability to be flexible with your presentation can be difficult to master. After all, how can you practice flexibility? While...
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What Becomes A Literary Festival These Days? Reinvention

Martin Colthorpe, director of ILFDublin : “The pressure for festivals to evolve beyond the readings-and-discussion format is a hot topic right now, with the sheer portability of words allowing for a wide interpretation of what counts as a literary event.” – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Words, 04.08.19, Martin Colthorpe

Our Arguments Are Getting Fiercer, More Nasty. Might A Little Dose Of Scientific Method Help?

“More and less sophisticated arguments and argumenters are mixed and with plenty of idea exchange between them. Add anonymity, and knowing people’s intentions becomes harder, knowing what they mean becomes harder. Treating other people’s views with charity becomes harder, too.” – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Ideas, SJ, 04.07.19

Magic Carpet Chair

Bendable rug with hidden aluminum structure transforms into a magic chair. Space-saving magic carpet rug chair designed by Japanese studio YOY. Also check out: Hidden Furniture
Tags: Design, Tech

Shapeshifter: The Shed As Shell – Relevance TBD

Justin Davidson: “The idea of a building that could be dismantled, rearranged, and reassembled has not generally fared well in the world of building codes and construction trades. The Fire Department does not take kindly to the idea that a staircase that’s there today may vanish by tomorrow. The arts, too, have rigidities of their own. Impresarios may not care to pin down a work with a label like “theater,” but the stagehands’ union wants to know whether a show falls under its jurisdiction.” –...
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Canadian Indigenous Music Awards Show Disrupted Over Charges Of Cultural Appropriation

Several Inuit singers quit the awards, accusing a Cree singer of appropriating Inuit culture. “Respect for different traditions shouldn’t be impediment to cultural exchanges. That’s how cultures stay vibrant. But there’s a huge difference between sharing and stealing.” – The Guardian
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The Humanities Are Disappearing From Our Universities. Here’s Why We Should Care

There is, of course, the economic argument. Overall, arts and culture contribute more than $760 billion a year to the US economy—4.2 percent of GDP. But there’s an awful lot of “soft” power too. “They incubate ideas, provide ethical standards, and raise questions about the status quo—functions that are becoming ever more important as the tech world, ridden by scandal and crisis, faces a moment of reckoning.” – New York Review of Books
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Music from Paradise

It is remarkably little known that the non-Western genre that has most influenced Western composers is not African or Chinese or Indian – it’s Indonesian. – Joe Horowitz
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One professional musician who has long been passionate about connecting with communities is shocked by an insight about most performing arts marketing — and that shock isn’t really surprising. – Doug Borwick
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Dan Robbins, Inventor Of Paint-By-Number Kits, Dead At 93

“Mr. Robbins, whose creations adorned millions of American homes in their heyday, was a self-described ‘right guy at the right time in the right place.’ The time was the prosperous lull after World War II, when Americans had newfound time for recreation. The place was Detroit, birthplace of the assembly line, where Mr. Robbins, then in his 20s, worked for Palmer Paint.” – The Washington Post
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Anniversary Crewneck

The first collaboration between Actual Source and Ghostly, this new limited edition crewneck is printed on the front (combining both logos) and embroidered on the reverse. Both brands are celebrating this year, with music and art company Ghostly’s 20th anniversary and publisher, brand and retailer Actual Source hitting five years as an independent publisher. The sweater is made in the USA from 98% cotton and …
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A micro home in one of Quebecs regional parks offers a unique way to enjoy the outdoors

La Pointe is located within Canada’s Poisson Blanc Regional Park, and it’s a nature-loving minimalist’s dream come true. The micro home gets its name from the distinctive triangular geometry that comes to a cathedral-style point in the roof. The designers at Atelier L’abri wanted to honor the A-frame style that was made popular in North America in the 1950s while still providing the essential functions needed in a forest cabin. La Pointe offers off-the-grid living that isn’t completely isolate...
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How To Measure The Value Of The Arts In Prisons?

California has done a study on recidivism rates, trying to determine whether arts programs make a difference. Evidence is that they may not. But is this the right measure? – Washington Post
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Clark Art Institute seeks Editor and Production Manager

Join the Clark Art Institute’s communications team and play a central role in promoting its outstanding collection, special exhibitions, and year-round programs of events and activities. The Editor and Production Manager provides editorial and production supervision on all Clark ephemera; has central responsibility for the development and publication of its quarterly calendar of events; leads content development for the Clark’s website; and manages ongoing traffic for all production proje...
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Panasonic wants to make displays more invisible and ubiquitous in homes

It looks like a Samsung Serif TV (and it sort of made its first appearance at the exact same place, the Milan Design Week), which inspired a wave of hate in me, but that dissipated as quickly as it rose when I learned more about what Panasonic’s actually trying to do. This is the Vitrine. It isn’t a TV, but it’s more of a smart glass cabinet. With a wooden frame on the outside, and an angular glass on the front, the Vitrine, co-created by Panasonic, Vitra, and designer Daniel Rybakken, was devel...
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