Tell Better Stories: How to Grow Your Platform Through Storytelling

As a presenter, storytelling is the most important tool you have to grow your platform and set your presentation apart from the rest. And if you have followed us for a while, you have heard us talk at length about how to tell great stories within your presentation. But today, we want to unpack 3 instances where you should be deploying great stories and ensuring that your greater audience hears them. Social Media Social media is a great tool to build your platform and excite your audience. Howeve...
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Frederic Rzewski: We Should Abolish All The Conservatories (And Other Provocative Opinions)

“I could never find my own style, no. I have never done anything original. Everything I’ve done I’ve stolen from other people. I mean, Mozart also stole right and left, and so did Bach. All good composers were thieves. It’s totally normal. You pick up something, do it your own way and it no longer belongs to anybody. This idea of genius is absolutely irrelevant to art. Genios in the original latin means daemon. It is something that everybody has! So it is the opposite of our concept of it. It i...
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Art Review: Three Radical 1960s Visions, Far From the Tumult of Tokyo

A new show at Japan Society looks at avant-garde artists who worked far from Japan’s cultural capitals, in the forest, in the mountains and by the sea.
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This elegant grater comes with its own wood container, and I can’t contain my joy!

There’s something so simple, and elegant about The Kitchen Shop’s Wood Grater that I can’t get myself to stare away. It has a simple design that uses two materials, neither of them being plastic. The grater packs a grating surface, a handle, and a container into a form factor that looks simple enough to make you wonder, why don’t ALL graters look like that?!The Wood Grater comes made from Oak and Stainless Steel, and boasts of an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean design. Store the grater with the gr...
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“Chill” Music? Seriously? This Is Where Muzak Went To Die

This has become a popular music genre. But “the music wasn’t for anything. It merely existed to facilitate and sustain a mood, which in turn might enable a task: studying, folding laundry, making spreadsheets, idly browsing the Internet. Spotify presently classifies chill as a genre, and there are an incredible number of playlists devoted to insuring a chill experience.” –
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The Number Of Music Teachers In Scottish Schools Has Fallen 40 Percent In Seven Years. Here’s Why

The reason? Funding, of course. And more and more schools are charging for lessons, and now, even for instruments. This has decimated the number of students who sign up. It’s a vicious circle. – The Scotsman
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Joys Of A Print Newspaper? Ritual!

Andrew Ferguson used to subscribe to four print newspapers, but over the years devolved to digital (as most of us have). So he tried an experiment and subscribed again. And what did he learn? It’s all about the personal rituals. – The Atlantic
Tags: Art, Words, Audience, Andrew Ferguson, 04.10.19

Wire Humans

Shapes of human figures made of thousands of connected electrical wires. Human wire sculptures created by Tehran based artist Salman Khoshroo. Also check out: Driftwood Humans
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Critic’s Notebook: The Art of Rock: Four Museums Explore How We Connect to Music

Shows about Leonard Cohen, instruments, punk graphics and punk sexual energy highlight the bonds between listeners and creators.
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Hella Cocktail Co. Launches Bitters and Soda

Crisp, bubbly and zesty flavors with or without the addition of alcohol Hoping to appeal to teetotalers and drinkers equally, Hella Cocktail Co. launched Bitters and Soda, a canned cocktail flavor made with gentian tincture and zero alcohol. Whether sipped directly from the can or mixed with a spirit, they are bubbly and zesty drinks. The “Spritz” iteration is fruited and slightly bitter, reminiscent of …
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Executive Director – Silkroad

Silkroad’s Executive Director will lead its local, national, and international strategic direction and ensure programmatic integration, artistic and social impact, financial resourcing, and administrative effectiveness. “At Silkroad, our vision is to be a catalyst for culture citizenship—to model the ways that culture can be a force for positive change. Most of all, we want to help others tap into this transformative power.”– Yo-Yo Ma OrganizationYo-Yo Ma conceived Silkroad in 1...
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How An Unlikely Art House Film Beat Superhero Blockbusters To Win China’s Box Office

How did such a strange project make an astounding $38 million on its release day of December 31, 2018? In the same way so many of its big-budget rivals did throughout the year—with good marketing.  – The Atlantic
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Bang & Olufsen made a TV with dancing speakers because why not…

Bang & Olufsen’s design team sure knows how to defy all odds. This is the Beovision Harmony… a TV that “folds away to reduce its visual presence”. Yes, the TV literally shyly covers its face with its hands. With a display and two rotating speaker units, the Beovision Harmony, when closed, hides the switched-off display behind its speakers. Switch the TV on and the speakers fold outwards and downwards as the display emerges from its cocoon of sorts.Displayed at the Milan Design Week, the Beovis...
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Google’s Stadia Controller gets a radical redesign!

If Sundar Pichai walked up on stage and unveiled Daniel Cheung’s concept of the Stadia controller, I’d absolutely believe that it was completely meant to be. Stadia is a revolutionary concept that demands a revolutionary controller, and Daniel Cheung’s Playdream is that controller! Ergonormic, but non-organic, the Playdream comprises a tubular design that instantly stands apart as unique, and at the same time, comfortable. Designed for an absolutely robust grip, the Playdream has all the necessa...
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Dressed To Kill: A Brief History Of Judith Beheading Holofernes In Art

Angelica Frey surveys the subject from the 12th century to the 21st, looking at how the bloody Biblical tale has been used to symbolize “womanly virtue” and modesty, defeating a larger and more powerful adversary, female rage and vengeance, a literal femme fatale, and even resistance against Stalinism and white supremacy. – Artsy
Tags: Art, Visual, Angelica Frey, 04.04.19

EU Passes New Rules on Import of Cultural Objects

The European Council has passed new rules to prevent trafficking in cultural goods, including a requirement for import licenses on artifacts more than 250 years old. The new regulations are designed for “the effective protection against illicit trade in cultural goods and against their loss or destruction” and “the prevention of terrorist financing and money laundering through the sale of pillaged […]
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A 1992 International School Bus gets a second life as an adventure-mobile

Remodeling an old bus into a new tiny home on wheels is never an easy feat, but most times, the results are breathtaking. Such is the case with Mande and Ben Tucker’s renovation of a 1992 school bus. Renamed Fern the Bus (in honor of the main character in Charlotte’s Web), the couple renovated the 24-foot-long skoolie themselves, creating a customized, light-filled adventure-mobile. According to the couple, the 1992 International School Bus was in great condition when they purchased it, making...
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Nathan Glazer Rose In An Era Of Rich Intellectual Stew. It’s Fascinating To Reflect On What’s Changed Since Then

Peter Skerry’s essay is quite pessimistic about how the world has evolved. He writes that the meritocracy structures we have built have become ingrown, timid and self-involved. He wonders if Glazer would agree with him… – The American Interest
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[Author: Varvin]
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Art Basel Plans Special Projects for 50th Anniversary

Art Basel will commission artists for a series “interventions around the topic of the fair as a marketplace and as a historical site for exchange, trade, and competition, addressing the production, circulation, mediation, and consumption of contemporary art in a global world,” Art News reports. The project celebrates the fair’s 50th anniversary and will be curated by Kasper […]
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[Author: Varvin]
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[Author: Varvin]
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Why Is this Museum Exhibition So Troubling?

Several weeks ago, I visited the Dallas Museum of Art to see an exhibition of works by Jonas Wood. His paintings, mostly, are striking. They have wall power. They are easy to like. But the whole thing makes me queasy. The museum is being used. – Judith H. Dobrzynski
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Dallas Museum Of Art, Jonas Wood, 04.11.19

Music that sends cats hunting

This headline is not kidding. To judge from the playlist for pets Yannick Nézet-Séguin created, his three cats are mostly Romantics. But the tastes of David Patrick Stearns’s four cats run more toward the experimental — and one piece, about a squid, brought out Daddy’s Little Predator. – David Patrick Stearns
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Yannick Nézet Séguin, David Patrick Stearns, 04.11.19

It’s A Brave Choreographer Who’ll Replace Jerome Robbins’s Dances For ‘West Side Story’

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker is creating new steps for Ivo van Hove’s Broadway production in December, and Justin Peck is doing the same for Steven Spielberg’s movie version. But arriving before those is this spring’s new production at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, making Aletta Collins the first choreographer to replace Robbins’s work in a major professional staging. Says the director, Sarah Frankcom, “Robbins was saying something about where dance was at that time. The relationship between ...
Tags: Art, Dance, Manchester, Broadway, Steven Spielberg, Ivo van Hove, Royal Exchange, Robbins, Justin Peck, Jerome Robbins, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Aletta Collins, 04.10.19, Sarah Frankcom Robbins

Cuban-American Artist Coco Fusco Detained by Cuban Customs and Sent Back to USA

Cuban-American artist Coco Fusco was detained by customs officials and turned away from Havana this week, as she traveled to the city’s Biennial.  “I heard one of the immigration officials refer to me as an ‘inadmissible,’ ” Fusco said in a statement. “I’m not a live plant, cheese, a narcotic, or a pornographic publication, but expressing critical views […]
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Is The Met Fashion Gala Falling Out Of Fashion Itself?

Tickets are expensive – $35k per person – for the “Oscars of the East.” But the event, managed by Vogue is showing some signs of waning. No magazine, not even Vogue, has the same influence over the industry that it once did and social media has given advertisers, brands and designers a lot of their own power to create “moments” and “brand awareness.” – Women’s Wear Daily
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Cell-based meat could replicate and replace shrimp, lobster and crab

Companies around the world have been working on alternatives to replace meat products, and a new cell-based meat promises to be a viable substitute for seafood. Following in the footsteps of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, Shiok Meats is looking to replace a host of seafood options with cleaner, more sustainable alternatives. The company’s founders, Ka Yi Ling and Sandhya Sriram, are using their background as stem cell scientists to create the next generation of clean meats. The co-founders a...
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Get your local, artisanal eyeglasses from Look Again

Do you know the provenance of your glasses, what they are made of and who made them? I do.
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