After the Burning of Notre Dame, Let’s Look at the Cross

Last year, on a visit to Antwerp’s Cathedral in Belgium, I was struck by one of its artworks. Struck, because it seemed so out of place with the rest of the cathedral’s pieces. Struck, because I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or even sacrilegious. But as we head towards Easter while the world mourns the destruction of one of its greatest cathedrals, I can't help but think this strange artwork holds a message for us. More…
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Made to showcase its vintage BMW engine, the ‘Birdcage’ has a wireframe design

At first glance, the BMW Motorrad Birdcage looks like a 3D model viewed in wireframe mode. It’s easy to make that mistake, because the Birdcage, sure enough, has an incredible, wireframe-inspired design. Designed as an homage to the BMW Motorrad boxer engine the company developed 50 years ago, the Birdcage houses the absolutely stunning piece of engineering in a titanium see-through mesh-esque cage that gives the engine the attention it deserves. The titanium frame allows the curvilinear boxer...
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After the Burning of Notre Dame, Let’s Think About the Cross

Last year, on a visit to Antwerp’s Cathedral in Belgium, I was struck by one of its artworks. Struck, because it seemed so out of place with the rest of the cathedral’s pieces. Struck, because I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or even sacrilegious. But as we head towards Easter while the world mourns the destruction of one of its greatest cathedrals, I can't help but think this strange artwork holds a message for us. More…
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Tulip Trio

Tulip Trio Oil on wood, 8" x 6,"  $255. My mother came over to put some much needed order on a flower bed by the side of the house.. She brought, gloves and her amazing gardening expertise. (which is good because I am pretty much clueless.) It will be interesting to see what comes out  of the dirt now that it's been cleared and fertilized. also, a few teeny daffodils comin' up in the side yard, picture included.   [Author: Diane Hoeptner]
Tags: Art, Diane Hoeptner, Tulip Trio Oil

The 2019 Milan Design Week Shows that Demonstrated a New Direction for the Industry

There was something new in the air at this year's Milan Design Week festivities. Was it that there was just so much more to see? Was it the grandiosity of the installations, between retail giants at Salone in Rho Fiera to the previously more underground events such as Ventura Centrale and showroom events? We're still trying to put our finger on it. What was made abundantly clear is that Salone is no longer just a furniture fair; it's a global event that reigns in the most obscure of studios to t...
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It Implants in Your Brain and It Tells You What to Do

There are several narrative threads running through Be More Chill. One is the Science Run Amok / World Domination story. The other is Jeremy's Hero Myth (and Faust story), following his journey to Growing Up. Interestingly, as we're watching Jeremy finally grow up, finally give up selfishness in favor of sacrifice, the same thing is happening with his father. Both of these characters have to stop wallowing in self-pity and instead put their loved ones' needs ahead of their own.By the end of thi...
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Anton Zolotov: Playing with Fire at Peninsula Art Space

Anton Zolotov Playing with Fire Curated by Johnny Mullen May 5th-July 7th, 2019 Opening Reception Sunday, May 5th, 6 pm- 9 PM Peninsula Art Space is pleased to announce Playing with Fire, a solo show featuring the work of Anton Zolotov. Zolotov crafts a sprawling survey of misanthropy, isolation, and...Read more »
Tags: Art, Exhibition, Anton Zolotov, Peninsula Art Space, Johnny Mullen, Anton Zolotov Zolotov

Is It Real? at The Cluster Gallery

The Cluster Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “Is It Real?” featuring works by Sabrina Puppin, on view from April 26th through May 25th, 2019, with a public opening reception on Friday April 26th, 2019, 5-7pm. Recently inspired by the poem’s words from Kokin Wakashu, a tenth century...Read more »
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Hiring a Director of Marketing & Communications at Society for the Performing Arts in Houston!

The Director of Marketing & Communications will develop, execute and evaluate comprehensive, integrated marketing and sales strategies for Society for the Performing Arts (SPA), a non-profit multi-disciplinary presenter in Houston, TX. The Director of Marketing & Communications will develop, execute and evaluate comprehensive, integrated marketing and sales strategies for Society for the Performing Arts (SPA), a non-profit multi-disciplinary presenter in Houston, TX. Requiring solid strat...
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The World Order Was Created For Nations. But Increasingly Cities Are Taking The Lead

No, Chicago isn’t about to negotiate with North Korea. And London isn’t making a mutual defense treaty with New York. But on a range of issues from climate change to workers’ rights, cities are making pacts with one another. – CityLab
Tags: Art, New York, London, North Korea, Chicago, Issues, 04.15.19

How to Edit Videos in Keynote

Including videos in a presentation is a powerful tool to drive home your content and insert a different voice to break up the presentation. While they are a powerful tool, when not inserted correctly, they can become clunky and distracting. That is why every presenter who chooses to insert videos into their presentation must pay careful attention to the software they choose to use. No matter the presentation software, there is always an option to insert videos into your presentation. However, wi...
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UK Survey: Forty Percent Of Those Who Drop Out Of The Arts Workforce Leave Because Of Family Obligations

The survey of over 2,000 current or former arts workers, carried out by Parents and Carers in Performing Arts (PiPA) and Birkbeck, University of London, found that 43% of respondents who had left the industry cited being a parent as the biggest factor behind their decision to leave. – Arts Professional
Tags: Art, UK, Issues, Birkbeck University of London, 04.16.19

Knife Block Cutting Board

Wooden cutting board with integrated knife holder for efficient kitchen. Space-saving knife block cutting board designed by Jowan Baransi. Also check out: Deadpool Knife Block
Tags: Design, Tech, Knife Block Cutting Board, Jowan Baransi

Motion Design & Film Project for Shopify Summit 2019

Motion Design & Film Project for Shopify Summit 2019 abduzeedoApr 16, 2019 I am a fan of Shopify, you can check out the ABDZ store there as well. But also I always love to share some motion design work and this one is awesome! Tendril was called upon to create a film that captured and communicated the spirit of Shopify’s brand purpose for Shopify’s 2019 Summit, — unlocking the power of commerce for those seeking independence. The event was all about thinking ...
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Is Fighting A Bad Idea? (Philosophically Speaking, Of Course)

The upside of winning is pleasure and glory, but the cost of always winning is never getting to know how much more was in you. The only way to find the limit is to cross it. But you can’t lose unless you fight your heart out. Which is why I say, more fighting, more biting. – The Point
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.16.19

An Art Professor’s Painstakingly Detailed Scans And Images Of Notre Dame Could Help Rebuild It

In 2010, Andrew Tallon, an art professor at Vassar, took  to Notre-Dame and, with the assistance of Columbia’s Paul Blaer, began to painstakingly scan every piece of the structure, inside and out. They mounted the Leica on a tripod, put up markers throughout the space, and set the machine to work. Over five days, they positioned the scanner again and again—50 times in all—to create an unmatched record of the reality of one of the world’s most awe-inspiring buildings, represented as a series o...
Tags: Art, Notre Dame, Columbia, Visual, Leica, Vassar, 04.16.19, Andrew Tallon, Paul Blaer

Made entirely out of natural materials, this travel kit is comfortable and eco-friendly

Softened banana leaf, water hyacinth leaf, corn-silk… you don’t often hear these terms used in fashion and apparel, but this ecologically-aware travel kit is set to change that status quo. Ditching the more commonly used materials like microbeads, lycra, neoprene, memory-foam, etc, the Banana Leaf Travel Kit is made entirely out of naturally available resources, with minimal processing, and is designed to be soothing, soft-to-the-touch but also entirely disposable and biodegradable.Designed by A...
Tags: Travel, Design, Product Design, Accessories & Fashion, Aishwarya, Mahatma Gandhi, Eye Mask, Banana Leaf, Gas Mask, Travel Kit, Aishwarya Nair, Earmuff, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Banana Leaf Travel Kit

Game Of Thrones Premiere Shatters Ratings With 17.4M Viewers; Most-Watched Scripted Show Of The Season

GoT is the extremely rare drama that has managed to grow its audience every single season (AMC’s Breaking Bad was another). AMC’s The Walking Deadused to top Game of Thrones in the ratings, but the zombie drama has recently fallen to around 5 million weekly viewers. – Entertainment Weekly
Tags: Art, Media, Amc, Audience, 04.16.19

Interview: Giorgio Galli, Design Director of Timex Group

Behind the details on the assembled-in-Connecticut American Documents collection From his multi-floor design lab in Milan, Giorgio Galli—the design director of Timex Group—oversees developments across the historic (and ubiquitous) brand’s portfolio. While headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, Timex looks to the Giorgio Galli Design Lab in Italy for many reasons, including their illustrious experiences together and proximity between Galli and Timex’s luxury licensed brands, Versace and Ferrag...
Tags: Design, Milan, Interviews, Watches, Connecticut, Italy, Versace, Timex, Galli, Watch Design, Automatic Watches, Giorgio Galli, Giorgio Galli Design Lab, Swiss Movements, Timex Group, Middlebury Connecticut Timex

This 3D-Printed Metal Guitar is Absolutely Indestructible.

A lot of moments in rock history are defined by the iconic guitar-smash… and while I personally don’t think it’s particularly nice to smash musical equipment, what if you designed a guitar that, if you look at the image immediately below, couldn’t be smashed?That’s what Sandvik decided to do. Designed to show off their advanced titanium additive printing techniques (and also their engineering prowess), they designed the world’s first guitar that can’t be smashed. Literally. Many have even trie...
Tags: Music, Design, Audio, Guitar, Steel, Titanium, Product Design, Unbreakable, Yngwie Malmsteen, Andy Holt, Sandvik, Malmsteen, Printed Metal Guitar

My friend Harry

I was twenty-two when I met Harry Jenks, for many years the ballpark organist for the Kansas City Royals and the first great jazz musician to enter my life. He taught me more than any of my teachers, and meant as much to me as a person as anyone outside my immediate family. – Terry Teachout
Tags: Art, Harry, Kansas City Royals, Ajblogs, 04.16.19, Harry Jenks

Propwatch: the poppet in ‘The Crucible’

It’s a small doll, nothing fancy, fashioned in a courtroom to pass the long hours between denunciations. The young servant girl Mary Warren brings it home to the Proctors, gives it to the missus – and it is that poppet that will haul Mrs Proctor to prison accused of witchcraft. – David Jays
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, Mary Warren, 04.16.19

More joy

On March 8, I went to the WoCo Fest, a festival of music by women, and was so radiated with joy that I cancelled plans I had for the next night, and went back again. What made WoCo Fest so joyful? – Greg Sandow
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 04.16.19

End The War on Drugs Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

With 100% of the proceeds from sales going to Drug Policy Alliance—an important organization that aims to advance policies and attitudes surrounding drug use and prohibition—this “End The War on Drugs” T-shirt offers a simple, but significant message. With a boxy silhouette, it’s perfect for all genders and sizes, and is available from small to XXL.
Tags: Politics, Design, Law, Clothing, Cannabis, Apparel, 420, Drug Policy Alliance, T-shirts, Gifts That Give Back, Law Reform, Cannabis Culture

The Fyre Festival Of Broadway Shows: How The Steve Jobs-Bill Gates Musical Became An Epic Disaster

“The planned 2016 production Nerds has become one of the biggest debacles in New York theater history, spawning a $6 million lawsuit and leaving at least one castmember feeling ‘stranded’ by the experience.” – The Hollywood Reporter
Tags: Art, New York, Theatre, 04.12.19

Historic paintings and drawings of Notre-Dame de Paris

When my wife and I first arrived in Paris in 2002, evening was descending as we checked into our B&B and it was dark when we went out for our first stoll in Paris. We were staying in the area of the Botanical Gardens, and it was a short walk down to the quay by that part of the Seine. As we rounded a corner where the river bends, we were astonished and delighted with the magnificent sight of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame across the river, brightly lit against the dark of the September Paris sky...
Tags: Art, Paris, Notre Dame, Gallery And Museum Art, Botanical Gardens, Notre Dame de Paris

Outdoor Piano Concert Attracts Bats. The Ravel Made Them Furious!

Boris Giltburg: “Those critters just wouldn’t budge. They seemed to appear on the keyboard out of nowhere and then stayed there, lethargically, utterly unresponsive to any shooing movement I managed to produce while playing. I had a choice: to close my eyes and constantly risk my fingers landing on one, or keep my eyes open and observe a mass of insects all moving ever so slightly on the keyboard.” – The Guardian
Tags: Art, Music, 04.16.19, Boris Giltburg

Boa Mistura turns 52 fishing boats into art to bring awareness to the plight of the parrotfish

Inspired by the natural design and shapes of the tropical parrotfish, these previously-rusty old boats now don bright new exteriors. The venture was another in a long line of community projects aimed to create “art as a tool for change” organized by the Madrid-based art collective Boa Mistura. The Pepillo Salcedo village in the Dominican Republic has limited access to electricity and running water, and fishing is an essential facet of the economy and life. Boa Mistura, known for inspiring neig...
Tags: Design, Madrid, Caribbean, Dominican Republic, MANZANILLO, Boa Mistura, Boa Mistura The Pepillo Salcedo, Pepillo Salcedo, Los Coquitos Beach

Democratizing design: Hire design professionals for small apartments online with Prêt à vivre

How do you make good design accessible to people with small spaces and small budgets?
Tags: Design, News

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