Critic’s pick: A Barnes Foundation Show Illuminates the Dawn of Photography

An exhibition shows how the pioneers of photography saw the dominant medium of painting both as inspiration and competition.
Tags: Art, Photography, News, Talbot, Barnes Foundation, Daguerre, Philadelphia (Pa, William Henry Fox, Girault de Prangey, Joseph-Philibert, From Today, Louis (1787-1851, Barnes Foundation Show

The popular travel pants that are forcing the fashion industry to make comfort a priority

For the longest time, the Fashion Design Industry eluded the entire approach of designing through problem-solving. Infamously enough, the fashion business is known for setting trends, creating aesthetics, and developing styles, but not solving problems… why else would women’s pants still not have pockets? (P.S. The real answer is so that women continue to buy purses. Create pockets and purse sales will immediately tank.)The minute you ask the public what they want in the clothes they wear, the...
Tags: Deals, Fashion, Design, Popular, Product Design, Random, Baubax, Hiral Sanghavi, Travel Pants, Yoganshi Shah, Hiral Sanghavi Yoganshi Shah, Bamboo Baubax

Oblivion Factory: new sculptures from Jud Turner

Sculptor Jud Turner (previously) sends us two new pieces: Deindustry ("a meditation on the industrial divinity of late-stage capitalism, and combines my fear of heights with my fear of over-industrialization") and Scale of Themis ("an imagined tool for the Greek goddess Themis to weigh possible civilizations against each other. The tiny differences in these two -- vertical stackers vs. horizontal placers -- seem to balance out"). Deindustry: 40" x 30" x 10" Scale of Themis: 32" x 40...
Tags: Art, Post, Happy Mutants, News, Sculpture, Assemblage, Jud Turner, Late Stage Capitalism

Incorporating Props in Your Next Presentation

In our world of distractions, presenters are always looking for a way to keep their audiences engaged and connect with them on a more visually appealing level. One way to accomplish this is through the use of props. Props are a tool that, when used correctly, break up the monotony of a talking head and create a visual reinforcement of the content. But not all presenters are comfortable with using props in their presentations. In fact, many shy away from them for fear of seeming cliché or unprofe...
Tags: Design, Illustration, Deliver, Public, Public Speaking, Presentation, Develop, Speaking, Props, Presentation Hacks, Object Lesson

Exciting new job opportunity at Opera Philadelphia!

Join our talented Marketing & Communications team as the Director of Audience Development. The Director will play a key role in the team’s efforts to maximize earned revenue and market growth. The Director will also develop new revenues through advertising, sponsorships, and business partnerships. Type of Employment: Salaried, Exempt Reports to: Vice President of Marketing & Communications Important Staff Relationships: Director of Advertising & Promotions, Director of Guest Services...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Philadelphia, Marketing Communications, Opera Philadelphia, Audience Development, Finance Research and Analysis Consult, Philadelphia Convention Visitors Bureau Work, Individual Giving Advancement Services, Opera Philadelphia Branding Communications Along, Brand Communications Partner

Opportunity at The Kennedy Center for a Senior Press Representative!

The Senior Press Representative for WNO & Classical is responsible for the strategic communications and public relations efforts for Washington National Opera and its constituents and programs, the Renée Fleming VOICES series, Composer in Residence Mason Bates and the KC Jukebox series, and other vocal and/or classical presentations, including Direct Current, the Center’s two-week annual focus on contemporary culture. In collaboration with WNO’s leadership team of General Director Timothy...
Tags: Art, Jobs, Washington, Italy, Kennedy Center, Mason Bates, Francesca Zambello, Renee Fleming, WNO, Washington National Opera, Goethe Institute, Domingo Cafritz Young Artist Program, Timothy O'Leary, Kennedy Center for a Senior Press Representative, Kennedy Center PR

Watercolors and Bubble Fun at the Mumm ArtNight 2019

Advertisement.  Do you remember your first art class at school? Where you were allowed to play with watercolors for the first time and be fascinated by how the colors lose their saturation when you use more water? Now think about the whole experience with a glass of premium sparkling wine in your hand and with your best friends by your side. This is the moment you might wonder what kind of ‘results’ your art class would have brought to light back then under these circumstances :). Once per...
Tags: Art, Fashion, Painting, Workshop, Mumm, Kristian Schuller, Silent Green, Mumm Sekt, Artnight, Sparkling Wing, Mumm Art Edition

Arts And Science Each Have Their Stereotypes. Time To Rethink

Just as scientists tend to be quiet about the ‘inspiration’ phase of their work, artists are a little cagey about the ‘laboratory’ phase of theirs.
Tags: Art, Issues, 04.17.19

Jimmy Engineer selected for Habib Jalib Peace Award

World-renowned Pakistani artist, peace activist and social crusader Jimmy Engineer has been selected for Habib Jalib Peace Award for 2019 in appreciation and recognition of his meritorious services in the field of art and social work. Habib Jalib Peace Award Committee, according to an announcement, will present the Peace Award to Jimmy Engineer at a function to be held at Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi on April 30, 2019 to mark observance of 26th death anniversary of popular revolutionar...
Tags: Art, Life, Pakistan, KARACHI, Arts Council, Jimmy Engineer, Habib Jalib Peace Award Committee, Habib Jalib Habib Jalib, Habib Jalib Peace Award, Ruth Pfau Justice, Jam Saqi, Jinnah Society, Mrs Souriya Anwar

New York – Lutz Bacher, Nayland Blake and Vincent Fecteau: “Magic Ben Big Boy” at Matthew Marks Gallery Through April 20th, 2019

Vincent Fecteau, Chorus #1 (1994), via Matthew Marks Currently on view at Matthew Marks’s spacious West 22nd Street location, a trio of artists, Lutz Bacher, Nayland Blake and Vincent Fecteau (who also takes on curator duties here) have collaborated on a striking and unique investigation of time and history. Meant to serve in part as […]
Tags: Art, New York, Show, Art News, Featured Post, Matthew Marks, Lutz Bacher Nayland Blake, Vincent Fecteau

The BALLET compass is sheer temptation for stationery lovers

Some call it compass, some call it rounder, I call it absolutely breathtaking. Designed with a minimal appeal that one often doesn’t see in geometry tools, the Ballet is a beautifully simplistic compass (yes, that’s the technical term for it) that looks as beautiful as a uni-body metal pen. Milled to precision from what I reckon is aluminum, the Ballet is perfectly cylindrical, with a hint of a parting line running vertically down the center, giving you a compass that splits into two, pivoted ne...
Tags: Design, Ballet, Compass, Stationery, Product Design, Maki, Rounder, Andreu Gadea, Jorge Ros

The Eames Chair-inspired “Lounge Mouse” is also a luxurious arm-rest

Claiming he was tired of ‘electronic-looking electronics’, Shane Chen designed what one might consider an awakening for the tech industry. Taking inspiration from an iconic chapter in furniture design, Chen envisioned the Lounge Mouse, a hat-tip to Ray and Charles Eames’ Lounge Chair. The Lounge Mouse follows the form and visual direction of the ottoman footrest that comes along with the chair. The base of the mouse is made from bent plywood, while the upper half is an incredibly soft leather cl...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Mouse, Product Design, Ray, Chen, Ray Eames, Shane Chen, Charles Eames, Optical Mouse, Render Weekly, Lounge Mouse, Charles Eames Lounge Chair The Lounge Mouse

If We’re Living In Peak TV, Why Did TV Production Just Plummet Precipitously In LA?

Amidst a whopping 60.3% decline in pilots from Q1 2018, a single feature that was awarded tax incentives filming in the city, a 15% drop in Commercials and more bad news, overall production is down 9.1% from the stronger than expected results of Q1 2018. – Deadline
Tags: Art, Media, La, 04.17.19

Adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP: the Brand’s First-Ever 100% Recyclable Sneakers

An incredible innovation, these sneakers aim to nudge consumers toward more eco-conscious products Furthering the brand’s commitment to environmental friendliness, adidas unveils the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP, the brand’s first-ever 100% recyclable performance-level sneakers. For more than a decade, the brand has researched and tested ways to create sneakers and other sportswear made to regress into raw material and reincarnated as a new pair of shoes or a …
Tags: Design, Style, Adidas, Sustainability, Pollution, Oceans, Sneakers, Loop, Plastics, Environmentally Friendly, Futurecraft, Parley, Performance Wear

What Does It Mean When We Talk About The “Soul” Of A City?

Often, it’s really about politics, nostalgia, and the fear of community change…
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.17.19

Jumbo App Manages Your Various Privacy Settings

According to Fast Company, the average person has 191 accounts to keep track of—a statistic that carries tremendous privacy management expectations and repercussions. iPhone app Jumbo plans to curb this as it becomes a sole interface for everyone’s privacy settings. From deleting old tweets and Instagram posts to clearing Google search history, Jumbo’s capabilities are necessary—and the company’s mission is quite ambitious. Further, all processing happens …
Tags: Google, Apps, Design, Instagram, Privacy, Passwords, Tech, Data, Linkaboutit, Jumbo

Murdoch Empire 2.0? Son James Said To Be Investing $1 Billion In New Media Ventures

The Financial Times cited sources close to James Murdoch tonight that said his new three-comma fund could include a long-rumored liberal-leaning news outlet. – Deadline
Tags: Art, Media, James Murdoch, Financial Times, Murdoch, New Media Ventures, 04.16.19, James Said


Beautiful sofa crafted out of carbon fiber and carved volcanic lava stone. ONYX Sofa – unique 3 meter long sofa created by Peugeot Design Lab. Also check out: Unusual and Creative Furniture
Tags: Design, Tech, Peugeot, Onyx

Cognitive Science: What We Know About How Fake News Works

Creative people that have a strong ability to associate different words are especially susceptible to false memories. Some people might be more vulnerable than others to believe fake news, but everyone is at risk. – NiemanLab
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.17.19

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Announces Latest Round of Grants Totalling $3 Million

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation has announced 111 grants to artists and 13 to nonprofit organizations, with $3.17 million distributed in total. “At the core of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation’s mission is fostering the work and development of artists, and our 2018–19 grant and award recipients highlight the impact we can have due to Lee Krasner’s legacy,” says Ronald D. […]
Tags: Art, News, Art News, Minipost, Lee Krasner, Ronald D, Pollock Krasner Foundation

Volvo’s More Inclusive Safety Developments

The brand's crash-test dummies and new tech continue to make it a pioneer in safety Since Volvo introduced the three-point seatbelt in 1959—which they then shared industry-wide—safety has been core to the brand. Over time, Volvo has pioneered more and more technology, and today cars from Mercedes, Ford, Audi and others have myriad safety systems. There’s ABS that pulses the brakes rather than allows them …
Tags: Auto, Design, Safety, Interviews, Cars, Automotive, Driving, Volvo, Safety Tests, Mercedes Ford Audi

Cool Stuff: Matt Ferguson’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Print is Perfectly Balanced

Avengers: Endgame is almost upon us. But before we get to what might be the biggest blockbuster event of the year (with only Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to challenge it), let’s take a look back at last summer when we were all anticipating Avengers: Infinity War. When the Marvel Studios movie arrived in theaters last summer, it was quite the spectacle. And Odeon Cinemas in the United Kingdom offered up five different posters from artist Matt Ferguson that combined to form one single image o...
Tags: Art, Movies, United Kingdom, Sequels, Thanos, Avengers, Marvel Studios, Avengers: Infinity War, Cool Stuff, Skywalker, Matt Ferguson, Comic Book/Superhero, Disney/Pixar, Grey Matter Art, Bottleneck Gallery, Infinity Stones

To Be Returned? Met’s Own Notre-Dame Sculpture Figures in Museum’s Program on the Cathedral

The Met is presenting a free “informal program” about Notre-Dame this coming Monday, but the list of speakers seems unusually high-powered for an informal educational event on a weekday afternoon … – Lee Rosenbaum
Tags: Art, Notre Dame, Ajblogs, 04.17.19

When Theatre Turns Audiences Into Activists

Tita Anntares writes about two recent productions — one depicting a U.S. immigrant’s deportation hearings, another the monologue of the ghost of a young Black Panther shot by Chicago police in 1969 — that actually moved their audiences to into taking actions on those issues. (Having activists on-site as the show ended helped.) – HowlRound
Tags: Art, Theatre, Chicago, Audience, SJ, 04.10.19, Tita Anntares

A series of tiny, geometric cabins in an overgrown slate quarry are a truly secluded retreat

Architectural firm New British Design has unveiled four tiny cabin retreats located in Britain’s North Cornwall coast. The Kudhva Wilderness Cabins are compact, angular huts elevated off the landscape by turned pine poles, providing stunning views of the surrounding wilderness. Inside, the compact spaces offer guests all the basics needed for a truly off-grid getaway. Located in an old slate quarry that has been overrun by lush natural greenery, the huts are a project between New British Desig...
Tags: Design, Hotels, Architecture, Britain, Gallery, Off-grid, Cabin Design, Timber Cabins, Wood Cabins, Cornish, North Cornwall, Tiny Cabins, Elevated Cabins, Cabins On Stilts, Tiny Cabin Retreats, Minimalist Retreats

Peter Sellars: On Art, On Culture, On The Artist’s Job Description

“The world is moving in a direction that does require intervention and does require comment and does require a shift in direction. That’s the job description for artists. We’re the people who suggest a bunch of that stuff. Nobody needs to vote for an artist. You’ve got nothing to lose, you just put it out there. This is a very important time to be an artist.” – San Francisco Classical Voice
Tags: Art, San Francisco, People, Peter Sellars, 04.16.19

"A Message From the Future": short film about the "Green New Deal Decade," narrated by AOC, drawn by Molly Crabapple, presented by Naomi Klein

The Intercept has just released "A Message From the Future," a short science fiction movie narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and drawn by Molly Crabapple, describing the coming "Green New Deal Decade," when Americans pulled together and found prosperity, stability, solidarity and full employment through a massive, nationwide effort to refit the country to be resilient to climate shocks and stem the tide of global climate change. It's an astonishingly moving and beautiful piece, and deplo...
Tags: Amazon, Art, Science Fiction, Video, Movies, News, Climate, Animation, Design Fiction, Jeff Bezos, Fdr, Naomi Klein, Jackson Pollock, Aoc, John Steinbeck, Works Progress Administration

NYT Spotlights Artworks Removed from Notre Dame Days Before Fire

A piece in the NYT spotlights the works removed from Notre Dame just days before its massive fire.  “Reconstruction and renovation of Notre-Dame could take between 10 and 20 years, probably for a cost of several hundred million euros,” says Patrick Palem, a veteran restoration expert with SOCRA. Read more at NYT  
Tags: Art, News, Notre Dame, Art News, Minipost, Patrick Palem

Gagosian to Stage Fundraiser for Notre Dame

Gagosian Gallery will stage an exhibition this June in Paris, from which all proceeds from sales will go to initiatives to rebuild the cathedral after its massive fire this week. Full details for the show have yet to be announced. “Notre-Dame is one of the most widely recognized symbols of the city of Paris and the […]
Tags: Art, News, Paris, Notre Dame, Art News, Minipost, Gagosian Gallery

In Studio: A Painter Who Left the Art World in Order to Actually Make Art

For the past 30 years, Vivian Suter has been quietly working in her home on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Now, she’s found international recognition.
Tags: Art, News, Guatemala, Lake Atitlan Guatemala, Gladstone Gallery, Vivian Suter

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