Creating a Presentation Video

Sometimes as a presenter, the last thing you want to worry about is when to click to the next slide. Whether it be the distraction of knowing when to click next or the inevitable brain blank that interrupts what comes next, clicking through slides can be difficult. If you are the type of presenter who is easily distracted, we have a solution for you. Trade out the need for a clicker by exporting your presentation as a video! Exporting your presentation as a video does require you to stick to the...
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Canadian Court Rules That Art By Foreign Artists Can Be Deemed Of National Importance And Prevented From Being Sold Outside Canada

On Tuesday, the appeals court restored a decision by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board preventing a Canadian auction house from shipping a painting by French artist Gustave Caillebotte to a buyer in London, England. – CBC
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A New Subway and Train Map for Berlin

The Berlin transit map is probably one of the very first images a newcomer in the city gets familiar with. For a variety of reasons – the most obvious one being that it’s the ultimate guide when you’re coming back from a night out and your phone dies. But did you ever question the design of the map? Were your tired eyes ever lost along the rigid straight lines? Well, the bright minds behind the New Berlin Rapid Transit Route Map project thought the current official map needed some updating – rea...
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The “Khan” might be the most otherworldly BMW bike ever made

Pretty much bridging the gap between concept bikes and concept art for games and movies, Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s “Khan” is an eclectic mix of unbelievable, dangerous, and beautiful. However, if you’ve followed Mehmet’s work in the past, you know exactly what level of aesthetic beauty the Turkish designer works on. Khan, in many ways is classic Mehmet, but at the same time it’s just surreal for us mere mortals who have, up until now, only seen relatively normal-looking motorbikes.Erdem’s “Khan” conc...
Tags: Design, Automotive, Bmw, Khan, Motorcycle, Mehmet, BMW Motorrad, Erdem, Mehmet Doruk Erdem, Customized Bike, R 1100 R

This Smart Mini Projector is literally the size of a VHS Tape

You know you’ve come far when you can actually measure progress… like physically measure it. The iPod, when it launched, was roughly the size of an audio cassette, and it held almost a 1000 times more songs than the cassette ever did. The Konka Smart Mini Projector concept shows off a projector that’s about the size of a VHS tape, fitting an entire movie experience into the palm of your hand.The Smart Mini Projector was created as a concept by Shenzhen-based designer and Konka’s industrial Desig...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Television, China, Netflix, Shenzhen, Product Design, C Www.h, Konka, Smart Mini Projector, Konka Smart Mini Projector

Warning: AI Research Is Being Compromised

The lack of diversity within artificial intelligence is pushing the field to a dangerous “tipping point,” according to new research from the AI Now Institute. – Engadget
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.17.19

Variety Life Productions Founder Kaitana Magno Adapts Carmen for Public Arts

A classic opera blossoms as a 360-degree theatrical experience Today, one finds non-traditional museums dedicated to feelings, colors and even ice cream. Meanwhile, theater continues to break from its rectangular stage too. Our new cultural institutions defy their histories and, in doing so, embolden a whole new generation of the curious. As such, and with contemporary depth, opera is now experiencing the same revitalization as …
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Pizza Slice Puzzle

Food inspired jigsaw puzzle designed to look like realistic slice of pizza. Pizza slice puzzle created by Areaware, maker of Chocolate Bar Puzzle. Also check out: Bicycle Pizza Cutte
Tags: Design, Inspiration, Pizza Slice Puzzle

London’s Royal Opera Loses Appeal Over Damage To Violist’s Hearing

Christopher Goldscheider sued the London opera house, claiming damages for acoustic shock – a condition with symptoms including tinnitus, hyperacusis and dizziness – after being exposed to noise levels exceeding 130 decibels during a Walkure rehearsal in 2012. – BBC
Tags: Art, Music, London, 04.17.19, Christopher Goldscheider

Nobel’s Science Prizes Don’t Reflect The Ways Research Is Done Today

“The Nobel committee seems not to recognise how collaborative science is today; their paradigm remains the lone genius, or a duet or troika at most. Year after year, they perform their arbitrary and often cruel calculus, leaving deserving physicists shivering in the pool without any medal to show for it.” – Aeon
Tags: Art, Ideas, 04.17.19

Who’s Funding Culture In The EU? Eastern European Nations (And The UK Is Way Behind)

Overall, the report finds total government expenditure in 2017 across the 28 EU member states was 38% higher in 2017 than in 2004 (using current prices), driven by the 11 post-communist countries. As part of this group’s increase in overall expenditure, spending on culture rose from €1.8bn in 2004 to €4.4bn in 2017. – Arts Professional
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This elevated prefab home in Chile takes in striking volcano views

In the Chilean city of Pucón, Santiago architect Alejandro Soffia has recently completed a prefab home that visually pops against its wooded surroundings. Fittingly named the Yellow House after its bright yellow facade, the modular residence is elevated off the ground for reduced site impact and to create a treehouse-like feel. The home’s modules were strategically connected with wooden joints and punctuated by full-height glazing to frame views of Lake Villarrica on one side and the Villarrica...
Tags: Design, Barcelona, Architecture, Gallery, Chile, Modular, Prefab, Carousel Showcase, Villarrica, Modular Architecture, Prefab House, Yellow House, Pucon, Open-plan, Full-height Glazing, Prefabricated Architecture

Visual Design Concept for Dribbble

Visual Design Concept for Dribbble abduzeedoApr 18, 2019 Gregoire Vella shared a very interesting visual design concept project on his Behance profile. He tried to reeinvision Dribbble, one of the most popular places for designers to share snapshots of work. I remember when they launched, the value proposition was to be the Twitter for designers. It became a bit fancier than that with time, in the beginning people would share drafts and explorations, now eve...
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Fellow NYC artist Teri Hackett asked me to be part of a group show titled "Divine Interventions" at Sag Harbor Christ Church this summer. She pitched the idea at an opening in the LES, my solo show was recently...
Tags: Art, Teri Hackett, Sag Harbor Christ Church

A guide to the different types of plastic

BPA, PET, HDPE. You’re trying to do the right thing by recycling, following health alerts and shopping wisely, but you’re not fluent in molecular chemistry. So how do you decipher exactly what it all means and how to stay green? We’re here to help with a handy guide on different types of plastic and how they impact the planet and your health. Fast facts about our plastic problem According to Earth Day, here are some stats that give you an idea of the scale of our plastic addiction. • Since ...
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Method Actors Lose Themselves In Their Roles. Just What Does That Mean And How Does It Work?

They don’t literally forget who they are, since their actual beliefs and desires remain the same. (Put in terms of the model: their Belief and Desire boxes retain their original contents.) However, fully immersed actors ‘forget themselves’ in the sense that they actively ignore facts about who they are, temporarily subordinating their own thoughts and feelings to those of their character. Actors forget their identities like stoners forget the quadratic formula. The information isn’t gone – jus...
Tags: Art, Theatre, 04.18.19

Is Arthur Mamou-Mani's COS Installation in Milan a Nod to the Future of Architecture?

For eight years, fashion brand COS has used the occasion of Salone del Mobile to flex a more conceptual creative muscle, curating memorable experiences such as Studio Swine's 2017 smoke bubble-filled installation and an all-white ethereal, escape dreamt up by Snarkitecture in 2015.COS Creative Director Karin Gustafsson (left) and architect Arthur Mamou-Mani (right) This year, they returned to Milan in collaboration with London-based architect Arthur Mamou-Mani to create Conifera, a structure tha...
Tags: Design, Milan, London, Architecture, PLA, Milan Design Week, Salone Milan, Karin Gustafsson, Arthur Mamou Mani, Palazzo Isimbardi, Mamou Mani

Tracing Bloodlines

The Stephen Petronio Company at NYU Skirball Center on April 12, 2019. – Deborah Jowitt
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, NYU Skirball Center, Stephen Petronio Company, 04.18.19

Design Job: TEAGUE is Seeking a Communication Design Director in Everett, WA

The Communication Design Manager is responsible for driving exceptional graphic design work in collaboration with a world-class design team. This position oversees and contributes to work across a spectrum of projects, including branding, signage, environmental graphics, video, and print. S/he leads the team in developing new opportunities with clients and View the full design job here
Tags: Design, Jobs, Teague, Everett WA

The Complexity Fetish

If you’ve been to any leadership development or organizational change workshop lately, you’ve heard about complexity quite a bit. But I’ve slowly (slowly) started to realize that I, and many in my crowd, love complexity just a bit too much. – Andrew Taylor
Tags: Art, Ajblogs, 04.18.19

‘Mesa’ Combines a Planter and Hand-held Vacuum Into a Surprisingly Elegant Solution!

One’s designed to hold dirt, the other’s designed to eliminate dirt. Sam Lavoie says there’s no reason the two of them can’t get along! The Mesa, designed as an entry for Render Weekly’s design challenge, combines a planter and a hand-held vacuum cleaner into a singular form. The result is a design that’s decorative, utilitarian, and creates a pretty harmonious partnership between two unlikely categories and products.The Mesa makes for a pretty decorative planter to be placed inside your house, ...
Tags: Home, Design, Technology, Green, Pot, Appliances, Sam, Product Design, Planter, Vacuum Cleaner, Mesa, Terracotta, Render Weekly, Dust Buster, Sam Lavoie

New Orleans African American Museum Opens — For The Third Time

“Last week, in the historic (and historically black) Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans, the city’s African American Museum officially opened its doors to the public after a six-year closure.” Well, part of it did. “So, what is behind the re-reopening — or more importantly, the repeated closures — of a nonprofit cultural institution that debuted in 1998 but has since been shuttered twice, in each instance for several years at a time?” – Nonprofit Quarterly
Tags: Art, New Orleans, Issues, 04.18.19, black Tremé

If AI Composes Music, Does That Make It An Artist?

Music is based on influences of music that has come before. So music created by artificial intelligence is composed based on the data and algorithms provided to it. So if AI-made music sounds like say, Beyonce, does that mean Beyonce is owed something? – The Verge
Tags: Art, Beyonce, Ideas, 04.17.19

New York – Alicja Kwade: “ParaParticular” at 303 Gallery Through May 18th, 2019

Alicja Kwade, MatterMotion (2019), via 303 Gallery Working with concepts of nature, science, philosophy and perception, artist Alicja Kwade’s work draws on complex fusions of phenomena, space and architecture, using these formats to question and explore the natural world alongside humanity’s participation in it. Drawing on reflective elements, spatial inversions and peculiar material juxtapositions, the […]
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Shampoo Bar

Made from all-natural ingredients, byhumankind’s shampoo bar is vegan and ethically made. With base ingredients including anatto seed, hydrolyzed oat protein and rosemary extract, the bar comes in three fragrance options: lemongrass, thyme or lemon lavender. Our pick is the fresh, citrusy lemongrass scent—which boasts additional notes of lime and sage. Not only does the shampoo bar offer an alternative to chemical-filled options, it’s also …
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Swiss Farmer Wins Contest to Show Picasso on His Barn

A Swiss farmer, Hanspeter Benz has won a competition by the Fondation Beyeler to hang a Picasso in his barn for 24 hours. The work was shown in Benz’s barn on April 16th. Read more at Art Newspape
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Portrait Artist of the Year: 2019 Exhibition Tour & 2020 Semi-Final

This is about where you can see an exhibition of portraits painted during the Portrait Artist of the Year 2019 competition by the Heat Winners and Finalists - which is touring the UK during April,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Making A Mark]
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Chicago Artists Coalition Releases List of Micro-Grant Recipients

The Chicago Artists Coalition has unveiled its list of 15 Chicago-based artists who will receive its first-ever round of micro-grants, which come with unrestricted purses of $2,000 each.  “We have truly visionary artists living and working in every neighborhood across the city. We hope that this new line of support will help bring some of their visions to […]
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Anne Pasternak Gives Tour of Her BK Museum Office

Brooklyn Museum head Anne Pasternak gives NY Magazine a tour of her office, showcasing her art collection, which includes work by Kiki Smith and Kara Walker, and shares a story about a graffiti artist showing up to paint part of her wall.  “So one day he shows up in a clown outfit, complete clown outfit, doesn’t […]
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